Love & Secret – E03

Areum finally gets her head on her shoulders as she rushes to finish her entry piece and we see the beginning of a spark?



Seung Woon is moved by Areum’s tears/sincerity and brings her to a storage space.  However, he firmly tells her that he won’t take any responsibility if any accident occurs and warns her of break-ins and rats just to scare her.  Additionally, tells her that they have an understanding, he never showed her the place or gave her permission.

Areum starts to become likeable as the main lead because she starts doing something.  She starts preparing the place for her work, but   Seung Woon is not convinced that she can finish her piece within a day.

Seung Woon goes back to his office, but can’t stop thinking about what just happened.  He wonders if anyone can be so sincere or if it was just an act.  To clear his mind, hepicks up his remote controlled drone/plane and goes to the roof.  Yoon Yi comes up to find him and jokes that his playing hooky is extreme.  She also casually mentions that they need to pick out their engagement rings.  Unfortunately, Seung Woon tells her to take care of it herself since they aren’t going to be wearing them.  [DF – BURNNN… I wouldn’t take that…]


The Team Leader comes running in to the office with the news that the Vice President is back.  His staff jokes around and he gives them a lot of work out of spite.  Sounds like the Team Leader has a crush on the Vice President.  The staff gossip about the competition and potentially their new recruit.  Whoever wins the competition will be joining their team….The girl staffer can’t wait to give the new member hell and the guy staffer seems to be our resident good-doer.


It turns out in our small world, Soo Ah and Mrs. Han are part of the same cooking class.  After the class, they go out for coffee and some girl chat.  Soo Ah asks whether Mrs. Han has already been interested in cooking.  Mrs. Han answers that she started cooking to live.  Her kids were all grown up and there was nothing to talk about with her husband, so she started cooking.  Soo Ah plays the empathetic ear and then coincidentally invites her to their company’s fashion show. [DF – THE FOX.  This was all rigged!]

The Secretary of Mr. Han’s department tells him that he is resigning.  The Secretary also tells Mr. Han that people are thinking of him as the temporary Secretary. [DF – And the stakes for the perfect family soar…]  Mr. Han happily goes back to his desk where he gazes fondly at a picture of himself with Areum.

Meanwhile, Sunhwa’s family is watching Tiffany.  Areum’s uncle gets a call and runs out to take care of business and rejects Sunhwa’s idea of asking Areum’s father for help.  However, Sunhwa is worried since Heung Min is missing school in the interim.


Still worried…Sunhwa goes to visit her sister (Mrs. Han) to solve her family problems.  She asks for $30,000 to get a place.  Mrs. Han tells her that she doesn’t have money because her husband’s salary barely covers education and living expenses.  However, she will try talking to Mr. Han.

Then Mrs. Han asks if Sunhwa’s husband went off and had an affair – leading to the baby.  Sunhwa rejects the thought. [DF – My radar is perked… Normally, every line in a daily drama is necessary? Is Mr. Good-At-Nothing having an affair?]  Mr. Han comes home and Mr. and Mrs. Han talk about how the baby reminds them of baby Areum.  Cue perceptive lightbulb!  Sunhwa starts getting freaked out as her sister and brother in law coo at the baby.  Areum calls her aunt to check on Tiffany and Sunha yells at her because she has an idea who Tiffany’s mother is.  At this point, Sunhwa is so nervous, her rushes to leave Areum’s place without waiting for her sister to talk to Areum’s dad and almost forgetting Tiffany’s blanket.


Sunhwa immediately calls Areum and confronts her.  Areum can’t deny it.  Being the good aunt, Sunhwa threatens to tell Areum’s parents, but her wins her over with her secret weapon – tears.  After crying for the upteenth time in this drama, Areum goes to wash up in the company bathroom and thinks about her good-for-nothing ex…

At this point, Yoon Yi meets Mr. Chun at the elevator bay.  She talks about Seung Woon’s success regarding the American deal trying to talk up Seung Woon’s accomplishments.  Mr. Chun graciously replies that that his son is finally mature because of her.  He also mentions the engagement and both agree that Seung Woon isn’t cooperative.  Yoon Yi notes that she never expected him to cooperate

At chez Chun, Seung Ho comes home to his grandmother.  She tries to give Seung Ho chocolate and Soo Ah tells her that Seung Ho is on a diet to avoid childhood obesity.  Kid is happy that his grandma fights back until she can give him some chocolate.


At Chez Sunhwa, she and her husband drink about the scandal Areum made.  Heung Min wakes up and dazedly asks about whether the baby is Areum’s.  [DF – he may end up being the one who spills the beans…]


Seung Woon is about to go home when he checks the storage room to find that Areum is not there.  Thinking she quit, he inspects her work and gets interrupted when she comes in with a mannequin.  We get a little bit of relationship development as both pretend not to care or acknowledge the other but have to… ^^ [DF – hashtag #awkward first dates…]

Soo Ah waits in front of the company for Mrs. Han.  They coincidentally meet Mr. Chun, and Soo Ah introduces him as Seung Ho’s dad.  It’s unclear if Mr. Chun understands that this is Mrs. Han (aka the wife of the official in the Department of Korean Culture).


Finally! It’s the day of the fashion show!  The fashion show is in the middle of rehearsals and the staff are freaking out!  Areum’s model isn’t anywhere to be found.  The Vice President comes to check in and the staff  mention that a participant is a no-show.  He gets angry about the fact that this is the first show and it’d look unprofessional if they are missing a contestant from the beginning.  He stalks down when he finds out that it’s Areum.  He walks into the storage room to find her fast asleep and wakes her up, joking as if she’s given up.  She is about to fall back asleep when he tells her that she has 7 minutes.  Areum bursts awake and tries to get ready when she realizes that she never contacted a model!   She tries to ask Seung Woon to model for her and physically tries to take off his clothes but gets rejected… When Seung Woon won’t let her take off his jacket, she starts undressing.  She tells him, she can’t just give up.  She will model her own clothes.  She is about to take off her tank top when Seung Woon drapes his jacket on top of her shoulders.



It took three episodes but I’m a keeper! So, the biggest reason that I was lukewarm about this series was because I was afraid that the two main leads wouldn’t have the je ne se pais to carry the show.  But the last five minutes of the show has convinced me otherwise.

The show has succeeded without any bright colors/staging/ or famous celebrities to make me actually begin to care about a few of the storylines.

For example, it’s obvious that Yoon Yi likes Seung Woon even though he doesn’t return her feelings.  It’s also equally obvious that when Seung Woon develops feelings for Areum, professional Yoon Yi looks like the type that will fight to keep her man.  Additionally, I still have suspicions about Sunhwa’s husband.  The call that he took before leaving seemed too suspicious, not to mention Mrs. Han’s comment. Finally, Soo Ah intrigues me.  She looks like she would develop into a nice villain.

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