Birth of a Beauty – E02

The best thing about Beauty is that it doesn’t drag out the storyline.  Nope, it’s almost as if it’s tailored for our busy lives.  Let’s get on with the actual revenge!


We get some wise words from Tae Hee, who tells Sara that it doesn’t cut it to just beautiful these days.  Rather, the trend is for healthy beauties like Yuna Kim.


They do the expected makeover.  Sara continues to impress people at the gym as she bench presses an impressive amount, while looking like she could snap in the wind… At home, Tae Hee forces her to study saying she needs to be “brain-sexy.” (Personally, I hope that a lot more girls are told this message that it’s not just looks… Which dominates this drama in a parody-makjang sense.

Then we see that Sara has hit 9% in body fat to muscle radius.  Tae Hee allows her to eat “kim-duk-su.”  (Kimbap, deokbokki, and sundae)


Sara goes to eat her kim-duk-su in a commercial manner.  This is hilariously juxtaposed to Sara’s old husband’s new welcome-mercial at HBS.  The timing is placed so that he says isn’t this beautiful as Sara is eating with gusto.  Even more hilarious and smacking you in the face that it’s makjang, he says, “… Not everything is as it seems…”  (Love how the drama writer just snuck in that not subtle self-warning!  It’s like reading the old Greek tragedies!)

A short comedic interlude ensues as Tae Hee comes back angry to find out that Sara has eaten everything instead of waiting to share the food with him.  He tells at her in his I’m-so-brilliant-smexy manner (oh can’t wait until he finds himself fallen hard for her)  and Sara in her good nature just smiles off his nagging.  She goes to put away the weights and hears a pop! She freezes. When Tae Hee comes over, she freaks out that the silicone in her breast must have popped!  She takes his hand and starts trying to feel out her breast to see if be can determine whether something did pop.  Meanwhile, Tae Hee is freaking out for other reasons… He withdraws his hand and sheepishly comes clean that he isn’t actually her plastic surgeon.  Sara doesn’t believe him at first but then an entertainment announcement from a nearby TV interrupts with the news that Chae Young is getting married to Kang-joon.  The wedding is in three weeks.  Sara physically falters seeing the announcement but Tae Hee is not in the shape to catch her as he seems pretty shaken up himself.


Sara stands outside her old house for the whole day and we see her old self actually speak in the monologue… Like to remind us that we are still in the past.  It turns into night and Kang-joo  comes home with Chae Young.  Sara determines not to let them get married.

At home, Tae Hee is looking through old pictures with your ole cup of scotch.  He sees an old picture of himself with Chae Young, as kids.  We see that he also has a thing for Chae Young.  A young, beaten up looking Tae Hee walks along crying for his parents.  A black car pulls up and a little girl (Chae Young)  looks out.

Sara comes home and sees the picture.  She also sees the picture of Tae Hee in the army with Chae Young. When Tae Hee comes back and snatches the pictures, Sara asks what exactly is their relationship.  Tae Hee doesn’t answer and Sara asks what exactly is he? Tae Hee answers that the doctor who operated on her was his little brother/friend. He tells her he didn’t want to tell her because he doesn’t want to answer questions.

Sara deduces that the reason that Tae Hee is helping her is because of Chae Young. She asks if he was dumped and he defends that Kang-joon stole her.  Either way, they agree that they have a common goal –  stop the wedding.

Strategy time!  Mastermind Tae Hee  says it concisely. Sara will seduce Kang-joon and they will wreck the engagement. They are going all in!

Cue Sara in a hot, fitting velvet strapless at a charity fundraiser party. Tae Hee sneaks in as part of the help to provide support.


Sara freaks out that Kang-joon will recognize her as he was her husband. (hah!)  Tae Hee tells her to visualize kim-duk-soon. Hello, confident and happy Sara! She waltzes in and does your normal stare, make eye contact, hold maneuver. We get step by step instructions from Tae Hee and she even flips her hair to show her collar bones. I love his instructions,  “Sharon Stone’s smile!” However, Kang-joon stares and leaves.

Plan B time!  They will get one to one time by donating $100,000.00. Sara asks where they will get suck money.  Tae Hee tells her that he’s the heir to Winner Group Conglomerate (the one that owns HBS studios) . Sara bursts out laughing telling him this was exactly what she needed to get rid of her nerves.


An announcement from Chae Young reminds them of their purpose. Sara gives $100,000.00, determined to seduce Kang-joon.  Shortly after, Sara is identified and thanked publicly for her gift and Kang-joon comes up to her.

Cue lovey Dover music. Yep, this guy cheats on you and asks for a divorce and this lady still ain’t over him!


Sara starts getting hiccups when talking to Kang-joon. Tae Hee tries to calm her down but fails. Kang-joon orders warm water and caramels… Sara’s own home remedy… Chae Young isn’t about to go down without a fight and interrupts to tell Kang-joon that the Director of TBS arrived. He leaves with her, probably breaking Sara’s heart again.


At home, Tae Hee yells at her and Sara sobs that Kang-joon didn’t falter when she’s so beautiful. Tae Hee isn’t convinced. He tells her that it’s the honeymoon phase of 3 weeks before marriage and to toughen up.

Wedding dress shopping scene. Homewrecker with looks like the snake that she is. Kang-joon tells her she’s pretty but Chae Young fishes for the words, “I love you.” (hmmm, is there trouble in Paradise?) Kang-joon tells her that she knows even if he doesn’t vocalist it.

