Love & Secret – E19

Philip tries his best to win over Areum, who wavers about giving him a second chance with all of the issues that her family is dealing with.  Seung Woon slowly starts flirting more obviously with Areum without even realizing it and Yoon Yi declares war.



We begin with Mr. Han banishing Areum from his house.  Like a dutiful girl, she goes to back her things.  Mrs. Han comes in to stop her and yell at her.  She tells Areum that if she actually leaves, Mr. Han might actually turn his back on her and never see her again.  Areum tells  her mom that she was planning on hiding at her aunt’s until Mr. Han cooled off.

Mr. Han drinks by himself as Areum walks into the rain and looks at the text that Philip sent.  Philip is reminiscing about the past when a knock comes at the door… and… it’s AREUM?! [DF – WTF NO.]


Areum is drenched.  He asks her what’s going on and asks her to come in.  She stands there and asks if Philip truly regrets leaving her, losing her; is it true that he thinks it was the biggest mistake of his life.


She starts to say…if it were…if it were. Philip says what?  She turns around to leave and Philip grabs her in a back up and tells her that he regrets it…for the rest of his life and the rest of any other lives.  He asks her to hate him with him next to her…She remembers how she tried to stop Philip with a backhug and pulls out of his embrace.  She asks why he would do such a thing.  She starts hitting him and crying, “it’s all because of you.”

Philip drives Areum to Sunhwa’s home.  He seems buoyed that she even came by.  He asks if she wants to have dinner tomorrow.  Sunhwa comes by carrying Tiffany and Areum tells him to leave and he does with a smile.

Areum goes to pick up Tiffany.  Her aunt yells at her for leaving just because her father told her to leave.  She asks Areum, if she is ready to truly live without her father.  Areum responds that she thought that her parents would one day forgive her and trust her judgment, but she is starting to lose hope.  She is beginning to think that her daughter will live her life without ever being welcomed by her grandparents.  Sunhwa sighs that Areum is worried about her own daughter more than her parents… Sunhwa tells Areum that there is no parent that win over his/her child.  So meet up with Tiffany’s dad.


Areum confesses that she did meet up with him, but they didn’t talk about Tiffany.  Areum tells her aunt that he confessed to regretting it.  Her aunt tells her to get married to him and raise Tiffany together.  Areum responds that when she thinks about how much she was hurt, she can’t trust him… Sunhwa tells her that she needs to think about her daughter and her parents and gets up to buy beer.

Areum picks up Tiffany and reflects back on Philip’s words of regret.  She asks if Tiffany wants to see her father.

Seung Woon talks to his mom’s picture, saying that he misses her and wishes she would come and hug him.  He tells her that he’s getting engaged next week and asks her, if that is the right decision.  He tells her that everything changed after Soo Ah came along.  Yoon Yi shows up with flowers for his mom and surprises him.   She tells him that she was so frustrated she came to talk to his mom as well…

Yoon Yi tells his mom that she needs to chatise him for not playing with her anymore. They walk out together.  She mentions that he must have surprised by the rushing of the engagement.  Seung Woon asks her directly if she is partnering up with Secretary Lee.  Yoon Yi doesn’t lie and just answers that she only wants him.  Seung Woon takes off his coat and gives it to Yoon Yi, telling her to dress warmly.

Soo Ah sits at her dresser thinking about Seung Woon’s accusation that she killed the first Mrs. Chun.  She calls him crazy and gets up when Mr. Chun comes in.  Soo Ah pretends to cry and tells him that it’s because she’s not the perfect mom.  Mr. Chun tells her to be patient and she agrees.


The next day, Areum is still out of it.  She goes in for her daily meeting with Seung Woon.  She seems to be on top of everything.  However, she asks if they can move the meeting to tomorrow.

He grabs her and his remote control plane and takes them both to the roof.  He tells her that he’s spending money and time doing this, because he’s able to see the sky this way.  When you look at the sky, all thoughts go away.  There’s no reason to be angry or to be happy.  There’s no reason you can’t live… Under the sky, there’s nothing big.  You just kind of live.

Areum looks up at the sky and looks a bit comforted.  He gives Areum the remote control and basically gives her a backhug.  Holding the remote from behind her, they guide the plane together.  Both have fun and seem to be more aware of each other and their close proximity.

Areum asks how much this plane/droid is and he replies that she can’t afford it with her salary.  Yoon Yi walks by with coffee looking for Seung Woon and sees the two flying the plane together.  She throws the coffee on the ground.  Now, it’s war.

Mrs. Han calls out Ji Woo.  They are meeting in secret.  Mrs. Han basically confronts Ji Woo.  She asks who the baby daddy is.  Ji Woo tells Mrs. Han that there was someone Areum was seeing, but she can’t bring herself to say.  She tells Mrs. Han to please ask Areum, herself.

