Love & Secret – E09

Areum learns humility and responsibility in the workplace as the teams start developing in the fight over Winner’s Group.



Seung Woon stares at Areum finishing up and sees her grab Tiffany saying, “Lets eat my baby!”

He walks in and asks if she thinks the office is a daycare.  He stares at Tiffany and states, “It’s that baby! I thought she was your aunt’s daughter, why are you taking care of her?”

Areum tries to say that her aunt has so many problems that she has to take care of Tiffany since there’s debt collectors chasing after her aunt.  He tells her that it will have a negative impact on her work and Areum responds that it’s easier to pull an all nighter thanks to Tiffany… Seung Woon just kind of looks at her before picking up the sample fabric and leaving.

Mr. and Mrs. Han are walking home.  Mr. Han tells Mrs. Han to limit her words in public.  They ask why she has Tiffany and she tells them that she took Areum out.  She suggests that they go on a date since they have time to spend together and the two bicker…which Areum smoothes over that they are like bickering newly weds.  She lays Areum to sleep and walks into her room just in time to see her mom put her clothes away in her drawers.

Her mom tells her that she was just putting clean clothes away.  Mrs. Han tells her about Yoojung and gossips away laughing that Yoojung came home pregnant.  Areum tries to tell her mom that it’s not a laughing matter.  Since Yoojung is 24, she’s an adult…Mrs. Han tells Areum that a parent’s view is different…Areum tells her that she’s tired to get her mom out.  She then runs to her dresser to make sure that her breast pump is still hidden.

In the morning, she greets Seung Woon and jokes around with him.  He tells her not to act so friendly and Yoon Yi sees the exchange…She watches them with a fixed expression.


Areum gives a good powerpoint presentation to the company management.  Her focus is on her trend-investigation, where they went out and did a survey.  A manager/director asks whether her sample size is too small to draw conclusions to all Chinese people’s fashion tastes.  Areum mentions that there is data about the whole Chinese population, but her powerpoint doesn’t include it…she tries to finish with the conclusion that since most Chinese tourists confess that one of their main goals when they travel to Korea is to shop, that it’s a market that they need to tap by strengthening their online presence.

Yoon Yi asks whether this would be a strategically sound idea when their competitor M Fashion already tried to enter the Chinese market last year.  However, the result was a disappointing 5% of their revenue being supported by the new venture.  She mentions whether the Team Leader of the K Fashion’s Global Department should already have known this fact…

Areum looks a bit taken aback but tries to respond, noting that some competitors may have already entered the Chinese market.  However, the large population and possible market in China is one that they cannot ignore or delay their company’s online presence.

Yoon Yi presses on and tells her that her optimistic view is fine but questions whether this would pass muster and get the government bid. It is telling that she looks at Seung Woon when she makes this comment.  [DF – Of course, as the Vice President/Director of the group, he would be ultimately responsible…But it seemed more like she was checking his reaction to her grilling the associate that he showed interest in…testing the waters.]

Areum looks like she is about to cry…[DF – Poor kid, everyone has been or can be in a situation in which they think preparing the same amount for school would cut it at work, only to realize that there are so many factors in the real world that must be accounted for…]  CEO Chun ends the meeting telling Areum that she did a good job.  She holds in her tears as everyone leaves…many of the older officers shaking their head.  Yoon Yi pauses to tell her that she did a good job, with a smile.  She mentions that Areum exceeded her expectations and smirks.  [DF – This girl is kind of scary.]

Outside, CEO Chun (heartless businessman that he is) praises Yoon Yi.  He tells her that she read his mind.  The carrot was giving Areum, the Team Leader position.  It was time for some discipline.  Yoon Yi is quick to answer that she was just pointing out a flaw in the presentation and is glad to her that CEO Chun is happy.

Seung Woon catches up to the two to note that CEO Chun trains his directors well…CEO Chun tells the two that they should eat since they also have to discuss their engagement.  Seung Woon bows out and tells them to eat together.  CEO Chun offers chicken soup and Yoon Yi brown noses that CEO Chun was the one that read her mind.


Areum washes her face in the bathroom, feeling disappointed in herself.  Her breast bothers her so she feels it and realizes that she must have leaked.  Her blouse is wet.  She quickly tries to wipe it and closes her jacket whenever someone comes into the bathroom.  She takes refuge up on the roof, massaging her sore breast when she gets a call from her aunt.  Turns out that Tiffany has started to refuse drinking milk.  Areum mentions that she was thinking of Tiffany as well since her breasts were sore.  Areum starts worrying about Tiffany and says to herself, “I am so sorry… I want to do well when I think of Tiffany but I am so scared and it’s too hard…” Areum cries for her own mom on the roof when Seung Woon walks up on the roof with his remote airplane.  Suddenly, he’s standing next to her.  He tells her that the roof is his refuge, so she needs to leave.


