Love & Secret – E14

Areum and Seung Woon get their first kiss and Seung Woon starts to develop a crush on our dear baby mother.  Meanwhile, Yoon Yi begins to unconsciously see Areum as her enemy and the territory marking begins.



Philip gets out of his car and sees Areum and Seung Woon bicker like longterm love birds at the gas station, but Areum has no idea.

Areum is focused on the earring that she found.  She remembers that the last time that she was wearing it was the day she was sick. Then she kind of remembers and asks Seung Woon if it was him. She recited the description of the tall, Navy coat wearing handsome man and Seung Woon can’t help smiling as he pretends to not understand what she’s referring to.  Areum notes that the nurse has weird tastes but thanks Seung Woon. [DF –  yay a drama in which good acts are not kept secret for 90% of the drama!]

Philip comes to the conclusion that the person Areum referred to as her love is Seung Woon.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Han comes over with supplies to Sunhwa.  She also asks Sunhwa to ask Yongsu to be careful and not tell Mr. Han. Sunhwa is about to mention that Tiffany’s father us back but stops at the last minute.

During this time, Yoon Yi is getting stressed.  Seung Woon hasn’t arrived to go with her to the official in law meeting. Seung Woon is hiding behind a container with Areum as they spy on their competitor’s staff, which is loading clothes into a truck.


Finally, he just strides over to the truck when the employees leave and enters it. He thinks the style is unfashionable but Areum notes that the quality of the clothes is amazing. Seung Woon wonders why they didn’t just go to a store to find that out and Areum answers that these are the secret-this-seasons-samples.

Someone closes the truck doors and the truck begins to move. Seung Woon starts freaking out. Areum pounds on the back and front door as Seung Woon hyperventilates…he has claustrophobia.

Seung Woon tells Areum to call the police but her batteries run out. They bicker about what number to call as Seung  Woon’s battery runs out.


Seung Woon gets up to somehow escape and the truck makes a turn… He runs into the shelf and falls into Areum.  And they kiss!


At the in law meeting location, Yoon Yi’s mom is stuck in traffic and Seung Woon still hasn’t arrived. CEO Chun decides to cancel the meeting since Seung Woon looks like he will be a no show…[DF – The prospective in-law not showing up is a slight but the prospective fiance/e not showing up is a huge slight!]

Our two are still stuck in the truck. Seung Woon’s stomach growls so Areum offers up a peppermint candy. He tries to pretend he doesn’t like peppermint and she replies her, too. She ends up breaking the candy in half and giving him half.

They have a nice binding moment as Areum apologizes that her idea got them into this mess. Seung Woon replies that it’s not her fault since be was the one who decided to get into the truck.  Areum notes that it’s a good thing that they aren’t stuck in a refrigerator truck.

Seung Woon asks about Tiffany and Areum notes that he does seem to have a fate with Tiffany.  Seung Woon asks why Areum lives in such an aggressive manner…does her loved one have no credit?  She gets annoyed and he asks, isn’t that the reason that she refuses to give up her Team Leader position, even though she’s not qualified and works so hard she has to go to the emergency room?  Areum tears up and just answers that he’s right, she would do even more for that person.  Seeing her tear up, Seung Woon lets the subject drop.


In turn, Areum asks why he has such an obsession with airplanes.  It’s Seung Woon’s turn to have a faraway look.  He remembers running after a model airplane when his mom was still alive, albeit sick.  [DF- Looks like she has cancer?]  Little Seung Woon tells his mom that she has to get better because he’s going to grow older and take her for a ride in a big airplane.  She promises, but obviously was not able to keep that promise.  Seung Woon tells her that he’s tired and to shut up.

The truck stops and the driver opens the door before he remembers that he forgot his cell and goes back to the front.  Seung Woon and Areum take the opportunity to sneak out.


Yoon Yi is in the same billiards bar, drinking alone.  Her mom calls and she gets annoyed at her mom.  She tries to tell her mom that it was not her mom’s fault that the in-law-meeting got canceled.  Then she just gets angry and tells her mom to leave her alone.

The next day, Seung Woon catches up to Yoon Yi to tell her that he didn’t skip out on purpose.  It happened that way.  Yoon Yi tells him that she doesn’t want to hear it.

Meanwhile, Areum, Jin Woo and her father are walking to work together.  Mr. Han asks if studying is okay.  Jin Woo complains about the steps he still has to deal with: internship, residency, etc.  Mr. Han notes that Areum was late and Jin Woo joking asks if she’s always late because she’s dating.  Areum responds that she doesn’t have time to date and Jin Woo responds that people don’t date just because they have time.

Jin Woo runs after the bus leaving the two alone.  Mr. Han asks what exactly is Areum’s role.  She tells him that she’s in charge of winning the government project for K Global Fashion… The talk turns to CEO Chun and then he asks if she really is not seeing anyone.  He basically gives her the I don’t want anything more now other than seeing you happily married talk… Areum accepts and walks off.


