Love & Secret – E11

Areum and her mom come to a shaky understanding that they will keep the secret from her dad as Seung Woon takes another hit for Areum.



Seung Woon drives an unconscious Areum to a hospital… Unbeknownst to both, her earring falls in his car.  The doctor tells Seung Woon that it’s just stress and exhaustion.

Seung Woon covers her up and makes fun of her for falling because of stress.  He gets a call and leaves for work.  His secretary updates him that there is a director’s meeting today but Areum hasn’t arrived.  Seung Woon orders that all of Areum’s notes be transferred to his computer ASAP.

Areum wakes up in the hospital.  She’s told that she can leave after she finishes her IV.  She asks how she got there and the nurse describes Seung Woon…as a tall and handsome guy.  Areum remembers the presentation and runs out.


Seung Woon walks into the presentation and tells everyone that he will be giving the presentation.  They have some technical difficulties as the notes that Seung Woon reviewed were not up to date.  CEO Chun postpones the presentation.  He tells his son that he’s disappointed that Seung Woon made a fool of himself.  Turns out, the secretary was supposed to review the powerpoint and prepare notes that Seung Woon could give the presentation.

Yoon Yi stops by and tells Seung Woon that Areum is a disappointment both for the first presentation and for her no-show at this presentation.  She tells him that he should let Areum clean up her own mess.

The Team wait for Areum, who runs in late.  The Team tell her that Secretary Jang took the powerpoint material and Seung Woon attempted to give the presentation for her.  She runs into Seung Woon’s office; he’s stewing.  Seung Woon tells her to write an apology report and prepare to give the presentation this week.

Areum asks how he couldn’t have found the right presentation when she clearly labeled he first and second presentation.  Seung Woon yells at her that it was her fault for not showing up.  They both yell at each other and Areum leaves to wash up in the bathroom.


Mrs. Han is watching over Tiffany again when Areum comes home.  Her mom tries to ask who the father is again.  Areum tells her mom that the dad died.  Her mom asks when he died, before or after the birth, how?  Areum’s mom sobs again.  Areum tells her mom that this happened because she loved him… Her mom tells her that they should first meet the father’s parents and let them know.  Areum tells her mom that she wants to raise Tiffany by herself…

Mr. Han comes home while Areum and her mom are still talking.  He walks in and asks what happened.  They tell him that Areum wanted to whine since living abroad was hard.  Mr. Han brought home rice wine to have as a family.  Mr. Han tells the family that he was told he has been officially picked as the internal candidate for the Secretary of Culture.  He has to deal with the official examination, but there shouldn’t be any problems.  Mr. Han warns the family not to take anything for free and to be careful…Especially about money.

Mrs. Han calls Soo Ah at night to discuss the $30,000 that she borrowed from her but hangs up with Areum comes out.  Areum asks whether she should confess to her dad right now.  Her mom tells her to stay quiet.


Seung Woon is at the billiards.  Yoon Yi finds him there.  She tells him that this reminds her of the past.  They met when they were younger and had tutoring together.  Yoon Yi tells Seung Woon that she wants to be a good partner for him, someone he needs.  Seung Woon tells her that he feels like he just lost a good friend.

Soo Ah is arranging flowers at home when Soo Ah’s mom came down.  CEO Chun comes down and Soo Ah’s mom fires a zinger that she takes care of her son-in-law’s health since they may die around the same time.  CEO Chun is happy about how he was able to meet Mr. Han.  Soo Ah gives vitamins for CEO Chun to give to Seung Woon.


The Team is in a flurry.  The Team Leader is supposed to go review something when Areum volunteers to in his place since he doesn’t want to go.  Areum comes down to the garage when Soo Ah recklessly drives in.  Areum tells Soo Ah that she should be careful with her driving and she shouldn’t park in the handicap spot.  Soo Ah tells Areum that she shouldn’t meddle in other people’s businesses.  Areum tells her she’s telling her as part of her duty to society.  Things end badly with Soo Ah insulting Areum’s parent’s child rearing and Areum telling Soo ah that she needs to act like an adult to get respect.  Soo Ah calls the factory head to yell at him for not having valet services.

Philip has one of his very important business calls, where he tells everyone not to talk until he gets back.   He drafts a text to Areum asking if it’s her…and then erases it.  Turns out that he kept all of her pictures in his phone…

At Zishen, Yoon Yi stops Areum to give her advice.  Don’t take the company lightly.  There are lines that she shouldn’t cross and rules that she needs to follow, even if she has CEO Chun’s favor.


Mrs. Han walks home…She tried to get some medicine for her depression and they refused to give her more.  She gets a call from Soo Ah, who tells Mrs. Han not worry about the loan.  She can pay it back when she is able to.  She asks how Areum is doing and asks to get lunch together with Areum.

Yongsu is at it again.  He asks for the 30,000 deposit as a business investment.  Within a month and a half, he will return it with interest.  [DF – DON’T DO IT…]  The friend gets tired of Yongsu’s begging and tells him okay, he can take the 30,000 back.  The business idea? They are trying to sell natural herbal medicine…The friend is going to go around and tell people that he drank the medicine and had a baby in the late age.


Heung Min is told to say that he drank the medicine and got rid of his skin condition.  Heung Min tries to call his dad out on the scam.  Sunhwa comes home and he leaves.  Sunhwa tells her husband not to do anything stupid.  They lost the 30,000 from Areum to the creditors and all they have left is the 30,000 from Mrs. Han.

The Team go bowling as Areum stays late to prepare for the presentation.  She decides to tell her dad and calls him to meet her in a cafe.

At the cafe, she is about to tell her father when she gets a call from an unknown number.  Thinking that it’s the company, she picks up to hear Philip.


Nothing to say.  The good-for-nothing-is-back.  I am not happy.

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