Run, Jang-Mi – E08

Jang-Mi catches a break thanks to drama coincidences.  She manages to do the right thing at the right time and impresses Joonhyuk in his Vice President capcaity, which lands her a job.  Additionally, as Jang-Mi continues to work hard and Taeja continues to party his life away, Jang-Mi begins to cross paths with Taeja’s grandfather.



The episode begins with Jang-Mi submitting her rice cake recipes and Joonhyuk rejecting her proposal for missing the interview time.

Jang-Mi accepts the rejection and walks out sniffling. On the way, she passes Taeja’s grandfather who recognizes her.

Mincheol’s mom gloats in Mincheol’s new office. Mincheol’s father worries about the loan payments but Mincheol tells him not to worry.


Minjoo comes in to tell the family that Taeja’s family is here. Taeja hands over an envelope and makes an appointment for Taehee, his mom and Minjoo.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi drops a glass cup at work because she’s still thinking about the failed interview. When she starts picking up the pieces, she ends up cutting her finger.


Afterwards, Jandi invites Jang-Mi to a cafe near work to chat. They end up being at the cade at the same time as Joonhyuk and Taehee.

In the middle of their chat, a customer makes a ruckus because he finds his rice cake bitter. The employee tries to explain that they only use fresh ingredients and the rice cake hasn’t gone bad, but the customer refuses to listen. He walks over to Jang-Mi and Jandi and asks them if they don’t find their rice cake bitter as well. Jang-Mi walks over and tries a bit of the customer’s cake before answering. After tasting it,  she noted that he’s eating a fruit rice cake and he’s confusing the sour taste with bitterness. She also explains that it’s the company’s policy to only sell rice cakes that they make that day.  They toss the unsold rice cakes.


The customer asks if she really is a customer and not an employee. Jang-Mi smiles that she interviewed for the company but didn’t get a position. The customer calms down and comments that she’s weird; he would have walk around denouncing the company, not standing up for it.

Lucky for Jang-Mi, Joonhyuk and Taehee watched the whole thing. The next day, Joonhyuk thinks about her and actually reviews her new menu proposal.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi works at a 7/11. When she gets a call, she picks up without a thought to find Joonhyuk on the other line. Joonhyuk asks her to work for their company as a temporary worker; he explains that he reviewed her proposal and wants to give her a chance.

Jang-Mi rushes to the company to spazz with Jandi. Jang-Mi confesses that she was disheartened and worried when she she failed her interview, but now she’s encouraged again.  She tells Jandi that she’s going to think of it as her father’s help.

Jang-Mi thanks Joonhyuk and he tells her that he hopes her enthusiasm will translate into work.  He gives her an envelope with her papers and explains that she will be working at one of their new branches.


Taeja is being driven somewhere when he spots Jang-Mi on the streets.  He tells his driver to stop and interrupts Jang-Mi.  He tells her that he’s glad to see her in a bright mode and continues on that she should stay optimistic.  Even the worst things pass and new days come.  Jang-Mi interrupts to ask if he’s flirting with her and tells him that he’s not interested.

Taeja bursts out laughing at Jang-Mi’s response and tells her that she’s not his type.  Although, he tells her that he understands if she had the butterflies because he’s so goodlooking.  Jang-Mi stalks off thinking that he’s a weirdo.

Taeja stops by Mr. Jang’s new store.  Mr. Jang tells him to stop playing and start working, causing Taeja to grab his end in pain.  He does walk off smiling.  Mr. Jang comes in to see Jang-Mi cleaning up the place.

Jang-Mi explains that she’s going to be working at the branch when she gets her training.  He tells her to wait until her work.  Jang-Mi explains that she’s just excited as it’s her first real job and continues cleaning.  Mr. Jang watches with a smile on his face.


At Mincheol’s house, his mom squeals at the amount of money he’s been making.  A lot of his customers came over to his new hospital.  Mincheol asks if his mom wants anything as the whole thing was thanks to her.  He wouldn’t have been able to have the money if they returned Jang-Mi’s wedding gift.  Mincheol’s mother notes that if he had just listened to her from the beginning, they would have more money as he would have had the money from a wholly bought apartment.  She asks for a fur coat and Mincheol hands over his credit card to buy whatever she wishes.

