Run, Jang-Mi – E02

Mincheol control’s his mom’s ambitions so that he can marry Jang-Mi.  At the same time, Minjoo continues her plan to win Taeja’s heart in the states.  Jang-Mi’s wedding comes and goes as Joonhyuk effectively kills Jang-Mi’s father’s company by proposing that SL Foods drop their liquid/beverage line.  Pushed up against the wall of debt and no solution in sight, Jang-Mi’s father turns to alcohol for solace.



Jang-Mi asks her father who the two men are and he responds that he met them due to work.  Mincheol comes up after parking the car and Jang-Mi’s father makes it clear that the other two men should leave as they ask him to make sure to make the deadline.

In Jang-Mi’s house, her mom fell asleep with a face mask on.  When she wakes up, she gets worried that her botox had a bad side affect before Jang-Mi reminds her that she fell asleep with a face mask.  Jang-Mi quietly tells her mom that they have Mincheol over and her mom covers up her face in embarrassment.  Ever the perfect son-in-law, Mincheol comforts Jang-Mi’s mother by telling her that he finds it cute.

Jang-Mi’s father sneaks into his room to call SL Foods to inquire when they will reach a decision about the contract.  The director answers that they want to review it one more time before finalizing their decision.  He ends the call as Jang-Mi comes in and asks if something is wrong.  She mentions that he seems a bit off and not like himself.  She asks if the business with the men outside wasn’t going well.  Her father answers that they are just there to check on the delivery date and nothing was off.  Instead, he tells her that there is a big problem and that’s his princess’ wedding!  Jang-Mi looks relieved that her father is joking around again.

In the livingroom, Jang-Mi’s mother is in love with her son-in-law.  He told them that he’s not going to act like their son-in-law but like their oldest son.  Hearing this, Jang-Mi’s father agrees that Mincheol’s words are worth complimenting and even  Jang-Mi seems moved.  She thanks him as Mincheol replies humbly that he’s embarrassed.  They can compliment him after the wedding, little by little.


Taeja’s grandfather wakes up from a nap in his car.  His chauffeur didn’t wake him up for over 40 minutes.  There’s a moment of bro bonding. The chauffeur has been around for 29 years.  Taeja’s grandfather mentions that time goes fast…He thought that Taeja’s father would die the next day but he’s still alive.  He tells his chauffeur (Mr. Jang) to stay by him for a long time.  They walk in together to see Taeja’s mom waiting in the garden.  She sends Taeja’s grandfather in first to give a stern warning to Mr. Jang.

Taeja’s mom angrily asks Mr. Jang why he doesn’t do as requested and report on Taeja’s grandfather’s every move.  Mr. Jang apologizes that he can’t help her and Taeja’s mom replies snidely that if he’s being paid by the family, he needs to do as asked.  Specifically, she states that an employee should act like an employee and treat superiors with respect.

It’s at this moment that Taehee and Joonhyuk walk in together.  [DF- Looks like star crossed lovers 21st century style!] Taehee interrupts in shhock at her mother’s words to Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk stares angrily with a clenched fist.  Not caring, Taeja’s mom rebukes Joonhyuk for not greeting her when he came.  Joonhyuk gives her the obligatory bow and she turns around to go into the house after telling Taehee to follow.

Mr. Jang asks why Joonhyuk didn’t mention that he was going to stop by and asks his son if he had dinner.  Joonhyuk just turns away without answering.  Mr. Jang tells Taehee to go in before following Joonhyuk.


Taehee bursts into her mom’s room to ask how her mom could be so crude in this day and age.  How could her mom call Mr. Jang a subservient person?  Her mom tells her that she didn’t say anything wrong.  While times have changed, it doesn’t change the fact that Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk are below them in stature because they work for the family.  She warns Taehee to behave appropriately and not develop unnecessary attachments because she grew up with Joonhyuk.  Regardless of how far up Joonhyuk rises in the company, his car, his studio have all been provided by the company.  They can be taken away at any time.  Taehee responds that she never once thought of Joonhyuk or Mr. Jang as someone below them and finds her mother disgusting for thinking this way.  She even tells her mom that she is embarrassed that she is her daughter before storming out of the room.  Taeja’s mom calmly notes that her daughter’s stubborn temperament is just like her father’s… It’s because the plebeian blood flowing through her veins.


