Love & Secret – E12

Areum takes baby steps into professional success (with help from yours truly), but Philip is trying his best to get into her life again.



Areum hangs up on Philip but is shaken up.  She decides not to tell her father and tells him that she needs to go back in.  Girl looks about she’s about to cry again.  Areum runs back to the office to get Philip’s business card out.  [DF – Love how his company is called Loyal Tree… Hope Areum is the Ax. =x= She does have an ax to grind after all…] She calls his company to ask where he is, the answer is that they can’t tell her since he walks all over the place.


Mrs. Han goes to visit Sunhwa to ask for a favor.  She asks Sunhwa to pretend that Tiffany is her daughter and raise her.  Just raise Tiffany until Areum gets married or at least until Mr. Han gets appointed as the secretary.  Mrs. Han agrees to take care of all other support, money, etc… Just put Tiffany under Sunhwa’s name.  Sunhwa tells her sister that if they don’t tell now, the secret will be worse.

Mrs. Han tells Sunhwa that if her husband finds out, he will kick both Areum and the baby out.  [DF – Like mother like daughteR? No wonder Areum was such a crybaby].  Sunwha tells her sister that she needs to get stronger for Areum.

Mr. Han comes home and his wife tells him that the baby went back to Sunhwa.  He worries about Jin Woo, falling off the beaten path.  Mrs. Han tells him to stop comparing Jin Woo to Areum or he might get hurt.  Just like Mr. Han’s worries, Jin Woo is off singing at the restaurant.

The restaurant owner tells a customer that he can leave without paying if he doesn’t have money.  Guitar girl (Yoojin) tells him not to come back when the owner tells her its okay to let those that don’t have money have a drink here and there.  She responds that he’s so nice to strangers but doesn’t take care of those close to him, which gets him confused.

A drunk customer tells Jin Woo to sing a song that he doesn’t know and offers to pay him to do it.  Jin Woo refuses and the guy is about throw a tantrum when the girl comes to stop it…she ends up punching Jin Woo.  The three young folk go out to drink.  She tells them that she’s frustrated by someone who’s so stupid and pretends he’s so kind.  She leaves first.  Jin Woo’s friend thinks that maybe the girl is into Jin woo…


Areum works into the night on the powerpoint presentation and Seung Woon sees her on his stop by the office.  He turns off the light and she turns it on. She asks what he’s doing when she’s working and he tells her that she’s working!  He tells her to work during normal hours not at night.  She grabs his hand to stop him from turning off the light and he pauses…and backs of.  Instead of going home, he goes back into his office.  Cue cute music as Areum dozes off in the office instead of finishing her work.  [DF Tip – One should take care of one’s health and sleep if you can’t be productive!  Wake up early and do work…]  Areum dozes while Seung Woon actually is productive.  He finishes up the research for her and leaves it on her desk.  [DF- SQUEAL. OMG DID HE JUST FINISH HER PPT FOR HER? IN LESS TIME? <3_<3 I’m on Team Seung Woon, BEST SUPERVISOR EVER!]


Sunhwa’s family is looking after Tiffany.  Areum gets home late and her mom tells her that she sent Tiffany back to Sunhwa’s.  Areum gets angry that her mom sent back to her Aunt’s.  The baby will get stressed from all the moving and being separated from her mother.  Her mom tells her that it’s temporary, while they decide what to do with Tiffany.  Areum tells her mom that she will continue to raise Tiffany.  Her mom tells her that if she was going to hide it, she should have stayed in New York.  Areum tells her mom not to blame Tiffany.  She cries as she tells her mom how hard it was in the U.S.A with the baby, not knowing anything.  She tells her mom that she wanted to come and ask her mom for help but she didn’t…But, now she’s here…she’s still scared and has no idea what to do.  Her mom realizes her role and hugs her daughter.  She goes out and takes a drink of soju instead.

Areum looks at pictures and apologizes to Tiffany that she doesn’t have a father.  She remembers the wedding and strengthens her resolve.  Lying Arsehat looks through pictures, too.  His secretary brings in a proposal with information regarding fashion and China.  Philip tells him to investigate three companies and give him the report.

Areum goes to work vowing that she will succeed for Tiffany.

Yoon Yi and CEO Chun are having tea.  CEO Chun tells her to try hard to get married that year.  They go to Areum’s presentation.  She smiles at Seung Woon, who turns away.  Yoon Yi greets him, and he tells her that their legal department must be slow since she never fails to show up at the presentations.  She responds that she’s just capable.  CEO Chun jokes that no one would mistake that they are not a couple with all the bickering… Areum watches slightly amused.

Areum begins her revised powerpoint presentation.  Her point is that if they want to work in China, they need to reposition their brand as a “luxury” brand.  They would be able to win over their competition.  Yoon Yi asks a question and Seung Woon yawns, throwing her off.  Areum is much more prepared and answers all of Yoon Yi’s questions capably.  CEO Chun agrees to end the presentation there as he sees potential.  Yoon Yi sees the looks that Seung Woon and Areum exchange.


Areum races after Seung Woon to give him chocolates in gratitude. He was the one that gave her the materials.  He tells her that if she failed again, it would be his responsibility.  He refuses the chocolates but Yoon Yi sees…it is unclear if she overheard the exchange.

Seung Ho and Heung Min are walking together.  Soo Ah picks up Heung Min.  Soo Ah tells her son to prepare for the junior high entrance interview that is scheduled for the next day.


Heung Min tells his mother about Seung Ho, and she tells him to become best friends with Seung Ho.  She notes that Heung Min needs new clothes to fit in with such kids.  She sees an advertisement for new employees at a pizza place and considers asking Yongsu to watch Tiffany as she works.

Soo Ah meets up with Yoon Yi at the mall…Yoon Yi’s mom will only be able to make it back into Korea on the day of the meeting of the parents.  Soo Ah notes that Yoon Yi’s mother’s life has smoothed out, now that she has a lawyer daughter, can take trips and is about to become the in-law to Winner’s Group.  Soo Ah asks how things are with Seung Woon.  Yoon Yi mentions that he seems to just see her as a friend.  Soo Ah gives Yoon Yi Seung Woon’s studio key and tells her to seduce him.

Seung Woon is happily driving home when he remembers that he forgot to give his “baby” oil.  Mr. Chun walks by Areum’s office and is satisfied that she’s working late.  Areum gets a call from Seung Woon, who tells her to go to his room immediately…


Seung Woon comes home to Yoon Yi, who is preparing a romantic dinner. Seung Woon asks who’s idea this was, was it Secretary Lee?  Yoon Yi tells him that all she wants is dinner.  He doesn’t need to be mean about it.  He tells her that it’s not like her.  Yoon Yi tells him that he’s special to her.

Areum arrives at that moment to deliver the remote control plane.  Seung Woon tells Areum that she can leave.  Yoon Yi invites Areum to stay for dinner and Seung Woon lets her go.

Seung Woon tells Yoon Yi that if he were her…he’d give himself a chance.  She asks what kind of chance?  He tells her, give him a chance to be attracted to her not force him away.  She tries to stop him with a back hug and he tells her to stop.

Areum leaves wondering why the atmosphere was so weird.


Philip is about to get into his car when he sees Areum and runs after her.  He calls her name but thankfully, our girl is listening to music.  He keeps calling out and she walks on.  He is about to walk into the road, but he doesn’t een do the running across the street, drama-style-successfully.  He finally catches up and grabs her arm when Seung Woon walks by and sees.  He looks on as the two are staring at each other intensely.


No time, moving on to see how she blows off the arsehat.

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