Love & Secret – E42

If Philip could only stop disappointing me… Like a true player, Areum finds out that Philip was cheating on her when she got pregnant with Tiffany and hasn’t even finalized his divorce with his ex-wife.  Now she has to decide whether she can trust her baby’s daddy, when he’s already cheated on her once for money and lied to her when he came back.  Meanwhile, Seung Woon gently starts to approach Areum again.



Areum happily walks home talking to Philip and declines his invitation to go out.  However, the carefree time is shortlived as she suddenly gets a call from Susie Lee.  Areum answers it politely, but stops when Susie explains that she’s Philips ex-wife.  She continues to invite Areum for a chat and Areum accepts.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon throws off his coat at home and fumes about Philip’s nerve for proposing to Areum even though he’s a divorcee. He wonders how much Areum knows about Philip.


The next morning, Mr. Chun stares at Soo Ah and realizes that he has literally been raising a tiger in his family.  Soo Ah acts all meek and sweet as usual, not realizing that her husband’s on to her power grab.


At Zishen the day goes on normally.  Seung Woon spots Areum as she enters the building but continues to talk to his friends.  However, Areum drops her glove as walks by Seung Woon, giving him the excuse that he needs.  He leaves his conversation to return the glove to her.  They awkwardly wait for the elevator together.  After getting to his office, he calls Philip out to for drinks.


In lalaland, Songcheol holds another singing class…Unfortunately, Seungho’s grandma is in her groove and her confidence is skyrocketing.  Too bad her singing voice is not as great as her enthusiasm.  Her frenemy glares at her throughout the whole class. Afterwards, Seungho’s grandmother and her frenemy fight over giving a drink to Songcheol.  Songcheol also takes time to teach Seungho’s grandmother some words before giving her a cd and the lyrics.  He tells her to practice writing the lyrics at home, while listening to the cd.  This leads to Seungho’s grandmother practicing enthusiastically at home until Soo Ah turns the cd player off.


Time for our comedic break!   Cheolgu overhears Yoojin call Jinwoo.  To meet up with Jinwoo, Cheolgu bribes Yoojin by offering to buy her bbq. Our poor and unemployed young adult falls for the bribe immediately! she takes him to Jinwoo’s part time restaurant and stuffs her face.  During this interlude, Jiwoo also arrives at the restaurant  all prettied up with a different hairstyle.  Jiwoo judges Yoojin for stuffing her face and decides that she doesn’t have to worry about her.


In the more serious world, Philip arrives at the bar and brusquely tells Seung Woon that he only has thirty minutes.  Seung Woon glares at Philip for a minute before jumping out of the chair and grabbing Philip’s coat collar. Seung Woon growls that Philip must be the one who left Areum to have a baby by herself; he has no right to return to Areum after getting a divorce.

However, Philip doesn’t seem ruffled.  He smugly tells Seung Woon that Seung Woon can’t win.  Areum loves Tiffany too much to leave Philip.  Smirking, he leaves Seung Woon to his drink.  Yet, he pauses at the door to wonder if Seung Woon isn’t over Areum.


The Team gets ready for lunch and the male staffer, Sangjoon, seems to support all of Jiwoo’s recommendations.  Watching this angrily, Anna yells that he’s annoying these days…[DRAMAFEED- I think someone’s jealous… >.<]  They leave for lunch as Areum get ready to meet up with Susie.

Finally, the two girls of Philip’s past and present meet!


Susie’s leisurely waits for Areum at a cafe.  From the beginning, Susie appears incredibly comfortable and smug with Areum.  Areum, on the other hand, looks on the edge.

When Susie introduces herself, Areum tells her that she recognizes her from her wedding.  Susie talks flippantly noting that Philip talked about Areum and she knows how much Philip cares for Areum.

Meanwhile, Areum seems interested in one thing – when did Philip start meeting Susie?  Susie tells Areum that she first met Philip in February, which is even before Areum got pregnant with Tiffany.  [DRAMAFEED – OMG THAT LYING CHEATING NO GOOD IDIOT!]

Areum looks saddened by the news and tries to cut the meeting short.  In a surprising turn of events, Susie attempts to console Areum that Philip does care for Areum.  She explains that she was the one that aggressively seduced Philip and he only married her for economic reasons.  She complains that he’s still finishing up his business with her.  However, this shocks Areum even more that Philip is still in the middle of the divorce lawsuit.  Finding that this is too much to bear, Areum gets up and stumbles away.


Sitting at a bench, she tries to organize her thoughts and her emotions.  I’m assuming, she’s trying to take in the fact that Philip was seeing someone, while he was with her…Against this backdrop, it’s like another stab to the heart that he never even told her that he hasn’t even finalized the divorce with his ex-wife.


After crying it out, Areum walks back to work and runs into Seung Woon.  He notices her face and asks her whats going on.  She tells him that’s nothing and tries to walk off.

However, Seung Woon stops her and takes her outside to confront her about why she’s gone back to Philip. [DRAMAFEED- YAY!]  He asks if she really loves him or if it’s because of Tiffany.  Instead of answering, Areum leaves.


Afterwards, Seung Woon goes to Mr. Chun’s office.  He tells Mr. Chun that Yoon Yi is unilaterally planning the wedding; he never told her that he wanted to get married.  He even tells his father that he still loves Areum…which Yoon Yi knows.  As usual, Mr. Chun yells at his son for being an idiot.

In response, Seung Woon asks his father why it has to be Yoon Yi.  He doesn’t understand why Soo Ah seems set on marrying him off to Yoon Yi and asks if his father has ever thought about it.  This seems to be the perfect time to ask as Mr. Chun pauses in the middle of his rant, realizing that he never really thought about it.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han gets interrupted as she tries to call Heungsu about her money.  She lies to her husband that she just wanted to check on Heungsu.  Accepting this, Mr. Han asks his wife about the wedding planning issues.


Yet, for once in their life, Mrs. Han does’t seem focused on Mr. Han’s words.  Instead, she abruptly tells him that she’s going to buy Tiffany’s diapers and stops by Sunhwa’s pizza place.  She asks her sister about where Heungsu might be and explains the situation about taking a reverse mortgage on her apartment to invest with Heungsu.

Sunhwa freaks out.  She basically asks how her sister could trust her husband’s words without even asking her…She should know that her husband is an idiot by now…


Philip arrives to find wine and flowers at his studio.  He looks at it wondering where both came from, when Susie arrives. She tells him that she’s leaving on the weekend and prepared a present for her; the present should be coming soon.  Getting up, she adds that Areum seems cute before leaving.


Not an idiot, Philip realizes that he needs to do some damage control and calls Areum to meet up.


OMG THAT LOW LIFE PIECE OF GARBAGE SLEPT WITH AREUM WHILE HE WAS OFF CHEATING WITH ANOTHER GIRL. HE THEN GOES OFF AND DUMPS AREUM AND MARRIES SAID OTHER GIRL.  AND HE HAS THE NERVE TO ASK AREUM FOR A SECOND CHANCE? WHAT THE STUFFING?!  Ahem.  I am now back on Team Seung Woon and I also hope that Susie wins her lawsuit against Philip.  Basically, Philip either had his feelings change and he threw away Areum…or he threw away Areum for money.  I don’t know what is worse.  Either way, he doesn’t deserve her. End rant.  I’m gonna go open up that pint of ice cream in the fridge and stuff myself.  Good night all. = =x

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