Love & Secret – E17

Philip marks his territory as Areum tries to diffuse the ticking time bomb of her dad finding out.



Mr. Han come in to ask what is going on.  Luckily, it seems like he didn’t hear what was being said…he asks why two grown children were fighting.  Areum’s mom tells him that Jin Woo was telling Areum to live properly and they ended up fighting.  Areum looks like she is about to say something but backs off and supports her mom’s story.  Her dad seems disdainful that grown children would fight like that.

Jin Woo goes to the restaurant to drink and ignores his mom’s calls.  As soon as he comes in, Mom comes into the room to check on him.  He asks when she found out and seems angry.  His mom hits him and tells him that the most unfortunate one is Areum.  She tells him that the father might be dead.  He asks how long they are going to deceive their dad and Mom tells him that she will handle it.

At breakfast, Jin Woo skips breakfast and the mood is awkwardly serious.  Mr. Han sits Jin Woo down and asks him what they fought about.  Jin Woo tries to answer that it was nothing.  Mr. Han then turns to Areum.  She starts off that, “honestly…”

Jin Woo cuts Areum off and says that they fought because Areum had been chastising him when he got angry.  Mr. Han tells him that he needs to learn from his sister…even Areum yells out that Mr. Han needs to stop as Jin Woo tells his father that he can just assume that he has one child and runs out…


Seung Woon looks at the sample pair outfit and notes that something changed.  Areum tells him that she took off the top lace from the kid’s outfit, because it would be uncomfortable and tight for a child.  Seung Woon muses that there was a benefit in Areum doing all of the babysitting jobs, since it helps her think like a mom.  She pauses at that and Seung Woon asks about her finger.  He asks if Philip contacted her again and seems satisfied that he hasn’t.

Areum picks up the mannequins to go out and he dismisses her, saying that he will carry them.  On her way out, Yoon Yi spots Areum.  She says that she heard a lot about Areum’s skill and asks if Areum could design Seung Woon and her outfits for the engagement party.  Areum agrees to do so.


Seung Woon awkwardly carries the two mannequins through the hallway, covering his face.  He gets caught by Yoon Yi and Seung Woon pretends that it’s because no one was around.  Yoon Yi mentions that Areum agreed to design their engagement outfit.  Seung Woon asks if they need to wear an outfit for the engagement party and Yoon Yi retorts that he’s the Vice President of a fashion company…He can’t just wear anything to the engagement party.

Seung Woon asks about a model contract and Yoon Yi requests that they first pick out their engagement rings.  Only when he acquiesces, does she give him the new model contracts.


At the pizza shop, the manager is happy because revenue has gone up since Sunhwa started working.  Sunhwa jokes that it’s her figure 😉  Mrs. Han comes in and gives abalone porridge to give to Tiffany.  Sunhwa tells her to cheer up and don’t look so much like someone who’s given her death date… Mrs. Han tells her that she feels crazy as even Jin Woo found out… Mrs. Han then turns the discussion to whether Areum should go on an arranged date.  Sunhwa tells her to wait a bit and mentions the baby’s father.

Mrs. Han’s mother radar goes off and asks if Sunhwa knows anything.  Sunhwa tells her, she meant, what if the father ever shows up.  Mrs. Han seems to accept it and begs her sister to try to talk to Areum to find anything out… Feeling guilty, Sunhwa tells her sister to leave.


At Mr. Han’s office, Yongsu forces his way in. Yongsu tells him that he’s being trying his best to get a job…is there any way that if Mr. Han becomes the Secretary, he could hire him as his secretary.  Mr. Han tells him that first, his appointment is not a sure thing. Second, while he can’t hire him into his staff, he will help him find another position.

