Love & Secret – E15

Philip starts to make his move, reminding Areum of his new re-availability.  Meanwhile, the Han family gets ready to welcome Mr. Han’s promotion in the government.



Seung Woon enters the restaurant to meet Philip as Areum walks to her Aunt’s place.  Areum is annoyed that she could have taken the subway and gotten to her aunt’s place easier if she didn’t take the car.

Seung Woon and Philip are having a bro/business conversation.  Philip tells Seung Woon that he did not come to Korea because of business, but it is a good opportunity to do business while he is in Korea.  He also mentions that since they are around the same age, it’d be good to be friends.  Seung Woon replies that he would also like that.

Philip starts fishing and asking if he has plans for marriage, since Seung Woon is the heir to Winner’s Group.  Seung Woon acknowledges that he does have plans to get married soon but when Philip tries to ask about the girl, Seung Woon is surprised at Philip’s nosiness.  Philip backs off and they take another shot.


Areum is happily watching Tiffany as Heung Min tears into pizza.  Sunhwa announces to Areum that she’s going to work part time at the pizza shop and her uncle will watch over Tiffany.  Areum is a bit worried but she backs off when Sunhwa tells her that it’s necessary to educate Heung Min.

Sunhwa asks if Tiffany’s dad tried contacting Areum again.  Areum says that she thinks he’s probably left.

Yongsu is drunk at the friend’s restaurant… His friend tells him to stop.  Yongsu tells him to punch him 30,000.  This is when Yoojin comes in.  She is annoyed at her dad and states that she’s working so hard to pay her rent when he gets ripped off for 30,000.  She kicks out Yongsu unless he wants to pay for the beer.  Yoojin yells at him not to live so flippantly just because he’s living alone.  As she walks out, she runs into Jin Woo and tells him to skip work, too.  She pulls him out with her and they share beer at a nearby playground.


All of a sudden, Yoo Jin asks if she can try to win him over. Jin Woo gets flustered and talks about not being ready.  She clarifies that she means she will write the song and he can sing it…Why don’t they make an album.  Jin Woo tells her that his dad will freak if he tries to pursue music.  She tells him that he’s lucky to have a father who would not approve but also tells him to live his own life.

Areum arrives home and talks to her mom about Sunhwa getting a job.  Mrs. Han tells her that she will stop by frequently to check on Tiffany.  Areum’s mom also mentions that she thinks that they should at least tell Tiffany’s father’s family.  After all, they are blood related.  Areum tries to say that she doesn’t know the family.  Her mom asks if the father is truly dead or if he has another family.  Areum defensively tells her that he doesn’t have a family; he’s an orphan.

Mom goes into investigation.  She calls Areum’s friend to see if she knows Areum’s ex-boyfriend.  Friend tells her mom that she doesn’t know.

Philip gets all serious at home thinking about Areum and Seung Woon… Especially, his plans to get married soon.


The next day, Mr. Han is in a great mood as this the day that they will announce the next in line for the Secretary of Culture position. Mr. Chun is also excited about Mr. Han’s rise in status.  They assume that if he gets the position, they will get the project.  Soo Ah sends over abalone to Mrs. Han, lying that they received it as a present but received too much.  [DF- OMG WHY IS MRS. HAN SO STUPID? She’s just going to accept it?]


Seung Woon arrives at work and paces around waiting for Areum.  Seeing some cologne on his desk, he decides to spritz a bit on himself when Areum comes in with the baby clothes design.  Areum is perfectly normal, getting close up to Seung Woon to explain the details of her design.  But when she looks up they realize how close they are and both break apart awkwardly.  This is when Yoon Yi comes in and asks if she’s interrupting.  Areum denies it and quickly leaves.

Yoon Yi mentions that Seung Woon works a lot with Areum and he shrugs it off nonchalantly…

At the Ministry, the journalists are waiting for Mr. Han.  His secretary brings in the information packet that they are going to submit to the panel of judges and bot h talk as if it’s a done deal.  All of a sudden, the secretary tells Mr. Han that a journalist from Baekjae News called.  He picks up the call and asks for an interview.  Mr. Han tells him that he can have interviews after the official announcement.

Sunhwa’s family is watching the news and rejoice that Mr. Han is the official candidate for the Secretary position.  Heung Min mentions that it might be too early to celebrate.  Yongsu mentions that there’s nothing dirty about Mr. Han, so he’s set for the position.  Sunhwa mentions that there’s the issue of the baby and Yongsu replies that as long as they keep their mouth shut, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Mr. Han’s family is celebrating with barbecue.  Sunhwa announces that they came to eat some meat, too. Areum and Mrs. Han freezes at first but then Areum smiles because she can see her baby.

In the bathroom, Areum runs into Soo Ah.  They have a childish face off where Soo Ah shakes off the water from her hands at Areum and Areum dusts herself off at Soo Ah.  Soo Ah throws the napkin on the counter and is about to leave when Areum stops her.  Areum mentions that the trashcan is right there but then gives up and lets Soo Ah go.

Outside the bathroom, Soo Ah runs into Mrs. Han and is all smiles.  Turns out Seung Ho goes to academy in the same building.  Soo Ah asks about Areum and her mom calls her out of the bathroom.  As they are waiting, Mrs. Han tells Soo Ah that the abalone was extremely tasty.  Before Areum can come out, Seung Ho’s teacher calls, postponing the inevitable meeting.

Turns out Seung Ho isn’t a genius, but normal.  He isn’t at the level that would be able to enter an international junior high.  Soo Ah confiscates his cell phone and tells him that he will be taking extra lessons.  Seung Ho asks if he can attend a different academy, because this one is difficult but Soo Ah snaps that all of the other kids can do it, so can he.

At night, Philip texts Areum that he has one last thing to say.  He will leave after.

In the morning, Seung Woon sees Areum and speaks to her first about work.  She only says what is necessary and leaves, which Seung Woon picks up on.  Areum deletes the text and is lost in thought.

The staff brainstorm about the next look as Areum tries to ignore her cell phone.  When the Team Leader asks if she has any thoughts about their brainstorming, which was to follow but embellish on the style.  Areum states that her opinion is not to follow the trend but to save/create their own personality.  When asked her opinion, she runs out for the bathroom.  When she gets to a quiet place, she calls Philip and asks to meet.


He waits for her at the bar.  Philip is all smiles and courtesy as he greets her.  She asks to spit out what he wanted to say.  Philip offers that they eat first and Areum answers that she has nothing to say to him.  Philip asks if it’s because she has someone to marry.  Has she forgotten him?  She asks how he has the audacity to even ask and tells him to leave; never appear before her.  She gets up and Philip tells her that he divorced the other hour in a month and a half.  He was not sane.  It was his one and only mistake, to lose her.

Areum pauses but still manages to leave.  She falters as she walks out on the street.

Afterwards, Philip calls CEO Chun and asks for dinner.  He mentions that it’d be great if CEO Chun brings Seung Woon’s fiancee.  Speaking to himself, he notes that if Areum can laugh with another guy in front of him, he would let her go…


CEO Chun tells Seung Woon about the meeting and is confident that they will get an investment.  Seung Woon is happy to oblige.


The writers continue to develop Seung Woon’s crush on Areum nicely.  It is forced in the sense that this is a small drama world, but the natural drawing closer of two colleagues at work feels entirely believable.

This episode focused a lot more on Areum’s direct family and the set up for the eventual hiccup that occurs when Mr. Han realizes that his daughter is his biggest risk to his political ambitions.

As for Philip, he’s floundering around.


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