Love & Secret – E26

Seung Woon continues to try to win Areum over as she runs the other way. Meanwhile, Soo Ah starts moving to savage her plan of marrying Seung Woon off to Yoon Yi.



We open with the same scene as last time where Yoon Yi wrecks Seung Woon’s plane and asks if the girl in his heart is Areum. Seung Woon apologizes that he didn’t realize what a horrible thing he was doing to her. He didn’t really think about it since he wasn’t lying and assumed she’s taking the risk of getting hurt. Yoon Yi slaps him and tells him that he’s a much worse person than the Seung Woon that she knew.  She walks to the door, pauses, and tells him that she’s not letting go; she will never let him go.

After Yoon Yi leaves, Seung Woon looks at the airplane cufflinks that Areum picked for his engagement out.


Meanwhile, Philip gets a report. Areum went to a obgyn clinic in October. Philip even gets Areum’s records, because in dramaland clinics are allowed to give identifying information of their patients out without their consent… [DF- I’m not going to complain because Philip needs some serious screen time and cool factor if he wants to provide competition to Seung Woon…] Philip shows us that he’s not an idiot and notes that Tiffany might be his own child. He tells his staffer to book a flight to Korea.

Mrs. Han has another memory episode… She forgot to put in sesame oil. Soo Ah calls her about Areum and they agree to meet.

Soo Ah begins with pleasantries… Did something happen? It’s been so hard to see her.  Mrs. Han tells her that she has just been busy.

Soo Ah tells her that she has a stepson.  He’s been working with Areum. Moreover, it was his engagement party just a few days ago.  However, Seung Woon never showed up.  Seung Woon hasn’t said anything but rumor has it that he and Areum are an item.

Soo Ah tells Mrs. Han that she’s more worried about Areum than her stepson or the fiancée.  After Seung Woon’s mother passed away, he’s had a lot of girl problems. That doesn’t become an issue for men but can become a large problem for women. Soo Ah apologizes and asks Mrs. Han to take care of Areum.

Mrs. Han looks stressed and tells her that she will take care of Areum.


The team walk back into work, where they meet Seung Woon. He politely talks to the Team Leader and does not try to talk to Areum. Areum gets a call from her mom and agrees to meet after work.

Philip tells his secretary not to let any calls come through.  He tries to call Areum but she doesn’t pick up her phone. He tries calling her office phone and is told that she’s not at her desk.


Areum meets with her mom in a nearby cafe.  [DF – Ooh, I like that Areum is wearing the sherpa lined coat.  These are extremely warm but appear less than puffy jackets or peacoats on dramas.  Since this is a fashion drama, it’d be nice to see some less common fashion styles done well… Personally thinking that it would have been better for the visual if she wore a primary color sweater underneath (navy? red?) as the pastel washes out between the sherpa lining…but… I’m satisfied that the storyline is good even if the fashion designer is less than a fashionista ^.~]

Back on topic, Mom gets straight to the point.  What is Aruem’s relationship with the Vice President of Zishen?  Are they dating?  Areum denies any relationship other than a professional one.  Her mom has some choice words.  If there’s nothing going on, why would Soo Ah tell her that Seung Woon broke up the engagement because of her.  Her mom asks her exactly how is she behaving at work for Seung Woon’s mom to be saying this stuff about her?  Areum’s mom asks if Seung Woon is the reason that Areum refuses to get back together with her baby daddy and reminds her that she isn’t in a position to frivolously act or date around.  She even warns her that if Areum is even considering dating Seung Woon during this time and making things into a bigger mess, she can consider it as she has no mother.  Areum’s mother leaves without listening to any of Areum’s explanations.


Areum gets a call from Philip, which she’s not in the mood for and ignores.  However, fate would have it that Philip is walking up to her company’s building just as her mom leaves.  They bump into each other.  Philip has no idea but Areum’s mom pauses and wonders why he looks so familiar.  She stares at his retreating back as he calls Areum again to ask her where she is.  He asks her to meet.

[DF- OMG.  The outfit would have been so much better on the eyes with a DARK/SOLID color sweater dress! WHO IS DRESSING OUR GIRL?]


Areum asks Philip what is up this time?  Philip tells her that he went to New York on business and felt nostalgic at all of their places that still holds fond memories.  Areum replies him that those places hold nothing but bad memories that she wants to erase.  She’s forgotten them already.

