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Falling fabric rolls and the engagement party outfits force Seung Woon to confront his feelings for Areum instead of acting as the perfect son to his father.  He begins to act and confront Areum, who doesn’t seem ready to get involved again.  This change in Seung Woon’s behavior trigger’s Yoon Yi’s aggressive defensive behavior and we get some one-sided slapping.



Yoon Yi watches as Seung Woon covers Areum from the falling fabric rolls, fuss over her like a lover, and yell at her, “EXACTLY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT!”  After seeming to catch his breath, Seung Woon tells Areum that he will come back so to rest a bit and Yoon Yi also quickly leaves so that the two aren’t aware that she saw everything.


Outside the fitting room, Yoon Yi hides behind a corner to wait for Seung Woon to leave.  Once she’s certain that he left, she storms into the fitting room where Areum, albeit shaken, is trying to figure out how to clean the mess.  Yoon Yi walks up to Areum and slaps her three times with the same hand.  Areum looks at her in shock and Yoon Yi tells her that she warned her to be careful.  Yoon Yi asks Areum if she’s making fun of Yoon Yi, who’s engaged.  She makes it especially clear, “Don’t look at my guy.  Don’t smile at him! AND DON’t APPEAR IN FRONT OF HIM.”

Meanwhile, Seung Woon angrily leans against the hallway wall to mutter why Areum is even making their engagement outfits.  The storm continues as Yoon Yi goes into her office and throws a fit remembering that Seung Woon told her that she’s only the girl that his father picked out, not his own choice.  Areum picks up the fallen rolls as tears stream down her face in frustration.

At home, Jiwoo talks to Tiffany, who refuses to drink her milk.  She asks if Tiffany is so stubborn because she takes after he dad, but then takes it back and confesses that Philip isn’t a bad person, as well, but looking at Tiffany, she can’t figure out what’s what.


Areum walks in and tells Jiwoo how she got slapped by Seung Woon’s fiancee.  Jiwoo asks if there’s something going on between Areum and Seung Woon.  Areum answers that they didn’t do anything wrong but she understands Yoon Yi.  She thinks that she is crazy, but she can’t stop thinking about him even though she knows all she needs is Tiffany.  Jiwoo asks if Seung Woon knows about Tiffany and when Areum tells her that Seung Woon thinks that Tiffany is her niece, tells Areum to back off now.  Seung Woon comes from a great family background and has a good job.  Areum is taking a huge risk that she won’t get her heartbroken if Seung Woon dumps her for being a single mom.

Areum’s father goes to pick up rice wine at the nearby store and shows interest in the cashier’s baby because she reminds him of Areum.  Areum’s mom asks Jinwoo if Areum told him about the baby daddy and he tells her he doens’t know as well.


Mr. Han comes home and asks for some kimchi to eat with his rice wine.  Mrs. Han gives him the kimchi and takes refuge in Areum’s room.  She starts cleaning the room when she finds a couple picture of Areum and Philip.

In the morning, Areum walks to the elevator to see Seung Woon waiting there for the elevator.  She turns around to leave when he calls her.  He tells her that he already told the sample coordinator to store and organize fabric rolls separately.  When the elevator arrives,  Areum walks into a different elevator and Seung Woon pauses for a second before walking into the middle elevator that they had been waiting for.

Areum stops by Yoon Yi’s office to ask her to stop by for her fitting.  She asks that Yoon Yi comes prior to lunch time and Yoon Yi promises to come by in 30 minutes.

When Areum gets back to the fitting room, she pauses for a second before continuing to develop the engagement outfits.  She also texts Seung Woon to stop by for his fitting since there’s not much time prior to the engagement party.

Yoon Yi and Seung Woon arrive around the same time.  Seung Woon tells Areum to do it quickly since he doesn’t have that much time.  Areum tells them that she will explain the designs first.  She tells them that due to the time constraints, she recycled designs that she had already created.

Areum explains that since Yoon Yi is tall and slim, she chose a mini-dress.  As for Seung Woon, Areum pauses for a full minute before noting that she decided to go with a suit that reflects the engagement theme.  Notably, Seung Woon glares at Areum as she talks about his outfit.  Yoon Yi watches  Seung Woon and tries to break the mood by saying that Areum spent a lot of effort on this and Areum begins to take measurements.

Yoon Yi continues to mark her territory by telling Seung Woon that they should get fitted for their rings as well.  She picked out a style that she thinks Seung Woon wouldn’t mind and their friends are in town.  They can all grab a drink together.


Areum moves on to measure Seung Woon as he stands there like a wounded kid.  They share a look but neither are brave enough to say their true feelings.  Yoon Yi tries to pretend to be the angelic company officer by mentioning that she apologizes for asking Areum to design the outfits when she already has so much on her hands.  Areum answers that it’s not a hassle.  Seung Woon stalks off without grabbing his jacket, which Areum gives to Yoon Yi.  However, he comes back after Yoon Yi leaves to watch Areum.

Meanwhile, the reporter calls the other candidate and tells him that he just checked with Areum’s company.  The security has mentioned that she brings in a baby when she works late.  He thinks this is enough for there to be an issue at the nomination.

At the same time, Mr. Han meets another member of the government who tells him that he shouldn’t worry since he has nothing to hide.


