Love & Secret – E41

Areum’s intuition warns her that things will start to fall as the pieces continue to move.  Susie and Philip fail to come to a mutually agreeable settlement and Susie decides to call Areum directly.  Yoon Yi decides that she doesn’t even need Seung Woon to agree to a wedding.  She will just agree to it with his parents.  Meanwhile, Seung Woon gets his catalyst when he finds out that Philip is actually divorced.



Susie greets Philip as “Honey” and asks why he’s being so cold when they’re still married.  Susie invites herself to Philip’s room to discuss their divorce.

In the room, Susie tells Philip that she doesn’t want to wait until the next hearing.  She wants to settle now and asks Philip to give up.  Philip refuses and tells Susie that they can wait until the next hearing.  The meeting ends and Susie tells her lawyer to continue preparing for the next divorce hearing.


Areum has a nightmare that Philip takes Tiffany away and wakes up screaming. In real life Tiffany is right next to her and I don’t think Philip would want to take Tiffany…


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tells Mr. Chun to invite Seung Woon over for dinner.  Realizing that his son would feel more uncomfortable at his house, Mr. Chun deflects by saying that Seung Woon is an adult and can take care of himself.

After Mr. Chun leaves, Soo Ah gets a call from one of the directors. Unbeknownst to Soo Ah, Mr. Chun had come back to pick up something.  He listens at the door…and hears her get the report on Seung Woon’s latest proposal.  He also hears her telling the director that partnering up with a Chinese company is too risky with Seung Woon’s lack of experience.  She even implies that the directors should be more active in protecting their interests.

Savy Mr. Chun turns and leaves after the call.  He asks Secretary Jang what he thinks of Soo Ah and agrees that Soo Ah is very intelligent…too intelligent.


At the Team meeting, Louis spots Areum’s engagement ring.  The Team is in full gossip mode, but Areum doesn’t divulge any information.

Secretary Jang reminds Seung Woon of the Fashion event in the afternoon.  After he leaves, Yoon Yi comes in to hand Seung Woon a guest list.  She tells him that if he doesn’t have any problems, she will invite all of the people on the list.


Seung Woon tries to tell her to stop because he’s only going to feel more guilty as this goes on.  However, Yoon Yi replies that it’s too late to consider her feelings.


Next Yoon Yi meets up with Soo Ah.  To Soo Ah’s surprise, Yoon Yi states her intentions to marry Seung Woon this year.  Yoon Yi even explains that she doesn’t need Seung Woon’s approval.  He feels bad enough that he probably won’t leave her standing at the alter.  She goes even so far to state that they can pick the date and just tell Seung Woon afterwards.

Soo Ah remarks that after being hurt, Yoon Yi has gotten smarter. However, she does seem slightly worried. [DRAMAFEED- Who wouldn’t be worried?  This seems like a plan built on a house of cards if I ever saw one.  Men get cold feet even when they think they love the girl.  Is she delusional? Does she really think that Mr. Chun will allow a wedding in which Seung Woon has no desire?]


Areum has lunch with Philip, who drops the bomb – his ex-wife is in Korea. Areum asks why she’s here.  Philip explains that he thinks she blames him for the divorce…he basically states that she has some mental issues as well as meglomania, but refused to get treatment.

Areum stares at Philip worriedly and Philip tells her not to worry.  He’s just warning her in case his ex-wife tries to contact her.  Areum asks if Philip is okay and he confesses his love again…Basically, he missed her over the past few days and regrets ever leaving her.  Areum tells Philip that it’s okay and Philip tells her that they will live happily from now on.  He asks her if she trusts him and Areum just smiles.


As Philip and Areum get up to leave, they run into Seung Woon. The men talk politely about the failed investment.  Areum suggests that they leave and as they go, Philip announces that Seung Woon knows about their engagement.  An awkward moment passes as Seung Woon leaves.


Back at the company, Areum runs into Yoon Yi again.  She’s snippity as usual and announces that she’s getting married to Seung Woon.  Areum congratulates her.  In response, Yoon Yi laughs.  She warns Areum to stay away from Seung Woon or else she will tell everything that Areum did to Philip.


At Songcheol’s bar, the neighborhood ajummas and grandmas have congregated for their first vocal lesson.  It goes well until, Songcheol calls on Seungho’s grandma to sing.  Another grandma rats her out as not being able to read and a fight occurs.  Songcheol breaks up the fight and dismisses the class.  He consoles Seungho’s grandma and even promises to teach her how to read.


On the side, Mr. Han’s friend suggests that Mr. Han’s business focuses on fast food.  He agrees to look into it.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han feeds Tiffany and wonders about a weird smell.  When she comes out because Mr. Han came home, they both find out that clothes are burning on the stove. Mrs. Han had forgotten about them, which she put on the stove to boil… I see sorrow in the future… Mr. Han turns the stove off and yells at Mrs. Han for not paying attention.


After Mr. Han leaves again Mrs. Han turns on the television.  She sees a news program about the real estate fraud and calls Heungsu.   He tries to calm her down, but Mrs. Han gets stressed out about her investment.

Jiwoo comes to pick up Areum and they leave together.  They bump into Seung Woon in the lobby and exchange curt greetings.  Jiwoo comments that Areum should really study abroad after she gets married.  The atmosphere is too icy.


Seung Woon attends the same fashion event as Philip.  While Philip and Seung Woon chat, a mutual business acquaintance comes up and joins their group.  Philip leaves early.  When Seung Woon continues to talk with the other man, he comments that it’d be weird for Philip to be getting married…unless he got divorced.  The man explains that in the past, their partner company was the company of Philip’s father-in-law. It was rumored that Philip took it over through taking over a majority share in the stock.  With this information, Seung Woon rushes out after Philip.


In the last few minutes of the episode, Areum has a busy night as she gets a call from both Philip and Susie. We end with Susie asking Areum to meet as she has something to tell her.


This was an episode where all of the other characters finally got some screen time, which is good.  A daily drama is only as good as how much it can get you to empathize with the characters good and bad.

I do want to see Yoon Yi’s role increase, but I’m not sure how convinced I am by Yoon Yi’s new meglomania.  I can see her character going crazy about Seung Woon getting involved with Areum again…However, I’m neither convinced nor sympathetic.  I feel like I don’t even think that she presents a huge obstacle.  Something in the writing needs to change if I’m to take Yoon Yi’s character more seriously.  Right now, her only influence is the fact that Mr. Chun wants her to marry Seung Woon. If Mr. Chun changes his mind, that’s that.

Still waiting to see where Susie takes this show…

Second to last, I do not like where they are going with Mrs. Han’s forgetfulness.  Personally, I hate it when incurable diseases come up and this just screams of Alzheimer… T_T

Finally, glad to see that Seung Woon has a reason to get back in the game! Been waiting for this one.

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