Run, Jang-Mi – E11

When Jang-Mi finally figured out how to get a roof over her mother and her heads, she finds that she’s pregnant with Mincheol’s baby.  She ends up spending the whole episode trying to come to a decision.  Meanwhile, Taeja continues to run from his own responsibilities, but what will he do when he realizes that Jang-Mi’s not actually a heartless robot…she’s just a girl, who trying to make lemonade out of the lemons being thrown her way?



As the music gets serious, Jang-Mi sees that she’s pregnant and falls down in the bathroom.  Meanwhile, her clueless mother throws a tantrum that her budgeting is not working out.  Jang-Mi softly encourages her mother that it will get better, the longer she tries budgeting.  Getting a stomach from “stress,” her mom gets up to go to the bathroom.


When her mom gets up, she sees that Jang-Mi is hiding a black bag behind her back.  Her mom asks her what the bag holds and Jang-Mi lies that she cleaned out the hair from the shower drain.  Her mom accepts this excuse and asks Jang-Mi to handle the hair in the future as she has an overactive gag reflex.


On the other side of the city, Taeja does what any other spoiled brat would do.  He rings the doorbell at his old home incessantly.

Inside the house, Taeja’s grandfather stands firm.  Even though Taeja’s mom pleads with her father-in-law that she has had to live separately from her son for so long, Taeja’s grandfather states that he loves Taeja, too.  In almost a confession, Taeja’s grandfather even adds that she will have longer to be with Taeja and walks into his room.

Taeja’s mom goes out to tell Taeja to leave.  She calls him an idiot and orders him to turn around.  She notes that it will only be six months and adds that this is all his fault; he had a chance but he blew it.  She leaves. When Taeja doesn’t stop complaining and looks like he’s about to follow his mom, Taehee tells him to stop being a child.  She adds that hes causing her mother and grandfather to fight.

Taeja takes Minjoo to a bar where he fumes.  Minjoo tries to hint that Taeja’s grandfather is probably trying to groom him into managing the company but Taeja won’t hear about it.  He repeats that he doesn’t want to take over the company and refuses to explain why.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi stays up worrying about her life.

In the morning, Jang-Mi manages to get morning sickness. She runs out before her mom might find out.


In the courtyard, Jang-Mi runs into Mr. Jang, who asks her to wake up Taeja.  Smiling, Jang-Mi agrees to help.  She brings a spray bottle and basically sprays water on Taeja to wake him up.  Waking up in shock, Taeja complains that Jang-Mi is interfering with his personal life.  To this, Jang-Mi responds that if he’s late, it affects her work so he better get up.

Still grumbling, Taeja stumbles out of his room and Joonhyuk comments in the livingroom that Jang-Mi is a miracle working. As Taeja complains, Jang-Mi comes out to greet Joonhyuk.  Before we know it, Jang-Mi’s mother stops by with the soup that she cooked for Jang-Mi.  We get a full family meeting as Jang-Mi’s mother meets Taeja and lectures him for making her daughter’s life difficult.


Jang-Mi stops by a hospital to confirm that she is nine months pregnant.  The doctor asks her if her period was normally irregular and Jang-Mi responds with her own question – whether there’s any chance that she might still lose the child.  The doctor notes that Jang-Mi is single and asks if its her first pregnancy.

When Jang-Mi responds that it’s her first pregnancy, the doctor recommends that she goes back and talks with her boyfriend…she explains that the first pregnancy is a sensitive and important issue for girls.

Poor Jang-Mi goes to the only person that she can lean on – Jandi.


At Mincheol’s hospital some fancy pancy lady asks for the most expensive treatment for her daughter.  Mincheol replies that he will recommend the best treatment for the daughter’s skin and tells his nurse to set up the treatment room.  As soon as the lady and daughter duo leaves, Mincheol’s mom flounces in.  She tells Mincheol that he just passed round one of the arranged date with that girl and the mom approved.  Adding that the family owns land and several buildings, the mom gleefully tells Mincheol to meet up with the girl.

To my surprise, Mincheol rejects his mom’s proposal.  He tells her firmly that he’s also human.  While he had to divorce Jang-Mi, he’s not ready to get married or meet another girl. Lest we get too excited that Mincheol is turning out to be a hidden prince, he clarifies that he doesn’t have lingering feelings for Jang-Mi.  He just isn’t ready to meet a new  girl.


At the cafe, Jandi recommends that Jang-Mi aborts the baby.  She tells Jang-Mi that she has to decide this rationally.  The best option would be that Jang-Mi has a happy family relationship with the baby’s father…

Jang-Mi interrupts to state that such a situation would never occur.  Mincheol divorced her because her family went bankrupt. Even if Mincheol would want to return, Jang-Mi adds that she doesn’t want to be a part of that family.

Jandi notes that there would only be one option left…She tells Jang-Mi that she will look into the best options through her nurse friend.  At that moment, a girl comes in with her baby to physically remind Jang-Mi what she’s about to make a decision on.


Taeja’s mom arrives at Mr. Jang’s house, except he hasn’t arrived at home yet.  Jang-Mi’s mom lets him in and Taeja’s mom inspects Taeja’s room.  She’s pretty much shocked at the uninhabitable single room, which has a window and is fully furnished.  She proposes that Mr. Jang move into a larger apartment in the same neighborhood; she will pay the rent.

Mr. Jang refuses because this is his house. Taeja’s mom stalks out.