He does tell her that she was too confident.  Does she know her place now?

Areum apologizes for not being prepared and leaves.


Areum’s ex (Philip) is holding a business meeting… Seems like hes in trading/investment.  He gets a call and he takes a break to take it.  Turns out, they found Areum.  Philip demands that they email him everything.  [DF – What, breaking her heart once wasn’t enough?]  He then makes a call and demands a flight to Korea, even rearranging his Chicago schedule.


Soo Ah and Yoon Yi go jogging around the mountain.  Yoon Yi mentions that CEO Chun is against the couple living separately and wonders if Soo Ah has any opinion.  Soo Ah honestly answers that Yoon Yi should know that she follows CEO Chun’s decisions.  Yoon Yi mentions that she figured Soo Ah might find living together uncomfortable and Soo Ah responds that they haven’t finalized the engagement.  Shouldn’t she focus on that first?  She also remarks that Yoon Yi should get in shape before running off first.

Inside Chez Chun, Grandma is happy to hear that CEO Chun slapped Seung Woon.  Grandma notes that Seung Woon needs to get married soon for there to be some stability.

Sunhwa’s family moves into their new room and the parents tell Heung Min that they will get him a desk soon.  Heung Min mentions that he will take care of his parents in their old age when Mrs. Han calls.  Sunhwa mentions that she feels so guilty and nervous whenever she’s around her sister.  Mrs. Han invites the family over for dinner.  The family reminds her husband and son that they have to make sure that they have to pretend that Tiffany is not Areum’s daughter.  Yong Su worries that he’s going to be beaten up but Sunhwa makes him promise, otherwise, the Han family will be torn apart.


Heung Min looks around and asks where his little sister is.  Areum walks in and pretends to see her aunt’s family for the first time since she came back from the U.S.  They awkwardly greet each other and Sunhwa and Areum exchange looks.  Heung Min sees Tiffany and calls the baby, “Tiffany.”  They mention that they haven’t decided on a name but Heung Min calls the baby Tiffany… Mr. Han calls Yong Su into the room to have a talk.


Inside the room, Mr. Han rips into Yong Su, asking what will become of Tiffany’s future as the others listen outside.

Jin Woo goes back to the restaurant to see his friend.  His friend asks the restaurant owner if Jin Woo can practice singing.  The owner mentions that he isn’t happy with his current vocalist and has been wondering if he should fire the employee.

Guitar girl comes in as everyone is enjoying Jin Woo’s singing.  She gets annoyed that the restaurant owner let anyone else on the stage but then looks at Jin Woo oddly.

Sunhwa’s family takes their leave.  Afterwards, Areum tells her parents that she has something to say but then backs off at the last minute.  Her parents try to encourage her to talk and Areum lies that she wanted to send them to Japan when she got paid…They tell her it’s the same as if they had been given a gift so don’t worry.


In the morning, Areum tells the staff that she’s happy to start working with them.  She tells them that they can call her anything.  She also agrees to act as the newbie, running errands.  They all give her an order for coffee and she runs off with a smile.

Seung Woon tells his father that, though, there were problems, there was promise in Areum’s presentation.  CEO Chun tells him that’s fine.  He should work with Areum to make the project a success. Seung Woon tells him that he’s putting too much responsibility on a newbie and CEO Chun shuts him down.  Then he tells Seung Woon that starting from the next year, they will cease observing his mother’s memorial dinner.  Seung Woon bristles at the thought but CEO Chun tells him that they need to let the past be…

Areum runs to the lobby to see her mom with Tiffany.  Her mom bought sandwiches for the staff.  Areum takes her mom out to a nearby cafe and Yoon Yi sees them on their way out.  Her expression shows that recognizes Mrs. Han…


Mrs. Han tells her daughter that she is going in after the bank.  Areum offers to take care of Tiffany while her mom runs errands so she can take more time off work.  When Mrs. Han leaves, Areum asks a waittress where the nursing room is and takes Tiffany to the nursing room.  Mrs. Han returns to the cafe because she forgot her bag and asks the waitress where Areum and Tiffany went.  The waitress tells her that they went to the nursing room.  The waitress tells Mrs. Han that they went to the nursing room…

Areum is breastfeeding her baby in the nursing room when her mom arrives and opens the door quietly.  Mrs. Han opens the curtain to see the sight and calls out her daughter’s name.


A great paced episode with solid character development.  It was good to see how Areum handles her first challenge like a normal responsible person.  She feels disappointed with the response of her project, but under-preparation is a normal newbie mistake.  We also see more about Yoon Yi’s character as she reacts cattily to what she must unconsciously feel is Areum encroaching upon her territory.

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