Love & Secret – E22

Areum and Seung Woon seem to tacitly understand and accept that they are attracted to each other at some level.  We get some cute moments of crushing and a sweet lunch date with Areum seeing Seung Woon’s personal vulnerability.  Meanwhile, Philip continues to make his intentions clear as he tries to be willfully blind to what a simple calculation would answer about Tiffany’s parentage.  Finally, not happy to be on the sidelines, Yoon Yi throws her gauntlet at Areum with her last clear and direct warning to stay away from Seung Woon.



Philip stares as Jiwoo greets Tiffany and Areum adores her baby.  Realization hits him like the drama truck that never showed up in this drama.

Inside, Areum tells Jiwoo about her father’s antics… Jiwoo comforts her friend saying she must have been so traumatized but notes that her dad would have gone straight to an adoption center and not family.  Jiwoo works part time so Areum tells her that during the day, she’s going to ask her mom for help.

Jiwoo asks if Areum is still talking to Philip.  Areum tells her friend that Philip saw Tiffany, not as Areum’s daughter, but as a family child…Areum notes how disappointed she was that Philip didn’t understand how people would have kids and was so embarrassed that Tiffany was crying in public.  Of course, the final straw being that he used a phone call as an excuse not to hold Tiffany.

Jiwoo tells Areum that all guys are pretty immature.  They need to know that the child is theirs to grow to love them…She sighs because Philip was perfect for Areum otherwise.  Jiwoo agrees to look after Tiffany at night and reminds Areum that she did endless babysitting in the states.  Areum promises to watch over Jiwoo’s kid in the future and Jiwoo retorts that she needs to introduce her to a guy first.

Our resident idiot, Philip goes home and wonders how Jiwoo know’s of the family baby?  Looks like a figurative drama truck is not enough for the guy to get the hint that Areum had a baby due to him.  Freudian omission, perhaps? Seems like denial to me.

At the Han’s, Mrs. Han is giving Mr. Han the cold treatment.  She leaves when he enters the room and when he inquires about her, asks if he’s going to send Areum away as well.  Mrs. Han begs Mr. Han to accept the baby so they can bring Areum home.  Mr. Han answers that Areum needs to take care of her own problems.  If she decides to live without thinking about her parents, she can’t live in the shade of her parents.  Mrs. Han tells him that she’s sick of him and leaves the room.


Seung Woon walks into his office and sees chocolate in his office.  He gets excited thinking that Areum got it for him.  The secretary comes in and tells him that he received the chocolate because a nearby company was handing it out in celebration of opening.  Seung Woon gets mad and tosses it back to his secretary, telling him that he’s not a child.

Areum comes in to give him a report.  He gets annoyed that she didn’t bring him a present and demands lunch.  Areum asks if it isn’t too early for lunch.  He tells her he wants a full course meal with dessert…it’s not too late if you consider all that.  He takes her out and Yoon Yi sees them leaving together.


Seung Woon and Areum are at shabu shabu/ hot pot.  He asks her what she likes and she replies that she likes all meat.  He picks up all the vegetables and tells her that they don’t even have matching eating habits.  Areum, not being a dunce, gives him some meat and tells him to eat up as well.

At this point, Seung Woon asks how Tiffany got on his cart.  Areum gives him a short summary of what happened.  Seung Woon mentions, Tiffany has had a difficult life as a baby.  Areum asks about the meeting with Heung Min and Seung Woon replies that Heung Min is a friend of a kid he knows…Areum tells him that she heard that it was his brother.  Seung Woon sheeplessly replies that his father got married twice, right after his mother passed away.  Areum smiles sympathetically, realizing that Seung Woon hasn’t accepted the second marriage.

Mrs. Han comes to pick up Tiffany from Jiwoo.  She has to go to an interview for a couple of hours.  From this conversation, we learn that she was Areum’s roommate for three years.  Mrs. Han asks if Jiwoo really won’t talk about the daddy and Jiwoo asks Mrs. Han to just trust Areum for a bit longer.


At Zishen, Areum is washing up when Yoon Yi comes in and asks if she had a good lunch.  Yoon Yi tells her flatly that she asked her to design their engagement outfit to give her the hint nicely.  She asks Areum if she’s pretending to be dumb or is dumb.  Areum tells Yoon Yi that she must be mistaken… Yoon Yi replies that this is the last time she’s going to give her a civil warning – so be careful.


