Love & Secret – E36

Philip continues to look for a way to be with Areum without getting married right away.  Meanwhile, Yoon Yi finds out about Philip and Areum, which triggers more of her anger and Seung Woon gets up his courage to confess to Areum that he’s willing to accept her as a single mother.  However, Areum decides to follow her brain and not her heart.



Yoon Yi watches Areum walk off with Philip with interest. Her thoughts are interrupted by Philip’s friend, who tells her how happy he is to see her. Yoon Yi responds a bit awkwardly as Philip’s friend continues that he’s been singing her praises and he heard that Yoon Yi met Philip.

At dinner, Areum comments that Philip must be busy as he hasn’t contacted her recently. Philip looks happy and asks if she missed him.  Areum just confirms that she expected that he was busy because of work.

Philip asks if work is still difficult. Areum agrees that people aren’t happy with her, but notes that things will get better with time. Hearing this, Philip asks Areum to go to Milan with him. He proposes that she can finish her studies or work for a fashion company there. He explains that one of his investors is a fashion company and he can look into a position for her…he tells her that he doesn’t want to see her in a job where she’s constantly judged.

Areum responds that she understands his feelings, but she can’t jump right away. She is responsible for the project at her company. Philip asks her for an opportunity to make it right. He explains that he feels like she lost her opportunity because of him and he wants to give her another chance.

Areum thanks him, but notes that it wasn’t purely his fault. She was the one who made the decision. Also, she adds that it might be difficult due to Tiffany. Tiffany is still young and she wants to raise Tiffany near family.

Philip backs off and agree to accept her wish. Areum apologizes.


Meanwhile, Seung Woon has dinner with his father. Seung Woon asks his father what the occasion is and his father responds that it’s normal for parents to eat with their kids.  He informs Seung Woon that their relationship, where he has to ask his son to meet for dinner or drinks is the weird one.  Afterwards, Mr. Chun tells Seung Woon that he hopes that he won’t have to regret bringing Areum back to the design team.  He knows that it’s difficult to end a relationship after you’ve already developed feelings, but he tells Seung Woon make sure to distinguish between his work and personal life at the company.

Seung Woon asks if Mr. Chun’s concern is because of the talk about the nepotism.  Mr. Chun explains that once a relationship goes sour, it’s hard to make it right.  He asks if Yoon Yi really is not right for Seung Woon.  He explains that if Yoon Yi had come from a good family and background, he would not have expected her to become Seung Woon’s wife.  He wanted to match Seung Woon up with Yoon Yi because she had troubles and knew loneliness.  Mr. Chun adds that a person who knows loneliness will not betray you.

Seung Woon answers that while Yoon Yi is a good person, he’s not the best partner for her.  Mr. Chun advises that Seung Woon should make allies and not enemies in life.  He also tells his son to bend in the wind sometimes; he can only help protect his son if his son shows some weakness.  Seung Woon finally smiles and his father mutters that Seung Woon is stubborn.


After the lawyers’ event, Yoon Yi catches up with Philip’s friend and asks to go out for a drink.  He tells her that he has other plans but invites her to drinks another time.  Yoon Yi throws out that Philip seems to have a girlfriend and the friend tells Yoon Yi that Philip is infatuated with Areum, whom Yoon Yi should know as they work at the same company.  Yoon Yi explains that she pretended not to know to protect Areum’s privacy and the other friend laughs that there’s nothing to protect.  Philip has looked for Areum for so long, he won’t stop talking about her.  After the friend leaves, Yoon Yi angrily wonders how Areum could even think about playing with Seung Woon.


At home, Mr. Chun answers Soo Ah that he had drinks with Seung Woon.  He explains that he drank with Seung Woon outside since Seung Woon doesn’t open up his heart at home.  When Soo Ah asks about the project, Mr. Chun sighs that he had to give the project back to Areum as she is the best experienced with the project.  Soo Ah wonders if this would be okay with the talk of nepotism.  Mr. Chun responds that he can deal with the directors but Mr. Han is a different issue. Mr. Chun expands that Mr. Han came and threatened to expose Mr. Chun’s ulterior motives if they don’t treat Areum right.  He complains to Soo Ah that there’s too many coincidental factors for Mr. Han’s threat to go away easily with her relationship with Mrs. Han and his own hiking meetings.  He laments that he should have tried to win the project on their company’s skill and talent…He sighs that he wants a bath and Soo Ah leaves to get the bath ready.  Outside, the door, she mutters that Mr. Chun is blaming her when he was more excited about using Mr. Han prior to the scandal.

