Love & Secret -E38

Round 1 – Philip wins as he declares to Seung Woon that he is engaged to Areum without even asking her.  The nerve! However, we don’t have to fear because Seung Woon is resigned but his feelings haven’t changed.  Most importantly, with the perceptive Mr. Han, this marriage is not going to happen unless Areum truly wants it.  Can Philip convince Areum that he’s the right one?



Seung Woon meets up with Philip at a cafe to discuss business.  Though courtesy demands that both men are polite, the atmosphere is pretty frigid. Seung Woon brings up the rumors that Philip is considering investing in Dior Fashion.

Philip replies that he had lost interest in Winners Group after Mr. Han’s nomination interview; Winners’ stock price decreased and the market lost confidence in the group. However, he adds that since Seung Woon kept calling, he reviewed the revised investment proposal.  Not one to lose out on a business deal for personal reasons, Philip offers to continue the investment talks if they can settle on the return amount. He explains that since the risk  has increased, his  return on his investment needs to increase.

Seung Woon replies that he can’t confirm a price yet.  He proposes that Philip decides whether he wants to decide first.  Philip counters that he always determines the rate before deciding on investment.  At this, Seung Woon responds that they might not be a match and they should stop these talks.  He gets up to leave.


Philip jumps up to state that he’s going to get married soon.  He wants Seung Woon to congratulate him as he’s getting married to someone Seung Woon also knows – Areum Han.  [DRAMAFEED – OMG HE JUST DECLARED HE’S GETTING MARRIED TO HIS RIVAL WITHOUT ASKING THE GIRL…WUT?]


Meanwhile, Areum massages Tiffany.  She explains to her mother that due to the increased contact with the baby, the intimacy between the mother and child increases.  Also, she comments that studies have shown that the child’s intelligence also increases.

Mrs. Han comments that she will do it more often.  She turns the conversation to the studying abroad and encourages Areum to continue her studies.  She offers to raise Tiffany, while Areum is studying.  Areum responds that she wants to raise Tiffany herself…

Mrs. Han hears Mr. Han come home and leaves.  Areum muses to herself that it would be better for “him” if she leaves the country…

Philip’s call interrupts her thoughts.  He invites her to come out as he has something to tell her.

Mr. Han tells Mrs. Han to be careful that Tiffany doesn’t get a cold in this weather after a bath.  He then hands over a book on studying abroad and pamphlets.


Mrs. Han goes straight into Jinwoo’s room to hand them over.  She tells him happily that his father wanted to give him these.  He wants to send Jinwoo to study English abroad.  She sighs that the hard times must be finally over…  [DRAMAFEED – FORESHADOWING >.< HIDE!]


So Areum meets Philip outside her apartment but finds out that Philip didn’t really have anything to say.  He just tells her that he missed her and wonders how he could have stayed away from her for over a year.  He then asks if she dated anyone during the interim.

Areum responds that she didn’t.  Philip agrees that he knew it.  He knew she was lying when she told him that she was seeing someone.  He holds her hand but Areum gets uncomfortable and tells him that she has to go back to Tiffany.


Team status meeting!  Anna and Tiffany were able to line up a celebrity for the charity concert.  The team wonders how everything is working out so well.  Anna then wonders if Areum will have to go back to the warehouse after the project.  Jiwoo exclaims that such a thing wouldn’t be fair since Areum has helped the company so much.  Areum smiles at her friend for being so dependable and gets a text from Philip saying he will stop by her house that night.


In his office, Seung Woon broods about Philip’s last words.  He starts to pace when Yoon Yi comes in.  Seung Woon finally apologizes for standing her up the other night.

Yoon Yi tells him that it’s okay; she understands that he’s going through a difficult time.  She then asks him whether he and Areum actually dated.  Seung Woon replies that it was one-sided.

Yoon Yi comments that it is better that way.  She tells Seung Woon that Areum had a thing with Philip and is with him again.

Seung Woon tells her to stop talking about this. Yoon Yi is shocked that he would like Areum even though he knew that she was taken.  Seung Woon asks her not to judge him and Yoon Yi tells him to save his pride as it hurts her to see him this way.  She leaves but smiles as soon as she’s out of the office.


