Love & Secret – E08

Areum learns professional responsibility as Seung Woon declares his intent to protect the company from the woman, who may have lead to his mother’s death.


Seung Woon holds his hand out to Areum, who takes it to get up.  The Team members watch in amazement as Areum gets up and music plays in the background.  The moment lasts for a minute before Seung Woon realizes that the Team is watching and lets Areum drop back on the ground and leaves awkwardly.

Cue Hwaesik! A staff member says that he will cover round 2 and the younger female staffer states that she is ready to go the round three.  Seung Woon responds that round 2 will be at individual homes.  Areum follows his cue and thanks everyone before running off.  [DF – WHO IS THIS WRITER? THIS HAS TO BE A WOMAN.  In Korea, the debriefing/drinking/hwaesik culture is very prevalent and, usually, it is the highest ranked person who drags it on to two to three rounds of drinking.  I am happy to see that there’s at least one movie/drama that is trying to portray the forced socialization and continued drinking until the early hours is not normal.]

The two female staffers talk about how cool Seung Woon looked when he helped Areum.  The younger male staffer states that if Seung Woon didn’t step in, he would have done the same.  The Team Leader talks about round two and the older female staffer responds that the Vice President said to go home…The Team Leader says round two should go to a club!

Outside, Areum catches up with Seung Woon to thank him.  He tells her that she doesn’t have to since he just did his job; don’t get confused.  Areum responds that she isn’t harboring delusions; she is thankful that he did his job.  Seung Woon gets annoyed and snaps bak that if she hadn’t created a mess, there wouldn’t be anything to fix.  She responds in the same fashion that she is sincerely sorry for making a situation to be grateful for and walks passed.  Seung Woon mutters that she’s disrespectful and pushes past.  Areum grumbles that his family has its hands fun and pushes past again… [DF – Can we get any more childish?]


At Seung Woon’s apartment, Soo Ah is placing some ginseng water and side dishes into his fridge when Seung Woon arrives.  He asks what she’s doing in his apartment and she responds that the door man gave her the key since she was familiar when she said she was his mom.

Seung Woon gets everything out of the fridge and tosses it into the sink in front of her.

Soo Ah’s face changes.  She tells him that the next day is the memorial of his mother’s death.  Yoon Yi will be there so make sure to arrive.  Seung Woon tells her that he’s made it clear that it’s not her place to prepare his mother’s memorial.  Soo Ah responds with a forced smile that she can’t let his feelings get in the way of her duty.  To this, Seung Woon tells her that her calculations are as sharp as ever… and that if he doesn’t want to lose out, he better stay sharp.  She takes her leave as Seung Woon throws the glass tupperware on the floor in a fit of anger.  [DF – talk about a tense exchange.]

At Areum’s house, the four are eating breakfast together.  Mrs. Han is so happy that the whole family is together.  Jin Woo is having fun with Tiffany when Areum tells Jin Woo to be careful since Areum has just drank her milk.  If he keeps shaking her, she will throw up.  Mr. and Mrs. Han note that Areum is sharp to know about that, which usually comes from experience.  Areum shrugs it off saying that she did a lot of babysitting gigs on the side.  Jin Woon wonders what Tiffany’s name is and Areum responds, “Tiffa” before she pretends she hasn’t said anything.  Mrs. Han responds that she didn’t have the chance to ask for the baby’s name and Areum gets up to leave for work.


Areum and Mr. Han go to work together.  He warns Areum to be careful and respectful to her superiors… Surviving in society is not easy.  He also gives her an envelope with allowance and tells her that he’s always thankful because of her.

Soo Ah is shopping in the same mart as Mrs. Han, when they run into each other.  Soo Ah asks who the baby is and Mrs. Han responds that Tiffany is just a friend’s baby.  They then talk about Areum and Soo Ah invites Mrs. Han to dinner on Sunday.  Mrs. Han states that Mr. Han won’t like it if he knows that she’s having dinner with the Winner’s Group CEO.  Soo Ah invites Mr. Han and Mrs. Han answers that Mr. Han doesn’t like getting dinner from other people.  Plus, he will be hiking on Sundays on the mountain behind their house.  Soo Ah takes note and tells Mr. Chun.  He’s extremely happy and decides to “accidentally run into” Mr. Han.

