Run, Jang-Mi – E07

Jang-Mi continues hard to survive and take care of her naive mother.  In doing so, Jang-Mi realizes just how privileged she used to live as they search for a budget apartment and she tries to get a job on her credentials alone.  Meanwhile Taeja continues to live capriciously and requires  Minjoo saving him from a bar girl, who is determined to get some blackmail money.



The episode begins with Jang-Mi giving Mincheol a well-deserved punch to his nose and a kick to his shins.  There’s a lot of vicarious satisfaction as she stalks off from the imbecile in heels.  Out of sight, Jang-Mi pauses at a public bench to cry out her frustration that she just lost her family’s last economic safety net.


When Jang-Mi comes home, she finds her mom in a decent state of mind.  Her mother sighs that now they really are poor, with nothing to their name.  Jang-Mi asks about her brother, who still has not come home.  Jang-Mi tells her that she’s messaged her brother that everything is over; and, her mother worries that Jangsu might do something extreme because of his guilt.  Out of worry, the two check out their nearest police station to see if any accidents occurred with his name.


Mincheol reports back to his mother that he’s settled with Jang-Mi for the apartment rental and car.  Mincheol’s mom grumbles that he didn’t need to settle and Mincheol responds that even if they went to litigate the divorce settlement amount, they would have been disadvantaged because Jang-Mi’s family really has nothing under their name.  Mincheol’s mother tells him not to tell his father or sister about the un-returned amount or things may get messier.

Mincheol’s mother then tells him to look for a place to open his own practice since he can’t work at his current hospital after the humiliating incident.  She warns him to tell his father and sister that they took out a loan instead of the truth, which is that they’re using the apartment rental deposit to open his private practice.  She recommends that he looks into the Kangnam neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jang wakes up Taeja’s grandfather after twenty minutes of waiting in front of the house.  When Taeja’s grandfather is about the leave the car, Mr. Jang stops him to say that he has something to say.  Taeja’s grandfather invites him to play a round of Chinese chess first and Mr. Jang obliges.


Joonhyuk drops Taehee off.  Taehee confesses that she feels more comfortable now that they are out in the open.  Taehee asks Joonhyuk why he stood up for her when her mother ordered them to break up.  Joonhyuk answers that he wanted to protect her love.  If he just ended their relationship, her sincere feelings would be wasted.  He doesn’t return them, but he acknowledges that her feelings are sincere.  Taehee comments that she’s thankful but slightly disappointed.  She had hoped he had developed feelings as well.  Joonhyuk gives her a goodnight hug.


After Mr. Jang wins the game, Taeja’s grandfather asks if he hasn’t changed his mind.  Mr. Jang agrees that he hasn’t and tells Taeja’s grandfather that he needs to quit.  He apologizes for not being able to fulfill his promise that he would serve Taeja’s grandfather for the rest of his life.

Taeja’s grandfather asks if it’s because of Joonhyuk and Taehee.  Mr. Jang answers that the relationship is part of the reason and the other reason is that Joonhyuk has been asking him to live together for a while.  Taeja’s grandfather tells him that if Mr. Jang is sorry, he will allow Taeja’s grandfather to give him a store as his pension. Mr. Jang replies that it’s too much and Taeja’s grandfather answers that he can’t accept his resignation.

The next day, Mr. Jang tells his son that he’s told Taeja’s grandfather that he would quit.  He confesses that he should have quit earlier but he didn’t realize that his son was getting scarred from his service.  He apologizes that he only realized when he saw Taeja’s mother behave toward him the other night.  Joonhyuk replies that his father has no reason to be sorry.  It was Taeja’s mother’s uncivilized behavior that was the problem not his father.

When Mr. Jang mentions the store, Joonhyuk encourages him to accept it.  Joonhyuk tells his father that he deserves it.  He’s more than given up his life for the family; he’s earned it.  Mr. Jang comments that he’s surprised that his son isn’t against it.  Joonhyuk tells him to contact him when Mr. Jang has found a place to live.


Jang-Mi and her mother go to see a new apartment.  It’s three stories up and has a bathroom.  Unfortunately, either the bathroom is on the floor or it hasn’t been cleaned and the pipes or clogged.  Jang-Mi’s mother runs out to gag on the side.  When the broker comes down, Jang-Mi’s mother asks her how she could have showed them such an uninhabitable house.

The broker answers that she had to work within the budget; at a deposit of $10,000.00 and monthly rent of $300, there’s a limit to what she can find.  Especially if they insist on two rooms…

Jang-Mi asks if they could find a cleaner apartment and the broker encourages them to take the earlier shown partial ground floor, which has just gotten its wallpaper redone.  Jang-Mi’s mother angrily responds that the other place was completely underground.

The broker apologizes that their brokerage firm has no other apartment to show them and leaves.  Jang-Mi tells her mother that they should just go home.  Her mom whines that her legs hurt so much and asks to take a cab.  Jang-Mi bursts out that she shouldn’t have worn heels.  Her mother responds that the clothese needed heels… At this point Jang-Mi yells that her mother needs to get her head straight, they can’t afford cabs, which reduces her mom to tears.


