Love & Secret – E33

Philip decides to meet Areum’s parents and Yoon Yi decides to fight for Seung Woon again.



We open as Areum sees Seung Woon comforting Yoon Yi. It gets serious as Seung Woon sees his childhood friend’s face was scratched and our prideful second lead sobs when he pulls her into a hug. No one notices Areum, who hides behind the van. Within a couple of minutes, Seung Woon walks with Yoon Yi out, now that she’s been able to get her breath away from onlookers.

Areum finally gets a small break as a male employee comes over and tells her that he will handle it from here; he will load the truck. [DF- I understand gender equality and all, but having a tiny girl, who is not an athlete loading vans of heavy boxes without assisting equipment seems like a jerky thing to do. At least give her help…]

Yoon Yi sits in Seung Woon’s car silently, still getting her bearings after being embarrassed in front of the whole company by her mom’s ex boyfriend… I’m sure she’s probably thinking about her carefully crafted professional image and how it blew away in the wind within that short incident…


Seung Woon comes back with ointment and a bandaid. He tries to put some on her face and at first, she moves away but ends up letting him put the ointment and bandaid on her… But she can’t help it as tears continue to fall.

Seung Woon asks what happened. Laughing quietly, Yoon Yi explains that he was an ex boyfriend of her mom. She dated him for quite a few years. When they broke up, the guy must have been angry that he couldn’t get anything more out of dating the older woman and came to vent his frustrations. Yoon Yi comments that her mom usually kept mum about her work place but must have told him after the engagement ended. Seung Woon offers to drive her home and starts the car.


Meanwhile, Areum tapes up boxes and her mind wanders to the scene that she saw. Her supervisor comes by and lectures her for being slow and taping crookedly. Areum promises to tape faster and tape straighter.


The Team tries to brainstorm about how to market the K Project. The Team complains that this wasn’t their project originally, so it’s hard. Within a few moments, the Team gets off topic and begins talking about travelling to the beach and eating seafood. They decide to go to lunch early… They even stand up before Louis realizes that they got off on a tangent. Louis complains that if Areum started the project, she should be the one who finishes it. The Team agrees and encourages him to contact Areum. Louis sighs that he can’t because he promised Soo Ah and tries to convince himself that he can do this.


In another part of the company, Seung Woon walks into the lobby and pauses because he sees Areum wheeling six boxes. He unconsciously takes a step toward her when Louis calls him out of his reverie. Louis informs him that he came to report on the status of the project and Seung Woon invites Louis to his office.


After reviewing the report, Seung Woon asks why there hasn’t been any change to the project report. Louis faltingly answers that there wasn’t much to change. Seung Woon asks in exasperation whether the team has brainstormed and tells them to do it again. Then Seung Woon asks if Louis has contacted the Chinese orphanages to identify the children’s sizes. Louis is surprised because he completely forgot… Seung Woon tells Louis that he needs to prioritize since those clothes need to go into production next week.

Louis whines that he feels frustrated. He jumped on to the project in the middle and has no chance to get settled in. It would be better if Areum had at least finished the charity portion of the project, but it’s too hard for him to juggle all of the aspects right now. Seung Woon sighs and leaves the office without another word.


At the same time, Yoon Yi downs her sorrow and frustration with alcohol.  Yoon Yi gets a call from her mom, which triggers her.  Yoon Yi angrily asks where her mom is hiding.  She tells her mom that the man came to the company and basically told everyone who’s daughter she is…and asks if her mom is happy now that she’s embarrassed her like this before hanging up.  Yoon Yi gets up before sitting back down, because she’s so drunk.  Looking up, she asks the air, “Seung Woon, couldn’t you, at least, stay by my side?”

Philip updates his lawyer friend that he’s certain that Tiffany is his daughter.  He explains that he’s not sure how he feels.  He’s not even sure if he’s happy or not.

His friend asks if Philip is unhappy that he has a kid or that the existence of the kid might affect his ongoing divorce lawsuit.

