Love & Secret – E43

Quietly but surely, the relationships start getting tangled just like they do in life.  Reeling from the fact that Philip had lied to her again, Areum decides that she can’t be with him.  However, this time, Philip isn’t ready to give her up.  Lucky for him, Mrs. Han has a terrible poker face and he gets an opportunity to get Areum’s family indebted to him.  At the Chun family residence, Mr. Chun appears to be slowly confirming his suspicions about his wife…who is about to learn that her biggest obstacle has a huge weakness.


Sighing, Areum reflects on her recent conversations with Philip, which had led her to believe in him again.  At this point, Philip calls to meet up and Areum agrees to see him.  However, before she goes, she calls her mom to pick up Tiffany.

Mrs. Han brings Tiffany to Areum’s company.  She does warn Areum that she should be careful with Tiffany in public or people might talk.


As Areum gets in a cab, Yoon Yi walks out and sees Areum with Tiffany.  She wonders if Tiffany is Mr. Han’s kid, before thinking that it’s weird how Areum is always with Tiffany.

Meanwhile, Philip angrily looks at his divorce papers.  In the process, he ends up dropping the DNA test papers on the ground.  While he’s looking through the papers, Areum arrives and he puts away the lawsuit papers…He never realizes that he dropped the DNA test results.


As soon as Areum arrives, she confronts him.  She asks how he could have lied to her, her family, and Tiffany.  She yells that she believed they were over because he said that he had divorced his wife.

Philip tries to explain that they are just dealing with the settlement, but Areum doesn’t want to hear it at this point.  She gets up to leave saying that she was an idiot for trusting him in the first place.


Quickly, Philip gets up to stop Areum and Tiffany’s hat falls off.  Picking up the hat, Areum sees the DNA test results.  Fuming, she tells Philip to know that he will never see her or Tiffany again.  When she leaves his apartment, she stops crying and tells Tiffany that she will no longer cry because of that idiot.


Areum arrives at home and hands Tiffany to her mother.  Going into the bathroom, she throws her engagement ring in the sink and sobs.  Mr. Han hears her cry and stands outside the bathroom door, trying to decide whether he should go in or not.


In the morning, the family discusses that the soup is too salty.  Jinwoo complains that Mrs. Han has had issues getting the seasoning right these days.  Mrs. Han replies that at her age, all women are a bit forgetful.  [DRAMAFEED- Oh I hope, she’s just getting forgetful…]

While the rest of the family is pretty lighthearted, Mr. Han stares at Areum’s solemn face.  Carefully, he asks why she was home so late last night and Mrs. Han answers that Areum took Tiffany to Philip’s place.  Realizing that Philip was the reason for Areum’s tears, Mr. Han tells Areum to invite Philip over so that they can discuss wedding plans.

At the mention of a wedding, Jinwoo jokes that Areum is finally off the market and Areum gets up with the excuse that she’ll be late.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah gives Mr. Chun some healthy green juice.  Seungho brings up Yoon Yi and asks why she doesn’t visit anymore.  Laughing, Soo Ah turns the conversation to Seung Woon’s wedding next month.

Always the voice of practicality, Soo Ah’s mom voices her surprise that Yoon Yi and Seung Woon are planning to get married in the next month when the last engagement was broken off so recently.  She comments that it’s usually a bad sign if two people break off their engagement and wonders whether Yoon Yi and Seung Woon would be a good match.

Seeing that the conversation is not going the way she wants it to, Soo Ah dismisses Seungho and asks her mother to take care of him.  After they leave, she tells Mr. Chun that she went to a fortune teller, who said that the second week of March or the first week of April would be good.

In response, Mr. Chun casually wonders if the two would be a good match.  Soo Ah quickly explains that both are the perfect math; both are good looking and have spent their childhood together.  Still feigning innocence, Mr. Chun comments that Soo Ah seems to like Yoon Yi so much.  Soo Ah explains that Yoon Yi loves Seung Woon so much that she thinks Yoon Yi would be the best for him.  Mr. Chun confirms once more whether Soo Ah would give up on Yoon Yi if Seung Woon wouldn’t be happy with her after marriage.  She smiles and confirms that she only wants Seung Woon to be happy and asks about the status of K Project.

At Zishen, Areum ignores Philip’s calls…


Sunhwa waits for Heungsu, who is avoiding her calls, too.  When he arrives, she cases him around the tiny room before hurting her knee.  She wails that she can’t believe that he did that her sister’s money…Her sister had just gotten to a point where she could breathe so how could he lose her sister’s money?

Heungsu and Sunhwa end up crying together.

At the Han house, Mrs. Han ponders anxiously about the money situation.  Mr. Han interrupts by coming home after meeting with his friend again.  When Mrs. Han asks how much it would take to start his business, Mr. Han replies that it should only take a tens of thousands – not too much.


Realizing that Areum is thoroughly annoyed at him. Philip takes another route.  He takes Mrs. Han out for lunch and explains that he is afraid that Areum is starting to get cold feet.  He asks Mrs. Han to talk to Areum and help her with her fears.  Along with the request, he gives Mrs. Han a key…He explains that he can’t give her a huge gift, but he wanted to give his father-in-law a car.

At this point, Mrs. Han finally gets a call from Heungsu.  Answering the call, Mrs. Han forgets about being cautious around Philip and goes straight to asking Heungsu if he was about to get her money back.

A little too late, she apologizes to Philip about taking the call.  Still on his best manners, Philip responds that he had to call someone as well and steps out first.  However, before he can get far, he hears Mrs. Han yell into the phone about the possibility that they might lose their house.


