Love & Secret – E28

We find out why Areum named her baby Tiffany and the Areum/Seung Woon romance gets interrupted by Mr. Han’s nomination hearing.


[DF – We get a three minutes replay of the last episode.  I assume that the producers wanted to make emphasize that we had an official standoff, where Philip won the first round since Areum politely dismissed Seung Woon…The episode continues as a repeat so we see Seung Woon wonder what is the relationship between Philip and Areum as well as Philip ordering his secretary to investigate families with babies around 1 year old within a certain neighborhood.]


The Team is surprised to find Areum organizing the office early in the morning.  Areum tells them that she just couldn’t sleep.  The team ask if Seung Woon threatened to fire her and she came in early to win points.  Areum denies that this is the case.

Seung Woon’s secretary interrupts to take Areum to Seung Woon’s office and the male Team Leader comments that he feels sorry for Areum.  The younger male staffer tries to tell the group that there’s some kind of electricity between Seung Woon and Areum…it’s more romantic and not the threat of firing… The male Team Leader and Anna are not convinced.

On the way to Seung Woon’s office, the secretary gives Areum un-asked-for commentary.  He explains that he has helped Seung Woon for over 7 years and this is the first time he sees Seung Woon getting obsessed about something.  He adds that it’s not bad to see Seung Woon this way before excusing himself.


Areum enters Seung Woon’s office alone.  Meanwhile, Seung Woon pretends to not have been waiting for Areum’s arrival… When Areum asks quietly, “I heard you called for me…” Seung Woon looks off and takes off the headphones that don’t cancel any noise since he was able to hear Areum’s near-whisper…

Seung Woon invites Areum to sit and asks if she has anything to say to him.  He has a lot that he wants to hear about. Areum asks what he wants to know and Seung Woon confirms whether she was able to get home early last night.  Afterwards, he asks if she was able to check all of the samples.  Areum answers in the positive and he dismisses her.  Getting up, Areum tells him that his shoelaces are untied.  She mentions that if he doesn’t tie them, he might trip like the last time… They look at each other awkwardly as both remember the kiss.  Areum leaves.


CEO Chun calls Seung Woon and he goes to the CEO’s office to find Philip waiting.  Philip notes that he had a lot of questions and Seung Woon offers to revise his proposal if Philip clarifies his questions.  Philip mentions that he wants to see some of the financial projections and Seung Woon replies that Philip already evaluated the projected financials and approved of them.  Smiling, Philip replies that he evaluated them but believes that Seung Woon is underestimating the Chinese market … He notes that only be reconfirming the financials will he be able to make an informed decision on investing.  Seung Woon backs down and offers to revise his proposal.

On their way out, Philip comments that Seung Woon is a nice supervisor for driving his employees home.  He also expands that he coincidentally met Areum as he was on his way to meet his girlfriend.  Seung Woon awkwardly remains noncommittal.

In the elevator, Philip instructs his secretary to request the revised proposal by the end of the week and request a proposal from Dior Fashion.  He wants to make the two compete.  Then Philip asks about the baby and the secretary replies that he is still looking.  Philip emphasizes that he has to find this kid.


CEO Chun tells his son that investors are always picky.  He tells his son to revise the proposal well and turn in a new one.  Seung Woon mutters that he will try his best but if they don’t have the same goals, it won’t work.

Afterwards, CEO Chun asks if Seung Woon really has no feelings toward Yoon Yi and Seung Woon apologizes that he doesn’t.  CEO Chun tells him that he can’t do anything if Seung Woon has no feelings for her but asks if he likes Areum.  Seung Woon looks surprised and pauses when Yoon Yi knocks.  Seung Woon gets up to leave as Yoon Yi is here to report on business.


Meanwhile, the secretary goes around asking local markets if there are any families with babies.  The cashier asks why he is investigating this and he responds that he wants to find them to give them a token of gratitude…he is aware that the person that he is searching for has a baby.  The cashier mentions that there are two families with babies.

At that moment, Heung Min walks into the store.  The cashier notes that his family has a baby.  At first, Heung Min denies that he has a baby sister.  When the cashier tells him that she saw his mother and father carrying the baby, Heung Min asks if she’s talking about Tiffany… He asks the man why he’s looking and the secretary replies that he’s looking for a friend.  Heung Min’s kid radar goes off and he tells both the secretary and cashier that the baby no longer lives with them and runs off.

Mrs. Han is distracted as she tries to paint her nails because she’s nervous about the upcoming nomination.  She remembers the man that she bumped into near Areum’s work and takes out the couple picture of Areum and Philip.  She confirms that the man she bumped into is the same man as in the picture.

Mr. Han arrives at that moment and asks what she’s talking about.  Mrs. Han asks if he wants some fruit or something to drink.  Mr. Han replies that he doesn’t need anything.  He explains that even if the nomination is the next day, it’s a regular day and she doesn’t need to bother with anything before going into the room.

The secretary reports to Philip that he found a baby named Tiffany.  He notes how Heung Min denied that he had a baby sister before running away.


Philip remembers how he and Areum used to watch “Breakfast at Tiffanys.”  Areum mentions that she used to go there a lot.  Philip teases that Areum asked him to watch the movie as a hint at what she wants for Christmas.  Areum replies that she just likes to go to Tiffanys to observe what people wear and Philip replies that girls who like jewelry are more popular than girls who study.  Areum acknowledges that she’s not that popular and Philip starts kissing her, asking her why she’s even looking at other guys.  Areum tells him to stop as she wants to watch the movie.  She muses that Tiffany is a beautiful name and wants to name her daughter Tiffany.  Philip closes the laptop and throws the blanket on top of them…


Songcheol and the part-timer pack up the restaurant.  Turns out that the restaurant owner wants to remodel the place.  Songcheol asks if Yoojin is doing well and the part-timer replies that he hasn’t heard.  He asks if Songcheol wants Yoojin to come back and Songcheol denies it.