Philip tries to tease out the information.  He tells her that he heard that she went to Texas after the break-up (before graduating) and asks why.  She gets defensive and asks if he investigated her background.  He tells her that they ran in the same circles, he just heard things.

Philip gets to the point and asks her if she visited an OBGYN, while in New York…He knows someone who works in a Harlem Clinic… He wanted to know if it’s the truth.

Areum tells him that she has no idea what he’s talking about.  Even if she did visit a clinic, it has nothing to do with him.  Philip apologizes that he might have overstepped his boundaries due to his overactive imagination.  He tells her that they will see each other again and Areum leaves.


Outside, Areum leans against the wall as she gets a call from Sunhwa.  She goes to her aunt’s pizza place to tell her aunt that he knows about her visiting an OBGYN.

Sunhwa asks why she doesn’t just tell him the truth?  Areum replies that he saw Tiffany and she knows that Philip has no right to be a dad.  He told her that life is too short to enjoy it; he doesn’t understand why people have children.  Sunhwa tells her that all men are boys.  He won’t say the same thing if he knows that Tiffany is his own daughter.  Areum confesses that she’s afraid that Philip will hurt her again like he did when he left her… Sunhwa tells her that someone is always hurt during a breakup.  In an exasperated tone, Sunhwa tells Areum that love is not that important.

Areum asks her aunt to tell Philip that Tiffany is her daughter if he comes to investigate.  Sunhwa barks that she will but complains that Areum has too many secrets for her.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah lays it on thick to CEO Chun.  She tells him that Yoon Yi was so heartbroken that she even went to the hospital.  She asks that he calls her in and tries to comfort her.

Soo Ah asks if he was able to talk to Seung Woon.  CEO Chun responds like a normal father and wonders if this was his fault.  He rushed the engagement too much.  He didn’t think about Seung Woon’s feelings when he rushed the engagement.  Soo Ah tells him that his worries are unfounded as Seung Woon would have said something if he didn’t want to get married to Yoon Yi.  CEO Chun responds that Seung Woon may have just gone along with the engagement to obey him…the kid may seem to rebel but he has a good heart. Soo Ah tries again and tells him that Seung Woon probably got cold feet and she’ll talk to him again after he calms down.  However, CEO Chun isn’t convinced.  He tells her that Seung Woon’s desire is the most important factor in an engagement and thinks they should postpone the engagement.  Soo Ah reluctantly backs off.

The next day, Seung Woon’s secretary reports that they have chosen two Chinese orphanages to support.  Seung Woon asks if the secretary’s exaggerated pronunciation is correct.  The secretary proudly responds that he’s been learning Chinese in the morning and the pronunciation should be correct.

Seung Woon accepts it and asks about the status of samples.  The secretary responds that the samples came in.  Seung Woon tells him to arrange for him to visit the factory together with Areum.  The secretary awkwardly responds that when Seung Woon was out, Areum called him to let him know that she will be going to the factory alone.


Not one to give up, Seung Woon finds Areum and tells her that he also has business to do at the factory.  She doesn’t have a car so why don’t they just go to the factory together?  Areum is determined to nip this developing relationship and she responds that she can reach the factory through the subway.  He asks her directly if she’s going to keep avoiding him.

Miraculous drama timing allows for CEO Chun to be walking around without his entourage.  He comes around the corner just as Areum tells Seung Woon that this is work.  Seung Woon responds that he’s not asking her on a date; he’s asking her to work with him.  Areum just answers that his behavior is making her feel uncomfortable. This makes Seung Woon pause as he turns around to sigh.  Areum takes the opportunity to leave as Seung Woon watches her back.  Apparently, CEO Chun cannot hear the exchange but he does wonder if the girl that Seung Woon implied was Areum…He picks up a call from Yoon Yi as the scene changes.

Areum calls her friend on her way out to the factory to check on Tiffany… Meanwhile, Seung Woon flies his remote control plane and apologizes to his mom for hurting Yoon Yi.  He knows that he shouldn’t do this to Yoon Yi but he can’t give up on Areum.

When he comes back in, he runs into Yoon Yi at the hallway.  However, Yoon Yi is taking the classy route?  She walks past him and ignores him.


Yoon Yi was on her way to meet Soo Ah.  She reports that CEO Chun apologized and asked her to wait until Seung Woon’s heart changes.  Yoon Yi tells Soo Ah that she thinks she should let Seung Woon go.  She doesn’t see any hope.  In the past, she had hope because Seung Woon didn’t like anyone.  However, now he has someone.

