Love & Secret – E07

Areum finally goes home.  But how long can she keep it a secret that she’s Tiffany’s mother?
Mrs. Han bottle feeds the baby.  She tried asking the landlord whose baby Tiffany was.  The landlord told her that it was the baby of the house.  She then thinks about how Sunhwa said that Tiffany was the baby of someone they know…She immediately jumps to the conclusion that it was Heung Min’s dad’s baby out of wedlock.
Areum runs back to the room.  She grabs the landlord and asks about the baby.  The landlord tells her that the creditors tore everything apart and the aunt of the family took the baby.
Sunhwa and Heung Min are at a Korean jjimjilbang.  Heung Min is crying about Tiffany when Areum calls Sunhwa.  Sunhwa tells Areum that she will call Mrs. Han first.  That’s when Areum finally remembers her JOB.
Seung Woon is having a total fit.  Yoon Yi comes in to tell Seung Woon that she will buy him a drink as a friend.  Seung Woon tells her that as soon as they were engaged, their friendship ended.  He tells her that she shouldn’t be an amateur about this.
Areum comes in at this moment.  Seung Woon commences to yell at her.  Areum apologizes and tells him that she had a very seriouls issue that she cannot specify at this time.  Seung Woon grabs her and pulls her out to a separate recreational area to tell her to leave.  [DF – The face Yoon Yi made when he took Areum to pull her aside…]
At Chez Chun, the Grandmother is doing the dishes.  Soo Ah asks how she could have fired the housekeeper.  It sounds like Soo Ah is frustrated that her mom as to work and no house keeper can satisfy the grandmother’s standard.
CEO Chun comes home and Soo Ah mentions that the current Secretary has basically announced that he’s stepping down.  Soo Ah and CEO Chun congratulate themselves that if Areum is the Team Leader, their project is bound to succeed and get selected.
Chez Han, Mr. Han comes home to see Mrs. Han doting on Tiffany.  He asks whose baby this is.  Mrs. Han says that it must be Heung Min’s sister.  Mr. Han is aghast.  Mrs. Han tells him that she’s going to take care of the baby until Sunhwa’s family can get back on their feet.  Mr. Han tells her that Sunhwa’s family has come to rely on her too much.  She needs to stop meddling or they won’t be able to take care of their own business.
Areum gets ready to go back home.  Turns out Sunhwa lied and said Mrs. Han’s suspicions are right. Mrs. Han gets excited and gets ready to cook.
Jin Woo is having fun at a PC Lab.  His friend says that he’s going back before he loses his library spot.  He asks if the audition went well and Jin Woo responds that the girl was totally weird.  The band’s name is UFO…
At home, Areum tells her parents that she won the competition and became the Team Leader.  Mr. and Mrs. Han are ecstatic. Jin Woo comes racing home when he hears that his sister is back.
Tiffany starts crying and Areum starts getting nervous and overprotective.  Tiffany looks at Areum and calls her mom.  Mrs. Han glosses over it, thinking that it must be because Areum is pretty.  Mr. and Mrs. Han tell them that Tiffany’s Heung Min’s sister.
Heung Min’s dad comes to the jjimjilbang.  Sunhwa confesses that she let Mrs. Han think that Tiffany is Heung Min’s dad’s daughter.  He announces that he thinks fidelity is important and has never strayed.  Sunhwa gets up and tells him to find a new apartment for the family first.
Mr. Han’s friend is cleaning his bar when the UFO girl shows up.  She offers to sing at the bar and sings one of his songs.  [DF – is SHE is daughter?!]
On her way out, she takes out an old picture of a couple. The bar owner is in the picture!  Turns out his daughter has come to find her dad.
Areum hides all of Tiffany’s stuff under her clothes. She also has some medicine for Tiffany’s butt.  Turns out Tiffany has diarrhea and the medicine helps.  She sneaks into her parent’s room to pick up Areum, who starts crying.  Her parents wake up to the baby’s cries.
Areum tells her parents that she was still jetlagged that she came out to get water when she heard the baby cry.  So she came in to take care of the baby.  Her parents tell her to get some rest and take Tiffany.
The next day, CEO Chun runs into Seung Woon at the office (on purpose).  Seung Woon tells him to choose either the Team Leader or himself.  CEO Chun tells him that being able to manage employees is a skill that Seung Woon needs to develop.
Areum arrived early and put flowers on Seung Woon’s desk.  She has done her research regarding fashion interests in other countries…She wants to do market research.
Seung Woon puts on headphones and pretends to listen to music until she starts insulting him, muttering that he looks like a dog…
The staff is sitting and talking about not joining Areum’s day excursion to do market research.  CEO Chun arrives and interrupts….Areum asks if there are any of their scarfs remaining in the inventory.
Next thing we know, Areum has taken to the staff to the streets.  All of the staff look extremely embarrassed.  She has all of the staff members wearing their products as outfits.  She is asking the foreigners to pick the outfits that they like best.
The staff talk about Areum’s Chinese skills and grudgingly acknowledge that this was a liberal idea for market research.  Seung Woon’s secretary brought Seung Woon out but he states thathe’s going to a cafe.  Meanwhile, the staff is having fun dancing in the streets.  [DF – Now this is more like it! ^o^]  Seung Woon is dragged to watch the event from the crowd.
Two foreigners come up to Areum and ask to take a picture, when one of them puts his hand on her butt.  She pulls away and looks really uncomfortable when they ask again.  She ends up pushing one of them to the ground…but they ask for another picture and molest her again.  At this point Areum struggles to get free and falls to the ground.  The foreigners blame Areum and Seung Woon jumps from the crowd and stretches out his hand.
The music made it seem like this was a big deal… In this episode, I felt like I started to enjoy the staff a bit more as they got more screen time.  I also still love Sunhwa’s family even if my original guess about Heung Min’s dad was wrong…
BUT – I think the ending was forced.  It is odd that none of the staff, who were standing behind Areum saw the guy touching Areum’s butt and came to help.  Additionally, I understand that Areum is young but this should have been a situation where she called her male staffers to take a picture… Her inability to handle the situation when she had over 4 other members of her staff at her disposal seemed extremely amateur.
On the other hand, I am ready to see the next episode.  So I guess this episode was a success.
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