Heart to Heart – E03

Hong Do helps Yi Suk deal with his own physical symptoms because she hopes that Yi Suk with treat her problems.  Through this forced relationship and following patient consultations, we start to find out more about the two as Hong Do is highly empathetic but not perceptive.  Meanwhile, Yi Suk is extremely perceptive but seems to lack empathy…For better or for worse, Yi Suk begins to treat Hong Do by helping her deal with her crush on Inspector Jang.


The scene opens up with Hong Do in traditional Korean clothing bowing in greeting to Inspector Jang.  He tells her that he loves her red cheeks as they remind him of plums and they end up going to bed together 😉


Returning back to the present, Hong Do tells Yi Suk that he needs to fix her or she’s going to die in front of him.  Yi Suk turns her down right away.  He tells her that he doesn’t need to treat someone who accused him of murder and calls the cops to complain that his hospital was robbed.

The police arrive (with Inspector Jang!) and decide to check all of the security cameras.  Hearing Inspector Jang, Hong Do puts on her helmet and turns to stare at the wall.  Inspector Jang checks on Hong Do and this irritates Yi Suk to no end.


Yi Suk tells Hong Do to find the second best doctor and Inspector Jang to send a different police officers.  Yi Suk tells the police that he needs his golden hearts back; he had around 70.  He remembers that Hong Do has good memory and demands to know how many she saw on his desk.  With her help, he decides that he had 72 gold hearts.

Afterwards, he leaves and calls out that if Hong Do wants his help, she needs to follow.  Hong Do follows him out and asks why he’s such a jerk to the police.  Yi Suk responds that he’s extremely learned and demands that she takes him to his car.  Dangling the carrot of treatment in front of her, he gets Hong Do to drive him to his car.


Once they reach the garage, Yi Suk asks why she wanted to get treatment anyways.  Hong Do confesses that she just wanted to greet Inspector Jang personally.  Hearing this, Yi Suk tells Hong Do that he will help her out of charity and asks for $350/hour.  Scowling, Hong Do calls him a psycho and drives off.

Yi Suk’s senior psychologist calls him to yell at him for not coming to work.

Continuing to drive to his grandfather’s house, he starts yelling at the air in response to his ex’s radio interview of a different psychologist.

The next morning, Yi Suk checks out his office in his senior’s hospital.  It’s a mess.

A random grandmother comes in and comments that Yi Suk looks good.  She invites Yi Suk to eat dinner with her son and her.  Hearing this, the senior psychologist asks the grandmother  if she wants to get treatment from Yi Suk…Meanwhile, Yi Suk’s headache comes back.


At Yi Suk’s house, the butler complains, as he transcribes the grandfather’s words, that the grandfather is being picky for not calling the grandmother back.  The grandfather complains that she is too old and the butler responds that the grandfather’s older.  Getting miffed, the grandfather tells him to leave and the butler complies happily.

At the hospital, Yi Suk recovers from fainting earlier.  The senior psychologist muses that he might have PTSD from the patient from episode 1, who tried to commit suicide.  She orders that he takes time off from treating patients and focuses on treating himself.  Yi Suk responds that he thinks Hong Do is his medicine as he felt fine with her…

Hong Do arrives at the grandfather’s house.  Her first task is to find different English books.  I think he created this assignment just to test her… Hong Do flies around the library and finds all five books in no time.  After bringing them to the grandfather, Hong Do also recommends that he reads some other books on the same topics, which are better.  She offers to check them out of the library for him.


At this, Yi Suk’s grandfather starts to gripe that she’s showing off in front of him because he can’t read.  Seeing that she must have triggered his insecurity, Hong Do quickly starts to flatter him until he feels better.


Yi Suk’s senior psychologist goes to check on his mother, who had stayed in her room all day with the shades closed.  After quietly staring off into space, Yi Suk’s mother responds that she has to go buy her father-in-law’s birthday present and starts to get ready to go out.  Yi Suk’s senior psychologist calmly reminds Yi Suk’s mother that Grandfather Goh’s birthday was last week.

Speaking of Yi Suk, he calls Inspector Jang to demand Hong Do’s number.  When Inspector Jang refuses, Yi Suk demands that Inspector Jang tells Hong Do to come to his hospital tomorrow.

At home, Hong Do prepares salted seaweed, while speaking to herself.  It turns out, the highest level of schooling that Hong Do has achieved is Junior High.  She tells herself that Inspector Jang would not be one to judge her on something liek school and continues to prepare Inspector Jang’s lunch.

In the evening, she drops the lunch off and pauses to write him a note.  At the same time, Inspector Jang arrives and sees her writing the note.  He quickly turns off his lights and quietly gets out of his car to walk up to her.

Tiptoeing, he taps her on the back and Hong Do freaks out.  Inspector Jang asks for just a couple of minutes.  When Hong Do doesn’t run away, Inspector Jang takes her to his car for a chat.  The sweetie lets Hong Do sit in his car and closes the door.  That way she can feel a bit safer and calmer.


Hong Do responds by giving him her note and he tells her that her seaweed is one of her best side dishes.  Inspector Jang continues on that he wanted to thank her.  He also tells her that he wants to help her and she should let him know if she needs anything.  During this time, Hong Do finds herself touching Inspector Jang’s finger.  Surprised, he looks down and Hong Do runs out of the car.

Yi Suk waits for his ex.  When she arrives, Yi Suk tells her that he’s going to get back to his feet with his hospital and informs her that they haven’t broken up.  They are in the middle of breaking up.  The ex sighs and walks away.

At her house, Hong Do thinks about how she was able to touch Inspector Jang’s finger.  While day dreaming about him, she gets a text from him relaying Yi Suk’s message.  Hong Do considers texting him back, but ends up erasing her response.

