Love & Secret – E27

It’s the calm before the storm as life has returned to a suffocating pretend calm in the Han residence.  Areum maintains her distance from Seung Woon as the two men start to realize that they each have competition.



We open with Mrs. Han brooding over Areum’s  couple picture.  She wishes to herself that Philip is the baby daddy because he looks decent.  Mr. Han comes home and asks her what she’s hiding and Mrs. Han tells him it’s nothing.  He asks about dinner and Mrs. Han blows up in exasperation.  She asks him if he’s even interested in Areum’s welfare.  Mr. Han responds that she will come back when she needs their help and she knew the repercussions of her decision when she made her choice.

Mrs. Han tries to reason with him, pleading that it is the parents’ job to cover up for the mistakes of their children.  Mr. Han replies that he doesn’t need a daughter who turns her back on her family.  He orders that Mrs. Han doesn’t meet up with Areum as well.

Mrs. Han asks why Mr. Han is nice to everyone else but so strict to his own family?  Instead of answering, Mr. Han threatens to not forgive her if she meets with Areum.  Mrs. Han tells Mr. Han’s retreating back that he can ignore her, too.


Mrs. Han checks in on Jinwoo to make sure he hasn’t told anyone about Areum’s kid.  Jinwoo tells his mom that he hasn’t but not to worry.  If people decide not to nominate Mr. Han as secretary because Areum as a kid, something is wrong with them.  His mother replies that one is never sure with politics…Also, she doesn’t word to spread that Areum is a single mother because society might treat her differently.  Jinwoo comforts his mother that he won’t tell anyone and leaves to meet a friend.

The next day Heung Min and Seungho are walking together.  Heung Min invites himself to Seung Woon’s house when Seungho tells Heung Min that the atmosphere is not good right now.  Seung Woon didn’t appear at this own engagement party and he’s not sure why.  He really likes Yoon Yi and he knows Seung Woon and Yoon Yi are best friends.  Heung Min tells Seungho that there is a difference between friendship and love…one day Seungho will realize.  However, since eating spicy noodles at Seung Woon’s house is not a choice, they decide to eat ramen.


At Heung Min’s house, Yongsu is trying on a new jacket.  Sunhwa comes home and asks what he’s hiding…Yongsu tells Sunhwa that since winter is coming, he did some shopping.  Sunhwa looks at the price tags and freaks out.  She tells him that they are going to return everything!  She isn’t working so that they can survive just so that he can go spend the money they don’t have.

Heungsu [DF – Sorry guys, Yongsu is actually Heungsu] tells Sunhwa that he has enough means to buy her a fur scarf and Sunhwa sobs that she made a mistake in marrying him.  Heung Min and Seungho arrive but pause outside the door.  When Heung Min realizes that his parents are fighting over money, they decide go eat fishcake outside instead.

Jinwoo tells Songcheol that he can’t come to work part time anymore due to his family’s situation.  Songcheol accepts it.

Songcheol’s past manager comes and sees Jinwoo.  He starts asking Jinwoo all these nosy questions… Jinwoo seems a little reluctant to talk and takes his leave as soon as he politely can.  However, the manager guy seems set on his next prey.


Jinwoo waits for his sister at a cafe.  He brought Tiffany a present – baby clothes and toys.  She looks touched.  Jinwoo confesses that ever since he was little, he always felt that he was being compared against his sister and discriminated against by their father.  He believes it’s because their father loved her that much.  He thinks their father is acting so aggressively because he loved her so much.

Areum mentions that she’s embarrassed to be like this in front of her little brother.  Jinwoo replies that she shouldn’t expect their father to forgive her easily…rather she should work harder to earn his trust back.  He tells her that he’s not saying this to make her feel bad; he just feels sorry for their father recently.  He was shocked when he found out and knows that their father’s shock must have been that much greater.  Jinwoo gets up to leave and Areum offers to buy him dinner.  Jinwoo tells her that he just wants to go and Areum offers to walk him out.


Jinwoo comes home to eat dinner.  Mrs. Han suggests that they send Jinwoo abroad to study English during vacation.  Mr. Han tells Jinwoo to draft a proposal and give it to him.  Jinwoo tells him that going to study at an academy is enough.  Mrs. Han mentions that Mr. Han should get a haircut before the nomination and Mr. Han asks if they have some tylenol…  Mrs. Han and Jinwoo talk about hoping the nomination occurs more quickly…

At work, the older female staffer is packing up to leave.  They talk about going out for drinks after work on Seung Woon’s tab.

Seung Woon takes the report from his secretary, who reminds him of the drinks.


At the Chun residence, Seungho’s grandmother is amazed that Seungho reads so many books.  Seungho comes and wonders why she’s looking at his baby books.  Turns out Seungho learned to read when he was 4.  He realizes that his grandma can’t read.  She tells him to keep it a secret from his father.  Seungho’s grandma cries at how hard life is if you can’t read and Seungho promises to teach her how to read Korea and English.


