Love & Secret – E13

Yoon Yi struggles to accept that she can’t achieve both her ambitions and her love at the same time as Philip crashes into Areum’s barely stable world.



Seung Woon sees the two and assumes they are dating and walks off.

Philip tells Areum that he came to see her.  She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him.  Philip tells her that he understands, but wants to start over again.  She tells him that he’s nothing to her.

Philip tells her that he couldn’t forget her.  Areum tells him that he has no right to say that.  She has forgotten about him and has moved on.

Philip asks if there is a new person.  She tells him that she found someone she loves enough to risk her life.  So never appear before her again.  [DF – ATTA GIRL!]

Areum calls her friend Jiwoo and makes sure that she hasn’t told anyone that Tiffany is her daughter… he can’t know even though he’s back in Korea.  Areum runs to her aunt’s place and picks up Tiffany.  She makes sure that no one has come to check about Tiffany.  Areum tells her aunt that Tiffany’s dad isn’t dead, but she doesn’t want him to know about Tiffany… he’s married to another girl.


Sunhwa is stressed that her niece had the baby without telling the guy.  At least Sunhwa seems to be on Areum’s side.  [DF – Sunhwa is like the real life fairy godmother…the one dealing with her own problems but still providing the most support when needed.]  Areum tells her that she told the guy that she’s engaged…but don’t let her mother know.  Sunhwa does tell Areum to think about her decision carefully.  It doesn’t matter that they broke up, this decision will affect her future.

Mrs. Han and Mr. Han discuss his upcoming interview/appointment.  Mrs. Han is extremely worried about what could be asked, but Mr. Han doesn’t know and isn’t worried.


Mr. Han has a drink with Mr. Chun after their hike.  The two hit it off.  Mr. Chun introduces himself and then pretends to recognize Mr. Han’s name.  Mr. Chun admits to being the CEO of the Winner’s Group.  The talk awkwardly turns to work.

Philip is running on a treadmill as he thinks about Areum.  He cancels all meetings and tells his secretary to not accept any appointments during his stay.  He looks at the possible investment groups in Korea, which includes Zishen.  He tells his secretary to look into Zishen.


We have a mother-son moment where Soo Ah tells Seung Woon to remember the meeting with Yoon Yi’s parents on the weekend.  He tells her that her interest seems particularly high in Yoon Yi.  Soo Ah tells him that she’s just following CEO Chun’s lead.  [DF – These two have the Korean way of fighting down pat… Arm yourselves with smiles and cordiality… Let the barbs stay hidden between layers of words and manipulation.]


Areum’s idea for entering the Chinese fashion market is to focus on children’s clothes.  She believes that the culture has shifted to one that focuses on the children due to the one child policy.  People would be more willing to spend more money on luxury children’s clothes.  Additionally, they can pair mother/child outfits.  She offers to meet with Chieta Fashion (a competitor group) with regard to their child fashion line.

Seung Woon laughes at her idea.  He tells her to being a new idea.

Areum proposes that they investigate under cover.  She can get an idea of the styles if she sees the actual clothes.  He asks why they have to go together and she responds that if she goes alone, he’d be mad.


Philip walks through Zishen and they do the walk by each other without seeing each other thing.  CEO Chun welcomes Philip happily.  Seung Woon comes in and CEO Chun introduces the two.  Philip takes his leave.  [DF – Poor guys don’t know that they just met their worst enemies…]

CEO Chun warns his son that the investment by Philip Choi might affect who wins the K Fashion Global Project.


At the jjimjilbang, Yongsu is is selling the herbal medicine.  Seung Ho’s grandmother comes along and sees the presentation.  She recognizes Seung Ho and the restaurant owner pretends to be Seung Ho’s dad.  However, when it’s time for Seung Ho to say his line, he gets up and yells that his dad doesn’t understand his feelings about not being able to call his dad his dad… the other people realize it’s a scam and leave.  [DF- I swear Heung Min steals the show whenever he comes on…]

Mr. Han calls Yongsu out for drinks.