Mr. Jang brags to his son that the other chauffeurs are all telling him to buy lunch since his son rose so quickly through the corporate ranks.  However, Joonhyuk is still in a mood and tells his father to move.  Mr. Jang tries to remind his son that the CEO will be uncomfortable if he moves out but Joonyuk presses on.  He reminds his father that he makes enough money to take care of them both.  Mr. Jang responds that this is all thanks to the CEO taking them in when they were penniless because they spent all of their money on Joonhyuk’s mom’s hospital fees.  The CEO gave him a job and even sent Joonhyuk to study abroad.  Joonhyuk clarifies that his dad paid his debt in full by living as the family’s butler until now and he was only sent to study abroad to babysit Taeja.  His father replies that humans are different than animals, they know when to be grateful and Joonhyuk responds that Taehee’s mother doesn’t even treat them as humans.  To this Mr. Jang tells his son that that lady was always like that…she even looked down on her own husband.  When his father refuses to move, Joonhyuk deadpans his father by telling him that he will never come back.  If his father wants to talk to him, they can meet outside the property and leaves.

Joonhyuk drives off angrily before remembering the scene where Taeja’s mother calls his father a lower person/subservient person and pulls off the road in anger.


The next morning, Jang-Mi looks through Mincheol’s mom’s collection of books in her office.  His mom apologizes for being late because the professor’s meeting went overtime.  She called Jang-Mi over to give her a pencil-drawing portrait.  Grabbing Jang-Mi’s hand, Mincheol’s mom tells her that most people say that they treat their daughter-in-laws as their own daughter but she’s going to treat her as her daughter-in-law and hopes that they can do well, respecting the natural boundaries.  Jang-Mi smiles that she agrees and gives Mincheol’s mom her bridal gift, which makes her burst into a smile.  But then Mincheol’s mom pauses and asks if the small package is it.  Jang-Mi answers honestly that she heard Mincheol’s mom wanted money instead of gifts.  Mincheol’s mom laughs awkwardly and agrees but thinks to herself that she can’t believe that Jang-Mi’s family only sent money after hearing that.  She expects that a lot of money better be in the envelope since there wasn’t even a fur coat.


Mincheol’s family holds an emergency meeting called by his mom because Jang-Mi’s family only sent $30,000.00 as the bridal gift.  Mincheol’s father responds that $30,000.00 isn’t a small amount and they received an apartment and car.  His mom tells his father to shut up as she rants about how if they said they didn’t need the normal gifts, they should have received more money.

Mincheol asks worriedly whether his mother said anything to Jang-Mi and his mom responds that she didn’t know how much was in the envelope at the time.  However, now that she knows how much it is, she’s furious.  After paying for the hotel wedding and food, there won’t be anything left!  At this point, Mincheol stands up and tells his mother to drop the whole wedding then!  Would she be happier if she asks for more money and they break the engagement?  He storms into his room.


Turn to the club! Taeja is enjoying himself with other girls as Minjoo sits alone and drinks.  She thinks to herself that he can play all he wants now since when he ends up with her, she won’t let him touch her at all.  Her mom calls to check in on the status with Taeja.  She complains that sending Minjoo abroad and paying for Mincheol’s medical school has burned a hole in her bank account and added to her wrinkles.  Minjoo tells her not to worry and to just give her more time, she’ll pay her mom everything back.  Minjoo’s mom responds that she can only do that if she becomes Taeja’s wife and the head of SL Food; is she sure she can do this?  To this, Minjoo answers that she’s more serious about this than her mom…she has only loved one person her whole life and that is Taeja.

Mincheol’s mom goes to sit and wait for him in his room.  When Mincheol comes in, she asks if he likes Jang-Mi that much.  She tells her son that she lost.  However, if he gets married, don’t be an idiot.  Be the perfect son-in-law but make sure to take his part of the inheritance.  She promises not to mention anything about the bridal amount and leaves.


At Jang-Mi’s house, the whole family celebrates to toast the wedding.  Jang-Mi tells Mincheol not to overdo the drinking and Jang-Mi’s brother notes how the women in the family seem to love Mincheol.  Jang-Mi’s father confirms that they have no place in the family’s love now as the family laughs.  Jang-Mi’s brother turns to Mincheol and tells him that if he ever makes Jang-Mi cry, he’ll kill him.  Our smooth talker pauses for a second and Jang-Mi’s mom hits her son for saying such a scary thing even as a joke, which breaks the mood.


Next, Jang-Mi has a drink with her dad.  She was going to buy him drinks at an expensive place but he picked a cheap outside bar near the house.  She tells her dad that they should date even after she gets married and her father whines jokingly that after she started dating Mincheol, she hasn’t paid any attention to him.  Afterwards, her father piggyback rides his daughter and wonders why his daughter is so light!  She tells him that she’s been dieting to fit into her wedding dress.  They start singing together – a song about how parent’s only care about their children’s future and welfare.

Joonhyuk is giving his report to the CEO – they should close their liquid/alcohol part of the business.  Even if they have already invested a lot, if they don’t drop it now, the loss will be that much worse.


The next day is the wedding! Taehee stops by in jeans to tell Mincheol’s mom that her mom was not feeling well and couldn’t make it.  Taehee stopped by to give her wedding gift only, because she has to run to work.  Taehee runs off and Mincheol’s mom grabs the envelope angrily because she wanted to brag about Jang-Mi and lost the chance.  Taeja’s mom is getting a massage at the time.