At the Han residence, Sunhwa wants to return Yongsu’s suit and he doesn’t want to.  Heung Min asks if they can order chicken and the family is happy to oblige.  Areum comes by to stay one more night and brought chicken as a bribe.  Areum also offers to go buy beer as she walks with Tiffany.


She’s still holding Tiffany when Philip drives over.  He has so much time on his hands that he decided to drive by on his way home.  He asks who the baby is and Areum responds that she’s a family member’s kid.

They go to a cafe and Philip smiles at the cute baby.  Areum asks Philip one more time if he’s sincere about wanting to try again.  He replies that he is sincere.  Back then, he confused his ambition was love.  He doesn’t want to lose her again.  He hurt as much as she hurt and wants another chance.  He promises her to make her happier than the amount she was sad or hurt.

Tiffany starts crying.  Nearby customers talk about how Areum should have left the baby at home before coming to the cafe…

Philip asks if there was anyone that could have watched Areum and she tells him that everyone is busy.  He tells her that he doesn’t understand children.  Life is so short without children to enjoy it to the fullest.  Why do they obsess about children, when they can’t even raise them properly?

This strikes a nerve in Areum and she asks who doesn’t raise her child properly?  Philip makes an example of Areum.  He tells her that the parents should be looking over the kid not passing her off on Areum.  Tiffany cries and people give Areum dirty looks.

Areum asks if Philip can hold Tiffany for a moment, while she visits the bathroom.  He pauses and doesn’t respond… Philip gets a call and gets up to answer to Areum’s disgust.

She glares at the fact that he would say such a thing and not want to hold his own daughter.  She gets up to leave and ignores Philip’s calls.  Looks like our banker disappointed her once again.

Soo Ah and Yoon Yi are having coffee again.  Yoon Yi mentions that she thinks she is too sensitive…Areum keeps getting on her nerves.  Yoon Yi confesses that she is nervous because Areum keeps staying in Seung Woon’s proximity.  We don’t hear her response, but we know Soo Ah came to the same conclusion that if Seung Woon ends up with Areum (who already thinks low of her) then her life gets complicated…


Seung Woon is looking at his collection of airplanes, trying to decide which one to give to Areum.  He picks each one up and decides against each one as too expensive or limited edition.  He’s happy because it was the first time he saw her laugh in a while.

Areum is happy with Tiffany as Sunhwa gets ready to go to work.  She asks if Areum has heard anything from the baby daddy and Areum asks her not to mention the baby daddy to her again.  Areum promises Tiffany that she will raise Tiffany happily even without a daddy.


At the Han residence, Mr. Han comes back from hiking. He sits Mrs. Han down and tells her to confess everything she knows.  Mrs. Han tells him that she doesn’t know anything more as well.  She’s also upset!  Mr. Han blames her.  He basically tells her, all she was supposed to do was raise the kids, what was she doing at home?

Mrs. Han explodes.  She asks if Areum only has one parent.  Wasn’t he the one that spoiled Areum at the point that Jin Woo was hurt?  Everything good was either his or Areum’s accomplishment.  Everything that went wrong was her fault.  She asks if he can’t just support her.  Mr. Han gets up angrily to leave.

Mrs. Han goes to the kitchen, crying and gets medicine… Mr. Han walks toward Sunhwa’s place and see Areum carrying Tiffany with groceries and taking a call from work.  He just stands there watching Areum comfort Tiffany.

Yongsu and Seongchul are having drinks as they discuss the huge crisis.  Seongchul tells Yongsu that Areum is still her daughter.  He needs to accept her.  Yongsu responds that the problem is that the examination for the position of Secretary of Culture is coming up.  Seongchul asks if it’s such a sin to have a child out of wedlock and Yongsu replies that anything controversial is enough to disqualify someone.


Meanwhile, Tiffany is in a mood.  She refuses to stop crying when anyone other than her mother holds her.


At his office, Mr. Han researches orphanages…

Tiffany continues to cry as if she knows instinctively that her grandfather is plotting something.


I am definitely a team Areum/Seung Woon shipper.  I have a feeling that they have a lot of obstacles ahead of them…with the baby, Soo Ah, Yoon Yi, Philip.  But it would be nice if Seung Woon can find someone to rely on, who doesn’t have ulterior motives.

I am extremely disappointed in Yoon Yi.  I mean the first thing she does when she realizes that her fears are correct is to run to Soo Ah?  It should be obvious by now that Soo Ah doesn’t have Seung Woon’s best interests at heart.  I’m sorry that’s it, no more benefit of the doubt.  This girl is just as immature and self-centered as Philip.


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