Afterwards Mr. Han waits for Areum at a cafe.  When she comes in, he asks her where she’s staying.  She tells him that she’s staying somewhere else…  Mr. Han tries to ask about the baby daddy and Areum refuses to answer again.  He makes another attempt to negotiate, if Areum brings home the baby daddy, he will accept Tiffany.  He tells Areum that this isn’t just about her, but about their family, Tiffany, the baby daddy and his family.

Areum apologizes but stands firm.  She thinks differently from him.  She doesn’t think that Tiffany needs her dad and she is confident that she can raise Tiffany alone.  Areum’s dad tells her that her firm decision alone is not enough to fix this.  However, he will accept her decision.

In return, Areum asks if he took away Tiffany because of her.  Did he think that she would be happy?  She has never once questioned his love for her but even if he did act because of his love for her…she has to wonder if he only loved her because she was the perfect daughter and not for herself.  She lets herself shed a tear but gets up.

Mrs. Han is cooking when she checks to see if Soo Ah received the money.  Surprisingly, Mrs. Han tells her that she’s been busy lately and can’t go out.  Her pot overflows and she hangs up quickly.  Soo Ah wonders if Mrs. Han has figured out that she tried to befriend her with an ulterior motive.  She gets ready to go out to grocery shop when Soo Ah’s mom asks about Seung Woon’s engagement.  Soo Ah’s mom tells her that she has so much to prepare if she want to match Soo Ah’s stature, especially since they may already talk behind her back as Soo Ah is the second wife.  Soo Ah tells her to just stay at home and rest before leaving to get groceries.


Mr. Chun comes home and sees that Soo Ah’s mom is irritated.  She tells Mr. Chun that she’s going to go home during that weekend.  Mr. Chun, being quick on the uptake, tells her that it’s his fault.  It’s  going to be a small unofficial gathering.  He pulls out a bunch of fifties for her as an allowance.  Soo Ah’s mom goes out to treat her friends and brag about her large allowance.  In the middle, she gets up to sing a verse of a popular song but starts singing from the second verse when she was supposed to sing the first verse.  Her friends ask why she’s singing the song backwards and ask if she can’t read.  Soo Ah’s mom gets mad and leaves.


Areum comes home to find her mom watching Tiffany.  Mrs. Han shows Areum the couple picture and confronts her.  Areum tells her that he was just a classmate and her mom asks why they look so close.  Mrs. Han tries to ask Areum for the baby daddy’s phone number.  She angrily tells Areum that she isn’t dating anymore.  It’s not about what she likes anymore, she has a kid! How could she not ask anyone and make the decision to be a single mom herself?  Areum confesses that she was afraid that her mom would tell her to get an abortion… Mrs. Han gives Areum an ultimatum.  Introduce them to the baby daddy or she will also never see Areum again.


At the same time, Philip asks someone to get access to some medical records in New York for an OBGYN.  [DF- AHEM… Privacy laws anyone? Oh well…dramaland rules.]


Seung Woon and Yoon Yi look at rings.  Yoon Yi picks out one that she likes and the sales lady compliments her taste.  Seung Woon tells her that they can just take that pair if she likes it.  Yoon Yi cautiously asks if Seung Woon is going to join the dinner with their friends, who are already waiting.  Seung Woon tells her that he’s has something to do at work and leaves.  In the car, he looks at his cell phone and ponders whether to call, “The Annoying Girl.”


Areum works hard to make Seung Woon’s tux.  She’s obviously affected as she works and wipes away her tears as she works…on the tux of the guy she is falling for.

The secretary asks Seung Woon to go get fitted for his tux and Seung Woon gets up to go… Interestingly, the secretary seems to be on to the relationship.  He sighs after Seung Woon leaves.

In the fitting room, Seung Woon is silent as Areum tries to act professional.  She tells him that she’s relieved there isn’t anything she needs to fix and hopes that he has a wonderful engagement party.

Seung Woon replies that he doesn’t want to.  He tells her, “I don’t even like the fact that you can make this outfit as if it’s nothing.  You could have said you couldn’t.  You didn’t have to do it yourself.”

Areum replies, “I was happy to do it.  It’s a happy task to design the outfit for a wonderful day such as that.”


Seung Woon grabs her hands and asks her if she’s truly happy.  She looks down as tears fill her eyes.


This drama is definitely not a rollercoaster romance. The two main characters have several factors that affect their choice to pursue their feelings for one another.  Whether it was fate or Mr. Chun’s machinations, they were forced to continuously  interact.  As a viewer, I accept why both are cautious in declaring their undying love for each other since both do not even believe that they love each other.  Right now, they are at the awkward stage of the relationship when you think you might be interested in the other person, but you won’t know until you actually go on dates and get through the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship.

The external pressures of rushing the official engagement and Yoon Yi’s attempts at preempting the issue by making Areum design their engagement outfits seem to be the catalyst that forces the two to address that the chance of them pursuing their own relationship is spinning out of their hands.  By putting a time limitation, it forces them to act, which seems to be the opposite of what Mr. Chun (unintentionally) or Yoon Yi (intentionally) wanted.

Philip took a backseat in this episode by attending to his overseas affairs.  I think the only way that he will become a legitimate contender is if he steps up his game once he finds out about Tiffany.

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