Love & Secret – E34

Philip meets with Areum’s family and we finally see a glimpse of Philip’s first wife.  Areum continues to struggle on as Seung Woon tries to ignore his feelings.  In the end, Mr. Han shows us that he’s not afraid to play the game of business if business threatens to mess with his family.



The first greeting to the parents continues on a serious note.  Philip apologizes for the inconvenience and the worries that the parents must have had.  He promises to take full responsibility.  Mr. Han is silent but Jinwoo asks when Philip met Areum and when they broke up.

Trying to be the mediator, Mrs. Han tells her son to be patient with the details and asks Mr. Han if he has any questions.  Mr. Han asks about Philip’s family background. We find out that his parents are divorced; he lost contact with his mom at a young age and has lived with his dad in the United States.

Mr. Han asks to speak with Philip alone in his room.

Mr. Han begins by telling Philip that he doesn’t blame Philip.  He knows that his daughter hasn’t done anything right as well.  There would be no point in blaming Philip when he didn’t do anything on purpose.

Philip replies that he understands that the reason that Areum couldn’t tell her parents is because of him and he apologizes.

Mr. Han tells him that there’s no point in dwelling on the past and tells Philip to take responsibility over Areum and his daughter.  When Philip pauses, Mr. Han asks if Philip doesn’t have he confidence to answer.  Philip quickly replies that he intends to do so as well.

Mr. Han adds that he hopes that Philip will act carefully.  Philip asks what Mr. Han means.  Mr. Han clarifies that with the scandal surrounding the baby, if they tell everyone that the baby is Areum’s, it will only fuel more gossip.

Philip can’t help his smile of relief but he does add that Areum believes it’s her filial duty to tell the public the truth and clear her father’s name as soon as possible.  Mr. Han tells Philip that he’s asking Philip to control Areum so that she doesn’t do that…if Areum announces the news right away, she will only get hurt.  Philip agrees to help Areum stay quiet until things get quiet and Mr. Han dismisses Philip.


Mrs. Han interrupts Philip and Areum in her room to bring them fruit.  She’s all smiles and calls Philip, Choi-subang (Son-in-law-Choi), and giggles with happiness.  She compliments Philip and has a blast talking to Philip about seeing him in Seoul.  Areum interrupts to quietly ask Philip if he doesn’t have to leave.  Mrs. Han tells him to stay longer but Philip gets Areum’s hint and gets up to leave with Areum.  They give their final word to Mr. Han, when he asks Areum to stay and talk to him before she leaves.  Jinwoo offers to walk Philip out to the parking lot.


After Philip leaves, Mr. Han asks Areum how her work is after the scandal around her special promotion.  Areum tells her parents that there was talk in the beginning, but now everything is good.  Mrs. Han explains that they were worried that she would be pushed into the corner because of the scandal.  Mr. Han adds that if she’s uncomfortable, she can come out of the company.  She’s still young and has lots of opportunities ahead.  He also tells her to come back home.  Areum tries to tell him that she’s okay, but Mr. Han tells her that she didn’t leave the house to live on her own strength.  She shouldn’t burden her friend so much and it’s bad for the baby daddy to see.  Areum agrees.

Jinwoo does us all a favor and punches Philip when they reach his car.  He tells Philip that he was happy to meet him and he should have expected this much before leaving.  Philip doesn’t answer but seems to stew a bit.

At home, Philip does his characteristic brooding for like 10-20 seconds.


The next day, Jiwoo has her interview.  Louis asks where Jiwoo lived and she replies that she lived in Flushing, Queens.  He also asks if her family is well off.  She responds that she got through with part time jobs and is happy to help with anything.  Louis announces that she’s approved! Come to the office tomorrow.  Jiwoo thanks them and Louis tells her that it’s a three month internship.

Afterwards, Jiwoo asks about Areum and Louis asks how they knew each other.  Jiwoo responds that they were best friends in school and Louis complains that New York Fashion School must be a small school for everyone to know each other.

Jiwoo calls Areum to brag about the good news and complains that Areum wasn’t around.  Areum tells her that she is in the back getting something and Jiwoo asks her to come out.  Areum asks about the interview and Jiwoo spills the good news.  She also adds that she will buy the next meal.


Jinwoo cuts bbq meat for Seung Woon and Yoon Yi, commenting on the good state of the meat.  After he leaves, Seung Woon comments that Jinwoo looks fine and that it’s a pity that he’s working here.

Yoon Yi gives the first piece to Seung Woon and he snaps that she should eat herself.  They came to the bbq place because Yoon Yi was singing about meat.