Mincheol’s father comes home to see his wife dance up to him with the credit card.  When she explains that her son promised to buy her a fur coat, he comments that Mincheol should pay off his loans first.  He also asks why she’s so indifferent to the amount of debt that they have, which makes Mincheol’s mom pause awkwardly, trying to control her happiness.


Jang-Mi and her mother see a new apartment.  Jang-Mi’s mother doesn’t look how small the bathroom is.  Jang-Mi pulls her mother to the side for having a problem with every apartment that they saw.  They have to leave their house soon… Jang-Mi’s mother suggests that they go to a motel first.

At the new motel, Jang-Mi sighs that she doesn’t know what to do anymore.  She tells her mother that she should know better.  Jang-Mi spells it out for her mother; they have to pay the daily amount and the storage fee for their furniture.  She gives her mother one week before they have to move out of the apartment.  Jang-Mi’s mother comments that the motel is better as there’s even housekeeping, which causes Jang-Mi to leave the motel room in frustration.


Outside, she gets a from Taeja’s grandfather.  They meet up at a cafe and Taeja’s grandfather asks for how much she wants.  Jang-Mi notes that it was originally an expensive dress, but she will take just the tailoring fee.  When Taeja’s grandfather notes that $50 should be enough, Jang-Mi gets irritated and calls for $100 for the dress repair and her pain and suffering.  She complains that she couldn’t get to her interview on time and had emotional trauma.  Taeja’s grandfather mutters that she’s a stubborn girl and says they should meet in the middle.  He doesn’t have $100 but he does have $75.  Jang-Mi agrees.  Taeja’s grandfather asks for a receipt and Jang-Mi asks for a confirmation of receipt.


When Taeja’s grandfather gets up, he pauses in pain gripping his chest.  Jang-Mi asks if she’s okay and he tells her to leave.  Jang-Mi is about to leave when Taeja’s grandfather falls to the ground.  Jang-Mi turns around and helps the grandfather to the emergency room.


At Taeja’s house, his mother sits broodingly as Joonhyuk comes in.  As soon as he sits, she asks what Joonhyuk is doing.  She orders that Joonhyuk force Taeja start working.  She also comments that they sent Joonhyuk abroad to help Taeja and he let Taeja waste that time, while he got his own MBA.  She emphasizes that there is nothing free in life.  They invest in Joonhyuk’s education for Taeja.  Therefore, it’s Joonhyuk’s responsibility to correct Taeja.

Joonhyuk answers that this doesn’t seem to be his problem.  If she’s done speaking, he will leave.  Taeja’s mother orders him to stop.  She complains that he’s rude for getting up before an adult is done talking and orders him to force Taeja into working at the company.  Joonhyuk makes a fist but calmly answers that she needs to talk to Taeja.  Stubbornly, Taeja’s mother tells Joonhyuk that if he’s going to be so irresponsible, he can give up his Vice President position.

Taeja comes in to interrupt.  He yells at his mother for being unreasonable.  Joonhyuk’s Vice President position has nothing to do with his going to work.  Taeja’s mother responds that they promoted Joonhyuk to a high position so that he could help Taeja.  Taeja yells that his mother is unreasonable and leaves to catch up with Joonhyuk.

Catching up, Taeja grabs Joonhyuk’s arm and apologizes.  He explains that he didn’t know how bad his mother acted toward Joonhyuk.  Joonhyuk responds that he will never be anything in front of Taeja’s mother’s eyes; he will forever be the son of her driver.  Taeja tries to ask Joonhyuk to calm down on his behalf; he knows how much Taeja loves him.  Joonhyuk snaps that Taeja needs to take care of his own business. Joonhyuk is tired of cleaning up after him.  With that Joonhyuk leaves.

Minjoo carefully asks if Taeja’s mother likes a certain violinist.  She gives an autographed cd to Taeja’s mother.


Taeja angrily comes back into the house.   Taeja reasons that his mother has already forgotten how Joonhyuk was the reason that Taeja accepted the outside world again. He yells at his mother not to bother Joonhyuk.

Minjoo asks if something happened to Taeja when he was younger and his mother asks her to leave for now, as she’s tired.


