Love & Secret – E10

Areum’s mom falls apart when she realizes that her daughter did the exact thing that she had been gleefully gossiping about 8 episodes earlier…Areum tries to get back on her feet but looks like the stress is getting to her physically.



Mrs. Han backs up breathlessly and shocked.  Areum tries to run after her with Tiffany.  Mrs. Han screams at Areum and runs away into the street.  She jumps into a cab and leaves Areum with the baby… [DF – WHAT THE STUFFING?  How can a mom respond like that?]  Areum cries in the street with Tiffany.

Mr. Han calls in his secretary to ask about the status of the companies that are bidding for the K Global Fashion Project.  He also asks that they limit the number of external events, since there’s so many project proposals/bids that he has to review.  The secretary agrees.


Mrs. Han goes straight to Sunhwa and asks point blank whose baby Tiffany is.  She starts howling and throwing all of Sunhwa’s stuff on to the ground.  Sunhwa apologizes for lying… and Mrs. Han calls her a bad person before leaving.

instead of returning to work, Areum is still wandering the streets with Tiffany. [DF – Oh dear…can she not just call in sick like a normal person?]  Areum calls her aunt for one more favor – take care of Tiffany once more.  Sunhwa tells her that she won’t help her anymore.  Mrs. Han came by and left a mess at her house.  Areum begs her aunt to take Tiffany just once more.  Sunhwa gives Areum some tough love and tells her to fix the problem instead of running.

Seung Woon is in another internal conference.  He tells the group that their group is ready for the Winter Season.  CEO Chun turns the room’s attention back to the K Global Fashion project.  Seung Woon agrees their revenue will eclipse domestic revenue if they get the project.  He also mentions that the decision to change the supervisor on the project midway might have been a rushed decision.  CEO Chun shuts him down by yelling at him that his assessment is undeveloped.

As for Areum’s Team, she sends a text message that she needs to take the rest of the day off due to a personal emergency.  The Team Leader notes how audacious it is for Areum to decide to take the half day without asking for advance permission.  The female staffer notes that she must be under CEO Chun’s line.  They assume she got the position due to nepotism.  There are too many suspicious factors, the fast advancement to Team Leader, the personal request of the CEO to help Areum…etc… The Team wonders whether they need to change their tactic and join Areum’s team.

At Areum’s house, Mrs. Han tells her son and husband that the baby went to Sunhwa’s.  Jin Woo notes that Tiffany was adorable and Mrs. Han blows up on him…before cutting her finger on the knife that she was using to cut apples…


Areum is still wandering the streets with Tiffany when she walks past a cafe, where Seung Woon walks out and sees her.  She sits down and cries with the crying baby.  Seung Woon takes a step before turning to walk away.

[Interlude] Philip has scheduled to leave in the morning for Korea. [End Interlude]

At Areum’s house, Mr. Han worries about Areum not coming home yet.  Mrs. Han doesn’t respond and he asks whether she’s not feeling well.  She tells Mr. Han that Areum must be working late.  She gets up to leave the room and Areum comes home with her baby.


Areum cries and tells her mom that she has no place to go.  Mrs. Han tears up.  Mrs. Han tells Mr. Han that Areum must have picked up the baby from her aunt.  Areum tries to tell her dad…and her mom cuts in and tells her to go in.

Mrs. Han watches Tiffany as Areum cries in her room.  Finally, Mrs. Han goes outside to drink some soju by herself and cry.

In the morning, Sunhwa’s husband and son are eating ramen for breakfast.  She tells her family that her sister found out.

The next day, Areum doesn’t have an appetite.  Areum seems to feel the extra guilt about holding the secret from her father and brother.  Mrs. Han goes back to lay down.  After breakfast, Areum goes into her mom’s room.  Mrs. Han tells her that they will talk later since Mr. Han might overhear.

Mr. Han comes in to tell his wife that she should go to the doctor if she’s feeling under the weather.

CEO Chun gets ready for the “coincidental meeting.”  He thanks Soo Ah for her efforts with Seung Woon.


Mr. Han reaches the top of the hill where he “runs” into Mr. Han and starts up some small talk.  CEO Chun brings the conversation to the Korean culture and hallyu.  Mr. Han takes the bait and tells him that the pride of their country is their culture.  CEO Chun offers to get together to eat if they keep meeting and Mr. Han leaves politely.

Mrs. Han is crying away at home when she misses Soo Ah’s call.  Soo Ah called since Mrs. Han did not come out to cooking class.  Soo Ah has a moment of tiger mom with her son, where she tells her mom that he need to come back in time for English tutoring…Grandma tells her daughter not to be so harsh on her son, it’s a holiday, after all.

Mrs. Han calls Areum to come to Sunhwa’s place.


Yongsu is trying to convince the restaurant owner about his business idea – sell herbal medicine at the spa.  Bored and uninterested, Heung Min goes off and sees Seung Ho at the cafeteria.  He introduces himself to the grandmother respectfully and the grandmother offers to buy Heung Min a snack.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han goes to Sunhwa’s place and Areum arrives.  Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa to leave and give them some privacy.  Mrs. Han starts asking Areum, what happened.  All Areum can tell her is that she’s sorry.  She refuses to tell her mom who the father is.  When Areum refuses to tell her, Mrs. Han, who left her with the baby.

Areum’s backbone shows when she tells her mom that she was the one who made the decision to have the baby.  It was her responsibility and her decision.

Mrs. Han starts hitting Areum asking how she could do this to her.  Areum tells her mom that she had Tiffany out of love and Mrs. Han goes off to hit Areum again.  Sunhwa tries to come in and ask her sister to calm down…

Mr. Han comes down from his hike, when he walks by a window shop with a coat/scarf on display… he pauses.

Areum cries in her room.  Her mom told her to keep it a secret from her father otherwise they’d both die…


Mr. Han comes in gives Areum a fur scarf.  [DF – Dad has taste!]  He wraps the scarf around her neck and Areum tears up.  Mrs. Han goes into the kitchen to fume…  [DF – complicated feelings all around…]

Areum is waiting for the bus when she falters and has to sit down.  She tries to get on her bus when she falls to the ground and shivers at the bus stop.  Seung Woon is driving to work when he almost runs over Areum, who walks in front of his car without looking.  He gets out angrily and she basically faints.




This episode was focused on Areum and her family, which was necessary.  I was really disappointed by how Mrs. Han handled the situation.  I thought that she would become strong for her daughter and show the motherly warrior side…but it seems that she was more focused on herself, her image, and her life.  I may be judging her harshly, but her reaction just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Looks like Areum will need some external support soon.

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