In the hallway, it’s time for our two female leads to exchange barbs.  Yoon Yi asks if Areum had fun trying to decide between Philip and Seung Woon.  Areum replies that her words are a bit harsh.  Yoon Yi wishes Areum and Philip well since she won’t let Areum go the next time Areum gets involved with Seung Woon.


Areum goes in to report on the concert.  Seung Woon tells her that he’s busy and she should send her report to him by email.  He also adds that in the future, she can send her updates by email instead of being uncomfortable around him.


The family has a meeting about Areum studying abroad.  Areum tells her parents that she is worried about Tiffany but wants to continue her studies.  However, she will take Tiffany with her.  Her mom jumps in to state that they can think about the details later.

Mr. Han states that they should get married before studying abroad.  Philip answers that he agrees with the thought and relieves Mr. and Mrs. Han.  However, when Mrs. Han asks if Areum is also happy about this, she looks more like she’s about to cry.  Perceptive Mr. Han notes this.


Outside, Areum holds Tiffany to see Philip off.  He’s all happy that they are finally about get married.  Areum not so much.

Finally, Mrs. Han is in groove.  She poses in front of the mirror with her new bag and wonders where she can go out to show it off.  She decides to go to the cooking class and also meet up with Soo Ah.


At her meeting, Mrs. Han shows off her bag by keeping it on the table.  Soo Ah starts off the fight by commenting that Mrs. Han’s face has gotten worse.  Mrs. Han replies that she has actually been well and takes out another thing from her bag.

Grudgingly, Soo Ah asks if Mrs. Han bought a new bag.  Mrs. Han replies that she got it as a present from Areum’s boyfriend.  She brags that he’s such a good guy and Mr. Han approves of him, too.  Mrs. Han asks if Soo Ah’s son is doing well.  She comments that in the future, Soo Ah should be careful to get her facts straight the next time.  She even adds that she knows that Soo Ah and Mr. Chun didn’t get to know them on purpose with an ulterior motive…She shouldn’t worry.  [DRAMAFEED – Mrs. Han does this pointed thing of saying the opposite thing but still threatening SUPERBLY!]


Mrs. Han then goes to debrief with Sunhwa.  They admire the bag and Mrs. Han tells Sunhwa to take the bag whenever she wants to go out somewhere. They also happily discuss how Philip is offering to take Areum to study abroad.  Both decide that life has finally found its path again.

Soo Ah goes straight to Mr. Chun to tell him about Areum.  She offers him one of her handmade cookies, which he declines on the excuse that he has high blood sugar today.  She then drops the bomb – she met Mrs. Han at her cooking class and found out that Areum is engaged.  In her malicious way, she drives it home and hopes that Seung Woon would get married soon as well.


Of course Mr. Chun doesn’t take it well.  In his fatherly concern, he decides that the best thing for Seung Woon to do is to marry Yoon Yi again.  After all, no better way to mend a broken heart than may marrying someone you don’t love.  He goes straight to Seung Woon’s room and tells him such – if Seung Woon lives with Yoon Yi, he will come to have feelings for her.

Seung Woon replies that he is not the right person for Yoon Yi as he cannot guarantee that he will make her happy.  He also confirms that he knows that Areum is engaged.

This makes Mr. Chun even angrier that his son is pining after a girl who left him for another guy.  He tells Seung Woon that he will set a date for that month.


Meanwhile, Heungsu finds out that he made ANOTHER mistake.  The real estate investment company that he invested $50,000 of his sister-in-law’s money disappeared.  When he stands around shocked in the empty shell of an office, one of the investors remembers that Heungsu sat on the side and helped with the paperwork.  He assumes that Heungsu is a member of the company and calls the other investors on him as well.


Yoojin brings lunch for her dad and Cheolgu.  Cheolgu is happily surprised that Yoojin even brought rice for him.  Yoojin explains that she didn’t want to, but she realized discriminating with food was too childish.  However, she didn’t make him a fried egg because there were only two eggs.  Cheolgu decides not to eat and leaves.

