Love & Secret – E16

Philip refuses to let Areum go without a fight as Seung Woon’s crush becomes more obvious that it’s hard to ignore.



Philip asks if Seung Woon came alone and Seung Woon asks if Philip expected CEO Chun.  Philip innocently states that he wanted to greet Seung Woon’s fiancee.  Philip freeze s for a moment but then smoothly introduces himself.  After he sits, his smile is much more natural.  Seung Woon introduces Yoon Yi as a childhood friend, lawyer and his soon to be fiancee.  Yoon Yi provides wonderful support, singing praises of Seung Woon.

Yoon Yi pulls the school card.  Turns out that Philip went to Stanford and Yoon Yi mentions that she also received her MBA there… [DF-I’m assuming that she’s a genius or did a JD/MBA and not that the writers confused the MBA with the JD degree for lawyers…]  The dinner ends on a positive note when Philip asks if Seung Woon knows Areum.  Seung Woon tells him that she is the K Fashion Project Team Leader.

Afterwards, Yoon Yi and Seung Woon go to a cafe and debrief.  They discuss whether they can get an investment, but Seung Woon confesses that he can’t tell what Philip is thinking.  He does tell her to bring her mom to the restaurant since the food was good.


At the hotel, Philip thinks back at the scene he witnessed in the prior episode. His takeaway is that Areum is at Winner’s Group.

At the same time, Areum is on the phone with her friend and sounding relieved that she thinks Philip left because there were no other calls.

At home, Jin Woo is helping his mother make kimchi at home.  He tells his mom that she should be enjoying herself, traveling and carrying expensive purses.  Due to Mr. Han’s principal, the family suffers on a tight budget.  Mrs. Han sprinkles salt twice and looks nervous that she did it unconsciously.  Jin Woo calms her down saying everyone is forgetful in a busy society.  Mr. Han and Areum come home too late to help, but they offer.

After Areum goes into her room, Mr. Han asks Mrs. Han if there’s anything up with Areum.  Her face seems so dark with worry.  Mrs. Han shrugs it off as societal worries that come with beginning to work.


Jin Woo drops by to ask if Areum isn’t dating…He also tells her that if she is a motel-solo that has never dated, he will be seriously disappointed.  He does has one more time if there is anything wrong.  Then he turns the conversation… he mentions that he thinks if their father becomes the secretary, the family will continue to have to live in his shadow and life will be difficult.  Areum pauses but doesn’t answer.

In the morning, Seung Woon drops by CEO Chun’s office.  Turns out the weekend is the second attempt at the first meeting between the parents.  CEO Chun has basically told everyone to remind Seung Woon.  He comes out of the office in a mood and takes it out on his secretary.  His secretary hits the wall and curses Seung Woon.


Areum is satisfied with her new baby design, which she made thinking of Tiffany.  Seung Woon drops by her office to check on the status of the sample development.  He asks if she’s still pissed that he dropped her off in the middle of the road.  Areum tells him straight that she hadn’t wanted to even get a ride when he forced her to get into his car and then dropped her off where they weren’t near a subway.

Areum is holding a needle when she stabs herself. Seung Woon tries to use their sample fabric and then offers to suck her finger and she pushes him off to suck her own finger.  Afterwards, Areum pauses and looks surprised.  Seung Woon walks out and then wonders if Areum is remembering to eat as she works.

The staff is deciding who will pay for lunch.  Anna gets designated.  They tease her that she’s rich so that she can pay for it.  The guy staffer offers to pay in her stead and Anna tells him that she doesn’t accept anything less than a car from a guy.  The staffers ask Areum and she cites the prior engagement to run off.

Seung Woon is waiting in the lobby hallway.  When Areum comes out he asks if she’s okay and checks to see if she has plans for lunch.  She does and he lets her go awkwardly.

Areum eats with Jiwoo in the office cafeteria.  Jiwoo tells Areum to quickly come clean as the mess will get worse as time goes on.  Jiwoo mentions that Mrs. Han had called her and asks if Areum has no intention of getting back together with Philip, since he’s divorced.  Jiwoo tries to reason with Areum citing her aunt… Kids even blame their single parent for not letting them spend time with the other parent.

Philip makes a call and tells his staff that he’s not going to be returning to the U.S. for a while.  He then goes back down memory lane, when he was still the best boyfriend to Areum.  He even has a ring?  He tells himself that there is no way that her love for him would have changed.  [DF – this guy is delusional.]

