Love & Secret – E40

The wheels start turning on the dramaland conflict.  Unaware of anything, Areum settles into her new  life as Philip’s fiance.  Meanwhile, Yoon Yi decides that she doesn’t care about who Seung Woon loves, she just wants to have him and declares the same to Seung Woon.  Mr. Chun also belated gets involved in the relationship and warns Areum to stay away from his son. Finally, Susie seems ready to enter Philip’s life again.



Philip hangs up on Susie and tells the family that it was a spam call.  The family buys it as spam calls are the norm in Korea.

Mrs. Han suggests that Areum and Philip take a weekend trip to a ski resort.  Mrs. Han offers to watch Tiffany.  Philip zones off for a second and Mr. Han has to ask if he has time.  He agrees that weekend trip would be good, but Areum thinks that they should go to the hot springs as it is good for Tiffany’s atophy. Mrs. Han exclaims that taking Tiffany on the trip wouldn’t be a vacation. [DRAMAFEED – HEHEHE, she’s trying to give the two some private time o_O ^^]

However, Philip doesn’t seem to be able to get over the call from Susie.  He ends up excusing himself for work.


After Philip leaves, Mr. Han calls Areum to his room for a chat.  In his room, Mr. Han asks why Areum had the baby without Philip.  Areum replies that it was nothing; she was being overly dramatic.  However, Mr. Han gives her one more piece of advice.  He tells her that she should think about marriage carefully.  And whatever she decides, she should think of her interests first, children and parents should come second.

As soon as Philip gets home, he calls his ex-wife.  He asks what she’s doing and she replies flippantly that she’s in Korea.  She offers to meet up and Philip tells her to speak to his lawyer.  He also calls his lawyer to order that he takes care of it.


In the morning, Yoon Yi stops Seung Woon to tell him that she enjoyed the wine and they should take his parents to that restaurant. Anna takes this news straight to the Team, where Areum overhears.  She ends up walking out.

While Yoon Yi was talk to Seung Woon with a smile on her face, she fumes in her office as she remembers the past night’s events.


Yoon Yi goes to Seung Woon’s office and basically declares war.  Not only does she ask him to marry her, but she also explains that she understands his feelings.  However, she wants to marry him nonetheless. She’s lucky that his parents agree with her.

Seung Woon looks at Yoon Yi as if she’s going crazy.  He repeats that he no longer wants to hurt her, but his feelings haven’t changed.

Yoon Yi retorts that it doesn’t matter.  Her feelings have changed.  She did love him, but she also wanted him because of his background and wealth.  She wants to live an elegant life and she knew that she could achieve it through him.  She explains that she will give up on his heart.  Seung Woon doesn’t lose out because he can live the way he wants.  She even tells him that he could continue to meet Areum.  Telling him that she’ll tell his parents, she walks out.  [DRAMAFEED- Looks our our second female lead is back! ^-^ Yay for some tension!]


Songcheol’s house provides some comedic relief.  As Cheolgu is going to take a shower, he drops shampoo on the livingroom floor to mess with Yoojin, who’s cleaning.  Yoojin ends up slipping on the floor.  To retaliate, she turns off the boiler.

Cheolgu runs out to yell at Yoojin.  Commence another fight between the two.  Cheolgu yells at Yoojin, who yells at Cheolgu for being a lazy bum.  Songcheol breaks up the fight.  He first orders that Yoojin to apologize to Cheolgu as he’s old enough to be her father.  He also tells Cheolgu to grow up and stop fighting with a girl, who could be his daughter.

Songcheol hides out at his bar. Since the bar is empty, his employee suggests that they start a vocal school during the afternoon.  The employee also offers to create all of the flyers for free in return for Songcheol telling Cheolgu good things about him.

Seungho’s grandma goes to Sunhwa’s pizza place to order pizza.  Sunhwa and the grandmother end up reconciling. In the middle of the reconciliation, the staffer comes with a flier about the vocal classes and Seungho’s grandma looks interested.


At work, Areum looks into hot springs near Seoul.  She tells Jiwoo that she would end up going with Philip.  As they speak about him, Philip calls.  He asks if anything happened and apologizes that he won’t be able to make the trip this weekend.