Yongsu replies that Mr. Han can’t treat him like this when he’s sacrificing so much for Mr. Han.  Mr. Han asks what he’s sacrificing and in the fit of disappointment Yongsu mentions Areum before realizing what he’s saying and backing off.  He gets up and runs out of the room.  Mr. Han first dismisses it but then seems to think something is fishy…

Heung Min is watching Tiffany with Seung Ho…Seung Ho tells him that Heung Min is an adorable little sister and Heung Min tells him that it’s not his little sister.  There’s a reason for her temporarily staying at his place.  Either way, Seung Ho tells him he also wants a sibling.

Heung Min tells Seung Ho that his older brother doesn’t like him.  Heung Min tells him that blood is thicker than water; his older brother is sure to love him inside.  Heung Min offers to make ramen for Seung Ho and plans to make 4…3 for himself and one for Seung Ho.

Philip and entourage arrive at Winner’s Group.  CEO Chun asks what caused Philip to change his mind and Philip credits Areum’s effective briefing.  Seung Woon comes in and hearing the news, offers to buy dinner.  Seung Woon asks what Philip wants to eat and Philip suggests that they eat what Areum wants… CEO Chun agrees that they should ask Areum to join.  Seung Woon gives Philip the side eye.

The team is brainstorming when Areum watches.  The Team Leader asks what Areum’s suggestion is.  She tells him that she thinks the current trend is focused on modern and classic.  Hence, she would focus on a retro style with patterned fabric and bursts of color as a point.  The Team Leader answers that he was just testing her.  She said exactly what he was thinking…


Areum gets a call from Seung Woon to ask her to join dinner with Philip.  Seung Woon is in the mode, pitching their company to Philip.  Areum is quieter than normal.  All of a sudden, Philip calls Areum as “Areumie”… Seung Woon freaks out at the familiarity.  Philip asks if “Areumie” didn’t tell him about their relationship.  Areum quickly clarifies that they know each other through a friend.  Seung Woon accepts this turn and tries to turn it into a hard sell, stating that Philip must have a connection with their company.  Philip goes in for a direct attack saying that he knew he could be confident when he realized Areum was at this company…she’s so capable, ambitious, and pretty…She must be popular at work, as well.

Seung Woon’s expression freezes.  Areum spills water on Philip and tries to clean up the mess when he grabs her hand and says warmly, “It’s okay.”  Areum states that she has another appointment so she needs to get up.  Seung Woon says that he will get up, too and the whole group gets up.  Areum leaves with Philip on her heels.  Seung Woon is about to follow when he gets a call from work.

Areum tells Philip that she doesn’t appreciate jokes like this.  Philip tells her that he just wanted to see her again and conduct work.  She’s about to leave when he tells her that it’s his birthday tomorrow… He doesn’t want to spend his birthday alone, wouldn’t she accompany him?  He will take care of the food.  Seung Woon arrives in time so that Areum doesn’t have to answer.  She takes her leave.  Seung Woon offers to take Philip home and Philip brings back the formality and rejects it.  Seung Woon seems amazed that the two know each other.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah and Yoon Yi are at a karaoke room, drinking.  Yoon Yi apologizes for the continued postponement of the official parent meeting.  Soo Ah tells her that she will take care of it.  However, she reminds her that this all comes with a cost.  She is taking her effort to support their marriage in the face of Seung Woon’s apathy so that she can control Seung Woon.  In return, Yoon Yi needs to remember and protect Seung Ho’s interests in the company.  Yoon Yi thinks to herself, “I’m sorry Seung Woon…But this is the only way to have you.”

Seung Woon is in his room with a remote control plane, but he can’t concentrate.  He keeps remember the skin-ship between Philip and Areum.  He takes a drink.

At Areum’s house, she goes to talk to Jin Woo.  She apologizes for not being able to tell him sooner.  She tells him that there was someone she loved.  It was only after they broke up that she realized that she was pregnant.  Jin Woo asks who the ahole is and Areum tells him to lower his voice.  She doesn’t regret her decision.  When she looks at Tiffany, there is no way she can even think of regretting it.  So, she asks if Jin Woo can understand her and love Tiffany.  Jin Woo looks moved and doesn’t respond.