Taeja spends time taking scenic pictures, when he gets a call from a high school friend.  They go out for drinks and the friend updates Taeja that he’s working so hard after graduation.  There’s a knock and two girls come in to accompany them.  The friend tells the girl with Taeja to treat him well as he might show up on the newspapers and Taeja answers that his friend is joking as usual.

When Taeja goes for a bathroom break, he gets a call from Minjoo to asks what he’s doing and who he’s drinking with.  Taeja mentions that he’s going to call a driver and Minjoo asks where he is.


When he returns to the room, his friend is gone.  He asks the girl where his friend went and the girl tells him that they already grabbed a room.  She offers to go to a room with him and Taeja declines that she’s not his style.  He has difficulty getting up and ends up falling asleep on the couch.  The girl takes pictures with him, posing as if she’s kissing him and as if she’s making out with him.

At this point Minjoo arrives and introduces herself as Taeja’s wife.  The girl tries to leave and Minjoo grabs her arm to stop her.  In the scuffle, the girl drops her cell and Minjoo’s quick to pick it up first.  A quick swipe shows the pictures and Minjoo quickly realizes that Taeja was drunk during the picture-taking.


Next, we see that Minjoo safely got Taeja to a bed and brought the girl with her.  Taeja’s mom comes in to yell at the girl for trying to act as a flower snake/gold-digger.  [DRAMAFEED – In Korea, a flower snake is a girl, who seduces rich people for them money…Either willingly or through blackmail.]  The girl asks for forgiveness and Taeja’s mom tells her lawyer to handle it.

The lawyer tells the girl that if they resolve this under the law, it’s up to 10 years in prison.  He gives her a non-disclosure agreement to sign.  Basically, she agrees to keep this a secret and compensate them if this ever gets out into the public.  The girl signs and Taeja’s mother allows the girl to leave.

Afterwards, Taeja’s mother thanks Minjoo and Minjoo tells her that she kept the girl’s cell phone just in case.  Taeja’s mom comments that she’s thankful that a smart girl like Minjoo was next to Taeja.

The next day, Taeja looks through the pictures in surprise.  His mother tells him that he needs to be careful because the world is full of people like this.

Jang-Mi attends interviews and works at a cafe in her part time.  Unfortunately, she gets a text message letting her know that she didn’t pass the first round of interviews.


Then we see Mincheol, Taehee and Minjoo walking around the space, which will be Mincheol’s private practice.  He informs them that he wants his concept to be luxury and he’s targeting those in their 30’s and above.  Taehee comments that Mincheol seems so normal for someone who just got out of a fraudulent marriage.  Mincheol answers that he’s trying to bury his sorrow in his work.  Taehee responds that he’s bound to succeed with that mindset.

Minjoo asks Taehee to keep costs down and leave no margin on this construction project.  Taehee mentions that it would be difficult to accept the terms as the owner.  Minjoo adds that they had to get a huge loan to open the hospital.  At this, Taehee agrees, since it’s the request of her talented designer and Mincheol promises lifetime VIP treatment.


Joonhyuk puts up his father’s name on their house wall.  Mr. Jang comments that it was his wife’s wish to own their own house… Joonhyuk convinces his father to take a picture next to his nameplate.


Meanwhile, Mincheol discusses design layouts with his mom when Mincheol’s father comes in.  He recommends that Mincheol spends a little more time getting experience at a larger hospital before opening up his own practice.  Mincheol’s mom responds that they need to earn money.

Mincheol’s father asks if Mincheol’s mom really gave back Jang-Mi the apartment deposit money and she doesn’t answer.  Rather, she just asks if he lived his life getting duped.  She offers up her phone to him to call Jang-Mi to confirm.  Mincheol’s father declines since Jang-Mi probably wouldn’t want to hear from them.

Changing the subject, Mincheol’s mother asks for the money he has been hiding off on the side and Mincheol’s father tells her that he has no side pocket.  She manages all of their accounts.  When Mincheol’s mother leaves, we see that Mincheol’s father is hiding a small account for his personal funds.


Jang-Mi cleans up at a cafe when her friend comes by.  [DRAMAFEED – Sorry folks.  Turns out her friend isn’t Jang-Mi but Jandi.]  Jandi tears up at the state of her friend and asks why Jang-Mi didn’t call.  Jandi explaisn that she found out by going to her house.

Afterwards, the two go for drinks.  Jandi threatens to put this all up online and Jang-Mi tells her not to.  If things go wrong, they may get sued by the family…

Jang-Mi mentions that she was also at fault.  Thanks to her father, she lived comfortably and was in a situation, where she would have married a doctor.  She never lived desperately.  Jang-Mi wonders if she’s getting her compensation for that period of life…

Jandi yells at her friend that it wasn’t her fault.  Jandi emphasizes that her friend just had horrible luck in meeting a incorrigible person.  Jang-Mi confesses that she’s jealous of her friend who has a good job.