Areum gets called to the sample room.  In the hallway, she runs into CEO Chun.


CEO Chun calls Areum to his office. He gets to the point and asks Areum what is the relationship that Areum has Seung Woon.  Areum explains that there is no relationship.  CEO Chun asks if Seung Woon was acting by himself when he broke off his engagement.

Areum backs off and apologizes for causing a misunderstanding.  CEO Chun tells Areum that Seung Woon will be getting married to Yoon Yi soon.  He tells her that if Areum makes Seung Woon an idiot one more time, he’s not going to let it go easily.  Surprisingly, Areum takes it calmly before leaving.

As Areum walks back, Seung Woon stops Areum.  He tells her that his father is just overreacting.  Areum responds that she understands and congratulates him on his upcoming wedding.


Seung Woon goes to his father’s office and tells Mr. Chun that he shouldn’t say such things to Areum.  Mr. Chun yells at Seung Woon for defending Areum.

Calming down, Mr. Chun asks if Seung Woon has been able to make progress with Philip.  Seung Woon suggests that they look for a partnership with a Chinese company.

Mr. Chun warns that Seung Woon needs to be able to keep his professional life separate from his personal life.  Seung Woon replies that he knows that.  He also explains that they don’t really have a choice as Philip doesn’t seem interested.  Mr. Chun agrees to approve of Seung Woon’s plan to find a Chinese partner company; however, he warns Seung Woon that he will have to take full responsibility if anything happens.  Seung Woon agrees and leaves.  After his son leaves, Mr. Chun muses that this may be the only way for Philip to forget about Areum and Philip.


At the Han residence, the family watches the news.  The anchor announces that an anonymous donor gave $100,000.00 for a children’s library.  Seeing this, Mrs. Han comments that it was a large amount.  Areum praises her father’s decision and Mr. Han reassures Jinwoo that he left enough to cover Jinwoo’s education costs.

However, Mrs. Han doesn’t seem so happy.  She tells the group that Mr. Han is using the rest of his pension to create the social entrepreneurial company. She also grumpily comments that such a business probably wouldn’t make any money.


Sensing the tension, Jinwoo suggests that Mr. Han takes the money that he set aside for Jinwoo’s next trimester’s tuition and take Mrs. Han on a trip.  Areum interrupts to say that Jinwoo doesn’t have to worry about that.  Now that she’s making money, she offers to send Mr. and Mrs. Han on the trip.

Mrs. Han tells both that she doesn’t care about the trip.  She angrily walks into her room and comments that they have a philanthropist in the family.

Mr. Han comes into the room to ask why Mrs. Han is so angry.  Mrs. Han explains that he decided on the donation and the socially conscious company without even consulting her.  Mr. Han replies that Mrs. Han had promised to follow his decision.

Mrs. Han replies that she really didn’t want to say this…However, she saw that even housekeepers get paid for their services.  She’s lived and worked for the family for her whole life.  Yet, he wouldn’t let her help her sister.  Now her sister is working at a pizza place.  Mr. Han asks if Mrs. Han is asking for money and Mrs. Han leaves the room in a huff.


Outside, Mrs. Han warns Areum that she should also set aside some money even if her husband will be responsible for earning their livelihood.  She complains that she wish she could financially help Areum with her wedding and Jinwoo’s study abroad.  In response, Areum tells her that her mom shouldn’t worry.  She promises to make a lot of money and give her mother all the discretionary income that she wants.


In her room, Areum reflects on Mr. Chun’s words…Wiping away some tears, she calls Philip to ask if he’s eaten.  Philip tells her that he’s about to eat with a lawyer friend.  He invites her out but Areum declines.

As he walks into the lobby, he runs into his ex-wife.  She gives him a hug in greeting and asks who it could be that he wants to see so much.


So another episode passes in Love & Secret land.  Again, this drama really reminds me of a live action novel.  This episode somehow made me feel calmer. I could tell that things were turning and the conflict was coming…Yet, it just felt like things were okay for right now.  Areum is thinking of a family trip and Seung Woon is focused on work.

I am interested to see how Yoon Yi’s new decision and Susie’s appearance will affect everying ^o^

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