Love & Secret – E02

Areum runs around trying to join a fashion competition, be a decent mom, and keep the secret from her perfect family.



The episode starts up with crybaby Areum in Customs.  She is pissed off as the official comes back to confirm that the bottles included baby powder.  She runs off.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon’s secretary, (Secretary Jang), tells Seung Woon that he’s served Seung Woon for 10 years since he graduated school.  Therefore, Seung Woon can confide anything to him.

Areum goes back to the exit and finds her baby gone.  No one remembers seeing a middle aged woman with a baby or a baby.  She runs around asking travelers.  [DF – I understand that she’s young and stressed…but she needs to keep her head about her and go to the employees!  Make a public service announcement, etc?]  She runs around sobbing and drops her designed trenchcoat.

At the same time, the practical Seung Woon is told by the airport employee that they can’t leave a baby with the employees because she’s too young.  Seung Woon leaves his card with the employee and tells her to tell the parent that he’s going to tell the police that there was child neglect.  Areum falls to the ground when a public service announcement is made about a lost baby, younger than one year old.

Areum goes to the information desk.  She’s given the business card and has a double-take, when she realizes that the finder was from the company that’s holding the design competition.

Seung Woon is driving away when Areum calls him and accuses him of kidnapping.  Seung Woon responds that he’s going to Yang Chan Police Station.  The police can decide if this was an incident of kidnapping or child neglect.


Areum’s uncle is having a pity party himself on a bridge.  Kind of have no sympathy for him.  He’s yelling like a crazy person and gets taken in by the police, who think that he’s about to commit suicde.  Sunhwa and her son Heung Min go to Seoul and get a call from the husband/father and head the the station to pick him up.  Heung Min asks if he was going to suicide and the dad denies it.  Then Sunhwa beats him up for staying alive and eating comfortably at the police station.

Secretary Jang gives the baby to Seung Woon and runs to daddy Chun, who’s been calling non-stop.  Areum comes in crying for her baby.  Both recognize each other.  Seung Woon asks how he can be sure that she is Tiffany’s mother.  Feeling the pressure, Areum tells Seung Woon that she’s Tiffany’s guardian since she might end up working at Zishen and doesn’t want it to be know that she’s a single mom.


Luckily, it’s the same station as Areum’s uncle and aunt… Sunwha’s family recognizes Areum and come to her aid without realizing it.  Areum tells her aunt that she found Sunhwa’s baby.  Sunhwa just kind of stares at Areum but  Heung Min gets Areum’s pointed looks and supports her story that Tiffany is his little sister.  At first Seung Woon doesn’t seem like he believes that Tiffany is Sunhwa’s daughter, but he doesn’t want to deal with it and leaves once the family backs Areum up.

Areum buys the family lunch and tells her aunt that it was a part time job.  She’s getting paid to accompany the baby and will go back to the U.S. after she delivers the baby.  She leaves the family after making them promise to keep it a promise.


Soo Ah’s mom brags about her son in law to her Go-Stop crew until one of them asks about her older grandson…The perceptive grandmother asks Soo Ah’s mom if that’s really Soo Ah’s biological son since the boy is so old.  Soo Ah’s mom retreats in a puff as the other lady makes a comment that being a second wife is not a big deal.

At the Chun residence, Mr. Chun comes home to a bath already filled.  Soo Ah’s mom comes home and has some words that her daughter still calls her son-in-law “Mr. Chairman.”  Mr. Chun tries to appease her by saying that it’s Soo Ah’s insistence that she calls him “Mr. Chairman” and Soo Ah’s mom should treat him comfortably.  Soo Ah convinces Mr. Chun to go inside and gets yelled at by her mom, who’s frustrated that her daughter, who took care of a single older man still doesn’t live like a queen.


Meanwhile, Areum checks into a motel and lays on the floor with Tiffany.  She finally remembers her competition piece.  Areum picks Tiffany up and off they both go.

Mrs. Han is at a politician’s wife’s meeting.  They talk about another member’s daughter, who is the same age as Areum, who should have been studying in the U.S….but showed up pregnant.  Areum’s wife tells the group that she is fine if Areum decides not to get married.  She talks about how worried she is that Areum hasn’t showed an interest in guys.

Ironically, but like what happens in real life, Mrs. Han gossips at dinner about the new single mother…Turns out that she had rubbed Mrs. Han’s nose in the fact that her daughter got into Harvard.  Mr. Han tells her that as a mother, she shouldn’t take so much pleasure at another mother’s misfortune.  Jin Woo mentions that it’s not a big deal to be a single mom and Mr. Han shows his conservative colors rebuking Jin Woo.  However, he also rebukes Mrs. Han, who mentions that the girl should have taken more precaution as the female…He tells her that if she’s not careful, she will have to suffer the same thing.

Areum finds out that no one had turned in her piece to the Lost and Found.  The deadline for entries is the next day and she goes to buy materials to make her submission.

Seung Woon is reviewing contestants when he sees Areum’s picture and recognizes her.  He looks at the picture of her trenchcoat and begins to say that her talent is unexpected for someone without any experience in fashion.  His family calls to tell him about the mandatory family trip on the weekend.  Seung Woon refuses.

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Areum asks her aunt to watch Tiffany for a couple of days.  The aunt worries that Areum hasn’t met the parents yet but agrees to help her out.  Staring at the baby, she does wonder for a second that Areum might be the mother but then dismisses the idea.

Areum flags down Seung Woon at Zishen, who ignores her until she tells him that it might affect Winner’s Group’s future.  Areum tells him that she lost her competition piece at the airport.  Since it’s his fault, she wants him to provide a place where she can make a new copy.  He denies her on teh grounds that it would affect fairness.  Areum threatens to post online that the Vice President forcefully obstructed a competitor’s chance. He responds that she can do whatever and starts to walk away.

Areum asks him to save her since it’s her own chance and Seung Woon seems to be affected by her tears.


Okay, this is too short for me to keep distinguishing between strengths and weaknesses.  First thought was that the ending song reminds me of all of the drama songs from the past, so it left me with a nostalgic feeling.

Again, I love that because the show is only 30 minutes, it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging.  The main female and male leads are a bit plain compared to other dramas, but then again, one could say they look more normal.

I am going to stick with this show to see what happens with stuffing hits the fan because Areum’s parents have to find out sooner or later that she has a baby…

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