Feeling a bit shaken, Areum goes to the roof tostare at the sky.  She yells on the roof:






She tells herself, she has no one but Tiffany, now.

Mrs. Han visits Sunhwa, who would have watched Tiffany if she wasn’t working.  They talk a bit about Mr. Han, where Sunhwa asks if they should give Mr. Han the benefit of the doubt.  Mrs. Han tells her that the grandmother was almost blind and something could have happened.

Soo Ah tests Mrs. Han to meet up and Mrs. Han asks Sunhwa if she could find the money to repay her soon, since she borrowed from someone she knows and Mr. Han’s nomination interview is coming up.  Sunhwa gets defensive and tells Mrs. Han that borrowing money shouldn’t be an issue that they bring up at the nomination hearing…

Mrs. Han backs off and tells Sunhwa to hold Tiffany as she prepares milk.  Sunhwa reminds Mrs. Han that she just fed Tiffany and tells her sister that she must be out of it with all of the recent changes…Mrs. Han, though, seems worried about her forgetfulness.

At the Chun residence, Seung Woon is told that he’s getting engaged next week instead of next month.  They didn’t even tell him.  He asks how they are doing this without even telling him.  He tells Soo Ah that she’s skillful and runs out angrily.  Mr. Chun seems frustrated but Soo Ah calms him down.  Small interlude as Seungho’s grandmother insults Seung Woon and Seungho confirms that he thinks his brother is cool.

CEO Chun and Soo Ah are discussing their political -behind-the-scenes movement with Mr. Han.  They are happy that most people think Mr. Han will be nominated.  Then Soo Ah asks if she could meet Areum soon and CEO Chun tells her to come to the office soon, he will introduce them.


At Sunhwa’s house, Yongsu is in the middle of getting scammed again.  He tells someone that if he had money, he would invest.  Heung Min tries to convince his father that he just let it go as not part of his fate.  Yongsu tells his son that he wants to but can’t.  Then he realizes that he was telling all this to his son and starts asking if his son actually is HIS FATHER haunting him.  Heung Min tells him to wake up.

Sunhwa comes home and tells Yongsu that Mrs. Han wants their money back.  Suddenly, Yongsu asks how big Areum’s family apartment is…is it big enough for a reverse mortgage?  He tells Sunhwa that he will get the money by the end of the month.


Mr. Han goes to the 7080s cafe drunk.  He drunk tells Songcheol to beat him up.  Songcheol leaves to get him water when the reporter from the last episode comes in.  He sits at the bar and watches Mr. Han drunk/sob.  Songcheol comes back with water and none of the two realize the reporter’s there.

Mr. Han tells Songcheol that he couldn’t just watch his daughter like that.  His precious, sweet, smart daughter, holding the baby like that.  He keeps asking, why did it have to happen to his daughter?  He asks Songcheol to beat him up so that he can lose consciousness.

The reporter looks determined as he has finally found some dirt on Mr. Han.


Areum gets ready to work and pauses to talk to Tiffany lovingly, telling her that she’s sorry but thank you. At work, she gets coffee with an older staffer.  Areum asks her about her daughter (who was the baby model in the last episode).  Her mom is watching the baby right now but her mom is older…She mentions that she will probably quit work to stay home and watch the baby.  Areum asks if she can’t just find someone to watch her baby and the staffer replies the concerns of all working moms – the cost of hiring a nanny is almost the same as her salary.  Additionally, as the baby’s older (8 months), she seems to know something.  The baby doesn’t even seem happy to see her when she comes home unless her mom plays with her for at least an hour… She tells Areum to have lots of fun while she is still single.

Philip visits Zishen again.  Meanwhile, Soo Ah texts Seung Woon to go meet Yoon Yi’s mom prior to the engagement.  All of a sudden, Philip is there.  He’s all confident and egotistical.  He can’t be bothered to make an appointment because he’s so busy.  He asks to get lunch together to discuss the investment proposal.  He also asks Areum to join them as she is the project team leader.  Seung Woon calls Areum out.  While waiting for Areum, they see Yoon Yi and Philip invites her as well.