Areum wonders if she should tell the truth to her mom. Sunhwa tells her that this will be too much for Mrs. Han to handle.  Just wait until Sunhwa can get a house and she will take care of Tiffany, just give her the competition winnings.


Sunhwa’s husband (Yong Su) goes to visit that singing friend f Mr. Chun.  He’s eating ramen… [DF – OMG, why is it that whenever I see ramen on the screen, I want to eat it?…]  Yong Su asks if he was able to look into the house for 30,000.  The friend tells Yong Su that he can share his house since he has empty rooms.  It’ll be junsae. [DF – Junsae is a system where you make a large downpayment.  You get the whole payment back when you leave.  The payment is usually for a larger amount than if you had rented, but then you get the whole amount back.  The renter, in return, gets an interest free loan for usually half the price or more of the apartment’s total value.]  Yong Su accepts right away to take the empty room.

Seung Woon looks at a picture of his mom on her memorial day.  He’s in a mood and snaps at Areum to take her desk out when she mentions that he was late, to make small talk…  He takes his remote control plane upstairs.

Soo Ah is preparing the memorial dinner for Seung Woon’s dead mother.  Her mother comes over to ask what Soo Ah is doing.  Soo Ah tries to get her mom to leave for the night, when her mom catches on.  She is angry that her daughter has to prepare the memorial dinner for the first wife… Soo Ah’s mom throws a fit and leaves.

Sunhwa comes to check the room.  She is annoyed that the room is small and not maintained.  The wallpaper is has holes in it and smells of cigarettes.  Sunhwa asks for him to redo the wallpaper and the friend tries to respond that 30,000 deposit is not enough to find a room in the area… Brilliant Heung Min jumps in to smooth things over by calling Yong Su’s friend uncle.  They manage to agree that he will redo the wallpaper and (maybe? redo the floor) for the deposit of 30,000.


Mrs. Han gives Sunhwa 30,000 in the park.  Sunhwa tells her that she will take the baby back after the wallpaper and floor is redone.  Mrs. Han tries to comfort Sunhwa, who finds it hard to listen to her words without telling the truth.  She also pretends that she doesn’t know the baby’s mother and tries to leave so she doesn’t have to lie to her sister.  Mrs. Han watches her little sister leave with tears in her eyes.

Areum is working on a design when she is curious about Tiffany.  She decides she can’t call her mom, which would raise suspicions and resorts to looking at pictures on her phone.  She tells her phone that she will succeed and become a respectable person for Tiffany.  She is going through the pictures when she sees one of her ex, and she deletes it…


In Shanghai, China

Some guy practicing shooting.  He tells his secretary to wait until next week to set up a meeting.  He gets a call about someone being in Korea.  He asks for the number.  He tells the other side that he will wait for a call and then states, “I miss you Areum.” [DF – OMG IS THIS THE LYING CHEATING ARSEHAT]

Jin Woo goes to the 7080 restaurant and decides the restaurant is not the place…  He meets a friend from elementary school, who remembers him and then leaves, RIGHT before his father comes out of the bathroom.


Mr. Han is there to brag about Areum.  Mr. Han tries to tell him that he needs to go meet someone and have a kid, someone who’s need had a kid never knows the feeling.  The friend responds that the best thing he did was not have kids.  The guitar girl sees this and grabs his beer to drink at her father’s stupidity.

Seung Ho is excited about all of the food for the memorial dinner.  Yoon Yi also arrives early for the memorial with Mr. Chun.  Yoon Yi apologizes for not coming in earlier to help with
the preparations because a case came in.  Soo Ah responds smoothly that it’s of no concern since the business is also part of the family business.

