Love & Secret – E30

Areum confesses to Seung Woon, who pulls away when he finds out that Areum has a daughter.  Realizing the depth of family love, Areum tries to make things right for her father by considering Philip as Mr. Chun and Soo Ah plan on forcing Areum out of the company to save their own interests.



Areum backs out of Seung Woon’s embrace and tells him that Tiffany is not her father’s daughter.  She explains that Tiffany is her daughter to Seung Woon’s shock.


Back in the office, Seung Woon thinks back on all of his memories of Areum and Tiffany with the new knowledge.  He comments that it all makes sense.


Mr. Han come back home early to Mrs. Han’s surprise.  He thinks about the reporter’s question that he had an ulterior motive for his confession.  Like the best father in the world, he instructs his wife to call Mrs. Han to call Areum and tell her not to talk to any reporters.


At Zishen, the secretary reports to CEO Chun that the reporters are flocking around their company.  CEO Chun explodes that Areum is an idiot for coming to work when Soo Ah comes in.  Soo Ah tells CEO Chun that she came in to check on the company.

CEO Chun rants that Areum came to work in this mess.  Soo Ah agrees that the company is in a scandal because of Areum and she should have stayed at home.  Mr. Chun moans that he should have taken the certain route instead of relying on the wild card.  At Soo Ah’s question, Mr. Chun explains that he should have grabbed Philip’s funding when he had the chance.  This gives Soo Ah food for thought…

Areum is in her work room, but isn’t really working.  She thinks about her confession to Seung Woon when her mother calls to tell her not to talk to any of the reporters.  Instead of answering, Areum asks about her father, who is waiting on the side.  She tells her parents not to worry about her and to take care of their own health.


At the library cafeteria, Jinwoo walks to a table among stares.  His friend tries to ask about the scandal and Jinwoo yells at him to stop talking about it before getting up and leaving.  He meets his friend from Seongcheol’s restaurant.  They meet for bbq meat and Jinwoo thanks his friend for not asking about the news.  His friend tells him that he doesn’t watch the news and has no television.  When he hears that Jinwoo doesn’t want to the library during the summer, his friend begs him to work at the restaurant during the summer…he owes his uncle, who’s a judo athlete… Jinwoo agrees since he doesn’t want to go to the library anymore.

At Jiwoo’s place, Areum tells Jiwoo that she confessed to Seung Woon.  Areum tells Jiwoo that she hoped Seung Woon would understand her and she wanted to rely on him after he helped shield her from the reporters.  Seung Woon wasn’t able to say anything, but Areum thinks that this will be a great opportunity.  Seung Woon maybe able to get over her now that he knows the truth.


Meanwhile, Seung Woon drinks whiskey alone at a bar.  He’s pretty drunk when Secretary Jang comes to tell him that he got the car ready.  Seung Woon orders him to sit and Secretary Jang complies.  Secretary Jang asks if Seung Woon is worried about the project and Seung Woon exclaims that the project is also another issue… He comments that Winner’s Group has been tricked by the father-daughter duo.

Seung Woon asks Secretary Jang to take a drink because he wants to get drunk… Secretary Jang accepts the drink and asks if there’s another issue.  Seung Woon answers that he’s so angry.  He knows that he shouldn’t be angry but he’s just so angry.  When he tries to examine why he’s angry, he realizes that he’s a coward and a horrible person.  He asks how she could have tricked him…she should have at least told him…However, he notes that it might not have changed anything even if he knew.


The next morning, Seung Woon walks into work to see Areum waiting for the elevator.  He stops and watches her get in, but doesn’t follow.  Afterwards, he goes out to fly his plane and talks to his mom…He asks if his mother knows what he’s doing since he doesn’t understand himself.  He was the one who had a one-sided crush and he’s the one that got hurt…


Seung Woon walks back inside only to run into Areum in the hallway.  He tries to pass her without talking to her.  Areum tells him that she’s sorry she never told him.  Seung Woon turns around to tell her that she doesn’t have to apologize.  He was too aggressive with his one-sided feelings and retreats to his office.


Yoon Yi meets with Soo Ah in a cafe.  Soo Ah comments that Yoon Yi’s reaction seems less than enthusiastic.  Soo Ah explains that since the company took a hit because of Areum, all they have to do is wait for Areum to leave the company voluntarily.  Yoon Yi states that she’s not confident that Seung Woon will return to her after Areum leaves.  Soo Ah angrily replies that Yoon Yi has no determination if she’s going to live with a loser’s attitude.  Soo Ah explains that once a person is out of side, feelings naturally disappear.  Soo Ah notes that Yoon Yi doesn’t deserve Seung Woon if she’s ready to give up so easily and leaves.

Heungmin brings Seungho to his mother’s restaurant for pizza.  Heungmin tells Seungho that he will buy pizza and Seungho tells him that’s fine since Heungmin’s family is poor.  Heungmin responds that it’s fine because his mother works at the restaurant.