Yoon Yi starts to discuss Areum.  She notes that the directors are still talking about her and the work in the warehouse must be difficult.  She comments that she doesn’t understand why Areum hasn’t left the company and asks Seung Woon to help her.  Seung Woon picks up a piece of meat and puts it on Yoon Yi’s spoon.


When they get back to the company, they see Areum carrying two large boxes.  Unfortunately, Areum runs into a man delivering sushi and they both drop their goods.  The man complains to Areum that the kimbap fell and she needs to take responsibility.  Seung Woon and Yoon Yi watch as the mess gets larger with security arriving and demanding that Areum cleans up the mess.  When Areum gets on the ground to pick up the kimbap pieces, Seung Woon takes a step to intervene and quicker Yoon Yi walks past him.

Getting to the group first, she asks what happened and gives the delivery man $50.  She tells him to redeliver new kimbap since he was also at fault and explains to security that Areum is a full time employee at their company.  She asks that they call a cleaning person to clean up the mess and asks Areum if she’s okay.  Areum looks up to see her rival (in a sense), feels humiliated, and also sees Seung Woon in the back walking away.

Walking back into the warehouse, Areum mutters at her bad luck for running into Seung Woon at that point.  She sheds a few tears but grits her teeth to continue on.

Areum gets a call from Louis asking if she’s had lunch.  She answers that she has but Louis cries that it’s an emergency.  Can she help for ten minutes?  Areum mentions that she has a lot of work but agrees to help for ten minutes.


Areum reviews the papers and realizes that their problem is that they haven’t found a way to advertise the company’s charitable support of the orphanages. She asks about the current precedents.  The male staff explains that Seung Woon has already denied those methods, which included internet marketing.

Areum comments that the best for promoting charitable support would be to do something that includes an element of culture.  Anna asks if Areum is talking about an event.  Areum agrees but gets a call from her current Team Leader, who yells at her for leaving her work unfinished.  Areum apologizes that she has to run back to the warehouse.  Louis complains that they just started brainstorming.  Areum tells him that it would take to long to explain and she can’t leave her work station for so long…However, she proposes to draft a report regarding her proposal after work and leave it on Louis’ desk.  Louis cries that he feels like he’s been saved and promises to repay her.  Louis leans back and comments that he feels like Areum is so lovely.

The Team Leader calls Areum and yells at her for leaving her station.  She tries to explain that a time sensitive issue occurred and the Team Leader yells at her for giving excuses.  He tells her that the boxes are her work and she shouldn’t act so irresponsibly.  Areum apologizes and he replies taht if she does it once more, he’s going to get her fired.


Cheolgu hungrily comes into the shared kitchen.  He eats kimchi and looks for more food in the refrigerator.   Sunhwa slaps him on the butt, thinking that he’s Heungsu before realizing it’s not her husband.  Heungmin wonders if he’s a thief since the boxers are the same as Heungsu’s.  Cheolgu replies that these are his own boxers…Sunhwa tells him to ask before eating other people’s food and Cheolgu explains that he thought the food was Songcheol’s… He walks off and Sunhwa comments at the sad state of the house, having two unemployed men.


Sunhwa and Heungmin bring ramen back into the room to wake up Heungsu.  Heungmin notes how his father’s boxers are the same as Cheolgu’s.  Sunhwa wakes up Heungsu and complains that all he does is eat and sleep.  Heungmin tells his mother not to nag his father so much…If she keeps criticizing her husband, even the work that he’s trying to do might go wrong.  They send Heungsu out for more kimchi, which sends Cheolgu hiding under the table because he was stealing kimchi.  Heungsu sees Cheolgu under the table and farts right at the table.  Cheolgu runs out at the smell, denying that he took their kimchi.  Heungsu mutters that they need to put a camera on their kimchi tupperware…


Meanwhile, Areum walks into the empty design office and starts to create a proposal about marketing their charitable support.  She looks happy about it because she gets to work on the stuff she trained for.  She leaves the proposal with a post it on Louis’ desk.

Areum pauses as she writes the post-it to think that Philip hasn’t contacted since he came over to meet her parents.