Soo Ah snaps at her.  The war is just beginning and she can’t be weak now.  She reminds Yoon Yi to think about whether or not she can bear to see Seung Woon with Areum every day if they get married.

Afterwards, Soo Ah stops by Seung Woon’s office.  She tells him that she’s disappointed in him.  Hasn’t he even considered how much his actions would hurt Yoon Yi?  Seung Woon asks if his refusal to get engaged threw a wrench in her plans.  Soo Ah asks in return whether this would set his plans back since he didn’t want to anger his father because of her.  Seung Woon doesn’t back off.  He asks her if she knew that and made a deal with Yoon Yi.

Soo Ah asks Seung Woon if she scares him so much.  Seung Woon replies that she does scare him.  She killed his mom after working for her for over ten years.  Soo Ah responds that he’s crazy.  Seung Woon continues, “I saw you that day.  I saw you walk out my mom’s hospital room.”

Soo Ah gets defensive and yells back that she was about to die any day.  She was the one who nursed her for three years.

Seung Woon asks if she did it because she was tired of waiting for his mom to die.

Soo Ah tells him that he’s seriously crazy.  If he wants to continue saying such things, he better bring proof because she’s not going to just keep listening to him say these things.  She leaves in a huff.


Areum’s mom is entertaining the government wives at her house.  She apologizes for the state of her house.  The discussion turns to whether Mr. Han is nervous about the nomination and Areum’s arranged date.  The other lady asks why Mrs. Han hasn’t contacted her.  The other side is excited about the possibility of becoming family with her family.

Mrs. Han tries to gloss over it.  Areum has high standards and is still immature.  She wants to focus on her career and Mrs. Han isn’t sure if Areum is wrong.  Mrs. Han mentions that in the current society, women can also excel with their own careers.

One of the ladies warns Mrs. Han that Areum could die single.  Another mentions that dying single is fine but there’s a troubling trend.  Smart and successful girls are becoming single mothers, not due to a divorce but by having children out of wedlock.

Another wife seems aghast at the thought that a girl would want to raise a kid without the father.  Mrs. Han tries to be diplomatic about it and support her daughter.  She states women do not need men to raise their children well; this is all discrimination.  Another younger lady exclaims that she’s pleasantly surprised by Mrs. Han’s liberal views!  The other mentions that Mrs. Han must have studied to become the wife of a Cabinet Secretary.  Mrs. Han just replies humbly that she doesn’t know what she’s saying and asks everyone to enjoy the prepared treats.

Soo Ah calls at this moment to ask if Mrs. Han has been able to talk to Areum.  Mrs. Han tells her that she talked to Areum and thinks that Soo Ah is under a misunderstanding.  Mrs. Han tells her that she doesn’t know about Seung Woon but Areum is not interested.  She apologizes that she’s busy and hangs up.  Afterwards, she thinks to herself that she’s so relieved that she paid Soo Ah back.  She feels insulted that Soo Ah would continue to bring this up…

Soo Ah thinks about Mrs. Han’s response and seems surprised.  She wonders if Seung Woon making the fuss because of a one-sided crush?


Meanwhile, Seung Woon broodingly drinks.  He thinks about what Areum and Yoon Yi said to him…Areum that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone and Yoon Yi telling him that he’s a worse person that she thought.  He sighs that she’s the first person that he wanted to grab/hold on to.


The fact that no character seems truly evil in this drama impresses me.  Yes, we have some issues with conservative and discriminatory thinking.  However, unless it turns out that Soo Ah really killed Seung Woon’s mom, we don’t have an evil person.  Everyone just seems almost normal.  I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Chun and Mrs. Han’s behavior in this episode.  Mr. Chun honestly backed off to consider Seung Woon’s feelings in the whole plan to marry him off.  Also, Mrs. Han told Areum one thing but tries to defend her daughter’s actions in front of other people.  It reflects what people would do in real life, which is express the frustration to the family member but support them to outsiders.

Yoon Yi’s lukewarm feelings about holding on to Seung Woon also seemed realistic.  Sure she wants to hold on but she’s not stupid.  She can see that she’s fighting a dying battle.  Not sure how much of a competitor she will be in the future episodes.  We might need a big catalyst for her to put her gloves back on.

For a 30 minute reprieve, I can say, I don’t mind watching this slice of life-like drama episode.  Not every episode has to have a dramatic issue/occurrence/revelation.

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