Sunhwa is taking care of Tiffany and calls Areum.  Areum checks in on Tiffany.  Sunhwa tells Areum that her mom brought over abalone porridge for Tiffany.  Areum asks her aunt to bring Tiffany on her way to work.  Areum will pick her up and take Tiffany in for vaccinations.  Sunhwa agrees but then tells Areum that her mom seems to be on to the possibility that Tiffany’s father is still alive.  She tells her that if she’s going to get caught, tell her mom now, and don’t betray her twice.

In parent’s room, Mr. Han checks on Jin Woo.  Mrs. Han snaps at him to stop being so harsh on Jin Woo.  Mr. Han responds that he just expects so much of Jin Woo that he can’t help but be hard on him.  Mrs. Han gives him some words of wisdom when she tells him there is no way Jin Woo would know his true intentions unless Mr. Han changes his attitude toward Jin Woo.  She leaves to take refuge in the kitchen and worries that their family’s real problem is Areum.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah’s mom made soup for her drunk daughter.  Soo Ah tells her that she’s only doing it once or twice a year…if she can’t do this, she will go crazy.  Soo Ah’s mom notes that Mr. Chun didn’t come in last night and must be at one of his golfing trips.  She tells her daughter to be careful.  If he could get married again after his first wife dies, he might have some womanizing tendencies.  She also asks Soo Ah if they were seeing each other while Seung Woon’s mom was still alive.  Soo Ah gets angry and denies it.  She said that as CEO Chun’s secretary, she took care of Mrs. Chun for ten years.  There is no way she could do something like that. Her mom apologizes that she just had to ask since Seung Woon hates her so much.  Soo Ah stalks out of the room.


At his office, Mr. Han remembers all of the suspicious events around Areum.  (Jin Woo’s words about Areum…her uncles words about her…) He tries calling Jin Woo, who doesn’t pick up.  Then he goes to see Areum at her office…

At the time, Areum went out to pick up Tiffany from her aunt.  Mr. Han walks through the building when he sees Areum holding and kissing Tiffany.  He seems perplexed that Areum has Tiffany during this time of the day and follows her to the children’s hospital.

Mr. Han is at the door when the nurse asks for Tiffany’s name.  Areum responds, “Tiffany Han.”  He follows to see Areum hold Tiffany as she gets her shots and tell her over and over again, “It’s okay, Tiffany…Mommy is sorry…Mommy is sorry.”

Areum looks up to see Mr. Han’s face.



As a catalyst for Seung Woon/Areum’s relationship, Philip is amazing.  His direct approach, which might be the only thing that can convince Areum that he’s sincere is so blunt that it is agitating Seung Woon’s unconscious crush.  I have a feeling that Seung Woon will need to step it up if the family has never lived outside of Mr. Han’s shadow.

The flashbacks do add a layer of complexity to the situation as they show that Philip can be a great guy, when he wants to be.  Presumably, his show of power and ability in the investing world means that he can also take care of Tiffany.  However, if he’s the type that would dump one girl for another and then divorce his own wife after less than two months, I’m not certain if he’s the most dependable.  While his actions would normally be flattering in any other situation, this one is wrinkled by his horrible past decisions.  Not sure that I’m sold on the idea that Philip is Seung Woon’s rival rather than just a plot device.

Yoon Yi had much less screen time in this episode, but what little time she had was extremely important.  We learn that she actually cares about Seung Woon more than the company.  In other words, she would take Seung Woon over his company, basically…  This is surprising as it was unclear in the earlier episodes if she’s doing this for her own professional ambitions.  Yoon Yi’s own father is not in the picture and I wonder if our girl has some family and attachment issues.  Saying that she cares about Seung Woon more than the company is one thing, but actively working with the lady, who is scheming to take away your love’s most prized possession is another thing.

Finally, looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more updates ^^

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