Love & Secret – E21

Areum survives the hurricane without falling into a blackhole mess of crying around for Tiffany thanks to some firm support and tough from from Seung Woon.  Through the journey, the Han family grows some backbone and Mr. Han gets called out to face his own ambitions.  Finally, in the string of revelations, Philip gets the upperhand at last when he gets to know the Secret.



Seung Woon watches as Areum runs out in a daze…

Sunhwa and family are enjoying television when Mrs. Han calls to say that Mr. Han never arrived.  Sunhwa promises to let her know if they hear anything from Mr. Han.  Everyone looks worried as Mr. Han has his phone off.

Areum calls her uncle to ask what her father exactly said.  He responds, “Don’t worry about anything now.  I’ll take care of the baby.”

Jin Woo asks whether they should call the police.  Areum is ready to call but Mrs. Han tells them to wait since next week is the interview and they don’t want a scandal to occur before.

Seung Woon is fiddling with his planes.  He gets angry that her aunt can’t take care of her child, herself.


Meanwhile, a friend gives Areum and Ji Woo’s number to Philip.  He wonders why Philip is so obsessed with Areum.  Philip says he doesn’t know himself, just that the more he meets other people, he keeps thinking of Areum.


Mr. Han rocks Tiffany in a park.  She’s calmed down but no one know what he’s about to do.

Meanwhile, two men are drinking.  One is a professor and he is frustrated that Mr. Han was nominated.  He knows that there won’t be anything shady in his files so his appointment is eminent.  The other, younger man, the journalist? Tells the professor to wait, he will investigate to see if anything comes out.

All of a sudden we see Mr. Han walking alone.  We hear crying in the background and see Areum, who’s lying somewhere but we don’t know where.  Areum wakes up from her short nap, where she dreamed of Tiffany crying.

At that moment, Mr. Han comes home alone.  Mrs. Han and Jin Woo come out asking about Tiffany.  Mr. Han replies that he took care of it so stop looking for Tiffany.


Areum tells her father that she was wrong, but to tell her where Tiffany is.  Mr. Han tells her not to look for Tiffany.  Areum sobs that it was he fault, but to tell her where Tiffany is.  What if Tiffany looks for her?

Mr. Han tells Areum to think about herself.  Areum is only 24, with the baby, her life is over.  Mrs. Han and Jin Woo support Areum and ask Mr. Han where Tiffany is.

Areum keeps asking where Tiffany is and he tells her, “Hate me the rest of your life, but give up on Tiffany.” He walks into his room and locks the door…crying against it.  Areum runs out sobbing, with Jin Woo on her heels.  Surprisingly, Mrs. Han is calm and has a resigned expression on her face.

Areum gets a call from Seung Woon, who asks what happened with the kid.  He reminds her that she has a presentation today and she needs to arrive.  If she wants to look for the baby, she needs to get through the presentation, give her resignation and then look for the baby.  Areum does the responsible thing and tells her brother to go first.


The staff is ready, with Anna already wearing the mother’s outfit and the baby ready to get dressed.  Seung Woon tells the staff that Areum is doing an errand for him and will come soon.  Areum arrives to give him the sample baby outfit and asks him to give the presentation for her.

Seung Woon (rightfully) yells at her in frustration.  Does she think that work is a hobby? She can come when she wants and skip out when she doesn’t feel like it?  He asks who the baby is that she keeps giving up her dream for the baby.  He reminds her why he helped her out as her model when she entered the competition.  He saw potential in her and hoped that she would enter the company and show him his talent.  He tells her to do her best and achieve her dream at the company.

Everyone waits at the board of director’s meeting for Areum, who’s no where to be found.  CEO Chun asks why they haven’t started and the secretary mentions that it’s because Areum isn’t there yet… The directors grumble that she has an issue with punctuality.  Thankfully, Areum comes in looking determined.

Randomly, some grandmother is holding a baby.  It’s Mr. Han’s aunt and she calls Mr. Han’s cell phone.  Lucky for Areum, he left his phone at home in his stress.  The grandmother hangs up when Mrs. Han tells her that Mr. Han isn’t home, but she has already heard the baby’s cries.  She checks his phone and sees the call log to the grandmother and calls Jin Woo to pick up Tiffany.

When Mr. Han comes home, Mrs. Han tells him that Jin Woo is going to pick up Tiffany.  He tells her to leave the baby there for her own good.  Mrs. Han asks him directly if this is for Areum or for himself.  Is he worried about what society will say about him or the upcoming nomination?  She tells him, if he were really thinking about Areum, he wouldn’t be able to separate her from her own baby like that.

