Run, Jang-Mi – E13

Mincheol throws away his chance at being a decent human being and chooses to be a selfish mommy’s boy again.  Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s first encounter with Taeja’s mother is less than ideal…If Taeja is Jang-Mi’s romantic interest in this drama, loads and loads of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law issues are to come.


Mincheol confronts Jang-Mi about the ultrasound.  Jang-Mi tells him that the baby has nothing to do with him and Mincheol asks how that could be when the calculation of the pregnancy timing obviously implies that the baby is a honeymoon baby.  Gritting her teeth, she tells him that the baby is her child and not his; he doesn’t have to worry about anything.  She grabs the ultrasound picture and gets up to leave.

Without getting up to stop her, he tells her to erase the baby.  Jang-Mi stares at him for a moment in shock and tells him that as of this moment, Mincheol’s baby died.  The baby in her stomach is hers and only hers.  She walks out with Mincheol on her heels.


Outside the restaurant, he grabs her and she hits him with her bag.  She yells at him to leave her alone as the baby is her baby and has nothing to do with her family-wrecker.

Jang-Mi goes straight to Jandi to ask how she could have told Mincheol.  Jandi explains that Jang-Mi doesn’t understand what it’s like to grow up without a father…She explains that she grew up with the stigma of being a fatherless child.  It was horrible and traumatizing.  Jandi adds that she went to Mincheol because she felt that he had a right to know and make a decision.


Jang-Mi sighs and tells Jandi that Mincheol told her to abort the baby.  Shocked at Mincheol’s selfishness, Jandi wonders how could he could be so heartless.  Finding no answer, she opens up her beer.


At home, Taeja’s faithfully waiting for his new pet.  When Jang-Mi comes home, he yells at her for staying out late.  He tells her that she needs to come home early and rest after work, not wander around.  He stops himself and tells her that he’s trying to forget her condition, but it’s hard.

Jang-Mi tells him to stop interfering with personal life and enters their house’s courtyard.  Taeja mutters that he wants to ignore her, but it’s bugging him.  Arriving at home, Joonhyuk asks Taeja what is bugging him about Jang-Mi and Taeja just circumvents the question by saying that she’s an annoying supervisor.

Jang-Mi’s mother tries to get her to stretch before sleeping, but Jang-Mi just wants to knock out.  When her mom touches her belly, Jang-Mi literally freaks out.  However, her mom just comments that Jang-Mi seems to be gaining weight.


Meanwhile, Mincheol stumbles home drunk and drunk-talks to his parents that he thought life was finally getting better…He wonders if he should have just lived with Jang-Mi.  We get a little more insight into the family dynamics as Mincheol’s father has difficulty holding his drunk son up long enough for his wife to change Mincheol’s clothes.  In the end, Mincheol’s mom hoists him up and Mincheol’s father has to do the changing.


In the morning, Joonhyuk mentions to Mr. Jang that he heard that Taeja’s grandfather is buying lunchboxes from Jang-Mi.  Mr. Jang explains Jang-Mi’s situation to Joonhyuk – the coincidental first meeting that made her late to her interview and how she thinks Taeja’s grandfather is a poor grandfather.  He laughs and comments that it was Taeja’s grandfather’s idea to leave Taeja under Jang-Mi’s supervision.


In the morning, Mincheol tells his parents that nothing happened.  However, Minjoo notes that Mincheol has gotten his cheek scratched.  Mincheol’s mom warns him that it better not be from a girl.  She is going to take extra caution in selecting the right wife for Mincheol.  With all of this talk of marriage, Mincheol must feel something as he gets up to get ready for work.

In the bathroom, he brushes his teeth and thinks about Jang-Mi’s words…which induces him to throw his toothbrush in anger.


Taeja’s grandfather’s condition seems to be getting worse as manifested by his coughing.  Taeja’s mom asks him about his coughing and Taeja’s grandfather responds that it’s just a cold.

They start talking about Taeja and Taeja’s mom invites the grandfather to accompany her to Mr. Jang’s house for dinner.  Taeja’s grandfather tells her that he’s already visited and she can go alone and comfort him.  Instead of going alone, she invites Minjoo.


However, near dinner time, Taeja trips on a chair and drops his tray.  All of his dishes go flying and Jang-Mi yells at him in concern.  Like childhood friends, she calls him a careless idiot and tells him to be careful in the future.

It’s at that moment that Taeja’s mother stops by to pick up her son.  She interrupts to yell at Jang-Mi for having such an uncouth mom.  She demands to know if Jang-Mi knows who Taeja is…She explains that she raised her son so carefully; she doesn’t understand how Jang-Mi could treat her son this way.  She demands that Jang-Mi cleans up the mess and not Taeja.

Taeja tries to tell his mother that it wasn’t Jang-Mi’s fault.  He explains that their nickname for each other is “idiot.” However, his mom is not in the mood to be calmed down.  Understanding the mood, Jang-Mi quickly takes the tray and retreats into the kitchen.

Unsuspecting Mr. Jang arrives to get the brunt of Taeja’s mother’s anger for letting Taeja do manual labor.  At this point, Taeja finally raises his voice and orders that Minjoo drag his mom out.  Minjoo and Taeja’s mother stop outside the cafe, but Taeja had gone straight to the kitchen to check on Jang-Mi.

Jang-Mi throws Taeja out of the cafe to comfort his mother and he does.  His mother explains that she was so angry since she never let his hands get wet (as in he’s never even had to wash dishes), so how could she be okay with him cleaning the floor?  Taeja comforts her that he’s fine and sends her home.