Philip answers that having a kid means that he needs to get married right away…

His friend interrupts to ask if Areum asked Philip to marry her immediately.

Philip responds that Areum asked him to meet his family, which means the same thing.  The two come to the conclusion that Philip can’t get married right away since the divorce hasn’t been finalized.

The friend pries further.  He asks Philip if Philip just doesnt want to get married or if he’s just worried about his divorce?

Philip answers that he really doesn’t want to lose Areum and considered marrying her, if she had wanted.  However, he’s not ready to get married right away.  He only has bad memories about being married.  It doesn’t help that the divorce process has been so long and messy.

The friend asks if Philip is going to see Areum’s parents and Philip replies that he will.  He’ll just drag it out if they ask about getting married.



Songcheol’s daughter shows up to the restaurant to find it closed.  She wonders if he had to close the restaurant, when he sees a sign saying that the 7080’s Cafe moved next door and is now called Nancy Bong.

She arrives at the new location to see Cheolgu drinking.  They end up bickering because Yoojin asks who Cheolgu is and he responds that he’s like family.  Realizing that Cheolgu lives with Songcheol, Yoojin tries to ask how much rent he’s paying and Cheolgu refuses to answer.  Songcheol comes out in time to see both sides angry at each other.  Songcheol tries to calm them both down and tells Yoojin to have a drink before leaving.  Yoojin tells Cheolgu to pay rent instead of mooching off of Songcheol.  She also tells Songcheol to live his life properly before leaving.


Sunhwa comes home after a long day of work to find Heungsu and Heungmin eating and watching television.  She asks about the new shoes and Heungsu replies that there’s a new neighbor.  Sunhwa comments that it’s a good thing since Songcheol had been complaining about having any empty room.  Heungsu adds that he thinks the new guy is living there for free and explains vaguely that the new guy is shady.  He saw the new guy wearing an imitation shirt, but the new guy denied that it was an imitation until the very end!

Sunhwa’s radar gets triggered and she asks how Heungsu knew that the new guy’s shirt was fake.  She asks if Heungsu bought a brand shirt and Heungsu pretends that it’s fake.  Sunhwa orders Heungmin to bring the shirt over and Heungmin comments that it looks like a real brand name shirt; the stitching is detailed and the fabric quality is good. Heungsu insists that he bought the shirt at Dongdaemun (a fashion neighborhood, known for selling trendy but not brand named clothes) and Sunhwa threatens to cut the shirt up to use it as a rag.  Heungsu quickly grabs the shirt and runs out, saying that they shouldn’t disrespect the shirt just because he bought it at Dongdaemun.


Jiwoo home to see Areum putting a patch on her shoulder.  Jiwoo asks what happened and Areum explains that she has been too busy to work out lately.  Jiwoo announces that she has an interview with Areum’s company the next day and asks Areum to put in a good word with her Team Leader.  Areum diplomatically responds that Jiwoo will do great even without her help.

Ever the good friend, Jiwoo asks Areum how she feels about finally being able to bring Philip home to see her parents.  Areum answers that she’s happy since it might help her parents even a little.

Jiwoo tells Areum that for a happy person, her expression doesn’t seem that happy.  Jiwoo asks Areum if it’s because of Seung Woon and Areum denies it, but Jiwoo isn’t convinced.

The next day, Soo Ah tells her mom to send Seungho to academy when he comes home.  Her mom recommends that she gives up on trying to get Seung Woon married with Yoon Yi and Soo Ah leaves in a huff.


Soo Ah’s appointment was with Yoon Yi.  Soo Ah asks what happened to Yoon Yi’s face and Yoon Yi replies that she just scratched it.  Soo Ah accepts this and asks Yoon Yi if she has made up her mind about Seung Woon.

Yoon Yi looks at Soo Ah and tells her that she’s decided.  She can’t give up on Seung Woon.  She explains that before Areum appeared, Seung Woon liked her.  If Areum’s gone, she thinks that she can get Seung Woon to like her again.  She declares to a smiling Soo Ah that she will get Seung Woon back.  Smiling from ear to ear, Soo Ah grabs Yoon Yi’s hand and tells her that she evaluated Yoon Yi correctly.  She explains that she was harsh on Yoon Yi to help her decide for herself, but not to worry or think that she’s alone since Soo Ah will always be supporting her.