Philip is in the middle of a battle with his ex-wife.  He tells her to just settle since they don’t want to continue to be tied together like this.  The ex-wife tells him that he’s the one who wanted the divorce, so he should be the one who is more flexible.  They discuss the company stocks, which are considered joint marital property.   The ex-wife notes that he’s in Korea with Areum Han.  She tells him to give up money, which is insignificant and choose love.  If he does, she tells him that she will always remember her ex-husband as a cool romantic.  Philip answers that she should give up because he’s not.  [DRAMAFEED- Seems like they are two peas in a pod…]

Soo Ah yells at her son for not being able to catch up to his peers in academy.  Soo Ah’s mother complains that she’s being too harsh on her son and Soo Ah tells her mother to butt out.  Soo Ah even blames Seungho’s grades on her mother for coddling him…  Soo Ah’s mother complains that she doesn’t respect her and thinks everything that goes wrong is her fault.  She tries to leave and Seungho asks her to stay.  Soo Ah yells at her son for lack of confidence and inability to control himself to get better grades.


Mr. Chun comes in to ask why she’s yelling.  Seungho runs to his father and cries.  Mr. Chun asks what happened and Soo Ah’s mother complains that Soo Ah’s causing Seungho to miss out on his childhood.  Soo Ah glares at her mother as Seungho asks his father if he can stop going to this academy, which is too hard for him.  Mr. Chun replies that he can quit if he wants.  At this point, Soo Ah steps in and tells her mother to take Seungho to his room.

Mr. Chun asks Soo Ah if she’s not being too ambitious with Seungho.  Soo Ah responds that he’s the ambitious one.  He wanted to go to the academy but now is complaining.  Mr. Chun tells her that as he mentioned the last time, Seungho isn’t the type that is well suited for studying.  He tells Soo Ah to let Seungho do what he wants.  He adds that Seungho was fortunate to meet wealthy parents, they can always care for him.  So why not let Seungho do what he wants?

Soo Ah agrees to do so.  Then she brings up Yoon Yi.  She mentions that Yoon Yi seems to have not given up on Seung Woon and asks if Seung Woon has another woman.  Mr. Chun responds that he doesn’t know as Seung Woon isn’t the type to tell him anything.  Soo Ah frowns in anger.


The next day, Mr. Chun receives a painting with a letter.


Then we see Mr. Han visit the company in time to see Areum wheeling the boxes through the lobbying.  The two girls in the front gossip about her when they see her mentioning that it’s Areum.  One girl asks if she wasn’t in the designing department and the other responds that after the scandal, she was sent to the warehouse.  One expresses sympathy and the other notes that she’s lucky to not have been fired.

Mr. Han watches his precious daughter lift two boxes by herself.


Mr. Han arrives in Mr. Chun’s office.  He confirms whether Mr. Chun was able to read his letter and receive his painting back.  He notes that Mr. Chun met them coincidentally at the mountain, was invited to drinks at the mountain, Soo Ah became friends with his wife…They can all be coincidences… However, suddenly promoting Areum to Team Leader and giving her responsibility over the K Project? What about the painting that costs tens of thousands of dollars?

Mr. Han tells Mr. Chun that Areum has done nothing wrong.  She was just naive and dreamed about proving herself in a fashion company.  She didn’t realize that the company had ulterior motives.

Mr. Chun responds that the company didn’t have ulterior motives.  They saw talent in her entry in the contest and gave her a project.

Mr. Han tells him that if that is the truth, let her return to the design team.  Let her continue to dream her useless dream.  If not, Mr. Han threatens to investigate further into whether or not Areum was not promoted simply due to ulterior motives.  Mr. Han leaves in a huff.  Afterwards, Mr. Chun comments that he is on the hook for sure…


Afterwards, Seung Woon calls Louis to come to his office.  In the hallway, he does the drama bump in with Mr. Han.  Seung Woon apologizes and Mr. Han quietly walks off without another word.  However, not being an idiot, it seems Seung Woon recognizes the man, who was the talk of the news just days/weeks before.


Honestly, I’m more excited about the next episode since in the preview, Yoon Yi gives the second lead declaration that she will see who gets Seung Woon.  However, I thought that this was a great episode in seeing Mr. Han come back to life.  He’s stopped sulking and hiding from the world for his unfortunate loss of his dream position… Now, he’s made it clear to the CEO of one of the largest fashion companies that he knows things were not just coincidences.  It was a very subtle-but-not-subtle threat, which was necessary since our main lead isn’t a genius in her own right and doesn’t have the ability to fix her current situation.  Yet, it’s the fact that our main lead is so normal that I like this drama.  She’s not some hidden design genius.  She’s just a decently well off girl, who did well in school and has a normal amount of talent for designs.  She should have been accepted as an intern but got thrown into a large project as the Team Leader.  With the help of Seung Woon, she grew into the project.  However, once you took away her lucky pedigree, she wasn’t good enough to get scouted away magically.  It just feels satisfying to see her grow.

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