Taeja’s mother sighs as she remembers the past.  In a flashback, Taeja’s mother tries to tell Taeja that he needs to eat.  Taeja whimpers and moves to the side, sticking to the wall.  In frustration, his mom yells at him to talk but Taeja can’t seem to make words come out of his mouth… Instead a tear falls.

Later, we see Taeja hiding behind a corner as he watches Joonhyuk play with a yo-yo.  Joonhyuk places the yo-yo on the chair before leaving.  After a few minutes, Taeja gets up and tries to play with the yo-yo, but fails miserable.  As he winds the yo-yo back up, Joonhyuk appears and helps him wind up the yo-yo.  Afterwards, he helps Taeja play with the yo-yo and compliments him.  We see Taeja smiling at Joonhyuk’s compliments and Taeja’s grandfather in the background watching.

Jang-Mi buzzes around Taeja’s grandfather, who has gotten up and is ready to leave.  He refused to get the tests as recommended by the doctor.  Jang-Mi asks if it’s because of money as Taeja’s grandfather just answers that he’s healthy.  Ignoring Jang-Mi, he walks off.


Mr. Jang gives his son some healthy concoction.  Joonhyuk apologizes for missing his father’s store/cafe opening.  Mr. Jang tells him it’s okay and compliment’s Jang-Mi, who has come many times to help out already.  Joonhyuk answers that he sent Jang-Mi there on purpose because she seemed to have a passion for rice cakes and was enthusiastic about working.

At home, Jang-Mi sends a text to her brother to come home.  She tells him that she’s gotten a job and all they need is for him to return.  she also says a prayer to her father for help.


The next day, Mr. Jang isn’t paying attention to where he walks and runs into Jang-Mi’s mother.  In helping her up, his heart starts beating adorably.  Jang-Mi’s mother yells at him for scaring her and he stutters an apology before running off.

Only after he’s gone a bit does Mr. Jang wonder why his heart was racing so much.  Massaging his chest, he walks to his store. Jang-Mi is already there and stretching.  He asks why she came thirty minutes early and she explains that she was excited for work.  Mr. Jang tells her to come on time the next day since she will be too tired at the end of the day.

Taeja’s grandfather checks in with his primary doctor.  He jokes at the doctor’s gravity about whether he has cancer.  Unfortunately, the doctor responds that the grandfather has lung cancer.  The grandfather asks the doctor to keep this between them for now.

At Mr. Jang’s cafe, Jang-Mi’s hard at work.  She goes to back for more rice cakes and the chef tells her to get it herself.  Jang-Mi obliges.


Taeja’s grandfather walks in and Jang-Mi recognizes him.  She asks what the grandfather is doing here.  Mr. Jang looks like he’s about to call Taeja’s grandfather, CEO, when the grandfather silences him with a glare.  The grandfather sits down, orders some rice cake and tells Jang-Mi to get some water.  Jang-Mi explains that water is self service and the grandfather grumps that he’s old.  Get him the water.  Jang-Mi smiles but goes to get the water.

Taeja’s grandfather pays in coins, which Mr. Jang is more than happy to receive.  Jang-Mi asks if the grandfather doesn’t have any paper money and Taeja’s grandfather answers simply, “Nope.”  Without another word, Jang-Mi helps Mr. Jang count the money.


Afterwards, Jang-Mi stops Taeja’s grandfather to ask if he doesn’t want to buy some rice cake lunchboxes from her. Jang-Mi explains that the cafe cannot sell the rice cakes after a day so she wants to try creating new menu items with the unsold ingredients.  The grandfather asks why he would buy their trash and Jang-Mi answers that it’s not weird, her mother and she will also be eating the same items.  Intrigued, the grandfather asks how much and Jang-Mi asks for $3..50.   The grandfather counters with $2.50 and they agree.

Unfortunately, when the grandfather goes home, he arrives as Taeja is yelling at his mother that he will never go to work for that company.  He tells her that he never wants to see that person happy and so he will never work for the company.  He will always live and play.  He doesn’t care if the company that took sweat and tears is given to someone or goes bankrupt.


Angry, his grandfather kicks Taeja in the legs and yells at him to leave.  He tells him that he takes after his father and is useless.  Taeja’s mother tries to calm her father in law down, but we see Taeja’s about to cry… Maybe he cares more about his grandfather’s opinion than he would like to admit.

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