Run, Jang-Mi – E05

Jang-Mi tries to save her family and her marriage, but Mincheol’s made up his mind.  Meanwhile, Taeja goes off to tell all of the social elite that he’s a college drop-out and unemployed.



We begin with Jang-Mi refusing to accept Mincheol’s divorce.  She tells Mincheol that she will do better so that he is not disappointed, but she doesn’t want to separate.  Mincheol cuts her off to tell her that she can call him after she’s had some time to think.  He tells her that he will return the apartment and car that came as wedding gifts and leaves.

Jang-Mi goes to cry in her car.


Mincheol’s mom brings Mincheol into his room to ask if Jang-Mi accepts the separation.  She angrily wonders out loud the audacity of Jang-Mi for not accepting the separation as a willing sheep.  She asks if Mincheol accepted her back after seeing her crying and Mincheol replies that he told her to call after she’s had some time to think, he’d give her back the car and apartment.  Mincheol’s mom calls him stupid for offering to return the apartment and car.  Mincheol sullenly replies that under law, if the marriage ends before it begins, both sides are supposed to return their wedding gifts.  His mom rebukes him for being a fake smartypants since Jang-Mi is the reason for the divorce.  As such, Jang-Mi’s side has to pay spousal support.  Mincheol asks what can he do since he’s already promised to return it.  Mincheol’s mom replies that he needs to stay out of it; she will take care of it.

Jang-Mi returns to her mother, who’s sitting around hugging her pillow.  Her mother replies that she can’t believe that he’s gone when his scent is still on his pillow.  Jang-Mi yells at her mother to accept that her husband is gone; she can’t return to Mincheol if her mom is like this…Her mom needs to snap out of it and figure out a way to survive.

Jang-Mi’s mother asks tearfully if Mincheol asked her to come home.  Jang-Mi backs off and tells her mom that he’s not the type, who would do that before leaving the room.


In the hallway, she runs into her brother who came home drunk.  He confesses that he can’t sleep sober.  Jang-Mi asks her brother to help her out and he cries that he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.  He’s scared because he’s never thought about livign without their dad.  Jang-Mi holds her brother as they both cry.


At Taeja’s house, her mother has called both of her children home.  She gives both of them profiles (with pictures) of young men and women that she has decided are appropriate possible matches for her children.  Taehee throws her papers down and states that she is not going on an arranged date.  Her mother replies that she plans to marry them both off within the next year.

Taeja looks in amazement at the profiles…the girls are all pretty with amazing backgrounds.  He wonders why they would even consider meeting him on an arranged date when he quit college without graduating.  His mom quietly replies that she’s taken care of his college… he’s graduated.  Taehee sighs in disgust and Taeja exclaims in amazement that money can buy anything.

Afterwards, Taehee stomps off after telling her mother not to call her home for something like this again.  Taehee’s mother mutters that she never really did like her… [DF – her own daughter mind you…] Taeja tells his mother that he’s happy to meet all of the candidates; afterall, all he has is time.  Taeja’s mom snaps that he needs to at least reject two of them since it takes away from his competitive value if he’s so accepting.

Taeja waits outside Taehee’s room and tells her to meet just one person.  Taehee responds that it’s a waste of time.  To this Taeja replies that she never knows.  If she looks at it optimistically, she can view it as a chance to meet someone new.  She can’t know if she’d meet her fated partner.  Taehee cuts him off to tell him that it’s impossible.

Taeja asks if Taehee is seeing someone and she tells him she is.  Taeja tells her to tell him who it is and he’d support her.  Taehee replies that she can’t tell him yet since it’s still one-sided.  Taeja leans back telling her it’s nothing if it’s only one-sided and Taehee emphasizes that she’s serious. She expands that she might need his help in future and expects him to be on her side, if she does.  With that, Taehee leaves to go into her room leaving Taeja wondering who the mysterious person is.


