Love & Secret – E35

Thanks to a combination of Louis being incapable and Mr. Han joining the world of business politics, Areum returns to the design team.  This forces Yoon Yi to turn to the age-old tactic of acting two-faced in front of her rival as opposed to in front of Seung Woon.  Meanwhile, Philip’s divorce lawsuit hints of becoming more drawn out and messy.



We begin with a repeat of the battle of the fathers.  Mr. Han manages to imply that he’s threatening CEO Chun if he continues to retaliate against Areum just because Areum didn’t realize that the company was using her.  He does all this without raising his voice.  However, he makes it clear that he wants CEO Chun to return Areum back to the design team to continue to dream her useless dream.  Mr. Han tells CEO Chun that if CEO Chun doesn’t return Areum to her previous position, he will look into this special promotion of Areum.  After Mr. Han leaves, CEO Chun mutters that he’s definitely caught in a bind.


Meanwhile, Seung Woon calls Louis to his office and runs into Mr. Han in the corridor.  It’s a polite run in and Seung Woon apologizes.  Mr. Han leaves without saying anything, but Seung Woon recognizes Mr. Han.  On his way out, Mr. Han considers calling his daughter but decides against it.


Mrs. Han carries Tiffany as she and Jinwoo return home.  Unfortunately, neighbors get on the same elevator and gossip about them right in front of them.  Jinwoo tries to talk especially loud and the two ignore the two gossipers.  However, a neighbor/friend comes on and actually tries to comfort Mrs. Han for being so gracious in deciding to raise Tiffany.  Jinwoo tells her to keep her opinions to herself before stalking off.

At home, Mrs. Han tries to tell her son that they shouldn’t blame the gossipers.  They expected the gossip.  Additionally, Mrs. Han explains that the gossipers do not mean to hurt them, they are using gossiping as an outlet for their own frustrations at life.

Jinwoo complains that his father should have just said the baby was Jinwoo’s. It would have been less of a scandal.  Mrs. Han tells him to just come in early for dinner since Mr. Han and Areum are still awkward around each other.


At Zishen, Louis reports to Seung Woon.  Seung Woon approves of the report but asks for a conference because he wants to discuss some of the ideas in more depth.  For example, Seung Woon asks about the idea that a well-known hallyu celebrity distributing the clothes.  Specifically, Seung Woon asks how the company will tie the charitable act back to their fashion industry.

Louis explains that he needs to discuss it with the team…Seung Woon offers to hold a debriefing meeting with the other team members and Louis stutters that the team member, who actually wrote the report was Areum.  However, he explains that it would be difficult to have a meeting with her since she has to work in the warehouse.  Seung Woon dismisses him to report to the CEO.  Meanwhile,  Yoon Yi had walked into the office in time to hear Louis blurt out that Areum was involved.  She leaves before the two can see her.


Seung Woon gives the report to his father, who commends it.  Afterwards, Seung Woon informs his father that Areum wrote it after Louis asked for her help.  CEO Chun yells that their design team should have more than enough talent to write a report without asking Areum for help.  Seung Woon explains that the team got involved at a later stage and are having difficulty covering for Areum, it would be better for Areum to finish the project.

Yoon Yi comes in to eavesdrop at this point.

Seung Woon asks about whether Mr. Han visited earlier.  CEO Chun complains that Mr. Han came to threaten him.  At this, Seung Woon suggests that it worked out for the better.  Since Mr. Han already threatened CEO Chun, why not let Areum finish the project?  CEO Chun reluctantly agrees and dismisses Seung Woon.  Yoon Yi leaves quickly for her office, where she comments at Seung Woon’s audacity to try to keep Areum close to him still.

Mr. Han arrives home to find Jinwoo holding Tiffany.  He doesn’t really answer Jinwoo and Mrs. Han before entering his room.  Areum comes home next to find that her mom already moved all of her stuff earlier.


Areum stops by her dad’s room to just talk to him.  She asks if he was bored at home and suggests that her father goes on a backpacking trip, which had always been his wish.  Mr. Han replies that he just wants to rest and not do anything.  Instead, he brings up Areum’s work and tells her that she doesn’t have to force herself to go to work.

Areum responds that if she quits now, she will be a spoiled brat that lived off of her father.  She also adds that he taught her that some times, bad things happen to good people, but with time, everything works out.  She tells her father to trust her and not worry.  Mr. Han can’t bring himself to look at Areum, but he seems proud and tells her to do what she wishes.


The next day, Secretary Jang asks Areum to go see Seung Woon, who’s in his office nervously waiting for her.  When Areum arrives, Seung Woon tells her that he heard about Areum’s involvement in the planning for the Chinese charitable marketing from Louis.  He wanted to hear about her idea in detail.

Areum explains that she thinks it would be a good idea to hold a hallyu concert.  The children would be invited to the concert and the singer can distribute the clothes at the concert.  She hopes that the singer would be one that the children like.  Seung Woon tells her to return to the design team and finish up the charity event marketing portion.


Meanwhile, the Team continues to brainstorm.  No one has any idea and Jiwoo apologizes that she has a lot of ideas, but she has to take time warm up.  Anna teases her that she’s not a car, why would she need to warm up?  Louis complains that he wishes to ask Areum for help again and the male intern warns that Areum would be in trouble if she comes up again.

Areum interrupts to Louis’ joy.  The male staff welcomes her back as Team Leader Han and Anna clarifies that Areum is only an intern now.  The atmosphere gets wrecked by a call from Soo Ah.

