Love & Secret -E20

The Eye of the Storm: Areum turns down both Seung Woon’s present and Philip’s present in one day as she decides to finally focus on work.  Seung Woon has a bonding session with Seungho thanks to Heung Min’s vast knowledge of social rules and Mr. Han decides to kidnap Areum.



Areum picks up a call from her aunt at work and asks about Tiffany, who still won’t stop crying. Seung Woon comes by and starts up small talk.  As she is about to walk off, he stops her and tells her incredibly awkwardly that he’s no longer happy with this plane. He wanted to toss it, so why doesn’t she use it for practice?

Areum politely refuses by saying she knows it’s expensive.  Seung Woon denies that it was expensive but Areum just leaves. Seung Woon looks so disappointed that his plan got foiled.

Soo Ah is applying make up, when she keeps thinking about what Yoon Yi said about rumors circulating about the two.  She makes her position on the matter clear when she stares at Areum’s profile and tells her that she shouldn’t be buzzing around Seung Woon at this time.

Mrs. Han is folding laundry when the news talks about how the government received the information about Mr. Han and they will do the official interview this month.  She muses that Areum is also an issue but she has a worse feeling about the 30,000 that she borrowed from Soo Ah.


At that exact moment, Soo Ah calls telling Mrs. Han that she has something to say. They decide to meet up for coffee. Mrs. Han worries that if Soo Ah asks her to pay it back right away, she can’t.

They meet up and Mrs. Han asks what Soo Ah wanted to talk about.  Soo Ah mentions that CEO Chun sung praises about Areum and asks if she’s seeing anyone.

Mrs. Han denies it asking why. Soo Ah responds that if she hears about a good eligible guy, she wanted to introduce the two.  Mrs.  Han quickly rejects the offer, saying that Areum isn’t thinking about marriage yet. Soo Ah asks again if it’s not because there’s already someone in the picture.

This is a classic case of two people having two different conversations at the same time. Mrs. Han is determined to keep Areum’s past a secret and Soo Ah just wants to know if she doesn’t have to worry about Areum and Seung Woon.  Mrs. Han tells Soo Ah that Areum is busy with work and doesn’t have an interest in seeing anyone at this time.

Rather, she carefully turns the topic to the money she borrowed. She confirms that Soo Ah hasn’t told anyone about the 30,000. She asks that Soo Ah keeps it a secret and promises to repay it by the end of the month.

During this time, Philip is at a jewelry store to buy Areum a necklace.


Afterwards, he heads to Winner’s Group.  He tells CEO Chun that he’s going to seriously consider investing in Winner’s Group K Global Project.  CEO Chun is ecstatic.  He offers to buy a round of drinks and Philip tells him that there’s time after the project is done.  Philip also takes time to specifically mention that he saw a lot of potential in Areum Han and was the deciding factor.

Mr. Chun confesses that Areum’s father is the candidate for Secretary of Culture.

Areum is working when he gets a text from Philip saying that he stopped by the company and will wait for her at the cafe.  She ignores it.  Mr. Chun comes in to tell her that he heard about the large role that she played in Philips decision to pursue investing in Winner’s Group.  He thanks her.


Areum drops by the cafe in the company.  She asks if Philip has something to say when he tries to ask about how work is.  He gives her a purple box, to which she asks what it is.  He tells her it’s a necklace.  It wasn’t expensive so don’t feel weird about it.

Areum responds that she doesn’t need it and he tells her to toss it.  He bought it for her and doesn’t need it.  He tells her to do well on the project.  He thinks it’s a great time to enter the Chinese market and he’ll be watching out.  She responds that talk about work should be done with the CEO and the Vice President and gets up to leave.  Philip asks her to eat with him and CEO, who sang praises of her.

Yoon Yi walks by, because she has impeccable timing and sees the two.  She walks over to ask if Philip came over due to business, which he acknowledges.  He gets up to leave, calling Areum affectionately “Areum-ah” and tries to hand the purple box to Areum again, which she ignores and walks off.  Without batting an eye, Philip accepts his rejection and walks off to Yoon Yi’s amazement.


While the adults are trying to sort out their lives, the kids are blissfully ignorant.  Seungho asks if they should play at Heung Min’s house.  Heung Min replies that their family is going through something.  In return Seungho offer’s off Seung Woon’s place, adding the extra temptation that Seung Woon has many toy airplanes.  Heung Min is sold and they go to Seung Woon’s place to wait for him.

Seung Woon walks home with his “baby,” that Areum rejected, trying to comfort himself that he liked the plane and didn’t want to give it up.  Heung Min introduces himself to Seung Woon, who tells them to leave.  Seungho tries to whine and Seung Woon tells them to leave.

All of a sudden Heung Min lectures Seung Woon that if he has visitors, it’s basic courtesy to at least offer water before showing them out.  He ends up buying jjajjangmien for them.  They tell Seung Woon that they took the subway by themselves.  They talk in a Busan dialect as Seung Woon laughes.  He tells them that he will drive them home.  Heung Min asks if they know each other than then Heung Min tells him no…after some talk about the toy plane, Heung Min remembers where he saw Seung Woon – at the police office!