When Areum gets to work, she ends up taking the same elevator with Seung Woon.  He seems awkward to be in the same elevator with her but she doesn’t seem affected by their peck.  Areum suddenly turns to him to pick off a piece of string and all Seung Woon can think of is the kiss from the night before.  He’s obviously really affected.  He even forgets to get off on their floor.

Seung Woon stops by CEO Chun’s office and Mr. Chun is about to toss an ashtray at his prodigal son.  He tells his father that he was late because of work… Mr. Chun is all, “When were you so diligent about work?” However, when Seung Woon tells him to ask Areum, if he doesn’t believe him, CEO Chun pauses.  Seung Woon is dismissed first and Mr. and Mrs. Han tell Yoon Yi to be patient.


Seung Woon is waiting for Yoon Yi when she comes out and he takes her to lunch.  Girl is extremely mad (rightfully so).  Seung Woon asks her to relay his apologies to her mother.  She asks for the important excuse that caused him to skip out on the official first meeting.  She tells him that she got broadway tickets to a show that she’s been wanting to see.  He gets the hint and tells her that he will go.  Seung Woon gets a call and Yoon Yi tells him to pick it up.  It’s from Areum and our perceptive lawyer stalks off. [DF- It’s unclear if she consciously is picking up on it, but she definitely knows inside that something is up.]


Back in the Zishen building, she runs into Areum in the hallway and asks about the status of the K Global Fashion Project.  Areum tries to respond humbly that she’s trying her best, but she’s not sure.  Yoon Yi responds that her attitude is flippant for such an important project.  She notes that Seung Woon was late for an important meeting and implies that it was due to Areum overextending her ambitions.  Areum tries to respond that if it did occur because of her inability/limit to her talent, she is sorry.  Yoon Yi makes it clear that she’s stating her ground, “Please take care in the future.  Seung Woon is going to become busy due to the engagement.”  Areum accepts it and walks away thinking that they are the perfect couple.  She checks in on Tiffany and has a thought about Philip, who never called her again.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon tells his secretary that he’s not planning on returning to the states any time soon.  He thinks to himself about Areum loving Seung Woon, the Vice President of Winners Group.

Sunhwa is applying for a position at a pizza shop.  The young girl seems unimpressed at first but when Seung Ho and his grandmother come in, Sunhwa takes the initiative to take their order.  They order pizza but not a drink because the grandmother bought Yongsu’s fake herbal medicine.  Sunhwa asks about the medicine and the grandmother has glowing reviews, she took it for two days and her skin has become so much better…Sunhwa wonders if she should buy some for her own son.


At home, Yongsu empties his boxes of herbal remedies.  They have lost all of their 30,000.00. Nothing is left from buying the stuff, the samples to give out to people, the fee to the jjimjilbang.  Sunhwa’s radar is perked when Yongsu tosses a blanket on boxes.  Heung Min tells his father that he doesn’t want to lie to his mom and tells his dad to come clean.  Sunhwa finds the herbal medicine and starts to pound her husband.  Heung Min tries to cover Tiffany’s ears …


Seung Woon is driving home when he sees Areum coming out of a mart carrying to boxes.  She tells him that it’s nothing but he notes that it’s diapers.  He tells her that she should stop but also forces her to take a ride in his car.  He wonders whether she has to do that when her salary should be enough to live off of.  Seung Woon tries to continue the small talk by saying that she must be close with her aunt to take such care of her niece.  Areum yells at him yes.  Seung Woon looks awkward at this overreaction but gets a call from Philip.

He awkwardly tells her that he needs to meet someone right now… Areum gets angry because there are no subway stations near by.  She tells him to just stop and ignores his offer of giving her money for a taxi.

Philip is waiting in the bar for Seung Woon.



We continue our natural development of relationships and start to see our main antagonists set up.  I personally cannot wait until Areum and Yoon Yi directly face off, because they are similar and yet opposites.  Areum had a sheltered above average life and made one mistake.  She comes from a background of privilege and, therefore, is struggling to overcome her naivete since  it is not enough to protect her as a single mom in the Korean society.  In contrast, Yoon Yi, came from a middle class or less privileged lifestyle  as alluded from Soo Ah’s comments.  She worked extremely hard and has not only become a lawyer in Korea but the general counsel of a successful company.  Far from being naive, she’s decided that she will choose her ambition over friendship and has attempted to buy/negotiate into a marriage of convenience with her best friend against his obvious distaste.  Both girls are not stupid and do not seem to be the type to hide their true selves… When they decide that they want the same thing – Seung Woon and Winner’s Group, it will be a good fight.

I am less excited about the budding rivalry between Seung Woon and Philip.  The guy threw her away and married someone.  He should take responsibilities for his choices.  Being a successful banker isn’t impressing the hat off my head.

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