Kang-joon’s family at a fancy restaurant. The mom in law is in heaven because she has such a pretty daughter in law until Kang-joon’s dad yells at her for being an inhuman witch. The older sister tries to compliment Sara and remembers that she was good at housekeeping and the piano… Although, she did break the piano seat.  Cue mean laughter from the worst sister in law and mother in law. (Cinderella anyone?) Dad gives another sharp word when I think he should just disinherit both.


Sara’s team decides that Sara will seduce Kang-joon through fishing since he used to go every week. Sara fishes near Kang-joon and he recognizes her. He comes over to help her making their plan for casual skinship a success!

They have some awkward conversation and Tae Hee tries to call a retreat but Sara mouthes that she will do better.

At this point, Sara sees Kang-joon’s grandma’s bracelet on the ground and finds out that she died. She remembers all of her good memories of the grandma, who was basically the only nice person to her and starts to tear up. She drops the bracelet in the water because she trips and dives in to retrieve it. (Can I say poor Han Yaseul? They’re wearing puffy jackets and she has to go into the water?)

Tae Hee about gives up because of Sara’s in ladylike behavior is not exactly elegant and starts packing.

Meanwhile Kang-joon and Sara have a heart to heart where Sara answers Kang-joon that she did that because she also had a grandma that she was close to.  This show of vulnerability intrigues Kang-joon and he tells her that she is unexplainable because she has so many faces. However, there is a common theme. He feels warmth through her. And he asks her if they can meet again.


We get a celebration dance at Tae Here’s house. Then Sara starts talking about how she feels butterflies still because her husband wanted to know her more. Tae Hee goes into elementary kid first crush mode and tells her she’s pretty in a really awkward way.

The next step is Sara seduces Kang-joon and gets intimate with him. They send evidentiary pictures to Chae Young and the reporters to break up the relationship and let the masses know what a cheating arse Kang-joon is. Sara doesn’t look too happy and our resident Shrink Mastermind asks her what is with her…

Sara’s answer? This stupid Cinderella no longer wants revenge! Wtf! She realized that she is in love with him and she wants to be his freaking wife again! (please excuse the emotion…)

Tae Hee thinks she’s crazy… She looks like a model and she wants to go back to a cheater?

Delusional Cinderella is still in the he still loves me phase. Yep. Sara tells him that it’s not a problem since if she breaks the two up, he can marry Chae Young. Tae Hee is still in disbelief and anger about their plan.


Then Ji Young calls (plastic surgeon). Turns out, this isn’t Tae Hee’s house…  Our fairy godmother has some issues. They pack up their props and lug it to Kang-joon’s house.


The next day, Kang-joon’s father and mother are at a charity concert/event in the hospital.  The pianist starts coughing and Sara jumps in to take her position so that the ex-parents-in-law can continue singing.  Afterwards, Mr. and Mrs. Lee comes to thank her.  Sara says Mr. Lee’s own motto regarding volunteering to him, scoring points.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Kang-joon is emotionally cheating on Chae Young already by thinking about Sara at work.  Chae Young comes in and gives him her broadcasting schedule.  She suggests that they take coffee-break-dates together.  When Kang-joon doesn’t seem particularly excited or responsive, Chae Young’s witch radar goes off that something is amiss.

Sara knocks at the Lee residence, bearing rice cakes since she just moved in next door.  Of course, this was timed for when Mr. Lee comes home, making him think there must be some kind of fated connection with their family.  Little Sis In Law also seems to have a girl crush.

Screenshots_2014-11-30-19-23-18 (1)

Kang-joon is on the prowl! He calls Sara (who puts him on speaker so that Tae Hee can coach her responses.  He asks to meet Sara since they live so close to each other.  Meanwhile, our resident witch Chae Young is driving home with opera tickets for the in laws, unaware of everything.  She calls him and he ignores her call. (Yep-full blown affair just below the surface.)

Kang-joon and Sara meets at the park and he tells her that he wanted to see her.  Best part of this drama? They don’t drag things out.  Chae Young sees them meeting and gets out of the car.  Tae Hee and Sara both see that Chae Young is watching but not Kang-joon.  Nope, he’s too busy focusing on his next “conquest.”


Tae Hee’s voice closes the episode stating that the present is a result of the past, then what will the future hold?



Definitely like the pace.  Starting to hate Kang-joon’s guts, but having a fake character to hate – who you know will get his comeuppance is good.

Weaknesses: Definitely a plot that relies on cliches like the evil/heartless/selfish mother-in-law and selfish/stupid sisters in laws.  Additionally, Kang-joon’s character is extremely flat.  As much as I love hating him.  What is he? The neighborhood gigolo?  I mean the guy basically murders his wife and has no remorse.  He goes on to get engaged to his mistress within two months of the murder…Additionally, his family accepts the new girl way too easily.

Strengths:  Knowing that Kang-joon will get his comeuppance makes this drama utterly fun!  Within an episode we have a failed attempt at seduction and a successful attempt.  We know that he’s faltering already.  We also know that the mistress is aware that things are happening.  I love that she’s not some stupid bimbo that will not know what’s going on.  Nope, Chae-young is quite intuitive and she will do whatever it takes to keep her territory defended.  I can’t wait until Chae-young and Sara face off.  Specifically, I loved the last scene.  You see all of the characters (except our village idiot Kang-joon aware of the other.  Tae Hee sees Chae-young watching the scene.  Sara sees Chae-young and smirks.  Chae-young sees the budding affair… The pieces are set.

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