When Taeja returns to the cafe, Jang-Mi compliments Taeja for doing the right thing.  Taeja literally perks up and notes that this is her first compliment.  Jang-Mi reacts practically that he needs to behave to receive more compliments.

Mincheol interrupts this moment by calling and Taeja overlooks Jang-Mi’s phone to see that the caller is “Crazy.”  Additionally, Jang-Mi gets overly sensitive about him looking over her shoulder and he realizes that it’s probably the baby daddy.

At the same moment, Mincheol is drunk talking to his phone.  He asks Jang-Mi to live her life and not affect his…he also mutters that the child did nothing wrong to have to live a life without a father.

Meanwhile, Joonhyuk drives Taehee home.  Before she goes in, she confesses that she’s worried…The end of their contract period is arriving and he doesn’t seem that different.  Joonhyuk responds that he warned her that this would be the likely outcome.  Taehee interrupts him and tells him that she doesn’t want to think about it.  She kisses him on the cheek and runs in.

At home, Minjoo is having a glass of wine with her mom.  She compliments Taeja’s mom as being elegant and Taeja’s mom responds that her mom is lucky for having a child like her…She confirms that her relationship with Taehee is not so great still… [DRAMAFEED – I wonder why?]  As soon as Minjoo leaves, Taehee glares at her mom before going upstairs.


Jang-Mi brings out the trash and runs into Joonhyuk.  Surprising everyone, he had brought her a gift.  He explains that the book might help her with professional development before entering the main house… [DRAMAFEED – Before we all jump for joy that there’s a rival in love with Jang-Mi…I bet it’s because he feels bad about being so harsh on her during her late interview.]

Back at Mincheol’s house, he comes home drunk again making his mom crazy with worry…


The next morning, Jang-Mi’s mom comes by and tells him that she has something to say.  He offers to make her morning coffee and explains that he knows how to work the machine now, too.  It’s really cute as he has written down the exact directions to make her coffee.

Spoiled Jang-Mi’s mom comments that she wanted an espresso instead of a tea-cafe-espresso, but she reassures him that she’ll just drink it when he offers to remake it for her.

When Jang-Mi’s mom smells the coffee, Mr. Jang’s heart beats rapidly again.  He winces and Jang-Mi’s mom asks if he has some heart problems.  He answers her that lately his heart has been acting up and she recommends that she loses weight…she explains that obesity is the root of most health problems.

Jang-Mi’s mom then asks to borrow Mr. Jang’s cell phone.  She uses it to call Jangsu, who actually picks up.  She cries and tells him to come home, but he responds that he will come home soon after he makes money.  Afterwards, she thanks Mr. Jang and explains that Jangsu has been ignoring her calls.

At the same time, Mincheol’s mom has taken him out for breakfast and confronts him.  At first Mincheol tries to say that there’s no problem.  However when his mom asks twice, Mincheol spills in an instant.


Mincheol’s mom’s response is the same.  She tells him that Jang-Mi has to abort the baby…otherwise, she will bring down Mincheol.  Mincheol explains that if Jang-Mi has the baby, it will be problematic in the future.  He wonders if he should just marry Jang-Mi and his mom stops him.  She tells him that no one gets married because of a baby these days… She calls Jang-Mi and calls her out.

When Jang-Mi orders kiwi juice, Mincheol’s mom notes that Jang-Mi must be serious about having the baby.  She gives Jang-Mi an envelope and tells her that there should be enough for Jang-Mi to rest for a while.  She tells Jang-Mi to have an abortion and rest a bit.

Jang-Mi tells Mincheol’s mom that she cannot and does not want to accept the money.  She assures Mincheol’s mom that she doesn’t want to continue having any relationship with Mincheol’s family, so she doesn’t have to worry.  She wants to have the kid and raise the kid by herself.

Mincheol’s mom asks Jang-Mi what she would do if Mincheol wants to get back together.  Jang-Mi responds that she doesn’t want Mincheol back and leaves.  Seeing Jang-Mi leaves, Mincheols mom comments that she’s different.

As soon as she gets home, she debriefs with Mincheol.  She asks her son if he has any inclination to get back together with Jang-Mi and tells him that he needs to be clear about what he prefers…That is the only way that she can figure out the next steps.

Mincheol responds that he’s not sure.  Sometimes, he wonders about getting back with Jang-Mi…but he doesn’t want to feel like he’s stuck because of a baby…taking care of his in-laws’ family.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk arrives home just as Jang-Mi’s walking home.  Two thugs on a motorcycle try take Jang-Mi’s purse, which she fights for and manages to keep.  However, in the fight, she falls to the ground.

Seeing this, Joonhyuk comes over to ask if Jang-Mi is okay.  Getting up, Jang-Mi holds a hand to her stomach and starts saying, “No, no!”


Sigh, I don’t know why the guys of daily drama land want to disappoint me so much.  Being selfish and asking Jang-Mi to abort the baby, while horrid, is something that I expected from Mincheol.  However, I can’t believe that it took one lunch and two questions for Mincheol to tell  his mother about the situation and ask for help.  He knows how his mother would react and he’s letting his mother attack the mother of his own child?  That’s just low and cowardly.

As for Taeja… I know that it’s wrong of him to have raised his voice against his own mother, but man, that was kind of hot ^^  Also, the show made it clear that it was not in his character.  He whines and does not care.  But he hasn’t actively defied his mother yet.  Consciously or unconsciously, his mom is going to associate Jang-Mi with negative feelings since her son’s first act of defiance was directly due to Jang-Mi… This does not bode well for Jang-Mi/Taeja shippers.

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