Mr. Han replies that he can’t just stand there watching Areum’s life fall apart due to the baby and the separation wasn’t permanent.  He just wanted them to be apart, while he thinks of a solution.

Thankfully, our Mrs. Han calls his bluff and tells him to admit that it’s because of the upcoming nomination.  Mr. Han can’t answer and Mrs. Han goes into the room.


Meanwhile, Areum gives a skillful and persuasive presentation on the K Fashion Project.  Anna holds the baby and walks around when the baby starts crying, ruining the mood.  Even worse, the baby reminds Areum of her own baby, making her tear up in the middle of the presentation. She looks at Seung Woon and remembers his words, “I saw the potential.  I thought you would create a stir and hoped that you would win first place and enter our company.”  With renewed determination, she wipes her tears and tells Anna to bring the baby back.  As an experienced mother, she holds the baby right and calms her down.

Anna walks around by herself, confidently.  Holding the baby, Areum continues the presentation.  She’s also able to answer CEO Chun’s question about their first step in entering the child fashion market.  They will donate children’s clothes from their line to the orphanages in China.  This will expose the community to their product line and also create goodwill.  CEO Chun eats it up and Areum even gives credit for the idea to Seung Woon.  The board of directors are sold on the orphanage donation idea…Seung Woon stares at Areum, who was able to get him a successful presentation.

In her head, Areum, tells Tiffany to just wait for her a little longer.  Jin Woo calls at that moment and Areum excuses herself as the presentation is over to pick up the call.  Jin Woo tells her that they found Tiffany and Areum cries in relief.


Seung Woon comes out thinking she’s crying because she was moved by her own presentation.  Areum doesn’t correct him.  She thanks him and gives him all the credit.  He asks if the child was found and Areum confirms and asks to take the rest of the day off.  Persisting, Seung Woon asks if she’s not even going to buy him lunch if she’s so thankful.  Not really thinking about it,  Areum tells him that she will buy him lunch tomorrow, the day and the day after but she will take the rest of the day off and leaves before a surprised Seung Woon can say anything else.

Rather than be annoyed, our lover-boy realizes that he just got her to promise three dates and smiles.

Areum races home to see Mrs. Han feeding Tiffany.  She cries tears of relief as her mother and brother watch over her…


Soo Ah’s mother plays Go-Stop with her grandmother friends.  Losing badly, she overthrows the board and tells her friend that she will tell her son-in-law to pay for her.

Sunhwa gets the call from her sister that the baby is back and is relieved.  She tells her sister to call if she needs help.  Seungho’s grandmother comes by.  She gets a pizza, gives Sunhwa some good words of wisdom…that all things will pass.


Areum packs her stuff and gets ready to leave with Tiffany before Mr. Han comes home.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah asks how the presentation went.  CEO Chun is overjoyed.  He tells her that Areum made an amazing presentation and he realized that she has a great partnership with Seung Woon.  He even mentions that if it weren’t for Yoon Yi, he’d want Areum as his daughter in law.  Soo Ah tells him that Yoon Yi would be hurt if she heard and he says that he’s just joking before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Songcheol’s daughter moved out of her room.  She asks for her deposit back and decides to travel and forget about her dad.  At the 7080 cafe, Songcheol wonders why Yoojin isn’t coming but figures she’s just rebelling. All of a sudden a guy comes and asks Songcheol to make an album with him.  Sounds like they go way back.

Yoojin interrupts this to tell him that she’s leaving and asks for her salary through direct deposit.  The manager asks who the girl is and Songcheol writes her off as just a girl, who’s angry at the world.  The manager asks if Yoojin doesn’t remind them of Songcheol’s ex girlfriend and Songcheol dismisses it.  However, Mr. Manager isn’t convinced that he was wrong.

Brief interlude as Philip thinks about the information that his friend brought.  He knows where Areum’s family residence is and muses.

Areum calls her friend Jiwoo to ask if she can come over.  Jiwoo tells her that she will meet her in 30 minutes and they can go together since Areum doesn’t know Jiwoo’s address.


Philip is in his car near Jiwoo’s place when she walks past.  He gets out to call out when Areum walks by with Tiffany and her suitcase.  He notes how it’s the baby from before and then gets stricken… as he watches Areum acting loving and motherly to her baby…


OH, HE KNOWS.  Now the question is, is he going to step up to the plate and be a man? Or is he going to back off when his FREAKING MISTAKE IS STARING AT HIM IN THE FACE?




















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