After Taeja’s mom leaves, Jang-Mi’s mom continues to speak out her thoughts without a care.  She asks Mr. Jang why Taeja’s mom addressed him as Driver Jang.  Mr. Jang smiles and replies that he used to be Taeja’s family’s chauffeur.  At this, Jang-Mi’s mom complains that other people’s lives get better but her life ended up falling so much.


At the cafe, the chef shows Jang-Mi and Taeja how to prepare red bean paste.  He apologizes for leaving the work to the two but something came up with his family.  Jang-Mi reassures the chef that it won’t be any trouble and gets started.

Our resident spoiled brat? Yep, he lies that he’s going to take a ten minute coffee break and tiptoes out to a different cafe to chill with Minjoo.  He explains that he’s doing all this so that Jang-Mi would fire him.


Minjoo comments that if Jang-Mi could change Taeja, she feels like she should cheer her on.   After finishing their coffee, Minjoo drives Taeja home.  Surprisingly, Taeja spends the whole time staring at his phone and wonders why she hasn’t called.


Taeja runs into Jang-Mi in front of their house.  He tries to make an excuse that he ran into a friend but Jang-Mi calls him out on his lie.  She tells him that he even changed into his street clothes; he shouldn’t be cowardly and own up to his decisions.  She sighs that working hard has allowed her to organize her thoughts and walks in without yelling at him.


When Jang-Mi comes home, she finds her mom laughing while watching television.  Probably feeling like the weight of the world is on her shoulders, Jang-Mi lays down like a child with her head on her mother’s knees.  She wonders how she could become pregnant when her life seems to have finally achieved some stability and her mom laughter again.

We get a short interlude with the perfect couple ever – Joonhyuk and Taehee.  Taehee worries that Joonhyuk having to deal with Taeja and Joonhyuk responds that Taeja’s probably having a harder time dealing with the plebian accommodations.  He surprises Taehee with his true opinion, which is that unless something big happens – Taeja will not change his way of life.


True to Joonhyuk’s evaluation, Jang-Mi works hard at the cafe as Taeja plays on his cell phone.  However, it seems that Jang-Mi has been letting Taeja slide for a couple days.  He watches her back and wonders if she’s going to blow up on him as she’s been too quiet.

Just as it seems that Jang-Mi is going to say something, Jandi calls.  Jang-Mi tells her friend that she needs more time to figure things out.


At Mincheol’s house, his mother follows him around the house and yells after her son to go on the arranged date.  Mincheol’s father lectures his wife for being too greedy.  Mincheol’s mom yells that if wanting the best for her children is being greedy, she is satisfied being the greediest person in the world.  When Mincheol’s mom stalks into her room, Minjoo tells her father that it’s only due to their mother’s ambitions that her brother was able to go to medical school and she was able to successfully study abroad.  She even adds that her father wouldn’t understand and leaves.

Feeling betrayed by his whole family, Mincheol’s father turns to alcohol and singing.  Unfortunately, Mincheol’s mom comes out to take his guitar away for being too loud.  [DRAMAFEED- This is seriously messed up.]

The next day, the Chef Bon has another favor because his father’s in town.  He teaches the two assistants how to prepare the rice flour.  Taeja tells Jang-Mi that he’s not going to stay around and leaves Jang-Mi all the work.

At home, Taeja indulges and watches a movie in bed.


As it gets later, Jang-Mi’s mom interrupts Taeja’s movie.  When Taeja goes lets her in to the main house, she asks why he’s home in surprise.  Taeja explains that he came home early and Jang-Mi’s mom frets that Jang-Mi isn’t answering her phone; she had originally come over to ask Mr. Jang for Taeja’s number to see if she could call him.  She declares that she’s going to check on Jang-Mi.

Our spoiled but sweet Taeja tells her that he will check on Jang-Mi and runs to the cafe…only to find that Jang-Mi collapsed out of exhaustion.  Freaking out, Taeja carries Jang-Mi on his back to the nearest emergency room.


Once they have stabilized Jang-Mi, Taeja asks the doctor on call about Jang-Mi’s condition.  The doctor tells Taeja that he can’t be certain until all of the test results are back, but it was a close call as Jang-Mi’s pregnant.


Again, this drama treats similar plot devices in a completely different light and atmosphere.  Right away, Jang-Mi has someone, who may support her – Taeja.

Normally, I’d say that the drama is too aggressively pushing the characters together.  However, considering the fact that Jang-Mi just lost her father (and temporarily her brother) as well as her whole economic support system… I think she deserves a break.  However, I’m still not convinced how much help he can provide Jang-Mi.

Another thing that worries me is that if Taeja falls for Jang-Mi before he can become self-sufficient, he will not be strong enough to protect her from his mother.  She’s already shown herself to be a formidable force.  With his grandfather already sick, no one will be able to stop her when she sees the next threat to her son’s perfect future – a girl that does not satisfy her expectations in a daughter-in-law.  The drama has done a great job convincing me that Taeja is a spoiled brat and has emotional reasons for turning out this way.  I don’t know how they’re going to make his evolution into the guy-worth-swooning for…but, I look forward to seeing the transformation >.<

Finally, I have to add that the acting and writing is pretty strong in this drama.  Even though I am not a fan of Taeja’s mom, her character successfully elicits the right emotions out of me – anger and shock. HAH! I can see her as being the perfect villain-one of those that viewers love to hate.  To be one, the character has to be understandable even if the viewers do not agree with the characters actions…Here,  I understated her reasons even as I don’t agree with them. ^_____^

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