Areum talks to her baby before turning on the television.  The news broadcast discusses how the nomination is scheduled for later that day.  Areum tells Minjoo that she’s worried that something will go wrong.  Minjoo tells her that there’s no way that someone would know that she has a baby; nothing will go wrong.

Mr. Han’s son and wife see him off.  They promise to have dinner together.


Mr. Chun and Soo Ah are ready to congratulate themselves as well.  Soo Ah has already arranged for flowers to be sent after the nomination.  Mr. Chun remarks how much of this will be due to Soo Ah’s efforts.  He also tells Soo Ah to invite Seung Woon and Areum to dinner.  Soo Ah tries to reply that they have no reason to invite her over for dinner.  Mr. Chun answers that they can always make up a reason and they need to take care of Areum until they win the K Project from the government.  Soo Ah smiles and agrees to prepare everything.

Cue important and grandiose music.  Mr. Han arrives as the reporter/government official (Professor Kim) finish talking to some guy who leaves to enter the nomination.  Professor Kim and the reporter wish Mr. Han good luck but remark (after Mr. Han leaves) that the nomination interview will be very interesting…

Areum’s brother and mother watch the nomination interview on television…


Mr. Han takes his pledge of honesty.  The first question is about Mr. Han’s apartment.  Mr. Han bought his apartment fifteen years ago when real estate speculation was a trend.  Did he buy his apartment to speculate?  Mr. Han replies that he did buy his apartment during this time but did view the apartment as an investment.  He has never rented out or put his apartment on the market.  The questioner clarifies that Mr. Han has no desire to move to a bigger apartment in the future.  Mr. Han confirms that he has no interest in moving.  The next question is about some land that he has in ChunChung.  Mr. Han answers that he received this land from his father.  It’s purely used as a memorial/graveyard for his family.  The questioner continues that the amount of tax that Mr. Han pays seems less than expected for that amount of land.  Mr. Han replies that as soon as he received the land, he split the legal rights with his siblings.  Each sibling has paid their own part of the taxes.

Mr. Chun and Soo Ah laugh as they see Mr. Han answer each question well.  Soo Ah’s mom grumbles that she doesn’t understand anything and asks to change the channel.  Soo Ah comments that there is a television in her room and Mr. Chun apologizes that this has an affect on their business.  Soo Ah’s mom grumbles that she’s going to watch drama and gets up to leave.

Next, the questioners ask if Mr. Han sent his daughter to study abroad.  Mr.Han confirms that his daughter did study abroad.  He did not influence her decision as he did not want to send her abroad.  However, his daughter prepared to study abroad by herself and only told him after she had everything prepared and was accepted into school.

The questioner continues that Mr. Han’s daughter came back to Korea recently.  Mr. Han confirms.

The questioner continues to add that Areum joined Winner’s Group, which is a competitor in the K Fashion Project.  Mr. Han confirms this as well. However, he answers that Areum got hired on her own skills through a public competition.


The scene changes to show that Areum is watching this on her phone.

The question responds that there is talk that Areum was promoted suddenly to a Team Leader of the K Fashion Project.  He asks if Mr. Han knows the reason why a 24 year old new employee could get promoted so suddenly without help from her father?  Did he know about this?

Areum mutters that this is unbelievable and Philip thinks aloud that this must be why CEO Chun hired Areum.  Mr. Chun grumbles that this questioner is ruining all of their plans.

Mr. Han answers that his daughter’s promotion was an internal decision that had nothing to do with him.  Mr. Han continues that he doesn’t know what Winner’s Group was thinking but the public should not have to worry.  The decision regarding the K Fashion Project will be done through a public committee of fashion experts.  They will vote based on submitted proposals and their vote will count for over 90% of the decision on who will win the K Fashion Project.

The question then turns to Mr. Han’s family.  He asks that recently the family of four has had an additional baby.  The questioner asks who the baby is.

Mr. Han pauses and the questioners all ask why he can’t answer the question.

Areum stands up in her place and her mother, brother, aunt and uncle all start fretting.

The questioner repeats the question and the other members of the judging committee order Mr. Han to answer.  When Mr. Han continues to pause, the questioner tells him that if Mr. Han won’t answer, he will answer.

Mr. Han interrupts to say, “The baby…the baby…is my…”


Areum falls to the ground in the empty office as she realizes how her decision has affected her father’s ultimate dream.


Well here’s the storm.  Judging from the trailer, Mr. Han definitely says something and the whole perfect world of the Han family falls apart just like Mr. Han’s political ambitions.  Not to try to stick large picture issues in a daily drama but this highlights the problem with focusing one person as the goal/hope of the family.  If everyone else’s dream takes a backstage to one person’s goals, when a hiccup comes along the whole family falls apart.  It’s much healthier for every person to pursue their own dreams so that if one person reaches his hiccup, he can find solace that another is still running – so the one with the hiccup can paused, recoop, and try again.

Kudos to this show for not being a fairytale.  Areum has to now come to terms with the fact that by standing up to society and having Tiffany without a father, she has put her “perfect family” at ends with society as well, whether they wanted to be or not…


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