Areum and Jiwoo chat in the design room, where both celebrate the fact that they can work together on the same team.  Jiwoo asks if Areum’s parents have talked about marriage between Philip and Areum.  Areum answers that they haven’t gotten that far.  Jiwoo mentions that Seung Woon would be sad if he found out and Areum notes that he doesn’t really pay attention to her now.


At the cafe, Louis nervously sits in front of Soo Ah, who asks about the status of the project.  Louis confirms that the project is going well.  However, Soo Ah asks if Areum is adjusting well to the warehouse, triggering Louis’ hiccups.  She confronts Louis and orders him to tell her what happened with Areum.

Louis stutters that Seung Woon called Areum back to the design team to finish the project.  Soo Ah asks how this could have happened.  Louis apologizes that he couldn’t handle everything, which Areum had already developed.  Soo Ah yells at Louis that she specifically asked Louis for a favor so that this wouldn’t happen…


At Zishen, Areum runs into Yoon Yi in the hallway.  Areum greets Yoon Yi, who starts off that Areum is quite lucky.  Areum doesn’t seem to understand so Yoon Yi clarifies that Areum was just demoted to the warehouse, but managed to come back up to the design team in no time.

Areum tries to explain that she was called back because of the K Project.  Yoon Yi responds that Areum has a lot of responsibility but doesn’t act upon it.  She explains that if the project was affected by her in the first place, Areum should have quietly left the company.

Soo Ah walks by around this time and hides behind a wall to eavesdrop.

Areum replies that Yoon Yi must be under a misunderstanding.  Smirking, Yoon Yi responds that Areum shook up Seung Woon’s feelings and is benefiting off of that. She asks if she’s misunderstanding and warns Areum that her time under Seung Woon’s protection only goes so far.  The girls have a stare off and Yoon Yi stalks off.

Soo Ah smiles that Yoon Yi seems to be serious finally.  In her office, Yoon Yi comments out loud that they will see who Seung Woon chooses in the end.  Her thoughts get interrupted by her secretary, who mentions that Yoon Yi is scheduled to go to the holiday party with Seung Woon.

At home, Mrs. Han brags about Philip to Sunhwa.  Sunhwa comments that if a guy is too good looking, he’s trouble.  She knows since she has had to live with Heungsu.  Sunhwa takes her free kimchi and goes off happily.


At Sunhwa’s pizza place, Seungho’s grandma comes by for pizza.  Sunhwa asks if the grandma is going for her usual order, which is a premium pizza.  This makes the grandma comment that Sunhwa must be smart due to her easy grasp of English.  She ends up asking Sunhwa to help her with Korean reading and writing.  Sunhwa teaches the grandma her name and offers to teach her one word each time she comes to order pizza.

Somewhere in Seoul, Yoojin has trouble finding a place to stay that doesn’t ask for a deposit.


At Sunhwa’s place,  Cheolgu is caught lurking around the refrigerator again.  Heungsu ends up cooking ramen for both of them.  Cheolgu convinced Heungsu that he’s a talented entertainment manager…Heungsu tries to ask Cheolgu to sign up Heungmin.  Heungsu of course brags about being a real estate consultant. [DRAMAFEED – it’s two idiots…]

Yoonjoo interrupts the two men to ask which room is Cheolgu’s.  Yoojin runs into Cheolgu’s room and lies in his bed.

Cheolgu complains to Soncheol, who tries to explain to Yoojin that he doesn’t have an empty room. Yoojin replies that the person paying rent should have priority…except, she’s going to cook, clean, and do laundry for rent.

Songcheol asks how she could come in all of a sudden like this?  Cheolgu tries to force Yoojin out and Songcheol separates the two.  Yoojin shouts that they can share the room and a competition for the room starts.


Yoon Yi stops by Seung Woon’s office to ask if he has time over the weekend.  She invites him to accompany her to a holiday lawyer’s event.  Seung Woon declines on the basis that he’s not comfortable at such events.

Afterwards, Yoon Yi comments that Areum’s back on the design team.  Seung Woon tells her not to misunderstand, she was brought back because she was needed to finish the project.  Our second lead pulls the manipulative two-face approach and explains that she wasn’t misunderstanding.  Rather, she’s here to tell him that he did a good job.  Since Areum is probably having a hard time at home, he should look after her.  She smiles and walks out as Seung Woon gets a call from his father.

In the hallway, Yoon Yi comments out loud that she’s not going to give up.


Philip’s ex-wife calls Philip, who tells him to speak to his attorney.  The ex-wife’s attorney, Roy Kim, ignoring ALL rules of professional conduct explains that he thinks speaking to Philip directly would speed up the process of settlement. Philip tells Roy to talk to his lawyer and hangs up.  Afterwards, he calls Areum to invite her to dinner.


Yoon Yi goes to the lawyers’ event, where she sees Areum at the building.  Yoon Yi is about to approach Areum when Philip comes over and escorts her out, with his arm around her shoulder.


This episode gave some spotlight to the supporting characters as we see Yoon Yi slowly fall onto the path of evil second lead.  She’s starting to act evil to Areum’s face… It’s only going to get worse now that she thinks that Areum’s getting help from both Seung Woon and Philip.  I wonder if she would ever just take the chance to pause and reflect… She might realize that by trying to control her own destiny so much, she hasn’t given the people around her the chance to help out or make an impression.  After all, it’s not even clear that she loves Seung Woon since she’s focused on marrying him even if he loses his own dream.

I hope that Mr. Han continues to have a greater role since it’s nice to see him get back up after the huge set back.

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