After a shower, Taehee calls Joonhyuk to tell him that she misses him.  However, he’s at a loss for words as to his reply.  She asks him directly why he doesn’t say anything and he confesses that he wishes that he could respond in kind that he misses her, but he doesn’t want to lie.  Taehee takes it all in stride and lets him know that she loves his honesty.  Sighing, Joonhyuk invites her to a movie on Friday.  Taehee lights up and agrees to reserve tickets to a movie that she wants to see.

Jang-Mi and her mother go to finalize the sale of their house.  Afterwards, her mother sits silently in shock as a lady comes to appraise her jewelry.  Following that , Jang-Mi sells her car.

Jang-Mi arrives at a cafe to meet the loan sharks with an envelope.  She asks for the paperwork and hands over the money. Jang-Mi walks outside to get a call and runs home.


Mincheol’s family has sent her back the honeymoon furniture.  Jang-Mi asks them to return it back to the original house and accompanies them to open the door.  However, the door won’t open.  Jang-Mi calls the broker to find out that Mincheol’s family pulled the rental deposit money.


Like an arrow, Jang-Mi goes to meet Mincheol to ask what has happened.  She told him clearly that she wasn’t going to separate.  So how could they pull the deposit?

Mincheol’s true colors show as he tells her that they should end it now.  The longer they drag this out, the worse it will get.  He adds that the more that Jang-Mi tries to cling on to him, the more he loses even his fond feelings feelings her.  Jang-Mi is shocked into silence.

Mincheol continues.  He asks her if she feels like she has to hold on to him because she no longer has any money or idea on how to survive.  He tells her clearly that she has no desire to support her family.

Jang-Mi asks if this was the type of person he was.

Mincheol smiles that he will understand that they are separated starting today.  He leaves after telling her not to contact him again.  Jang-Mi cries in her room.


The next day, Jang-Mi tells her mother that she wants a divorce.  Her mother asks her if she’s crazy.  Jang-Mi tries to explain that she thinks they have different personalities and her mom cuts her off.  Jang-Mi’s mother orders her to appease Mincheol; with Mr. Baek gone, no one will support them if she loses Mincheol.  Jang-Mi yells her mother that they are not beggars; they don’t need Mincheol to survive.

Jang-Mi’s mother seems to have returned to her senses.  She tells Jang-Mi that it’s the reality.  She explains that all of them have never earned a cent in their life.  Jang-Mi tells her mother that she will get a job and she will feed the family.

Jang-Mi’s mother tells her that she needs to just stay with Mincheol.  Jang-Mi confesses that she doesn’t think Mincheol will change his mind so easily.  Her mother gets up and tries to bring her daughter back to Mincheol.  She tells Jang-Mi to beg Mincheol for forgiveness.  She explains that he probably feels this way because they have been apart for so long.  Finally, Jang-Mi screams out that Mincheol separated with her because her family went backrupt and her mother pauses in shock.

Meanwhile, Minchol comes back into his office to find out that his mother-in-law had called.  He calls his mom to let her know that the mother-in-law has been calling.

Jang-Mi and her mother wait for Mincheol’s mother at a restaurant.

At the same time, Mr. Jang gets ready to drive Taeja to the arranged dating site.  Taeja flounces down happily and his grandfather comments that he’s doing something right for once.  Taeja answers that even if he likes the girl, he doesn’t plan to get married. He just wants to play.  Taeja’s mother is aghast, she reminds him that rumors travel fast in this society and Taeja tells her that he can’t guarantee anything about his own behavior before leaving.  Taeja’s mother turns to ask his grandfather to scold Taeja for not going to work for the company and he just picks up his weights to exercise.  Taeja’s grandfather responds that they should leave him alone and be thankful that he’s healthy and living happily.


Back at the restaurant, Jang-Mi’s mother notes that she believes the kids have fought.  She hopes that the parents can help guide their kids toward the right resolution.

Mincheol’s mother tells Jang-Mi that if she has any conscience, she should let Mincheol go.  Jang-Mi just looks up when Jang-Mi’s mother tells Mincheol’s mother that they weren’t even thinking of divorce.  Mincheol’s mother asks if they are determined to ruin her son’s life.  She tells Jang-Mi’s mother that they should be happy that Mincheol’s family is not suing on the basis of a fraudulent marriage.

