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Happy New Year everyone!  Starting off the new year, I wanted to launch DRAMAFEED’s D*INSPIRATION.  As much as I love watching drama, I also like shopping and commenting on fashion trends.

Turning to Sweden Laundry’s Bom Kim.  Not sure how many of DRAMAFEED’s readers watch this series, but if you have time, I’d check it out.  It’s a fun feel good episodic series.  In other words, each episode has a mini-story arch and the story finishes within that arch.  The premise of the story is that the main girl, Bom, runs a cute laundromat and has the power to see certain customers’ through their clothes.  This power is both a blessing and a curse because if she doesn’t help the customer solve that problem, bad luck follows Bom around.  It shows once a week on Fridays.

Now, for the main point of this post.  Bom is a post-college graduate and a recovering corporate worker.  Specifically, she used her retirement funds from her days at a company to set up this laundry.  Yet, her main fashion style is the casual, clean-cut sweater style with a dash of bright/preppiness.  Generally, she wears a longer tunic shirt with a pullover sweater on top.  The sweaters can either be the longer type or short enough to show a little bit of her tunic shirt underneath.  Personally, I like it when we can see a little bit of the underneath tunic because it adds detail and depth to the outfit.  Usually, she throws the sweaters on top of jeans, but I think they would also look great on top of black leggings or black leather pants.  Once winter hit, she usually adds a puffy jacket on top to complete her outfits.

Scouring the internet for some similar preppy cute sweaters, I found the following.  Enjoy! ^^

maisoncat         revolvebear2      wls420x94_pcup_2_8    number 9    elloyhst-81269699784480_2347_141325676maisontelephon


I’m probably going to spring for the gray bear sweater.  I’d love to pair it up with my black leather pants for a weekend date or shopping! >.<

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