Run, Jang-Mi – E10

The adorable hijinks continue as Taeja not only has to work under Jang-Mi, he has to live next door to her for six whole months!  Taeja finds himself against a stern taskmaster and Jang-Mi continues to be no-nonsense as this is her only chance of becoming a permanent employee.  Surprisingly, our main lead reflects on her own life as sheltered brat and realizes that she was similar to Taeja not so long ago.  Unfortunately, Mincheol’s shadow ruins this happy time as Jang-Mi finds out that she’s pregnant…



We begin with Taeja refusing to change into the uniform and Jang Mi threatening to undress him. Taeja tries to bluff it and tells her that she can change him if she wants. He assumes that she wouldn’t dare undress a guy.

Jang-Mi hesitates for a second, but survival instinct wins out. Probably, she decided that she needed to become a full time employee more than observing society’s definition of modesty.

She timidly starts to unbutton his shirt as Taeja stares in shock. Though slow and steady, Jang-Mi works her way down and the air gets pretty charged between them.  [DRAMAFEED –  RAWR!]  Finally, Jang – Mi wins the game of chicken and Taeja goes to the bathroom to change. He does wonder how Jang-Mi could be the same girl who so tearfully asked to get the cab first.


Afterwards, Jang-Mi sets Taeja to peeling the sweet potatoes.  This is even after Taeja basically warns Jang-Mi that she would treat him differently if she knew who he is.  Jang-Mi responds that she know’s he got in because of nepotism; he’s in the owner’s line.  However, she notes that she’s his supervisor in this cafe and he needs to follow her instructions.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mother stops by Mr. Jang’s house to ask if they have a coffee machine.  She explains that Jang-Mi threw away their coffee machine.  Mr. Jang explains that they have one, but he doesn’t know how to use it.

Jang-Mi’s mother becomes all excited to see the coffee machine.  She starts looking for the capsules.  Mr. Jang tries to stop her from looking through and using their food.  However, Jang-Mi’s mother puts her hand on top of Mr. Jang’s to open the cabin door.  This triggers his crush syndrome and he ends up letting Jang-Mi’s mother get the capsules to calm down his own beating heart.  Quickly afterwards, he retreats to work.


At work, Chef Bon is in a good mood and compliments everyone.  The staff walk into the inner room to see that Taeja didn’t just peel the sweet potatoes… He also sliced them up.  The chef and assistant are shocked because they can’t use the sweet potatoes anymore.

Taeja looks at Mr. Jang, who avoids his gaze and walks out.  Taeja follows Mr. Jang and whines that Mr. Jang should fire him.  Mr. Jang explains that he put Jang-Mi in charge of Taeja.  So the only person who can fire him.  Jang-Mi runs by to buy another box of sweet potatoes and Mr. Jang comments that Taeja created the mess, but Jang-Mi is the one suffering.


Minjoo and Taehee are off shopping for lighting.  Taehee updates Minjoo about Taeja’s new job and Minjoo complains that Taeja’s mother must be so upset.  She complains that Taeja’s mother was already annoyed that Taeja would work under Joonhyuk…

Taehee asks what happened with Joonhyuk and storms out.  Minjoo calms her down that nothing will come out of Taehee confronting either her mother or Joonhyuk.  She adds that her mother might be being more aggressive because she doesn’t find Joonhyuk a good match for Taehee.  Unhappily, Taehee accepts Minjoo’s suggestion and seems to fall deeper into a crush on Joonhyuk, who didn’t even mention the latest encounter with her mom to her.


Our troublemaker stretches in the cafe, when Jang-Mi slams her box of sweet potatoes onto his back.  When he doesn’t get up, she slams the box onto his back again.  She yells at him that she will never fire him, so he should give up and learn the trade.


Taeja’s grandfather starts coughing in the middle of his go practice.  He quickly takes a pill to suppress his coughs.  When Taeja’s mother knocks, he hides the pills under the blanket.

Taeja’s mother pleads with her father-in-law to rethink his decision of having Taeja work at the cafe.  She agrees to convince Taeja to work under Joonhyuk.  Taeja’s grandfather is resolute and refuses.  He explains that tigers throw their cubs off of cliffs to get them to learn…He’s going to stop babying Taeja.  He even tells her that she’s being rude.  She calls him father=in-law but tries to teach him.  She warns that if she doesn’t like the way that he’s teaching Taeja, she can give up her own company position.  Taeja’s mother leaves but grumbles in her room.


At a Chinese restaurant, Taehee waits for Joonhyuk.  As soon as he arrives, she hugs him.  She explains that she’s just sorry for everything and thankful.  Joonhyuk sits her down and asks her to return to reality.


At the cafe, Taeja plays with his cell phone on the side without helping out.  Minjoo arrives and sits down.  Taeja waves Jang-Mi over to clean the table.  Seeing Minjoo there, she cleans the table but she pushes Taeja’s cellphone with her cloth as to push it off the table.

