Love & Secret – E25

Seung Woon breaks the engagement as he realizes that he can’t live with a fake relationship and sends Yoon Yi to the hospital. He confronts Areum with his feelings, but she’s not ready to take the risk and let herself fall.  To make up for the lack of romance in the first 24 episodes, we get a lot of Seung Woon literally grabbing and holding Areum and her pulling away >.<



It begins with Areum wishing Seung Woon well at his engagement and his replying that he didn’t like the fact that she could make this outfit like it means nothing to her… He holds her hand and asks if she was sincerely happy because she could make the suit and she answers that it was even as the tears start falling. Seung Woon tells her that she did a good job and leaves.

Soo Ah and CEO Chun happily get ready for the engagement and congratulate each other that the engagement day is finally here. Soo Ah gets a call from Yoon Yi and tells her that they are about leave.


Meanwhile, Seung Woon silently gets ready at his place remembering Areum’s words that she was happy to design the outfit for such a joyful occasion. He pauses pensively seeing his cufflinks…

Yoon Yi and her mother are waiting at the restaurant. Yoon Yi’s mom adjusts her fur coat and Yoon Yi asks how she chose that outfit for the occasion. Her mom tells her that it’s her fault for not sending more money. She tells her daughter that she takes after her father and doesn’t know how to spend money. Yoon Yi just sighs and tells her mom to not be so chatty.


The Chuns arrive. Soo Ah exclaims how pretty Yoon Yi is and Yoon Yi addresses her as “Mother.” The parents greet each other and sit down.

Seung Woon drives to the restaurant but can’t stop thinking of Areum. The airplane cufflinks that she chose keep playing in his eyes… He starts remembering all of their time together… Including the first time they held hands when he wanted to turn off the light, their first kiss, the first couple remote control flight, the time he told Areum about his father’s second marriage and she looked like she was going to cry for him…


Seung Woon turns his car around and drives back to Zishen.


[DF – Had to add this photo…because I LOVE her dress.  OMG, I would love to a) have a dress that is a part minidress and part sheer lace floor length dress.  It’s beautiful.  While it’s not best suited for the more formal black tie, it’s great for slight more formal parties. >.< *drools*]

At the restaurant, Yoon Yi tries calling Seung Woon, but he doesn’t pick up.


Seung Woon grabs Areum and drags her outside the company building. He asks her one more time if she was really happy when she designed his suit. Areum looks back at him but doesn’t answer. Seung Woon cups her face with one hand before pulling her close for a kiss. They get interrupted by a call from CEO Chun.


Areum realizes what she’s doing and walks away. She doesn’t get far as she stops behind the corner to watch Seung Woon. [DF- is she waiting for him to come after her?]


At the dinner, CEO Chun apologizes that he thinks something came up. Yoon Yi’s mom asks if there really was something that came up… Or if something is up between the couple. Her mom continues to say that Yoon Yi has no fault other than meeting the wrong parents. She also thinks that Yoon Yi marring into the Winners’ Group is not a jackpot for Yoon Yi and won’t force her into the marriage. Unable to deal with it, Yoon Yi gets up and tells her mom to stop before leaving. CEO Chun is understandably angry.

Yoon Yi heads to Seung Woon’s apartment to find it empty. Areum tries to fall asleep and forget what happened.


The next morning, Seung Woon comes home to his father’s house. CEO Chun makes him come into the room and asks what excuse he has.

Seung Woon apologizes to his father but tells him that he has someone else in his heart. He can’t tell his father yet. CEO Chun asks why Seung Woon can’t tell him, is she married? Divorced? Has a kid?

Seung Woon tells his father that he can’t say yet because it might just be him and one sided. His father tells him that he’s dismissed. After Seung Woon left, Soo Ah comes into the room to ask CEO Chun what happened and CEO Chun tells her that Seung Woon gave an unbelievable excuse. Surprisingly, CEO Chun tells Soo Ah that he’s going to skip breakfast and leaves.

Areum’s office is buzzing with gossip that the engagement was broken. Anna tells the Team that she heard from the legal department… Yoon Yi didn’t send a picture as promised, come to work, or even has her phone on! Areum looks surprised and pensive before leaving the room.


Sunhwa comes to visit her sister to apologize that she hasn’t been able to come up with the repayment. Since Yongsu asked Mrs. Han to keep it a secret, she tells Sunhwa that someone told her about a good investment opportunity and she figured out the 30,000 by herself. They talk about Areum for a bit as the scene changes to Areum in the fitting room.