Philip calls CEO Chun to ask if he can meet Areum.  He even says that he’s busy so to send Areum to his hotel.  CEO Chun is more than willing to oblige.  He sends his secretary to go find Areum.  Areum gets a call and leaves.


The secretary has gone straight to tell Seung Woon that Philip called Areum to his hotel.  Seung Woon jumps up at the fact that it’s a hotel.  The secretary tells him that it’s fine since business people consider their hotel rooms their offices when abroad.  Seung Woon tells the secretary that he has to go to the spa and shower and runs off after Areum.

Areum arrives at the hotel with a gift and enters cautiously.  [DF – PRODUCT PLACEMENT ALERT… THIS GIRL IS GETTING SPONSORED BY A BACKPACK COMPANY!  Nice elegant leather bag… <3_<3]

Areum walks in and Philip goes on about how the song is their song…It was playing when they met.  Afterwards, he would try to remember her and would find himself in front of her house a lot.  Areum tells him that they should just conduct business.

Philip grabs her hand to check her injured finger.  Areum takes her hand away and asks if they’re not going to discuss business.  Philip grabs her by her shoulders and ask if there is anyone else that can make her happy…if not, give him one more chance.

Seung Woon arrives at the hotel out of breath…Outside Philip’s room, he first tries to listen in as his imagination goes crazy.  Suddenly, Areum’s outfit has changed into some saucy office-wear… Philip takes her to the couch and unbuttons his shirt to show off some nice abs.  He’s still leaning against the door when Areum comes out.  He first sees Areum in the outfit of his delusions and is about to charge in when she stops him and he realizes that Areum is fully clothed in a sweater…

Seung Woon tells Areum that he believed that he was supposed to come to the meeting as well and came late.  Hearing that the meeting ended, he takes her to a cafe to debrief.  Areum takes the coffee and is about to get up when he sits her back down.  He tries to ask about the conversation.  Areum, understandably, is not talkative.  She tells him that they discussed the project.  Seung Woon asks if anything weird since Philip called her to a hotel room.

Areum asks point blank if he’s worried about her.  Seung Woon tells her that he’s only worried because of the rumors can damage his company’s image.  He tells her that next time, she needs to get his permission and stalks out.

Soo Ah’s mom is making stew and Soo Ah acts like the whiny spoiled brat.  Soo Ah’s mom tells her that all guys are babies…if they aren’t relying on their moms, they have to rely on their wives.

CEO Chun is in a happy mood.  He tells Soo Ah that if Mr. Han becomes the Secretary and they get an investment from Philip, they are sure to win.  Turns out Philip is a well-known investor…

Mrs. Han is at her politician’s wives kimchi-making meeting.  They discuss the girl, who was pregnant.  Turns out that she’s getting married.  Mrs. Han mentions that she’s jealous since at least the girl is getting married.  One of the other women offer to set up Areum with a guy, who just passed the test to become a lawyer and his father owns a hospital in Nonhyondong, an expensive neighborhood.


Yongsu is happy because he bought a new suit.  Heung Min asks why his father needs a new suit when it was Mr. Han that became the Secretary.  Sunhwa sits down to teach him about the three legs of survival: school blood, and hometown.  Become friends with rich friends, if blood succeeds, benefit from people from your hometown succeeding, etc.  The restaurant owner comes in and Sunhwa and Heung Min…

Areum is at home wondering if she should give Philip another chance for Tiffany… Her mom comes in and asks her if she wants to go on an arranged date.  Areum tells her mom, there is no way she can go on an arranged date with her circumstances.  She tells her mom that all she needs is Tiffany.  Her mom tells Areum to send Tiffany to her father’s family.  Areum gets angry and asks her mom how she could abandon Tiffany.


Jin Woo had come from school when he overhears the conversation.  He asks if Areum deceived them all.  Jin Woo asks who is Tiffany’s father.  Areum cries and asks if her brother can’t be on her side…  Mr. Han comes into the room…at…this…point.



Looks like Philip is here to stay.  Can I say that I’m not impressed? He arrives two years after breaking a girl’s heart and is now back to play prince charming?! Let the girl move on and find someone who’s not going to dump her on a whim, I say!

Definitely on Seung Woon’s side.  His feelings are developing at a nice pace and he seems sincere…Plus, he won me over when he found the main competitive market analysis for her presentation.


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