Inside, Sunhwa tells the two boys that she just tried making a pizza.  They should try it.  Seungho tells Heungmin that they should come every day.  Heungmin replies that they will get sick of pizza if they have it every day.  Rather, they should com every other day.  Sunhwa brings over a plate of pizza and the kids dig in.

Areum tries to sneak out the back of the company, but gets caught by the reporters. She tells the reporters that it was a lie and the reporters ask her to tell them the truth.  She remembers her father’s last words that this was his last gift and walks off.


At the Han house, Mr. Han refuses to eat dinner and Mrs. Han nags that he needs to eat.  He responds that he has no appetite.  Areum bursts in to beg her father to let her tell the truth to the reporters.  He orders her not to.  Areum pleads that she will do anything he wants, just let her tell the public the truth.


Mr. Han tells her that she needs to listen to him.  No matter how much society has changed, she becomes a sinner.  Not only her, but Tiffany will live a life of rebuke.  Areum tells her father that it’s her responsibility.  Mr. Han tells her that she can do whatever she wants, but he doesn’t want her to let people know that Tiffany is her daughter under she can stand by herself.  Mr. Han gets up and Areum grabs him to let her try to take responsibility…He holds back tears but just walks into his room.

Mrs. Han asks Areum who Tiffany’s father is.  Is she unable to tell them because he’s a criminal?  Mrs. Han tells Areum to bring Tiffany’s father to them and Areum agrees to bring Tiffany’s father.  While walking home, Areum falls to the ground crying.

The next day, Mr. Han gets ready to go to work with a heavy heart.  Mrs. Han helps him get dressed and Jinwoo offers to accompany him to work.  Mr. Han declines Jinwoo’s offer, smiles at Mrs. Han warmly before leaving.

Jinwoo looks at his mother tear up after Mr. Han leaves…


At work, Areum can’t concentrate on her designs.  She walks out to the lobby to see that her father is holding a news conference.  He apologies for making trouble for everyone.  He tells everyone that he tried his best to become the best candidate, but his behavior has hurt society and he voluntarily takes himself out of the race for the Secretary position.  Watching this, Mrs. Han unplugs her phone and turns off her cell phone.

Mr. Chun angrily turns off his television after seeing the news conference.  Soo Ah tells him to calm down; Mr. Han had no chance of being nominated after the scandal.

Secretary Jang comes into the office to update Mr. Chun.  The board of directors are asking questions about Areum.  Soo Ah offers that they should fire Areum for the loss of the company’s goodwill.  Mr. Chun replies that if they fire her, they acknowledge the fact that she was promoted unfairly.  Soo Ah responds that they can make her voluntarily resign.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han walks the snowy park way and sits at a bench alone.  Areum tries to call him, but he doesn’t pick up.  Rather, when Mrs. Han calls, he smiles and picks up.  Mrs. Han pretends that nothing is wrong and tells him to come home early since she’s cooking his favorite meal.

Sunhwa drops by that she brought porridge.  She tells Mrs. Han that Mr. Han’s love for his daughter is amazing.  Mrs. Han tells her sister that if Areum brings Tiffany’s father home, everything should get better.  Sunhwa comforts her that even though Mr. Han had to give up the Secretary position, the biggest hurdle is over and to cheer up.

At work, Areum sees Seung Woon and Mr. Chun walking by in the hallway and hides behind a corner.  Seung Woon walks by without turning back.

At this point, Philip calls.  He tells Areum that he just arrived in Korea and asks where she is.  Areum tells Philip that she will visit him after she gets off work.


At Philip’s place, Areum asks Philip if he’s sincere about starting over again with her.

[DRAMAFEED – since this seems like an important convo, I’ll transcribe the last sentences.]

Areum: If I ask you to start over, can you do it?  Can you promise that you won’t make such a mistake again?

Philip: Areum, have you opened your heart? I’m confident.  Why would I come so far.

Areum pauses as Philip looks at her.


This was another strong episode for Mr. Han.  We see how he’s trying to live with this decision.  This truly feels like a slice of life drama as we see how life goes on.  Mr. and Mrs. Han support each other as they try to pretend that every day is a normal day.

We don’t have any drama martyrs as Mr. Han tells Areum exactly why he’s doing this.  He accepts her desire to make everything right, but warns her to only do so after she is in a position to stand up by herself since by taking the fall for her, he’s basically lost his societal power to protect her…

Seung Woon took a couple steps back in this episode as he turns away from Areum after finding out the truth.  However, I think it’s natural that he would be shocked and try to end his feelings.  Being a single mom beings a lot of societal shame and, at the very least, it will be difficult for Mr. Chun to accept Areum as a daughter-in-law.  Seung Woon’s decision to accept Areum and Tiffany basically means that he’s willing to either give up the company that he promised his mother he wouldn’t lose to Soo Ah or declare war on his father for the company.

Finally, looks like it’s a chance for Philip to step it up.

Just to sum up my feelings, I feel like this drama is less focused on the romance, but rather shows the different manifestations of family love.  Each character in the Han family has his/her shortcomings, but each rises up to the challenge for the family.  (Even if Jinwoo’s rising up is just staying on the doctor path, while his family sorts out this mess…)

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