Jang-Mi asks exactly how they scammed Mincheol’s family and Mincheol’s mother replies that they hid the status of their financial wealth.  Jang-Mi’s shocked into silence and Jang-Mi’s mother tries to explain that they had no idea…only Mr. Baek knew the financial status of the company.  Mincheol’s mother cuts her off and tells her that regardless of if they knew, this is still a fraud.  Jang-Mi’s mother pauses and Jang-Mi tells Mincheol’s mother that she will divorce Mincheol.  Her mother turns to her and Jang-Mi apologizes, but she’s decided she doesn’t want a gold-digger husband.

Mincheol’s mother glares at Jang-Mi for calling her son a gold-digger. Jang-Mi offers to return the gifts that they received and Mincheol’s mother tells her it’s fine.  Jang-Mi can use the gifts to help pay off the debts.  Jang-Mi answers that the rental deposit and the sale price of Mincheol’s car will cover the remaining debts.  Mincheol’s mom responds that they have decided that they will consider the apartment deposit and the car as the alimony instead of suing for a fraudulent marriage.

Jang-Mi responds that this is impossible; that money was the money for her father’s life.  Mincheol’s mother responds that they can think of it as alimony since it was their fault the marriage ended.

Jang-Mi follows Mincheol’s mother out and asks her to return the money as Mincheol already promised to return the wedding gifts.  Mincheol’s mother tells Jang-Mi that she’s holding the money from the deposit and the car sale; leave her son alone.  Jang-Mi tells Mincheol’s mother that she will get the money back even if she has to go to court for it.  Mincheol’s mother tells her that Jang-Mi’s family was the one who engaged in the fraudulent marriage, she can take them to court if she wants.

At the same time, Mr. Jang brings Taeja to the same restaurant.  Taeja tells Mr. Jang that he can leave as he will go to the arranged date without skipping.  Mr. Jang tells Taeja that he can’t do that.


Dramaland coincidence, Mincheol’s mother runs into Taeja.  Taeja congratulates Mincheol’s mother on her son’s wedding and she smiles that it’s complicated.  Instead Mincheol’s mother asks what Taeja’s doing and he responds that he’s here for an arranged date, wiping the smile off her face.  At Mr. Jang’s reminder of the time, Taeja leaves to go meet the girl.

On Taeja’s way in, he runs into Jang-Mi’s mother and she falls to the ground.  Taeja helps Jang-Mi’s mother up and asks if she’s hurt.  Jang-Mi tells him that they are fine and he can be on his way without really looking at him.  On the other hand, Taeja recognizes Jang-Mi and comments on the fact that she’s always crying when he sees her.

Mincheol’s mother calls Minjoo to yell at her daughter.  Minjoo tries to tell her mother to call later as she’s still sleeping and her mother snaps that Taeja is on an arranged date.  Minjoo snaps awake.


Meanwhile, Taeja is staring at his arranged date.  He comments that her picture is dramatically different from what she looks like in real life.  The girl seems to be at a loss for words when Minjoo calls.  Taeja gets up to answer the call.

Minjoo tells him that she’s going to Korea the next morning and expects him to come and pick her up.  Taeja asks why he needs to come when she has her family and he can’t drive.  Taeja answers that he doesn’t have a driver; Mr. Jang is his grandfather’s driver.  Minjoo threatens to sell his watches and brand name bags if he doesn’t come out to pick her up.  Minjoo hangs up to finish packing.

Taeja returns to his date and asks her why she’s meeting him.  She has a good background, good education and average looks.  Why is she meeting him for an arranged marriage potential?  The girl responds that he’s too harsh on himself.  While his educational background is less than stellar, his background and looks are above average.  Taeja laughes and tells the girl that he never finished college.