Areum comes home to find her mother in the livingroom and her father with Tiffany in the master bedroom.  She updates her mother that she had dinner with Philip to find her mother happy about the news.  Mrs. Han explains that she understands Areum’s feelings and desire to raise Tiffany alone.  However, she comments that when a girl and a guy meets…It’s inevitable for feelings to be hurt.  She advises that Areum focuses on the future and forget the past.


Areum goes into the room to bring Tiffany to her room.  She finds Mr. Han putting Tiffany to sleep.  He tells her to leave Tiffany in their room; even if Tiffany doesn’t wake up, older people wake up in the middle of the night anyways.

When Areum asks Mr. Han’s opinion of Philip, he tells her that her opinion matters most.  However, he does add that since Philip is willing to take responsibility over Tiffany and Areum, he shows that he has the right to be with her.

In the morning, Areum is hard at work.  Louis is especially happy that work is going smoothly.  Areum’s friend comments that Areum appears to be doing all of the work and Areum explains that she knows the charity project the most so it’s easier for her to complete it.  When Areum has to report to Seung Woon, she asks Louis to join the meeting.  Louis asks if Areum can go alone as reporting to Seung Woon gives him stress.

Yoon Yi stews in her office that Areum dared to try to take her guy when she had Philip.  She notes that she will give everything back to Areum.


Reporting to Seung Woon, Areum notes that they might be able to start producing the clothes tomorrow.  Seung Woon asks why she hasn’t looked into the broadcasting outlets.  Areum asks if they could not broadcast the concert, since broadcasting the children’s faces would only make them feel like they were used for marketing only.  Rather, she proposes that by focusing the event on the children to really give them a good concert, it would show that the company is sincere about its charity.  Seung Woon looks slightly moved and agrees to do as Areum suggests.


When Seung Woon gets up, he notices a sketch.  He picks it up and sees a page out of Areum’s personal portfolio.  The sketch is of his engagement outfit and has Areum’s personal notes on it…A voiceover tells us that the note was:

For a special person on his special day.  It was painful but since he would wear it, I tried my best.  A person I am thankful to…and a person I am sorry to… I hope he becomes truly happy.

Seung Woon pauses after reading Areum’s note and sighs.  Yoon Yi interrupts his reverie to ask what’s going on.  Seung Woon stutters that it’s nothing and hides the paper between the update report.  Yoon Yi asks Seung Woon to dinner as she has something to say.  Seung Woon asks if she can’t say it now and agrees to dinner when Yoon Yi insists.

Philip’s secretary reports that his ex wife’s lawyer tried to ignore all rules and contacted him to say that he cannot reach Philip… Philip dismisses him and mutters that he needs to clean up the situation here first.  He calls Mrs. Han to meet.


Philip is all charm and grace when he meets Mrs. Han, pulling out the chair and everything.  He explains that the restaurant’s food is tasty and he wanted to bring her.  During the meal, he lays on the compliments that Areum is pretty because her mother is beautiful.  Mrs. Han laughs that he should stop or she might actually believe him.

Then Philip asks if Mrs. Han knows that Areum didn’t finish her degree because of Tiffany and himself.  Mrs. Han answers that she found out later, they thought that Areum had postponed her graduation because of an internship.  Philip confesses that he feels guilty and wants to give Areum back her dream.  He knows that Areum’s dream school is in Milano.  It would be one to two years only and he has to go there for work anyways.

Mrs. Han asks if Areum would also be interested.  Philip answers that he hasn’t brought it up yet.  However, he knows how much Areum valued her studies…

Mrs. Han agrees that it would be a good idea but the problem is Tiffany.  Philip also agrees and notes that it would be difficult to separate the two … He also adds that if they bring Tiffany, Areum would focus on taking care of Tiffany and not her studies…

Mrs. Han worries that it would be difficult as it would be in a different country.  Then, Mrs. Han proposes that she takes care of Tiffany.  Philip asks if it wouldn’t be too much trouble for Mrs. Han.  Mrs. Han replies that if Areum can finish her studies, she would be happy to help.  She tells Philip that she will talk to Mr. Han and encourages Philip to talk with Areum.

