Love & Secret – E23

Mr. Han seems to realize that CEO Chun is moving with ulterior motives and warns Mrs. Han.  In an endeavor to pay Soo Ah back for the personal loan, Mrs. Han gets tricked into a real estate scam. Meanwhile, Yoon Yi continues to politely threaten Areum as fate continues to throw Seung Woon and Areum together.



Philip asks Areum if Tiffany is really just a family child/relative.  Instead of answering, Areum circumvents the question by asking what he means… Philip tells her that he’s asking because she seems to be especially close to the child and seemed especially sensitive when he talked about children.

Areum huffs that he might think it’s weird to be close to a younger relative but she thinks it’s normal.  Philip agrees that she is especially friendly.  Areum just tells him that she never wants to see him again for personal reasons under the guise of discussing business.  Philip wonders as Areum leaves.  He gets a call and tells the person that he will go and deal with it, but he wants the trip to be less than a week because he has unfinished business in Korea.


Yoon Yi comes to visit Areum in her workspace.  She asks if they finished their discussion and Areum tells her that they did. At this point Yoon Yi tries to ask if it was about business or personal issues.  Areum tells her that it was about business.  Yoon Yi then tells Areum that she also came to check in about their outfits for their engagement.  Since the engagement has been moved to next Tuesday, they don’t have much time and should be fitted soon.  Surprisingly, Areum has a serious look on her face as she hears this but reaffirms that she will do it and Yoon Yi leaves.

Soo Ah calls Yoon Yi out to check on her.  At the meeting, she tells Yoon Yi to take care of her skin for the engagement.  Soo Ah asks if they have prepared their outfits and Yoon Yi tells her that she asked Areum to take care of it.  Soo Ah seems surprised that Yoon Yi asked Areum, but Yoon Yi explains that she assumed Areum would take the hint if she has to design their engagement party outfits herself.  Soo Ah approves and asks if Areum is still on her radar.  When Yoon Yi confirms that Areum is making her nervous, Soo Ah tells her that she will take care of it.

The Team is in a fit over the rushed engagement.  Anna wonders how Yoon Yi is so lucky, being pretty, smart, and also engaged to a second generation heir.  Areum watches when she’s called to the CEO’s office.


CEO Chun called her to introduce her to Soo Ah.  Areum sees her and recognizes her…  Soo Ah is all smiles and pretends to meet Areum for the first time.  All of a sudden, CEO Chun gets a call and has to run out, leaving the two alone.

Soo Ah address Areum frankly, telling her that yes, she also remembers Areum.  She apologizes for the last time and Areum mentions that she was also a bit rude.  Soo Ah laughes and asks Areum to take care of Seung Woon’s marriage.  She also makes sure to mention Yoon Yi and how she knows that Yoon Yi asked her to design the engagement outfits.  She asks Areum to take extra care in designing the clothes.


Mr. Han receives a present/package from someone who calls himself a hiking buddy.  It’s a calligraphy painting from CEO Chun.  CEO Chun then calls Mr. Han to tell him that he was the one who sent the painting.  He tells Mr. Han that he missed him at his hikes and only sent it to wish Mr. Han luck with the nominations.


The reporter meets up with the other government official.  The reporter tells him that there’s nothing on Mr. Han but he suspects that the daughter has some problems.  She came back from studying abroad quickly and he heard something about separating her from the baby.  The reporter promises to look into it further.


At home, Mr. Han asks Mrs. Han about Areum’s baby daddy again.  He tells her that she needs to look into it since she’s the mother.  Mrs. Han retorts that if he’s so interested, he should investigate it himself.

Mr. Han then asks Mrs. Han if she has met up with Soo Ah.  Mrs. Han nervously asks why he’s asking and Mr. Han replies that she should take care not to get too friendly with Soo Ah.  He is suspicious that CEO Chun is trying to be friendly for an ulterior motive…starting with the fact that he hired Areum to lead the K Fashion Project at Zishen.  Mrs. Han confirms that she will be careful.

Philip has a drink with his friend again.  Philip confesses his worry that Areum has a kid.  The friend calls him out and asks if he’s worried that the kid is his.  He calls it a jackpot when Philip cuts their meeting short saying that he’s tired.  He’s pensive as he does the normal thing and tries to calculate how long it’s been since they broke up.  He calls his secretary to change his itinerary to stop in New York for a bit.

Areum is also having a girl to girl talk with Jiwoo.  Jiwoo wonders if Philip suspects that Tiffany is his and Areum mentions that she would be relieved if he were…It’s worse that he doesn’t think of anything when Tiffany is right in front of him.


Jiwoo asks why she can’t just bring Tiffany to work.  Areum mentions that if Seung Woon keeps seeing Tiffany, he would be suspicious.  Jiwoo muses that it’d be cool if Seung Woon were her shining prince and Areum tells Jiwoo that Seung Woon is getting engaged next week.  Jiwoo sighs in regret.

We get an interlude at Sunhwa’s place.  Shes annoyed that her husband doesn’t do anything as she works so hard to feed the family.  She reminds Yongsu to ask Songcheol to borrow the 30,000 so that they can repay her sister.  Yongsu tells him that he will and leaves quickly before she can ask any more questions about the money he lost on the herbal drinks fiasco.  He calls Mrs. Han and tells her that he will repay it the next day.


At the Chun residence, we find out that Soo Ah was the one that picked out the calligraphy painting. CEO Chun asks what Soo Ah thinks of Areum.  She tells him that she had such high hopes from Mr. Chun’s praises that she just thought Areum was a normal girl.  CEO Chun tells her that even if Areum seems normal, a person’s background is important.  Every word she says and every action shows that she was raised in a proper family.  Soo Ah just tells him that she will bring him an herbal drink since he drank the night before.