Areum takes care of Tiffany at Sunhwa’s place.  Sunhwa asks whether she has heard from Tiffany’s father.  Areum confirms.  Sunhwa mentions that it might be a better idea in the future to give Tiffany …

Areum yells at her aunt that Tiffany might hear…

At the pojangmacha, Yongsu is yelling at Mr. Han.  Yongsu tells Mr. Han that he needs to stop berating him about the kid.  Yongsu yells at that he did a favor because he felt bad for his niece… Don’t trust his own kids…but Mr. Han doesn’t get it.

Nearby, a journalist from Baekjae News recognizes Mr. Han.  It is unclear what he overheard.

At the Chun Residence, Yoon Yi has joined for dinner.  Soo Ah’s mother talks about the past, when she carried the newborn Soo Ah and worked.  Soo Ah gets embarrassed and gives her mom the hint to leave.

The discussion turns to the engagement.  CEO Chun rushes the engagement.


Yoon Yi and Seung Woon go for a drink afterwards.  She tells him that she’s satisfied at this point.  Seung Woon tells her that he is only marrying her because he wants to stay with the company and can’t deny his father’s wishes.  He tells her that she’s just his father’s choice as the perfect daughter in law.  Yoon Yi sheds a tear and Seung Woon warns her not to fall for him.

The next day, CEO Chun tells Seung Woon to leave the office early to make it to the official meeting of the parents on time.  Areum runs in and reminds him about the itinerary to go market research together.  He says she hasn’t confirmed that he’d go with her and she responds, if he doesn’t he will need to follow her decisions.

In the car, Seung Woon yells at her for being silent.  Areum warns Seung Woon not to mess up.  Areum also confesses that she thinks the child fashion line will be the new big thing for their company and then falls asleep.

Seung Woon teases Areum when she wakes up.  He says that she must be tired if shes trying to work and date.  [DF – is someone jealous?]  Areum doesn’t catch on.


They pull into a gas station.  Areum opens the door to stretch her legs when she sees her earring that fell the last time she was taken to the hospital.  Seung Woon tries to take it back.  Areum wonders if it fell from her pants.  Skinship ensues and Philip, who just came into the same gas station sees.


The strength of a daily drama is that  even while certain things are exaggerated because it is a drama, the pace is more realistic.  Seung Woon’s continuous support of Areum is obviously based upon his desire to excel as the Vice President.  Areum has been forced onto him as his professional charge due to CEO Chun’s schemes for obtaining the government project.  However, the forced interaction and relationship, in which his interests are aligned with her success creates the natural circumstances for him to develop into her future knight in shining armor.

I can’t tell if the show is setting up Yoon Yi or Soo Ah as the main female antagonist.  I can see either of them developing into the spot.  Or both could team up.  While Yoon Yi does want what is best for her friend, she is obviously blindsighted by her own ambitions to both succeed in the professional sphere and become Seung Woon’s wife.  If she wasn’t she wouldn’t be playing the social politics of indulging Mr. Chun and Soo Ah at the risk of alienating the person she professes to love.

Soo Ah is interesting just because of the simmering plotline of did-she-do-it? Did she cause Seung Woon’s mother’s death? If so, when did her plot to take over the company begin?  Is she ever going to launch a direct attack? And if she does, does that mean that CEO Chun will be incapacitated? I’m not sure either of our baby leads, including baby Yoon Yi included, can match Soo Ah’s patience and planning… She kind of reminds me of a Mishil’s character in Empress Seondeok.  Definitely, planning, scheming… I for one hope that our leads have a chance to develop before Daddy Chun has to give way to Soo Ah’s ambitions and the inevitable war for Winner’s Group.

The wild card is the good-for-nothing-lying-cheat.  Will he help Soo Ah? Or will he try to take over the group/run it into the ground?  It’s like the show is gradually building up the tensions for the corporate war.

Finally, one can’t forget that Areum’s own family is like a ticking time bomb… It is clear that Mr. Han loves Areum and is so proud of her…But how will he overcome his pride and joy being the reason that he lost his life’s ambition?

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