Love & Secret – E05

Greater powers that be start to meddle in the lives of our two leads, who are just trying to make it into their own.



Mrs. Han discussed the call with her family and Mr. Han seems worried about her.  Mrs.  Han mentions sending her an airplane ticket and Mr. Han ignores the suggestion… Jin Woo asks whether he should also go study about since being a salaried doctor doesn’t amount to much.  He even notes that studying doesn’t seem to fit well with his personality.  [DF – PLEASE PARENTS. LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS.  I don’t want any kid who studied by memorizing because he HAD to…to operate on me when I’m sick or misdiagnose me…]

This triggers Mr. Han’s rage and he lectures his son, who appears to be spoiled in Daddy’s eyes.  He sternly calls Jin Woo to task that Areum is surviving an on a small monthly allowance by keeping up her scholarship and taking part time positions.  He asks why his son can’t be half of his sister, focused on the future and Jin Woo gets up in the middle of the meal.  Mrs. Han tries to tell Mr. Han that he shouldn’t directly compare his children because they will be scarred and Mr. Han retorts than Jin Woo’s grown and shouldn’t be so sensitive.  [DF- THIS IS WHY KOREANS CHURN OUT EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED HUSBANDS/DADS… Just saying.]

Sunhwa remembers her reason for her visit and texts Mrs. Han about whether she was able to bring it up with Mr. Han…and Mrs. Han just sighs…

Jin Woo goes into his room to throw a well deserved tantrum.  It appears that his father has been directly comparing the two children for a while…


Mrs. Han asks if her husband can’t find $30,000.00… He asks her why she needs it and Mrs. Han answers that it’s just a personal matter.  Mr. Han angrily replies that $30,000.00 isn’t a pittance and she should be able to tell him why she needs it.  Mrs. Han can’t help asking if Mr. Han is angry at her… He’s always so nice and civil outside but is so short tempered with her.  This question makes Mr. Han pause and ask if something happened and Mrs. Han retorts that she’s naturally like this, she has just been suppressing it as she lived.

Mrs. Han goes to the park to sit on a bench and cries.  From thew viewer’s perspective, it just seems that she’s frustrated at her powerless situation.  [DF – Will we get a revival of the mother/Korean ajumma, too? It seems like she’s perceptive and talented.  She just focused on her family.]  She thinks back to the call and it was a false alarm.  Areum told her that nothing was happening, she just called because she had drank.


Areum talks to her sleeping baby when the doctor comes along.  He tells her that she can take the baby home.  When she gets out, she calls her friend Jiwoo… Turns out her friend’s mom is better but she’s still in Jejudo.  [DF – Why can’t she just stay in her friend’s place without her friend? I don’t understand.]

Areum wonders who got first place and thinks about calling to apologize for disappearing without saying anything.  At the office, Seung Woon is reading an online article about his company and father (and failed fashion show where the first place disappeared) when Areum calls.  Seung Woon barks into the phone to basically F* off, the company dealt with so much embarrassment because of her and hangs up.

Sunhwa calls Areum to tell her to bring the baby back.  All of the baby’s stuff is still here.  Heung Min asks his parents that he hasn’t heard anything about Areum’s wedding so how did she get a baby?  Sunhwa and her husband deal with it the true and practiced Korean way – ignoring it and talking about other things.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah is looking at Areum’s participant profile and recognizes the parent names.  She then goes on a walk with Mr. Chun.  He tells her to take golf classes and join him on the field instead of staying indoors.  She tells him, there’s no good to come from her going out a lot.  It’s better for her to quietly support him from home.  [DF – puke.]  She brings up Areum and mentions that it was Mrs. Han’s daughter.  She also tells him that he shouldn’t just dismiss Areum without knowing the circumstances and informs Mr. Chun about Areum’s father’s identity.  She mentions that he was talking about the KPS project, which needed government support.  Mr. Chun’s opinion changes instantly.  She would be a good relationship.


Areum is at her aunt’s studio/one room.  She apologizes and tells her that she will take care of her aunt as soon as she succeeds.  She promises to buy her aunt a red sports when she succeeds.  And then her uncle and Heung Min go out to walk.  Areum gives Heung Min her wallet and tells him to buy Tiffany diapers and food/toys that Heung Min wants.

Sunhwa tries to ask how this happened and Areum tells her that she will tell her later… just keep it a secret from her parents.  Areum says that she may go back to the United States… She will find a way to work.  Sunhwa tells her to find out who won first place and Areum responds that she tried and no luck.

Sunhwa tries to ask about Tiffany’s dad and Areum refuses to spill.  But she does tell her that he wasn’t married and finally tells her aunt that he died.  [DF – would be better off dead that two faced cheating luggard…]


Heung Min and dad are on their way back when they see Areum’s mom.  He sends Heung Min first to clean up as he tries to distract Areum’s mom first.  Heung Min dad starts talking about his bridge escapade to keep Areum’s mom occupied.  The rest of the family starts packing everything in a hurry.  Areum and Heung Min enter the room in front of their room/bathroom?