In the morning, Yi Suk is changing his light when the grandmother comes back into Yi Suk’s office.  He starts getting a headache when it disappears…because, Hong Do had arrived.

Meanwhile, another naked streaker runs by and sets Inspector Jang on a new case.


At Yi Suk’s office, he  tells Hong Do that she’s the problem so she needs to take responsibility.  She can take responsibility by staying next to him as he treats his patients.  With her next to him, he can diagnose his own issue.

Hong Do asks if he would give her a discount on his consultation rates in return.  They start negotiating.  Hong Do tells him that she can’t work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…and Yi Suk should consider trying volunteer treatments.  Yi Suk scoffs at Hong Do’s counter offer and she decides to leave.

As Hong Do’s leaving, Yi Suk’s senior psychiatrist calls and tells him to go to the Kangnam police station to see a patient.  This turns the negotiation tide in Hong Do’s favor and he brings her to the police station with him.


In the questioning room, Yi Suk corners the naked streaker to ask her questions.  The girl, however, sits without a word…just shivering.

Hong Do tries to give her a piece of candy, which Yi Suk eats.  When he starts chewing the caramel, the girl starts sniffing at Yi Suk’s mouth.  After a bit of yelling at each other, Hong Do gives her last piece of candy from Inspector Jang to the girl.  Once the girl takes the candy, she regains her sense of surroundings and asks where she is.

Yi Suk explains to the girl’s mother that the girl displayed symptoms of hypoglycemia.  He added that her symptoms were a unusual, but he lets the girl’s mom take her away.  From the questioning room, Hong Do notices that the girl and the mother are wearing the same heart ring…

Interesting to note that Inspector Jang noticed that Hong Do was still in the questioning room first.  He walks Yi Suk and Hong Do out and offers to buy Hong Do a meal.  Yi Suk interrupts to pull her away citing that they have a happy hour.  However, once out of sight, he throws her away.

Hong Do runs into Yi Suk’s hospital only to get her helmet taken away from her.  Hong Do ends up cleaning Yi Suk’s room while Yi Suk sits around.

Meanwhile, Sero visits Inspector Jang to explain that by interrupting her movie shoot, he somehow affected her chances at becoming a movie start…which was why she sued him.  At the very least, she wants him to compensate her for all of the preparation costs that she incurred for the movie and apologize.


Hong Do finishes cleaning Yi Suk’s office and asks when her treatment will start.  He sits her down and asks her how she feels.  Hong Do responds sullenly that he just needs to fix her.

Yi Suk explains that she needs to identify her feelings to help him treat her.  After hearing this, Hong Do confesses that she feels uncomfortable because of his staring.  When Yi Suk asks what about his staring makes her most uncomfortable, she answers that he probably thinks that she’s ugly.

Sigh… Yi Suk agrees about Hong Do’s guess and she angrily yells at him for having fun poking at her insecurities.  She adds that he’s heartless and insecure as well; he just hides his insecurities.  After yelling, she leaves.

Hong Do prepares fruit for Inspector Jang when Yi Suk calls her out.  She first stops by Inspector Jang’s place but sees that he’s with a girl.  She ends up meeting Yi Suk in a mood.  Their patient is the girl, who was streaking.

Yi Suk comments that Hong Do is in a mood and tells her that she should cheer up as they are about to help treat a girl’s heart.  Hong Do grumbles that their patient has a better life, even wearing a couple ring with her mom.  This makes Yi Suk pause before teasing Hong Do that she probably fantasizes about wearing couple rings with Inspector Jang.


In the hospital, the girl has developed physical rashes.  She tries to tell Yi Suk and her mother that it’s all because she’s been working a lot lately and is exhausted; she’s perfectly mentally healthy.

Yi Suk comments that the two are wearing couple rings.  He asks to play game…They will identify each person’s weaknesses.

When he asks the mother about the daughter’s weakness.  She responds that her daughter is too kind.

When he asks the daughter about her mother’s weakness, the mother responds that her daughter loves her too much to answer.

Yi Suk upsets the balance by accusing the girl directly about knowing that she would go into shock after taking insulin without eating…The daughter starts listing all of her mother’s faults…and there are a lot…The girl adds that she doesn’t want to end up like her mother and feels suffocated by her mother’s kind act.


After the consultation, Hong Do and Yi Suk debrief.  Hong Do confesses that she finds Yi Suk slightly respectable.  Yi Suk lights up at the praise.  He tells her that he will help her ask Inspector Jang, “Did you sleep well?”

Cue Hong Do staying up all night…or waking up extremely early. She wakes up and practices to the air, “Did you sleep well?”

Yi Suk interrupts to ask Inspector Jang’s address.  He tells her that he’s coming to watch her talk to Inspector Jang.

We end up with Yi Suk yelling encouragement at Hong Do, who’s standing next to the wall.  She walks halfway before turning back around.  She gets near the building before getting interrupted by a kid running to school…

However, Hong Do turns around and takes off her helmet.


When Inspector Jang comes out to pick up his morning newspaper, Hong Do starts…”Did…Did..Did you… I like you Inspector Jang.”

Yi Suk wonders whether she was able to say it before laughing out loud.


I was a bit disappointed with this episode as it didn’t have the same zingy addictive quality as the first two episodes.  However, it might be because the story is starting to set the foundations of the main plot and conflict.  Just something was shallow about this episode.  We get a little bit of introduction and development into several characters, but none of the development is thorough.  We get a glimpse into Yi Suk’s mother’s situation…we see Yi Suk fainting because of his headaches…and we see Hong Do being Hong Do…Yet, nothing else.  It was almost as if this episode existed purely to show us that Hong Do accepted Yi Suk’s offer to treat her in exchange for Hong Do accompanying Yi Suk on his consultations.

Hopefully, the next episode will be better.

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