Jandi asks if Jang-Mi is looking.  Jang-Mi tells her friend that she’s submitted her resume to many places but she hasn’t gotten accepted anywhere…She notes that it was expected since she went to a third tier school and doesn’t have experience.  Jandi tells her friend to keep trying her best;  she uses herself as an example, since she’s able to earn enough to live with just her high school diploma.


The next day, Taeja’s grandfather sees Taehee in Mr. Jang’s store to oversee the construction.  He comments that she must be trying her best to get points from him.  Mr. Jang replies that Taehee always gives her full attention to whatever she does.  Taeja’s grandfather notes that Mr. Jang must be happy living with his son and then recommends that he doesn’t just obsess over his son.  He tells Mr. Jang to also meet women.


The next day, Jandi greets Joonhyuk.  It turns out, Jandi worked in the Busan office for over three years and had exemplary performance there.  Jandi asks if she can recommend someone in their next search for employees.  Joonhyuk accepts but clarifies that her recommendation will only get the person through the paper stage.

Next we see Jandi giving the application to Jang-Mi.  She tells her that she can only get Jang-Mi through the paper round and its Jang-Mi’s responsibility to get through the interviews.  She also provides a full report on her company for Jang-Mi to memorize.  [DRAMAFEED- Who needs a guy with a friend like this?!]


Jang-Mi turns to her kitchen to research different rice cake recipes and designs.  As she tastes the rice/flour mixture, she remembers her father.  Even when he met up with his friend, he would bring back rice cake for his daughter in a paper cup.

Jang-Mi asks her father to help her.

The next day, Jang-Mi takes a bus to her interview.  Coincidentally, she’s on the same bus as Taeja’s grandfather.  He gets up as the bus is about to stop and ends up ripping her sleeve.

Taeja’s grandfather tries to flee the scene and Jang-Mi follows him.  She tells him that she has an important interview she has to attend.  Taeja’s grandfather blames the driver and Jang-Mi asks him how he could put the whole blame on the driver.  Taeja’s grandfather explains that he just wanted to tell her that it’s not entirely his fault. He also tells her that an interview evaluates a candidates talent and not their physical appearance.  He comments how young people these days focus on the wrong things…


Jang-Mi replies that she wants him to compensate her for the dress because his flippant attitude annoys her.  Taeja’s grandfather opens up his wallet to find that he has no money.  He tells Jang-Mi to give him her contact information and he will pay her back at another time.  Jang-Mi does but follows him when Taeja’s grandfather leaves.  She tells him that there’s no reason for her to trust him.  Taeja’s grandfather tells her that he will pay her no matter what.  Jang-Mi tells him to give her something as collateral and asks for his watch.

Meanwhile, she’s called for her interview.  Jang-Mi is telling the grandfather to give her the watch because she’s late.  Taeja’s grandfather is loathe to give her the watch, but Jang-Mi wins in the end.  She runs off with the watch and yells back to him to make sure to call as she will keep the watch safe.  Taeja’s grandfather laughs that she’s a spirited one.

Jang-Mi runs off thinking to herself that she will never trust anyone again without cause.

However, when Jang-Mi runs up to the interview, she’s told that she missed her interview slot.  Jang-Mi asks for a chance but she’s refused.


Jang-Mi barges into the meeting and asks for another chance.  Joonhyuk notes her clothes and the other judges comment that her outfit isn’t fit for an interview.

The interview coordinator explains that Jang-Mi was late and is now being stubborn.  She tries to pull Jang-Mi out and Jang-Mi yells out that SL Foods needs a new menu and she wants to help.

Joonhyuk interrupts to ask if she’s researched new menu items.  Jang-Mi hands over a report that she prepared and explains that it contains recipes and pictures.

Joonhyuk doesn’t open the packet.  Rather he asks Jang-Mi if she knows what’s most important in preparing rice cakes. He answers that the most important thing is time.  If she can’t abide by the interview time, how can they trust her ability to be timely on other things.  Jang-Mi tries to explain that she was involved in a small accident on her way and Joonhyuk cuts her off to say that they can’t serve unpalatable rice cakes and give an excuse.


While it’s true that this drama avails itself of many daily drama cliches, I am pleasantly surprised from time to time.  This episode was great in that there were small elements of role reversals.  We have Minjoo coming to Taeja’s aid literally.  She steps in when Taeja is unable to walk and stops a girl from blackmailing him with physical force, even confiscating the cell phone.  Additionally, instead of some knight in shining armor saving Jang-Mi, we get a childhood friend, who provides a chance at an interview and developed report about the company to memorize and brainstorm about.  Even Taehee!  She’s the one with the construction workers, trying to win points from her future father in law…Usually, it’s the guy from the rich house helping out with the girl’s family to win points. It was refreshing and I didn’t even realize it until the end of the episode that we have the girls pulling the heavy weight in this episode.

I am waiting to see how the drama develops our main guy characters so that they end up deserving our leading ladies.  But, I’m willing to wait. 😛

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