Love & Secret – E06

Areum finally gets a break as she gets the job and a promotion!  But our girl learns that taking care of a newborn and a new job at the same time is incredibly hard.



Seung Woon yells, “Why are you here?”

Luckily, Daddy Chun comes around the corner to Areum’s rescue.  He introduces himself as Do Hyun Chun as Seung Woon and Yoon Yi look on.

Seung Woon stalks into his office and paces.
Meanwhile, CEO Chun is laying it on thick.  He lies with a straight face, saying that he reviewed her contest entry and liked her concept.  He believes that her concept would be well integrated with their currently developing look and appears to be offering the position of Team Leader to Areum. [DF –  supposedly, Korea still has this kind of nepotistic problem. Of course, one cannot blame Areum since she did not seek out the special treatment… But the show’s clear that she wouldn’t have gotten this position if she was not her father’s daughter. Then again, a large US Bank was also found to be hiring the children of large conglomerate families as interns based in part by their familial ties…]

Areum answers that she still doesn’t have practical experience and is not prepared for a Team Leader position.

Seung Woon enters to ask what the heck is going on and CEO Chun introduces Areum as the new K Fashion World’s Project Team Leader.

Seung Woon adds some words of reason of how can one be promoted to Team Leader when she is not an intern and has no experience. Seung Woon asks if they are  going to throw away the hard work of the team that has been preparing the Project Team for half a year.  CEO Chun responds that he found a good employee and gave that employee the proper position.  He also warns Seung Woon to take responsibility of the project until the end if he wants to stay in the company.

Areum is waiting outside the office and tries to apologize to Seung Woon, who doesn’t want to hear any of it.  He tells her to leave if she’s really sorry.  She responds that she really needs this chance…

He asks if she knows how audacious she sounds and she agrees.  However, she tells him that she needed to do it to protect the person she loves.  [DF – for once not a significant other but a baby!]


Seung Woon goes back to his office to fix up his model airplane.  [DF – Product placement? I don’t understand the time we are spending on this plane…]  Instead of working like a normal Vice President, he continues to fix the plane.

Areum is introduced to the staff.  The staff all start talking together as Areum makes her greeting…They are obviously confused at how a person who was vying for the intern position became the Team Leader.


Areum is then brought to Seung Woon’s inner office and Seung Woon’s secretary hastily retreats.  Seung Woon tells her, “Fine, let’s see who wins.”  He gives her all of the notes and reports regarding the current status/development of the project to review by the night.  She goes to work at the table and tells Seung Woon that the CEO told her to prepare for the upcoming presentation next week in the same office as Seung Woon, so that he can help her.  Seung Woon decides to stalk out.  [DF – Who thinks Dad is playing a matchmaker?]

Areum’s next mistake comes when she drops Seung Woon’s beloved plan and it breaks.  He comes back and freaks out and she makes a hasty exit for the bathroom.  Turns out the model plan is a limited edition.  Seung Woon tells her to fix the plane first…even if she needs to stay up all night.  After all, she should be talented if she became the Team Leader.  Areum realizes that it must have been expensive.


Soo Ah and Mrs. Han leave the cooking class and it turns out that Soo Ah gave Mrs. Han a loan for the money that she needed.  In return, Mrs. Han made some organic cookies that didn’t use butter and only used organic, domestic oil.

Mrs. Han immediately calls Sunhwa.  She asks if her sister has eaten and Sunhwa denies it even though they are eating fishcake at the nearby cart.  Sunhwa tells her sister that Mrs. Han shouldn’t deposit into her account as the creditors will get at it, but to give her cash.

Areum calls to check on Tiffany from the bathroom.  Yoon Yi has impeccable timing and walks into the bathroom to hear the end of the call.  Yoon Yi glares at Areum as she leaves and thinks back to Seung Woon’s outburst when they first met.  [DF – A girl’s intuition?]


Areum immediately proceeds to fix the plane, which doesn’t have any instructions.  She starts thinking that Seung Woon is like a kid and concludes that it is because he’s a second generation rich kid.  He must have developmental problems.