Seung Woon falls into bed and reflects about Areum apologizing as she wheeled the boxes through the lobby.  He wonders why she was apologizing so much, when she can yell at Seung Woon so easily.  A call from a friend called “Seokyu” interrupts his thoughts and he agrees to go see the friend.


Seung Woon arrives at the bar late and finds his friends and Yoon Yi already drinking.  The friends ask when Yoon Yi and Seung Woon are going to get engaged.  They ask if the two weren’t going to get married last month.  Yoon Yi explains that there was a delay because she liked some other guy.  The two friends are surprised that it was Yoon Yi and not Seung Woon, but then comment that Seung Woon would be too lazy to cheat…One of them even adds that it would have been difficult to get Seung Woon married, if Yoon Yi wasn’t around.

Seokyu tells Yoon Yi and Seung Woon to get married after he comes back to Kroea for good in March.  Yoon Yi tells them that their wedding plans are on hold and to not plan the wedding for them…the four friends continue to drink.

After drinks, Yoon Yi tells Seung Woon that she didn’t bring her car and Seung Woon offers to grab her a cab.  She declines at first but Seung Woon insists.  The two walk toward the street and Yoon Yi notes that it feels good to laugh again as friends.  Seung Woon asks if the guy hasn’t bugged her again.  Yoon Yi confirms that and adds that she likes being friends with him…She wonders if she was too aggressive earlier and tells Seung Woon that she’ll be happy to be friends.

Seung Woon tells Yoon Yi that he’d be happier if they stay friends and grabs her a cab.


Meanwhile, Areum and Philip are meeting at a cafe.  Areum asks Philip not to tell the parents right away that he had already been married.  Philip agrees that it would be easier for him this way, too.

Philip then asks where Areum is going to live…It would be difficult for Philip to stay in Korea.  Areum tells him that it would be better to think about this slowly.  Philip suggests that Areum continues her studies.  Afterwards, she can come back and tie up loose ends such as legal matters or Tiffany’s citizenship.

Areum answers that she hasn’t thought that far…but, she wants to stay in Korea for now.  Philip agrees to think about it slowly.  He adds that his friend from the U.S. knew Yoon Yi and spoke highly of her.  He asks if Yoon Yi and Seung Woon are engaged.

Areum responds that she doesn’t know and Philip confesses that at first, he thought Seung Woon was interested in Areum.  He still thinks that it’s possible since she’s more attractive than Yoon Yi.

At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Han cannot sleep.  The both have too much on their mind, knowing that they will meet Tiffany’s baby daddy.  They realize that the don’t know anything other than that Areum met him in the United States.  Mr. Han hopes that he doesn’t have any past or problems…They also consider the menu…

The next day, Areum gets Tiffany ready happily and sends Philip a text.  He continues to brood per usual.

Mrs. Han even tells Sunhwa that Tiffany’s daddy is coming.  Sunhwa comments that the worst is over for her sister’s family.

Jinwoo comes home to see his mom happily cooking.  Jinwoo states that he is curious to see what kind of person this guy is…Mrs. Han warns him not to pick a fight since he will be his new brother-in-law… Jinwoo replies that they won’t know until the time comes…

Mrs. Han comments on Jinwoo smelling of meat…and he goes in to get changed.  Mr. Han comes out and is adorably nervous when the doorbell rings.


Areum, Tiffany, and Philip come in and Philip introduces himself to Mr. Han, who is staring at Areum.


This episode was a calmer one.  It feels nice to see things working out…if albeit uneasily for our characters… Everyone can pretend it’s normal again.  Yoon Yi and Seung Woon are friends and Areum brings home Tiffany’s dad…

One thing that I have noticed is that even if nothing dramatic happens in the episode, I enjoy watching the thirty minutes.  It just feels nice.

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