Ignoring everything, Taeja has rice cakes with Minjoo.  He gives her his keys and tells her take his car.  He doesn’t drive it so she can use it.  He does ask her to drive him around when she has time.

At home, Jang-Mi’s mother gets tired of unpacking and calls Jangsoo.  She leaves him a message that she misses him and hopes that he will come home soon.


Taeja waits until it’s closing time to leave.  Mr. Jang approves of Taeja leaving but Jang-Mi runs out to order that Taeja stays 30 minutes late to clean up.  She explains that since he didn’t arrive on time, he can help clean up.  Taeja runs out and into his car before Jang-Mi can run over.

As the car pulls away, Taeja bursts out in laughter.  He tells Minjoo that he’s having fun making Jang-Mi’s life miserable.  He’s going to continue until Jang-Mi fires her.


Jang-Mi comes home and tries to fall straight into bed.  Her mom tells her put on a face mask first.  Jang-Mi lays down and tells her mom about her day.  She also reflects that other people must have thought she was a spoiled brat when her father was around…she also didn’t really do anything and lived her life the way she wanted to… Jang-Mi falls asleep as her mom puts a face mask on her.


Minjoo’s mother is ecstatic that Taeja lent Minjoo his car. She comments that Taeja must think highly about Minjoo.  However, her father tells Minjoo to return it to Taeja.  When Minjoo’s mom protests that Taeja’s the one that gave it to Minjoo, her father comments that Taeja’s mother won’t be happy if she found out.  This is the one line that would make Minjoo rethink the gift/loan.  On the way, Minjoo drops her mother off because she’s going to return the car to Taeja.

Taeja complains that his body and mind hurts so much. His mom tells him that his temperature is normal and asks if he’s playing hooky. Who knows why, but Taeja insists that he’s sore all over from working at the cafe.  Before the two can continue, Minjoo’s arrival interrupts them.  Taeja asks his mother to tell Minjoo that he’s not going to work because he’s sick.


When Minjoo tries to return the keys to Taeja’s mom, Taeja’s mom tells her to keep them.  She thanks Minjoo for supporting Taeja and tells her to use the car.  She just hopes that Minjoo will come by whenever Taeja needs her and report back to Taeja’s mom whenever something like the hotel situation reoccurs.

Minjoo, Mom and Grandfather go up to see Taeja.  Taeja complains that he’s sore from working and his grandfather asks what exactly did he do at the cafe.  Taeja explains that it takes almost three hours to commute to and from work.  He also adds that he peeled a whole barrel full of sweet potatoes.  Taeja’s mother seems furious that her precious son is peeling potatoes.  Taeja’s grandfather walks off silently.

Jang-Mi waits for Taeja and yells at Mr. Jang when he arrives.  Mr. Jang laughs at Jang-Mi’s nickname for Taeja – idiot. Mr. Jang explains that Taeja won’t be coming in because he’s sick.

After thinking it through, Taeja’s Grandfather asks Mr. Jang if Taeja can live with the Jangs for six months.  Mr. Jang agrees to ask Joonhyuk and does.


On the commute, Taeja complains that Jang-Mi is the problem.  Recognizing the name, Taeja’s grandfather smiles. When they get to the cafe, Taeja’s grandfather drops off Taeja and (to his surprise) Taeja’s luggage case.  Taeja is shocked that his grandfather is kicking him out without a word.


Mr. Jang takes Taeja home and they meet Jang-Mi. She immediately kicks him.  She tells him that it’s for escaping the other night.


At work, Jang-Mi has Taeja peeling sweet potatoes again.  She also has his leg tied to her leg so that he can’t run off again.  Surprisingly, while Taeja complains, he doesn’t fight it.


Chef Bon asks if his latest sauce is too salty.  When he asks Jang-Mi to taste it, she gags. [DRAMAFEED – OH NO PREGNANCY]  Jang-Mi tries to taste it again when she has to run to the bathroom… Feeling sick to her stomach for various reasons, Jang-Mi checks her calendar to realize that her period is also off… A pregnancy test that night confirms it…She’s pregnant with a child of MR-ARSE-HAT-MOMMA’s-BOY.


Is it me or do the dramas seem to have extremely similar themes?  What is up with both of these daily dramas having a single mother?  I have nothing against it and they do have completely different vibes, so it’s fine… However, I don’t like how Jang-Mi gets roped in with Mincheol again.  I’ve written him off and I don’t expect anything he does to change that.  I’d rather see Joonhyuk and Taeja fighting over Jang-Mi…

Anyways, this was a cute episode as we continue to set the stage for the potential romance between Jang-Mi and Taeja.  Now they live together AND work together.  What more do we need for the love-hate relationship? >.<

I’m sure you guys have pretty much noticed, but I think my favorite character is Taehee.  She seems the most normal and nice character.  She’s not only quite capable but she is also truly caring.  I hope that she ends up with a hot princey guy 🙂

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