When Philip drives Mrs. Han home, he asks her if something happened.  She tries to pretend that nothing is wrong.  After a few minutes, she asks Philip if he knows about the Kangnam real estate scandal. Philip explains that it was a real estate fraud and that even if the police are able to find the perpetrators, no one knows if the investors would get their money back.

Sensing from Mrs. Han’s reaction and her anxiety that she was probably a victim, Philip asks if she invested in it.  Mrs. Han first denies it and tries to say that it was her sisters family… Yet, she’s thoroughly shaken up.

Philip calmly and quietly encourages her.  He tells her that they are family now and that he can only help her if she tells him what the problem is.  Mrs. Han confesses that she invested around $120,000 in the real estate fraud…


In her office, Yoon Yi reads about Mr. Han’s scandal.  The article mentions that while some people believe Tiffany to be Mr. Han’s child out of wedlock, others believe that he had to sacrifice himself to protect something more valuable.  Yoon Yi begins to muse about what could be more valuable when Areum comes in with her project proposal.

Acting on a hunch, Yoon Yi asks Areum about who’s taking care of the child from the scandal.  She comments that Areum’s family must have been so traumatized by the scandal and consoles her that truth is sometimes surprising.

In response, Areum snaps at Yoon Yi for implying ill about her father.  She starts to explain and states, “that child,” before stopping herself. Instead, she tells Yoon Yi that her father is an exemplary person and not one that Yoon Yi has the right to speak ill about.


Putting things together, Yoon Yi calls Soo Ah.  At a cafe, she voices her suspicions that something is off about the whole scandal around Mr. Han’s child.  She explains that she saw Areum pick up the baby the other day and realized that this was not the first time that Areum brought Tiffany to work…

Soo Ah also remembers that the baby had been with the Hans since Areum came back to Korea…


Mr. Chun meets Seung Woon in the hallway.  Mr. Chun asks about the K Fashion Project and  Seung Woon reports to him right there that everything is going well.  Mr. Chun definitely has that look – the one where he totally wants to beam with pride that his son’s handling things.  After he gets the updates, Mr. Chun repeats to Seung Woon that he is going to have to take full responsibility for this project.  When Seung Woon leaves, Mr. Chun explains to Secretary Jang that he wants to believe Seung Woon as Seung Woon’s his son, but it’s hard.


Philip is a sneaky foxy man.  He had gone home and transferred the $120,000 into Mrs. Han’s account.  Mrs. Han wonders if she can accept it and Philip answers that it’s not much.  He also adds that Mrs. Han should keep it a secret.  He explains that if she doesn’t Mr. Han might get angry and Areum would worry.  Our sweet Mrs. Han agrees happily.  After the call, Philip muses that Areum wouldn’t go against her parents’ wishes… [DRAMAFEED – le sigh. Not the set up for a happy marriage]

Over dinner, she mentions to Mr. Han that Philip gave him a car.  Instead of being happy, Mr. Han bars at Mrs. Han for accepting Philip’s gift so easily when they had only known the guy for less than a month.


Persistence-is-thy-middle-name Philip waits for Areum to get off work and accosts her when she walks buy.  He challenges her by asking if she’s running away from the situation and Areum reluctantly agrees to speak with him further.

At a cafe, Areum explains that she can’t forgive him for lying to her parents and Tiffany.  She tells him that she can never be with him as he’s lied to her twice. [DRAMAFEED – not to mention cheating…]

Philip offers to give up the divorce lawsuit (over the marital property) for her and Areum responds that she doesn’t want him back; he doesn’t need to give up the lawsuit as she’s not going to take him back.  She gets up to leave and Philip grabs her and asks if she’s doing this because of Seung Woon.


Sigh, I knew that Mrs. Han’s naivete would make problems.  This is why the stay-at-home moms in Korean dramas make me cringe half the time.  And I know that we can’t even blame them.  If at all, society is to blame.  In Korea, women sacrifice their careers and their lives to help their children succeed through education and help their husbands rise through the ranks at work.  There is literally no time for the women to seek their own professional development or intellectual growth.  In this case, it’s worsened by the fact that Mrs. Han’s biggest mistake is trusting her brother-in-law and not researching the investment for herself.  So basically, she almost ruins her husband’s political career by taking a bribe from Soo Ah.  She gets over that by taking out a reverse mortgage…but, ends up investing the value of her apartment ($120,000) in a real estate fraud! I can’t imagine how Mr. Han’s going to take this…

I know that he had his own issues in the earlier episodes, but one could understand that he was doing what he felt was best for Areum.  He’s already given up half of his pension as an anonymous donation… The money left was supposed to start his company… However, that is with the assumption that their house is paid for…What’s going to happen when they find out that they’re actually on the hook for mortgage payments with no real income other than Areum’s measly salary?

Now Philip…. Oh man, that was pretty cowardly to try to get Areum indebted to him.  I would rather he had told Areum about her mother’s financial problem and discussed the possibility of him helping.  It just seems sneaky that he wanted to do it without telling anyone. He’s literally trying to buy her, which I think is quite demeaning.  It’s one thing to show that he can support her and help her achieve her dream.  It’s another thing to throw money at a problem before Areum can even attempt to solve the solution with her family.  It’s weird, but it’s like Philip is the character that I want to hate on in this drama.

Additionally, that Yoon Yi and Soo Ah know about Tiffany… I wonder if Seung Woon can openly like Areum since the biggest secret is out?

Random, not sure if it was just me, but does it seem like the director is venturing out with his filming in this episode? I was pleasantly surprised by all of the different angles he tried.  It seemd refreshing.

On a last and final note – Areum’s style coordinator is in his/her game!  I thought the dress that she wore for most of this episode was decent, thought not the prettiest.  But, it’s a far improvement from her earlier outfits.  But the last coat? Ooooh, now that one is pretty and quite flattering on her.

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