Philip remembers that he brought her a present.  He gives her a (presumably) luxury bag.  Mrs. Han asks if it’s okay for her to receive such an expensive gift and Philip graciously responds that he’s her son-in-law.

At work, Jiwoo asks if Areum is awkward around Seung Woon.  Areum responds that it’s better.  She’s sure that Seung Woon has gotten over her since he found out that she’s a baby mom.  She tells Jiwoo to buy dinner and Jiwoo complains that she hasn’t received her first paycheck.  Laughing, Areum offers to buy.


At Songcheol’s house, Yoojin complains that Cheolgu is a bum and stays at home.  Yoojin comments that home is best and lays down on the floor. Cheolgu takes out tape and tapes right in the middle of the room and warns her not to cross the border.  In return, Yoojin smirks and turns on music on her cell phone to annoy him.  When Cheolgu tries to get the phone from her, she kicks him.


When Mrs. Han gets home, she poses in front of the mirror with her new bag.  Then she wonders about how Mr. Han would nag if he knew that she accepted the gift.  So when Mr. Han notes that he’s home, she hides the bag before leaving the room.

Mr. Han tells her that he met an old friend who asked if Mr. Han would be interested in lecturing at his university.  Mrs. Han asks if he accepted it and Mr. Han replies that he thought it was too early after the scandal to go out in public.  He goes to check on Tiffany.


Mrs. Han follows Mr. Han into the room and asks whether they should let Areum go study abroad in Milano.  Mrs. Han explains how Philip brought it up and comments that she likes his sense of responsibility.

Mr. Han wonders how the order is weird.  Since Areum already has his child, he should focus on getting married first.  Mrs. Han looks confused because she assumed he would get married before they go study abroad together, but Mr. Han seems worried that Philip proposed studying abroad before marriage.


At Zishen, Seung Woon brings Areum’s portfolio to her. She accepts it and Seung Woon asks if the reason she wouldn’t accept his advances was because of the.  He asks her if he was okay about the child, would she accept his advances?


Areum answers Seung Woon that she is sorry for making Seung Woon confused.  However, she can’t accept his feelings.  She clarifies that it’s not because of Yoon Yi or her child.  She is seeing Tiffany’s father again and she still loves him.  She confesses that she was moved by his help and feelings… Tearing up, she tells Seung Woon that he needs to stop.  She finds his feelings burdensome.  With that, Areum runs into the elevator, where she whispers, “I’m sorry,” and cries.

Rejected, Seung Woon tries to control his emotions.  At the restaurant, Yoon Yi calls Seung Woon but he doesn’t answer.  She texts him that she will go in first…but, he’s drinking himself into a stupor at another bar.  He talks to himself that if the child’s father is back, she should return to him.  He accepts it logically, but he doesn’t seem to accept it emotionally.  He asks for another bottle of scotch/whiskey.  When the waiter notes that he’s too drunk, Seung Woon tries to stand up and asks for another bottle anyways…He ends up falling down.


Yoon Yi gets a call from Seung Woon’s number, only to find the waiter on the other end.  He tells her that she needs to come and pick up Seung Woon.


When Yoon Yi comes, he’s still demanding more alcohol. He sees Yoon Yi and tells her that he must be getting his punishment for being so mean to Yoon Yi.

Yoon Yi asks if something happened and Seung Woon tries to answer, “Areum…Areum…”  He falls onto Yoon Yi and loses consciousness.


Usually, Areum’s answer would have really angered me as she’s playing the noble idiot.  However, this drama really developed the whole dynamic and importance of Areum’s family.  In fact, the stakes are even higher because Areum knows that her father had to give up his life’s dream because of her decision to keep Tiffany…A decision, which no one can judge, but, which only factored in her and Tiffany’s interests.  That’s why, I understand and accept where Areum’s coming from.

Areum’s current goal is not happiness.  Happiness would be a great second goal, but her current goal is making things right for her family, while protecting Tiffany’s interests.  With Philip playing the world’s best son-in-law and soon-to-be-father, Areum knows that her family would be hurt if she decided to follow her heart and accept Seung Woon’s feelings.  The issue would be that even if Seung Woon wants to continue to see her, there’s no guarantee that the relationship would end in marriage.  Meanwhile, Philip has given the impression that he wants to take care of both her and Tiffany.  Areum’s choice of Seung Woon over Philip would be another choice of herself over the family stability…

I do hope everything gets untangled but I appreciate how well the story has been written.

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