At Songcheol’s restaurant, he tells his manager that Jinwoo quit. The manager regrets that Jinwoo had so much potential.  He then asks if Songcheol has any rooms available.  Songcheol asks about the manager’s other house.  The manager awkwardly tells Songcheol that he felt so suffocated in his house that he rented it out and the renters refuse to leave.  He needs a place to temporarily stay.  Songcheol tells him that he has one room available but it might be small for him…The manager takes it.

The other part-timer, Bokman comes over to ask the manager to sign him up.  The manager asks him to give them his best routine and the kid tells him that his hope is as a visual singer…one known for his looks – he starts dancing to Girl’s Generation’s Gee and the two laugh that he doesn’t show much potential.


At drinks, the staffer promises to keep in touch.  Areum pretends to get a call from her mom to sneak out but the other staffers just ignore her.  Seung Woon arrives.  Areum takes a drink and Seung Woon grabs her glass.  He tells her that if she’s uncomfortable, she can leave first.  She doesn’t have to drink alcohol that she can’t handle.  Anna asks if she made another mistake and the male Team Leader tries to step in on Areum’s behalf to state that while she has a lot of shortcomings, she has a lot of strengths.  Unfortunately, he can’t think of any strengths at the moment.  Seung Woon cuts him off with the sentence that he’s already seeing her in a positive light and Areum escapes to the bathroom.

The group leaves the restaurant and Seung Woon gives his last words to the leaving staffer.  He and Areum share a look before he leaves.  At that point, Areum also takes her leave.  The team mention that something is awkward between the two.  The male staffer wonders if there is something romantic between them and the others ignore him.  The leaving staffer tells them that the rest of the drinks are on her and they leave.

Areum walks along and Seung Woon comes up in his car.  Grabbing her hand, he tells her to get in his car as he’ll take her home.  Areum gets in silently.


In the car, Seung Woon asks what is exactly is Areum’s problem.  He tells her that he will take care of Yoon Yi.  He was the one that hurt her and he will pay for hurting her – not her.  Areum tells him that she can’t go to him.  Her heart has no room for anyone to come in…Additionally, if he knows her true self, he will be disappointed.

Seung Woon asks what the heck she’s talking about and asks if there is someone else?  Areum tells him that he’s not the one for her and asks him to help her succeed at work.

Philip makes his appearance!  He calls Jiwoo, who picks up thinking it was the company she interviewed for.  When Philip identifies himself, Jiwoo gets serious and agrees to meet.  She texts him her address and asks him to come to their neighborhood.  Afterwards, Jiwoo calls Areum’s mom to say that she will be one hour late.  Mrs. Han’s fine with it and we can see that she’s fallen for Tiffany.


Philip walks to the cafe that Jiwoo told him to come to.  He sees Areum get out of Seung Woon’s car and pauses.  Seung Woon is trying to convince Areum that he can take her to her house when Philip interrupts.  Philip asks how they came together.  In return, Seung Woon asks why Philip is in the neighborhood and Areum tells Seung Woon to leave.

Seung Woon looks at Areum as if he’s wounded and Philip looks completely victoriously.  Unable to do anything, Seung Woon gets in his car to leave.

Philip asks Areum to speak for a bit and Areum agrees because Seung Woon is still there.  In the cafe, Areum asks why he’s in their neighborhood and Philip turns the question back to her.  He asks why Seung Woon is driving her home.  She replies that they were just in the same direction.

Philip tells Areum that he came to meet Jiwoo and asks if she did as well.  Doesn’t she live in a different neighborhood?  Areum tells him to stop meeting her friends and stay away from her family.  Philip asks her to open her heart to him and then backs off.  He tells her that he will wait until she’s ready to accept him.  Areum leaves.


At home, Areum asks why Jiwoo was meeting Philip.  Jiwoo tells her that she wanted to see what Philip was planning.  Areum tells Jiwoo to stay away from him; she doesn’t want him near Tiffany.  Jiwoo sighs that Philip was horrible to her when they broke up; why is he back now?

Seung Woon has another brooding session alone as he wonders what is the relationship between Areum and Philip.

Philip looks over an investment proposal as he thinks about all the times he saw Areum with Seung Woon.  He wonders out loud if Areum isn’t accepting him because of Seung Woon.


Philip’s secretary comes to report his schedule tomorrow.  CEO Chun asked to meet with him.  Philip tells his secretary to schedule a visit to Zishen and then tells him to go investigate a certain neighborhood; he wants to know if any family has a baby that’s around one year old.


If I had to describe this episode in one sentence, I would say it’s the calm of thin ice.  You know something is likely about to break but no one wants to mention it because they want to prolong this reprieve.  This happens in real life as well so I’m surprised that they conveyed this through a drama episode.  The Han family readies itself for the nomination and hope that the current investigations don’t pick up on Areum… Areum hopes that she can continue to live a normal life without Philip…and without getting her heart broken by Seung Woon leaving her if he finds out about Tiffany.

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