The girl notes that it stated that he graduated on his profile.  Taeja laughes that his mother bought the degree to the girl’s utter shock.  Taeja continues to ask if she expects him to take over SL Foods.  The girl confirms that she heard he’s the heir to the company.  Taeja tsks her and tells her that there are many problems with the arranged dating/marriage system.  He explains that it’s true that he’s the only heir, but he doesn’t plan to accept the company as he doesn’t have the personality to run a company.  The girl sighs and asks what he’s doing right now.  Taeja responds that he’s playing and he plans to play the rest of his life from the rental income of a couple of buildings.

We turn to Jang-Mi and Mincheol.  Mincheol asks why she keeps following him and she tells him that he just needs to return her wedding gifts.  Mincheol responds that his mother should have resolved that situation.  Jang-Mi reminds him that he promised her that he would return the wedding gifts and Mincheol responds that he thought about it.  After further thought, he realized that she left a dark mark on his life and should compensate him for that.


At home, Jang-Mi tries to restrain Jangsu.  He yells at her that Mincheol’s family is looking down on them for being a family with no male head.  Jang-Mi tries to calm him down by telling him that she’s meeting a lawyer next week.  The lawyer advised her that she can receive the gifts back through a lawsuit and Jang-Mi tells her brother to wait for the lawsuit.

Jangsu asks why they put the rental deposit under Mincheol’s name instead of Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi tells him that they had no idea this would happen.  Jangsu grabs a bottle of whiskey and strats to drink.


Meanwhile, Taehee is having the time of her life staring at Joonhyuk at a drive in movie theater.  Joonhyuk tells her to watch the movie and she tells him that she’s more interested in Joonhyuk. Joonhyuk fakes concern that the movie is not interesting and offers to take her home.  Taehee responds quickly that the movie is interesting and she wants to see the rest.

After the movie, Joonhyuk drives Taehee home. Taehee comes over to hug Joonhyuk’s arm to note that today actually feels like real date and exclaims how happy she is.  Joonhyuk awkwardly pulls away as a car pulls up.  Taeja gets out and calls out for Joonhyuk.  He notes that he’s jealous that Joonhyuk always tells him that he’s busy but has time to meet with Taehee.  Taehee jumps in to add that she meet Joonhyuk for work and Taeja responds that they’re a match made in heaven with their love for work.

Mr. Jang asks hopefully if Joonhyuk wants to sleepover since the next day is the weekend.  Joonhyuk declines and Taeja grabs Joonhyuk’s arm to wheedle Joonhyuk to stay the night.  Joonhyuk angrily pulls out of his grasp that he’s not staying over surprising both Taeja and Taehee.  He takes his leave and Taeja/Taehee bring Mr. Jang up for tea.  On their way in, Taeja’s mom asks Taeja what happened on the date?  The other side is accusing her of fraud.

Taeja tells his mother that he just told the girl the truth so he doesn’t know why she’s making a big deal.  He told her that he never finished college and is unemployed.  Taehee smirks that she thought it was weird for her brother to accept the arranged date so easily in the first place.  Even Mr. Jang seems to be controlling a smile.  Taeja’s mom tells him to come inside to talk.  Mr. Jang tells the two that he’ll come for tea next time.  Taeja tells Taehee that he’s going to see Joonhyuk first.


At Joonhyuk’s place, Taeja asks if Joonhyuk is mad at him.  Joonhyuk tells Taeja that he’s not mad and Taeja asks why he was so cold when Taeja asked him to spend the night.  Joonhyuk replies that he wanted to comfortably sleep at home.  Taeja confirms that Joonhyuk isn’t mad at him and asks to sleep over at Joonhyuk’s.  Joonhyuk agrees and Taeja enters his apartment.

Mr. Jang pours himself a drink as he remembers his last meeting with Joonhyuk, where he told his father that he’s never going to return.

At Joonhyuk’s, Taeja and Joonhyuk share a beer and Taeja opens with Taehee has an one-sided crush on someone.  Joonhyuk jokes on his beer and Taeja grabs him tissues.  He comments that Joonhyuk must have been as surprised as him that Taehee would be in a one-sided crush.  Joonhyuk doesn’t answer and just starts eating peanuts.  Taeja muses that he’s incredibly curious and Joonhyuk turns the conversation to Taeja’s nightmares.