In the bathroom, Areum confuses Heung Min by telling him that they can’t tell her mom because she had Tiffany out of a secret love.  Additionally, Tiffany doesn’t have a dad.


Sunhwa tells her sister that they were about to leave to get her sister out of the place.  Mrs. Han brought food (meat and vegetables) and some money to pay for rent.  Mrs. Han tells them to stay at her place if they need.  Sunhwa just quickly tries to get her out of the apartment/room.  Areum brings Tiffany back in and they all sit down when Mrs. Han comes back.  Areum takes Tiffany and Heung Min and hides in the bathroom.  Mrs. Han says that she forgot her phone and we have a fire drill as she wonders if she left it in the bathroom.  Heung Min pretends to be taking a bath and then the baby cries.  Stress or fatigue causes Areum to have a nosebleed. [DF – Or…it can’t be that she’s going to come down with the Korean drama illness? COME ON PEOPLE].


Jin Woo visits the address of the band audition.  A single girl is in a basement flat eating.  She spills ramen down her shirt and he almost runs back out.  She starts playing the keyboard and he can’t stop staring at her camisole (chest area with ramen stain) and runs out in embarrassment.

At Chez Chun, Seung Ho comes down with coupons (for homework) and has his grandmother pick one up.  It’s a free massage.  Grandma can’t read and she pretends that she’s sleepy.

Sunhwa tells Areum to rest but she says she has to go pick something up for Tiffany.  Her uncle mentions in meta format that she had to deal with a drama before she even got over jetlag.

Mrs. Han gets rejected for a personal loan under her name.  As she gets up to leave, Soo Ah comes out of the private banking office and sees her.  She quickly calls Mrs. Han and asks to meet up for coffee.  Soo Ah asks if there’s anything troubling Mrs. Han and Mrs. Han tells her that something has happened to her sister.  Mrs. Han also asks if the offers that she gets over the phone for personal loans are dangerous like loan shark loans.  Soo Ah tells her that they’re the equivalent of loan shark loans and not to use them.  She also asks if Mrs. Han needs money and Mrs. Han denies it.


Areum walks out of a pharmacy and gets a call from Mr. Chun.

Seung Woon arrives at work and is greeted by Yoon Yi.  He is cold and she tells him since it’s an arranged marriage, they might as well be friendly.  He responds, there’s no need since it’s an arranged marriage.  Yoon Yi jokes back that by calling it an arranged marriage, it makes it sound like she’s some rich girl and clarifies that it is more of a strategic marriage.

On their walk, they see Areum, who’s changed and cleaned up. And put on makeup?  She smiles and greets Seung Woon, who proceeds to yell at her.  [DF – seems like the heir to the Winner’s Group hasn’t been blown off by anyone.].



I was wondering what this drama feels like and I realized, it feels like I’m watching a novel.  The pace is like one chapter a day.  There’s a lot of slow development but it feels normal.  Almost realistic.  I also like the fact that due to this set up, we know exactly why Seung Woon is pissed off at Areum.  Who wouldn’t be?  They had a bad first meeting, he went out on a ledge to help her, and she disappeared at the critical moment when they seemed to have established a connection – ruining his first big project as the heir to his company.  Additionally, realism seeping in shows that his company did take a hit with news outlets reporting negatively on the fashion show’s blunder.  With a competitor to his inheritance (Soo Ah) obviously in existence, Seung Woon doesn’t have the luxury to let this pass him.

I’m also warming up to Areum.  It’s easy to judge her from my position behind the screen but then I realize, this girl is in college.  She has no idea what it means to be a part of the professional world, yet alone the huge responsibility of taking care of another human being without any support system.  For a Korean drama, it seems to have a lot of realistic elements.  She comes from a privileged background and gets a boost from it (ie- the job due to her dad’s position), but we also see the reason why she hasn’t turned to her family for help making her THINK that she’s all alone.  The mentality alone on a college student should be devastating.  Either way, seeing her trying to keep everything under control instead of crying all the time has won me over as an empathizer.

Soo Ah is a wild card.  It seems like she worked hard to get where she is.  It’s unclear if she loves Mr. Chun, but she clearly loves her son.  I’m not sure if I am a Soo Ah supporter or a Seung Woon supporter yet…

Mrs. Han is an interesting character.  I feel like I would really like to see some development.  She succeeded in most aspects under Korean standards – married a good guy in the government, has a son heading to doctorhood, and a daughter who is making her way in the United States.  However, she can’t even get a simple personal loan under her own name.  She can cook and runs a blog, but she has no real identity or sense of self worth other than her children.  Her screen time is short but you feel her pain when she feels like she can’t do anything and cries in the park and when she considers borrowing from a loan shark to help her sister.

Sunhwa? I love their family.  I think they’re their for comedic relief and just think they’re adorable.


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