CEO Chun runs into Yoon Yi in the hallway.  She asks if he has any reasons for hiring her as the Team Leader and he tells her that it’s a secret…

Areum tries a second time to put the wing back on the plane. Seung Woon asks for a status update and Areum asks if she can do it after she finishes reviewing all of the project documents… He pretends to call his lawyer about a tort claim for damages against personal property and Areum quickly acquiesces. After reviewing a couple of reports, Seung Woon tells her to fix the plane by the night and leaves.

Coincidentally, Areum’s father is reviewing the same project proposal.  An underling comes in to suggest that Mr. Han delegate the work to other people.  Mr. Han tells him that he can’t do that when so many corporations are depending on his review.  Turns out, Korea is starting a new program to support the export of Korean fashion.


At Chez Chun, Soo Ah’s mother and CEO Chun are having a good bonding time when Seung Woon arrives.  He tells the grandmother that he’s too busy to join on the weekend trip and calls Soo Ah “Secretary Lee.”  At this point, her mother stalks inside… Soo Ah invites him in for dinner and he responds that his appetite just disappeared.  CEO Chun tells him to go home and Seung Woon responds that he fulfilled his duty by coming this week.


At Sunhwa’s house, Areum is taking care of her baby. Sunhwa offers to take care of Tiffany in return for taking $30,000.00 prize money.  She will also keep it a secret.  Sunhwa warns that Areum’s dad will kill her mom first if he found out.  After all family is better than a stranger and Areum has a good position now.  She takes Tiffany to give her a bath.

At the Han residence, Mr. Han asks what happened with her sister.  He knows that something must have happened for Mrs. Han to ask for money.  He starts saying that the couple are exactly the same and Mrs. Han tells him to talk after he actually helps them out.  Mr. Han asks if she found money and helped them out and she stalks out nervously.

Areum spends some quality time with her daughter outside and promises to give her daughter a beautiful house.

In the morning, Seung Woon coos at his baby – the model plane.  Then he gets annoyed that Areum’s desk is in his office.  She comes in to find out that her desk has been set up and is happy.

Sunhwa is all happy because she has managed to get $60,000.00 from Mrs. Han and Areum.  Heung Min is excited to go back to school.  Sunhwa tells her son to hang out with all the rich-looking kids. [DF- REALLY?]  Her husband sarcastically notes that she’s teaching such good stuff to her kid.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han is going to Sunhwa with the cash and is nervous.  Sunhwa is busy giving Heung Min a bath and doesn’t hear the phone ringing from her sister.  She comes out to answer the intercom phone – the creditors are here!


Sunhwa takes Heung Min and they run out of the apartment the back way an hide behind cars in the yard until they leave the building.  Mrs. Han arrives when everyone is out (either chasing or hiding from the chasers).  Finding the door open, she goes inside to see the lone baby.

Areum goes to her first professional meeting with Seung Woon. She is put on the spot but Areum handles herself well, having thoroughly reviewed all of the reports.  She starts stating her analysis…

Sunhwa and Heung Min are running when Heung Min realizes that they left Tiffany at home.  They run back.


Back in the meeting, Areum gets  a call from her aunt and she ignores it because of Seung Woon’s glare.  The meeting turns to the discussion about the power of hallyu in fashion sales abroad in Asia.

Sunhwa and Heung Min wait outside but they cannot go inside because the creditors are outside.

Finally Sunhwa sends her a text message, which asks if she can come out for a second since Tiffany is alone in the room.  She sees it and runs out of the meeting.



I like seeing how the drama is progressing, but I must say Areum takes one step forward and two steps back.  How can someone run out of the meeting like that without at least trying to give a professional excuse?

This episode went by quickly but feels more like a filler than anything else.  It’s just pushing toward the eventual conflicts.  Additionally, the constant conflicts between Seung Woon and Areum are entertaining right now, but… I feel like if I don’t get some sort of emotional validation for rooting for this team, I will be bored.

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