Taeja answers that he almost never has those nightmares now and joonhyuk notes that it’s a relief.

Jangsu calls Mincheol’s phone, which is off.  He finishes the bottle of whiskey as Jang-Mi stays awake in the same bed with her mom.  Jang-Mi gets up to come to the livingroom, where she finds her brother asleep on the couch.  Jang-Mi tries to get Jangsu to sleep in his room but he’s out.


At Mincheol’s place, his father invites him to sit.  Mincheol’s father asks his son if he really plans to divorce Jang-Mi.  Mincheol asks his father to stop talking about that since he made the difficult decision after a lot of thought.  Mincheol’s father emphasizes that marriage isn’t a simple decision.  He tells his son that money comes and goes, but it’s one thing to divorce because the other side is bankrupt; didn’t Mincheol like Jang-Mi?  Mincheol asks his father if his father is okay with Mincheol supporting Jang-Mi’s family the rest of his life.

Mincheol’s father responds that it’s a matter of perspective.  You can live while helping the person you love.  Mincheol replies frankly that he doesn’t love Jang-Mi enough to sacrifice that much and gets up.  Mincheol’s father is speechless.

Jang-Mi covers her brother with a blanket.


The next day, Jangsu is waiting for Mincheol at his hospital.  Mincheol tells Jangsu that they should talk outside and Jangsu refuses.  He asks if Mincheol even has the decency to be embarrassed.  Mincheol tells him to stop acting like a fool and Jangsu punches Mincheol and tells him that he knows he’s a fool.  Jangsu continues that if Mincheol is so well educated, why is he stealing from them? Jangsu grabs Mincheol’s shirt collar and demands that Mincheol returns the money; he notes that his father didn’t work and save up money to give it to a guy like Mincheol.  Spotting a bloody lip, Mincheol punches Jangsu in the gut and tells his nurse to call the security.

Jang-Mi wakes up to see the courch empty and wonders where Jangsu went.

At the same time, Jangsu is on top of Mincheol.  Jangsu punches Mincheol, yelling that if Mincheol broke the marriage, he should at least return the wedding gifts.  Meanwhile, Mincheol tries to dodge the punches while telling Jangsu to avoid his face.  The security pulls Jangsu off Mincheol as he lands one more kick and Mincheol lands on his side, wincing in pain.  Mincheol rolls over and clutches his one hand in pain.

Jang-Mi comes to the police station to ask if Jangsu really hit Mincheol.  The police officer informs Jang-Mi that Mincheol is in the hospital and advises her to settle the issue with the plaintiff.


Jang-Mi enters Mincheol’s hospital room, where Mincheol’s mother is babying her grown son.  Mincheol’s mom yells at Jang-Mi to leave and Jang-Mi apologizes.

Mincheol’s mother yells at Jang-Mi that her brother is a gangster for hurting her son like this.  She adds that she will never forgive him and make sure that Jangsu goes to jail for this.


I am so glad that Mincheol’s father is a decent human being.  Thanks to his father trying to have the good talk with his son, we know that Mincheol had the option of being the decent human being and threw it away.  His father basically told him that a form of love is helping those you love and Mincheol decided that he can’t handle it when there’s an easy way out.  The most cowardly thing is that he doesn’t even finish his own dirty work and let his mom help him.  Good riddance and I hope he ends up with a girl, who’s only marrying him because he’s a doctor… I hope that AFTER the gets that girl pregnant, he finds out that she’s just as penniless as Jang-Mi.

Additionally, why are dramaland younger siblings so hot-tempered?  It’s either a hackneyed plot device or younger siblings just don’t know when is the proper time not to sock the other person … Especially, if the law is that you can go to jail for battery unless the other side settles.

Finally, I’m loving my Taehyuk bromance here.  Joonhyuk obviously hates the estate because it symbolizes that servitude of his family but can’t help loving Taeja as his incompetent little bro.  I will miss their bromance once they start fighting over Jang-Mi.

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