Areum arranges the clothes when Seung Woon calls her. She pauses but doesn’t pick up and Seung Woon follows up with a text. He tells her that he has something to consult with her about so she needs to come to his office. Areum comes to his office and Seung Woon just asks the status of the project. Areum responds that she has it under control and just needs to visit the factory. Seung Woon tells her that he was also planning to visit the factory so they can go together.

Areum tells him that she will go alone.  Seung Woon quickly responds that he’s going to come with her.

Areum tells him that she’s afraid.  She’s afraid that she will cause another person to be hurt and cause a bigger issue.  Seung Woon takes it a differently and asks if that’s the only reason that she’s pushing him away.  If she’s pushing him away not because of how she feels but because she is afraid that someone else will be hurt.  Areum replies that she thinks its sufficient enough for them to stop and asks him to stop coming closer.  She gets up to leave and Seung Woon stops her, telling her that he’s not asking her to deal with it alone.  But Areum doesn’t stop and walks away.  This time, Seung Woon doesn’t stop her.

CEO Chun calls the secretary into his room.  He asks the secretary if Seung Woon has a girlfriend.  The guy is a terrible liar! He tries to say that he doesn’t know and the CEO catches on that there is.  The secretary repeats that he doesn’t know and flees.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah’s mom tells her daughter that if he didn’t show up to the engagement, the engagement should stop.  Guys turn away so easily that if Seung Woon has already wavered before the engagement is official, the marriage will only keep getting rockier.  Soo Ah gets angry and tells her mom to be quiet if she doesn’t know anything.  Her mom asks why Soo Ah keeps telling her that she doesn’t know anything when it’s clear.  Soo Ah tells her that depending on which girl comes in, Seungho’s future will change before huffing into her room.  Soo Ah’s mom seems practical and states that even though Soo Ah is her daughter, she feels bad for whoever is going to become Soo Ah’s daughter-in-law.

Soo Ah worries that Seung Woon is ready to end the engagement.  She calls Yoon Yi, who had stopped by the hospital because she was feeling under the weather.  Soo Ah tells her that things have become serious.


So Yoon Yi does what all women should do when they are losing the love of their lives…she runs to Seung Woon’s office, throws a tantrum and breaks his prized remote control plane.  Seung Woon comes in and Yoon Yi asks if he feels so bad about the plane that he flew with Areum.  She starts to cry and tells him that she trusted him… She hoped that since she was always next to him, he would be responsible.

Seung Woon walks closer and tells Yoon Yi that he’s sorry.  He is the bad person.  He didn’t realize until now that he was going to hurt her like this.  He thought that since he made it clear that he didn’t like her, he felt that she deserved to get hurt if she continues.  But, now he realized what  a mistake it was for him to let her stay by his side when he doesn’t have any feelings for her.  Yoon Yi gets in a good slap before leaving the room.  She tells her self that even if he hurt her, she’s not going to let him go.


Areum gets up because she can’t concentrate and grabs her coat.  She realizes that someone has stacked all the fabric rolls next to the closet instead of on top of the closet and smiles.  She also remembers Seung Woon saving her from the falling rolls…and Yoon Yi slapping her.  Seung Woon asking her if she’s pushing him away because she’s afraid…Seung Woon grabbing her arm and telling her that she won’t be alone.  Areum sighs and says softly, “I’m sorry. But to me right now, sincerity is a useless luxury.”


Thank you for handling this as realistically as I can ask from a drama.  Seung Woon blows off the official meeting of the parents and Mr. Chun doesn’t hit him or disown him.  Rather, he seems thoughtful that his son might actually love someone and takes the steps to look into who his son has fallen for.  Of course, he’s not going to be happy when he finds out that Areum isn’t the perfect girl next door, but a single mom… But, it was still a good change from normal drama hysterics.

I can’t say I blame Yoon Yi either.  Seung Woon let her get her hopes up by accepting the engagement until now.  But I do think that Yoon Yi deserves to be truly happy and that will only be with someone who loves her back.

Now that Areum has developed a sense of professional work ethic, we see her faced with the fear of getting hurt and losing everything again.  It’s quite practical.  Even if Seung Woon accepts Tiffany, will Mr. Chun?  Korea isn’t a liberal society and her own father has kicked her out for not marrying Tiffany’s daddy.  There’s no reason for Mr. Chun to be any more forgiving.  The stakes are raised higher because she is starting to find her momentum at work and if she creates a mess, she will lose her job and her only chance to prove herself to Tiffany and her family.  I really like how the drama has created real problems for Areum if she runs into this relationship.  It makes me want to see how everything is resolved.

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