Love & Secret – E04

Areum enters the show as Seung Woon begrudgingly agrees to be her model.  Has Cinderella just become her own fairy godmother?



Seung Woon starts stripping down to wear the clothes and makes Areum turn around.  Seung Woon mentions that that it would become messy if the company recognizes him.  Areum isn’t worried since the theme is the 70’s disco so she prepared a hat, a mustache and sunglasses.

The Winner’s Group Fashion Show starts to showcase the 11 finalist entries.  Seung Woon is pissed off at the mustache/sunglasses look and Areum is nervous backstage.  Areum tells Seung Woon that she’s been working on this outfit for 6 months and he’s the one that can give it wings.  Seung Woon struts his stuff well in the outfit – Friday Night People.


Mrs. Han notes that the designer’s name is similar to her daughter.  Soo Ah mentions that it could be her daughter since she studies fashion but Mrs. Han dismisses the thought.  Seung Woon starts to get into the stutting and Soo Ah recognizes some of the movements.


At Sunhwa’s residence, her aunt wonders whether or not they should tell Areum’s family.  Her uncle mentions that it’s better if they stay silent since Areum asked for it.  Heung Min plays with a toy pistol and  a lot of the fake bullets drop to the ground as he plays with Tiffany.


Areum happily goes around stuffing her face during intermission before running to hide from her mom.  She bumps into a waiter and hides under the table that her mom is at.  Her technologically advanced mom calls her daughter to do a video chat.  Areum covers the cover and whispers her answers from under the table.  Areum tries to hang up and her mom walks around to show her the fashion show grounds and Areum hangs up citing the basement.  She runs out from the table and runs into another waiter.  Her mom sees her retreating back but doesn’t think much.

Tiffany is on the ground and unsupervised.  We all see it coming… baby + small round pebbles?

Areum is hiding in the bathroom when they say that they will announce the winner.  Seung Woon runs around backstage looking for Areum.  Then Areum gets the call from her aunt that they are taking Tiffany to the Emergency Room… The CEO of Winner’s Group comes out to announce the first place himself… to announce that the winner is HAN AREUM. [DF – FACE PALM]

Everyone waits but she doesn’t show up.  Everyone wonders where the first place could have gone and Seung Woon is about to throw a hissy fit.  Miss Unlucky herself runs to the hospital.  Luckily, the pebble was stuck but went down to the stomach.  The baby threw up because she is a bit sick.


Areum blows up on her aunt.  Sunhwa blows up back.  She’s going to give Tiffany back and Areum can stay with the baby, who needs to stay in the hospital for one more day.

Mr. Chun blows up at Seung Woon.  THE FASHION SHOW WAS AN EMBARRASSMENT! The chain of fire/anger goes to Areum Han.  [DF – Looks like this will be your love-hate relationship…with the emphasis on hate…]

Sunhwa’s husband tells her to go back to Areum.  He will go to Heung Min but she should go and help Areum.  Sunhwa – ever the ajumma- stalks off.

Soo Ah calls over Seung Woon, who addresses her as Secretary Lee.  She tells him not to be so confident.


Seung Woon’s staff is pissed off at Areum.  Only the male staffer notes that there may be circumstances.  The competition had been resolved as there not being a first place…however, now the question is whether or not there would be a new intern.  First place was supposed to join their team.

Perceptive male staffer also mentions that Areum’s model reminded him off Seung Woon.  The Team Leader starts making fun of the model right as Seung Woon walks in.  He annouces that they will start working on this season’s look book.

The female staffer asks Seung Woon if Areum is going to join the team…Seung Woon blows up.  They won’t hire someone who disrespects the company in such a manner.  He stalks into his office.

Seung Woon is called to lunch.  Mr. and Mrs. Chun are sitting with Yoon Yi, who is working her charm on Soo Ah.  We find out that Yoon Yi is the general counsel of the company.  Seung Woon leaves once he finds out that it’s a personal lunch and not a business lunch.

At chez Chun, the grandmother asks Seung Ho about Seung Woon.  Seung Ho wants to eat jjajjangmyun, chicken and donkatsu!  His parents are out for dinner.

Soo Ah and Mr. Chun are driving back.  It turns out Mr. Chun had financially supported Yoon Yi’s schooling as she became a lawyer so that she would be the perfect match for Seung Woon.  Seung Woon still fumes about Areum pulling one on him and disappearing and ignores Yoon Yi’s calls.  Looks like Yoon Yi’s no buddha.  She notes that he can’t escape their fate either.

Tiffany screams and throws up green bile…


Mr. Han comes out of a business dinner with the current Secretary.  He tells Mr. Han to be prepared because the political feeling is backing Mr. Han right now.  Mr. Han goes to a live lounge and seems to know the singer.  He tells Mr. Han to take care of his wife a bit…. Mr. Han mentions that he doesn’t to be lectured by someone who isn’t even married.  [DF – RADAR RADAR!  I see a possible affair between this guy and Mrs. Han!]


The doctor told Areum that it was a one-time occurrence and she shouldn’t be worried.  She holds Tiffany and looks longingly at a family nearby.

Meanwhile at home, Mrs. Han has prepared a dinner for the family but no one is coming home for dinner.  She calls Areum, who picks up but can’t answer about her location.  She apologizes and starts crying.  She tells her mom that it’s too hard and too scary.  The episode ends with both crying into the phone… Cliffhanger- will she reveal it out or will she not?!


The show is doing a good job showing us how hard it is for unsupported single moms to compete on the same playing field with people, who do not have these obligations.  I like the fact that Areum is doing her own thing to try to support herself and come back to her family as a successful person despite her baby.  However, it is clear that she still has a long way to go….

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