Seung Woon asks how his sister is when Seungho pipes up that Tiffany isn’t his real sister.  Heung Min freaks out and tries to give Seungho the hint.  Seung Woon sees that something is up and tells him that if he lies, he has to go to the court.  He threatens Heung Min to ask if he has a lawyer and Heung Min says that he will take the fifth.  Seung Woon tells him that as a minor, he doesn’t get miranda rights.  So Heung Min lies that it was his dad’s kid but the parents were embarrassed about the baby and didn’t want to say that it was their kid.  Seung Woon accepts it and drives them home.

On the ride home, Heung Min asks Seung Woon to take care of Areum, who laughes.  He checks in about whether Areum still watches over Tiffany.  Seung Woon asks if his parents are busy, which Heung Min confirms.  Heung Min makes sure to confirm with Seung Woon that Tiffany is his little sister.


Seung Woon brings Seungho home, but tells him to get his mom’s permission the next time.  This puts CEO Chun in a great mood as he tells Soo Ah that even though Seung Woon acts cold, he is sweet at heart.  Soo Ah goes into her son’s room to bark at her son in anger.  She yells as him for skipping academy and tells him not to go to Seung Woon’s apartment.  Seungho asks why he can’t go to his brother’s house.  Soo Ah tells him that he should know as he’s raised guppies.  Guppies will eat their own to survive.  Same with humans, they will do anything to survive.  She tells him to finish his homework and sleep.

At Areum’s house, Mrs. Han asks when he’s going to invite Areum back home and he ignores her.  She then calls Areum to tell her that he didn’t tell her not to bring her home.  Areum tells her mom that she has to work and her mom reminds her to make sure she eats well.

Areum’s father has another drinking night.  He thinks back to seeing Areum with the baby and says to himself that he, too, cannot give up on his daughter.

Areum arrives home to see Heung Min working on homework.  Areum tells Heung Min that he’s working so hard, doing homework and watching over Tiffany.  Heung Min tells her that its his pleasure to watch over Tiffany.  Finding this sweet, Areum gives him some allowance.


Heung Min tells Areum that he saw Seung Woon.  Both talk about how it’s weird that Seung Woon has such a young brother.  Heung Min mentions that Seung Ho has a really pretty young mom and asks if Areum hasn’t told Seung Woon that Tiffany is her daughter.  She confirms it and wonders if the current Mrs. Chun isn’t Seung Woon’s mom.


Mr. Han leave the house without eating breakfast.  He looks at the picture of Areum at work.  He calls Yongsu… Next we see Yongsu waiting outside of the house with Tiffany.  Mr. Han takes Tiffany and tells Yongsu that they have done enough for Tiffany, to not interfere with Tiffany anymore.  Tiffany starts crying as Mr. Han holds her.

Yongsu yells after Tiffany that he’ll come and visit often.  He calls Sunhwa to tell her that Mr. Han took Tiffany home and it must mean that he is willing to accept Tiffany into their family.

The manager asks if Sunhwa wants to take over managing the pizza shop.  The owner’s son went to Canada to study and she’s afraid of leaving him alone.  All she asks is that Sunhwa pays rent and a portion of the revenue.

Sunhwa calls her sister to tell Mrs. Han that Mr. Han picked up Tiffany.  Mrs. Han is so relieved.  She tells Jin Woo as soon as he comes home.


Meanwhile, Areum is hard at work when Seung Woon meanders into her workspace and waits for her to notice him.  He asks if she’s not going to leave soon and Areum mentions that she has a deadline to meet by the next day.  He asks if she needs help and she looks at him.  Seung Woon justifies himself that he’s just doing it to check in as a fellow teammate/supervisor.  He asks if she’s eaten dinner and she confirms.  Seung Woon awkwardly takes his leave and Areum pauses…thinking what we all are…is he awkwardly flirting with her?

Mrs. Han pauses Jin Woo, who is about to leave to meet a friend.  Mr. Han picked up Tiffany hours ago but never came home.  Jin Woo decides to postpone his plans.

At the 7080 Cafe, Songcheol’s daughter asks him to give her 10,000,000 won or $10,000.00.  She needs to pay for rent and replace her guitar.  Songcheol replies that after the last fiasco, he doesn’t have money to spare.  She tells him to think of it as saving his money by lending it to her and he declines.  Songcheol’s daughter asks how he can be so nice to strangers but not do this for her and he asks her, aren’t they strangers? She agrees and walks off.

Seung Woon has bought dinner and brought it back for Areum.  He tells himself that it’s normal.  A supervisor can bring dinner for his employee.  He brings it to the room and tells her to eat it.  She tells him that she will prepare for the presentation and then eat it.

Feeling impatient, Seung Woon sits her down and tells her to eat first.  He can’t have her fainting on him again.  Areum accepts it and begins to eat.  Seung Woon’s eating with her.  Seems like someone accidentally forced a date.

Mr. Han is taking Tiffany to an undetermined place in a cab.  Mrs. Han calls Areum to ask if Mr. Han hasn’t called Areum.  Areum hears about Tiffany and freaks out.  She’s about to run out when Seung Woon stops her to ask what happened?


Areum answers…”The baby’s gone!”


No time…Moving on to see what Mr. Han’s doing.

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