At work, Areum gets a call from Jiwoo.  She’s watching Tiffany because Areum’s mom had to go out for bit and she just got a call for an interview.  She asks if Areum can come to get Tiffany.  Areum tells her that she can’t leave because she has an upcoming deadline, could Jiwoo bring Tiffany to work instead?  She asks Jiwoo to do her best to come quickly and she’ll watch Tiffany in the fitting room.


Areum hides Tiffany behind her coat and a large box.  Unfortunately, the Team Leader gets on.  He starts freaking out about the smell because Tiffany did her business.  Areum apologizes because the other Team Leader thinks Areum farted and she can’t blame Tiffany.

Once inside the fitting room, Areum gets ready to change Tiffany’s diaper when CEO Chun comes to check on her.  She hides Tiffany on the clothes rack and goes to open the door.  CEO Chun came to see the woman’s outfit from the presentation.  Tiffany starts making noise so Areum starts doing the national exercise and asks the CEO and secretary to follow.  They don’t follow so Areum changes her tactic and apologizes that she has to go to bathroom.  She tells the CEO that she will bring the sample up to his office.


CEO Chun is about to leave when Tiffany cries.  CEO Chun and the Secretary look around when Tiffany cries again and Areum is forced to pick her up.  She tries to say that it was the baby from the presentation but the Secretary recognizes that it was different baby.  So Areum says that she wanted to change the baby outfit and needed a new model so she is taking care of this baby.  CEO Chun mentions that Tiffany is handsome and Areum glares that Tiffany is a girl.  Lucky for Areum, CEO Chun buys the story and loves babies.  He mentions that Tiffany reminds him of Seungho as a baby and whines that Seung Woon should get married soon and give him a grandchild.  He tells Areum to work hard and leaves.

Meanwhile, Areum’s uncle is selling the real estate investment to Mrs. Han.  He tells her that if they use the Han apartment as collateral and invest $150,000, they will get $30,000 per month in interest.  Mrs. Han asks if this is a certain thing and not a scam.  Yongsu tells her that if it weren’t a real deal, doctors and lawyers wouldn’t be investing.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Han seems convinced.  She gets the apartment deed and the signature stamp ready in return for Yongsu’s promise that they will get paid $30,000 by the end of the week.  Mrs. Han also calls Soo Ah for her account number.  She promises to repay her the full amount by the end of the week.  Soo Ah asks to meet and Mrs. Han tells her that she’s so busy, she will just transfer the money… Soo Ah agrees but looks unhappy after the call.


Areum finishes updating Seung Woon when he asks her if she’s eaten.  Before she responds, he tells her that he is busy and wanted to grab something from the cafeteria. Areum pauses for a minute when Yoon Yi comes in.  She asks Areum about the outfit.  Areum tells her that they can come in for the fitting whenever they have time.

Yoon Yi asks her to join them for lunch and they can discuss the outfits after.  Areum politely declines as she has to check on some designs and leaves.  After Areum leaves, Yoon Yi turns to Seung Woon to mention that she thinks it was a good idea to ask her to design the outfits.  Seung Woon just looks at her and asks if she thinks it was a favor when it sounds more like a threat.  He picks up his coat and leaves her in the office to fume.

Up at the roof, Seung Woon listens to music as he stares at the sky.  Areum walks up and when she sees him and turns back around.  Rather, she goes back to the fitting room to eat while she works.

Yoon Yi interrupts her lunch to call and tell Areum that Seung Woon and her are coming.  Hearing that she will have company, Areum sighs and  takes out her tape measure.  She realizes that the fabric in front of her isn’t long enough so she gets up to get another roll.


Unfortunately, the rolls are stacked on a cabinet and are too high up.  Not deterred, Areum gets on a chair and tiptoes to get the roll.  She manages to reach the roll that she wants when she loses her balance and falls backwards on the chair.

Seung Woon walks into the fitting room just as Areum is falling to catch her.  They fall together and Seung Woon covers Areum with his own body so that the falling rolls of fabric hit him instead of her.  Yoon Yi walks in at this point to see Seung Woon laying on top of Areum blocking her from the falling rolls of fabric.


After the deluge of falling fabric rolls end, Seung Woon picks up Areum and asks her if she’s okay.  He checks her all over like a lover as Areum just stares at him silently.


HURRAY! Our girl has learned to become a capable member of working society.  Instead of running home as soon as she hears that Tiffany might need watching, she comes up with an alternative solution where she can stay at work!  For that much character development alone, I am quite satisfied with this episode.

Generally, though we see a lot of the gears moving toward another large conflict as CEO Chun becomes more aggressive sending an actual present and Mr. Han moving to stop the nepotism before it starts.  Unfortunately for him, Mrs. Han doesn’t seem to be the most experienced in the market, falling for the same scam as Areum’s uncle.

Finally, I love how Seung Woon calls Yoon Yi out on her threats.  The relationship is not going to go anywhere as long as he’s a willing lamb to do whatever CEO Chun and through him Soo Ah wants…which is for Seung Woon to marry Yoon Yi and stay out of the Zishen business.  Areum has her own stuffing to take care of, including Tiffany and this idiot Philip.  She’s not about to actively add to her plate by making a move on Seung Woon, who’s engaged.  However, the show has successfully convinced me that Seung Woon’s daddy-long-legs helping of Areum and failed attempts at flirtation is warming her up.  I don’t think our girl will run too hard if Seung Woon decides to pursue her openly.

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