Seung Woon seems to at least intuitively know something is up.  He looks apologetic when Areum comes out. Mind you, Philip makes it clear that he is close with Areum, treating her familiarly compared to how politely he treats other people including Seung Woon and Yoon Yi.

At lunch, Seung Woon brings up business.  Philip takes a hard line telling the group that entering the Chinese market is not easy and a lot of Korean companies have already faced difficulties in their attempt.  Seung Woon tells him that their company’s strategy is different and Yoon Yi supports him saying that they are learning from the mistakes of the other companies.  Philip proposes that they actually acquire a Chinese company, which would cut the transition time.

Seung Woon asks if they didn’t meet to discuss investing in their K Fashion and not acquisitions.  Philip answers that he brought it up because he recently heard about a possible target.  He turns the topic to Areum and asks when she joined the company.  Yoon Yi answers for her and asks why Areum is so quiet.

Areum responds that she didn’t feel like she had anything to add.  Philip never loses the opportunity to show how close they are, telling her that she’s not the quiet type usually.  Yoon Yi  asks how they know each other and Seung Woon answers that they knew each other in New York.


Philip asks when the engagement is and Yoon Yi responds next week.  He congratulates them as Areum and Seung Woon exchange looks… Philip asks Areum if she also thinks they make a great couple and Seung Woon stares at Areum, daring her to answer… On the side Yoon Yi sends her a glare… In the midst, Areum runs to the bathroom instead of running.

Afterwards, Yoon Yi mentions that Philip and Areum seem close.  She thinks that it’s beneficial for their company.  Seung Woon asks why she is telling him this.  Yoon Yi tells him upfront that she’s doing it on purpose.  To be clear, Philip has an interest in Areum and she’s telling him this so he minds it, too.  Said in other words, she tells him that as his friend of ten years, she deserves a basic level of courtesy at work so he needs to be careful about how he asks and walks off.

Areum seems stuck with Philip again, who told Seung Woon that they have something to say about business. Philip doesn’t talk about work at all.  He tells her that he thinks she’s avoiding him on purpose and it’s hard for him to see.  Why did she bring the baby just to throw him off like that?  He asks her to forgive her.

She smirks at the fact that he’s asking her to forgive him so easily.  He responds, it’s okay.  He will wait.  As Areum gets up to leave, he tells her he needs to ask.  Is the baby really just a family kid?  [DF – OMG MAYBE PHILIP IS NOT A TOTAL IDIOT?]


Seung Woon seems to understand that he is, if not, already has fallen for Areum.  He isn’t head over heels for her, because that doesn’t happen in real life.  Rather, he is attracted to her and she makes him noticeably happier.  So he’s not going to throw the chess game for Winner’s Group and break the planned engagement, but he’s not going to back off from trying to get as much time as he can with Areum.  It’s a sweet to see how this relationship gradually develops and on what foundations it’s developing.  He took a big step in telling Areum about his stepmother and made it clear why it hurts him.  Areum accepted it in her own quiet way.

Philip, meanwhile, had the DRAMA TRUCK HIT HIM IN THE FACE.  Areum calls Jinwoo, Tiffany’s aunt. Kisses Tiffany and cuddles her.  He isn’t stupid, he’s a freaking investment banker. It shouldn’t take much calculation to realize that the baby was born in the awkward period of him off dumping Areum like a sack of bullsh*t.  His attempt to get a clear answer from Areum about Tiffany just seems to me like he doesn’t want to let Areum go, but he’s running from the obvious responsibility staring at him in the face.  What if Areum tells him that it’s just a family kid? Is he going to let that one sentence erase all of the glaring coincidences?!

Finally, I thought it was interesting that Areum is beginning to fall for Seung Woon.  Note how she goes up to the roof after Yoon Yi tells her to back off.  She unconsciously relies on the comfort that Seung Woon gave her.  She doesn’t protest much when Seung Woon drags her to lunch and doesn’t pretend to not see Seung Woon lying through his teeth, when he doesn’t take any of the meat from hotpot.  The best? The fact that she stared at Seung Woon when she was asked whether or not he looks good with Yoon Yi.  Philip and Yoon Yi, our Stanford grads, better be on their toes because these two are developing a relationship whether any of the four want it or not…

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