Jiwoo waits for Jinwoo at his bbq beef restaurant.  Judging from the reactions of all of the other girls eating bbq for lunch, they were all waiting for him.  Jiwoo acts surprised that this is the restaurant that Jinwoo works at and asks for another serving of beef.

Yoon Yi drops by Soo Ah’s house because Soo Ah called her.  Soo Ah’s mother tells Yoon Yi that she thinks that Yoon Yi is the better catch than Seung Woon.  She also offers to set Yoon Yi up with a son of a friend…He’s 42 and has a PhD from abroad.  Yoon Yi looks awkward but doesn’t respond.

Luckily for Yoon Yi, Soo Ah comes home and invites Yoon Yi into her room.  As soon as they are sitting, Soo Ah explains that Areum is engaged.  She gloats that Seung Woon will finally give up on Areum.

Yoon Yi adds that Areum is seeing Philip Choi, the investor.  Soo Ah sighs that Areum has good luck, but notes that it’s better for them.  If it’s Philip Choi, Areum will not change her mind.  She warns Yoon Yi to do her best when Mr. Chun calls to ask her to meet.


Philip also makes arrangements.  He asks Mrs. Han to bring Tiffany out.  He has bought her a cradle and some toys.  It looks like he also bought Areum some presents as well.  He calls Areum to come to his apartment after work.

While waiting for Areum, Philip tries playing with Tiffany… However after a few minutes, he sighs and looks at their DNA test report again.  He kind of glares at Tiffany for existing and ruining his plans.

Yet, like a grown man, he picks Tiffany up and seems to be in an internal struggle with himself – to accept Tiffany.  When Areum comes, he goes out to meet her with Tiffany in his arms.


Automatically, Areum offers to hold Tiffany but Philip declines.  Acting extremely close to Tiffany, he comments that they have gotten really close.  Tiffany didn’t even cry.  Areum looks at him surprised.

[DRAMAFEED NOTE – In daily dramas, nothing happens for no reason.  I wonder if Areum will see the discarded DNA test.]


I am warming up to Philip but I’m not really convinced.  I don’t blame him, if I were a guy and someone dropped a 1 year old in my life when I am in the middle of figuring out my life’s trajectory, I would not be happy.  Having a kid changes your whole life’s outlook and it’s not something that I would want to happen to me without a chance to at least debate it first.  This doesn’t mean that he is justified for the heartache he gave Areum, but who’s perfect? Just saying, I understand his caution when it comes to Tiffany.  It’s clear that logically, he knows that only by accepting Tiffany will he win Areum’s heart.  However, his own heart is not ready for it.  Kid’s still immature at heart – he dreams of going to Milan and living the unencumbered dream with his past and present sweetheart.

I do like Seung Woon better but he has his own issues.  I am glad that he’s respecting Areum’s decisions but his own heartache isn’t only Areum’s fault.  He was the one that dawdled when he found out that Areum had a kid.  If he had told her that he accepted her with Tiffany early on, it might have been a different scenario.  However, again, I understand that he needs to be willing to fight an uphill battle if he does that.  He has to convince his own father why Areum with a baby is better than Yoon Yi without. Also, he will need to convince Mr. Han, who isn’t fond of the Chuns, why he would be better for Areum than Tiffany’s own father.  Not to mention that Soo Ah is in the background waiting to swallow the company whole…

As for Areum, we’ve made a lot of progress in these 38 episodes.  She’s thinking a lot about what is best for her family and Tiffany. She’s also not resorting to tears and asking everyone to help.  Once we remember that Areum is probably only one year out of college (around 22/23), I’m pretty impressed at her developing maturity.  Frankly, I don’t even know who would be the better match for Areum.  She really loved Philip but had her heart broken.  It’s not clear that she loved Seung Woon or not.  I mean he was there for her when she was in a difficult situation and they started developing feelings.  Is it love?

Finally – what is up with the characters wearing coats in “inside” scenes?  I mean normally at a cafe, office, or at home, people take off their coats before talking.  I don’t understand why these characters are ALWAYS wearing coats unless the production has decided to save money but not using the heater? Come on people…

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