Seung Woon is driving like a maniac to who knows where.


Seung Ho bows to the memorial and gets read to put a cup of alcohol on the table when Seung Woon comes in.  He takes the cup and throws it.  He tells everyone that he came to make sure that the won’t conduct the memorial in that house.  Soo Ah tells Seung Woon that she will bring a new cup so that he can put his offering.

He responds, “that night, what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MOM?”  Mr. Chun slaps Seung Woon and asks how long he’s going to go on about that and Seung Woon responds until the truth is known.  Soo Ah runs into her room with tears in her eyes.

She sits at her dresser and stares at the mirror, accepting Seung Woon’s challenge.


Yoon Yi apologizes for coming without telling him or thinking about his feelings first.  He responds that even though he isn’t expecting much from the wedding, he hasn’t made his decision so don’t be complacent.  He drives to the place where his mother’s ashes are kept to have a conversation with her… It turns out that it’s been around ten years since she passed away.  He tells his mom that even though he lost his dad to “that woman” he will protect the company from her, since that is all he can do for his mom.  He apologizes.

Jin Woo is trying to feed Tiffany, who won’t drink from the bottle.  He calls Areum for help.  Mr. and Mrs. Han left for a couple’s dinner and asked him to babysit.  Areum tells him that she will be right there and is about to leave the room when she turns around and looks at the outfit that she had been working on.  [DF – YAY! SHE FINALLY LEARNED SOME SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY!  ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY RUN OFF FROM WORK TO DEAL WITH PERSONAL ISSUES.]  Turns out that she needs to finish the outfit by the night.

Seung Woon falters home and falls into bed.  He gets a call from work.  The fabric sample never came in and so they weren’t able to put in the order.  He runs to the office.


Areum picks up Tiffany outside work and brings her into her office happily.  She plays music and continues working on the outfit, while singing along to kids’ songs.

Seung Woon marches in, yelling at someone that they just need to tell him where the sample outfit is.  They need put in the order before the factory closes, TONIGHT.

He gets into the office when he hears Areum singing along.  He peeks in and sees Areum working and talking to her “little princess.”  Then he sees IT.  Areum running to pick up her daughter for dinner time.


FINALLY!  I feel like we finally finished the introduction.  All of the main characters have met each other and have been able to engage with each other.  The basis of the main conflicts that will carry on the rest of the 90+ episodes have been set as well.  AND AREUM is no longer running around like a careless freshman in college, crying her way out of things.  PROGRESS.

(1) Areum learns that’ no matter what, she needs to BALANCE work with with personal life. YES!

(2) The Run Down of Conflicts

  • Seung Woon v. Soo Ah:  Did she cause Seung Woon’s mother’s death?  If Seung Woon’s mother has been dead for 10 years and that is around how old Seung Ho is… it might well be true that Soo Ah isn’t the martyr that she’s portraying herself to be.  This has all been a part of a calculated plan to take over the company.
  • The Han Family:   We see how much Mr. Han is proud of Areum and how much he depends on her as the success of his life… What will he do when he realizes that his beloved daughter made a very public mistake?  Not to mention his son is biting at his own restraints of becoming a doctor?  This is a ticking time bomb decorated as the model family.
  • Yoon Yi v. Seung Woon/Areum:  Yoon Y is a very driven girl as the show has hinted that she reached her position of becoming in house counsel through financial assistance from Mr. Chun.  She has also become, the head legal counsel.  She’s been Seung Woon’s friend since little but is still willing to brown nose to Soo Ah and partake in all family events, such as the memorial, even if she knows that it will piss of Seung Woon.  This girl is not going to simply stand aside when Seung Woon falls for Areum.

(3) Soo Ah

I loved the revelation in this episode when Seung Woon accused Soo Ah of being responsible for his mother’s death and the fact that the show hinted that his mother died around when Seung Ho was born.  Seems like we have the beginning of a takeover war for Winner’s Group.

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