Jang-Mi’s friend stops by to wish her best.  Turns out, she’s also Jang-Mi.  Her last name is Keum (Gold), while Jang-Mi (main girl) is Jang-Mi Baek (white). She came late because she came from work.  However, good news, she’s going to be sent to the Seoul office!


Jang-Mi’s father walks her down the aisle when she trips.  [DF- this is fate… this is the equivalent of the glass breaking…] She pauses to thank her father and the wedding continues… After the wedding, Jangsoo (Jang-Mi’s brother) drives the newlyweds to the airport.

Jang-Mi’s father gets a call.  It’s the director at SL Foods to tell them that they got rid of their liquid/food department.


At the honeymoon suite, Mincheol has requested special accommodations of candles and 100 roses.  He takes her to the bed, filled with rose petals and we get a kiss before the scene changes to the roses… [DF – It’s unclear if there’s a card in the roses or a camera?! I assume that it’s an unopened card…]

The next day, Mincheol gets up early to check on the camera?!  He takes out the memory card and labels it “First Night” thinking to himself that they can watch it together in the future.  When Jang-Mi comes out of the bathroom, he quickly hides it.


In Seoul, Jang-Mi’s father meets up with Joonhyuk.  He tries to tell Joonhyuk to review their organic farms.  Joonhyuk tells him that Mr. Baek must be confused, they didn’t refuse deal because of Mr. Baek’s farms but because the liquid department of their company wasn’t profitable.  Mr. Baek begs him to reconsider because they invested so much into the farms, relying on the deal with SL Foods.  If they back out, they will go under.  Janghyuk tells Mr. Baek that they can’t continue the liquid department to save a different company in the face of probable loss and gets up to leave.


Meanwhile, Taeja wakes up from a nightmare…He was a child in the passenger’s seat when a truck forces his father to drive off the road and down the side…the car flips twice…

Joonhyuk gets back into his office, where he receives a call from Taeja.  It’s Taeja, crying that he’s so scared.  Joonhyuk tells him to breathe and think about good memories. Following his instructions, Taeja calms down…

Taeja tells him that he wants to eat ramen, the ramen that Joonhyuk used to cook for him.  He would be able to sleep well after eating that ramen.  He asks Joonhyuk if he would make ramen for him again if he goes to him in Korea.  Joonhyuk laughs and tells him that he will. He thanks Joonhyuk before getting up to open a small box of knicknacks.

Jang-Mi’s father drinks by himself in his office with his account books.  He tries calling someone but the cell phone is off.

Afterwards, he waits for and interrupts Joonhyuk.  He cries to Joonhyuk to save his life.  Joonhyuk tells him to leave because he can’t help him.  Jang-Mi’s father gets on his knees and offers to give him, his wedding watch and ring.  He will never forget this favor if he just saves him once.  Joonhyuk tells him to get up and go home.  A security officer comes and Joonhyuk tells him to put Mr. Baek in a cab.  He wrestles free of Mr. Baek’s grasp and the watch and ring fall to the ground.  The security officer picks up the watch but not the ring…which is still on the ground in front of Joonhyuk’s apartment building.


Jang-Mi is having a glass of wine next to the pool when she gets the call from her dad.  He tells her that he loves her so much.  He’s so thankful that she was about to get married while everything was okay.  He starts crying.  Jang-Mi asks if he’s crying and he tells her that he’s just sad that his daughter is married but he’s so happy.  He hangs up and cries before walking in the rain without an umbrella.  At one point, he leans against the wall and cries.

Jang-Mi calls her mom to check on her father and her mom tells her that nothing is wrong.


However, Jang-Mi’s father is still walking drunkenly when he slips on the steps and falls.  He ends up hitting his head against the glass…

Jang-Mi gets a call from her brother, who’s crying.  Their father has passed away.


The best thing about daily dramas is that everything happens for a reason.  My main question after this episode is what the freak is Mincheol doing filming their first night without even telling Jang-Mi?!

Otherwise, this was another quick episode that ended before I knew.  The show is still in the introductory stage, where we are introduced to all of the characters.  However, it is written well as each character’s personality is distinct and intriguing. We already see the several subplots and conflict lines, which will probably carry the show:

  • Minjoo and her mom’s plan to have Taeja marry Minjoo
  • Taehee’s crush on Joonhyuk v. Taehee’s mom
  • Mincheol’s mom’s calculating life perspective v. Jang-Mi’s family’s new fall in socioeconomic stature
  • Joonhyuk v. Taeja
  • Taeja’s grandfather v. Taeja’s mom…


I hope that the episodes continue with this strong writing.  I look forward to see how the conflicts explode and how the characters complicate everything.

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