Love & Secret – E44

After throwing his gauntlet at Areum, Philip finds himself following her around like a puppy for a third chance.  Luckily for us, Seung Woon overhears the two love birds fight and jumps in to punch Philip in the face.  Finally, the two boys can openly compete for Areum’s heart and Seung Woon begins to move.


Philip grabs Areum and asks if she’s acting in this manner because of Seung Woon.

Next is a transcription:


Areum: Why are you acting like this?

Philip:  I knew everything; why Seung Woon and Yoon Yi’s engagement was broken.  Is that why you returned to me? Because of Tiffany? Because of your dad?

Areum: Why are you bringing this up right now?

Philip: Answer me!  Did you use me?

Areum: Yes, but there’s no point in doing that anymore.

Philip: Don’t forget; Tiffany is my daughter.

At this point, Areum left.

When Areum arrives at home, her mom tells her about Philip giving them the car.  Areum sighs and excuses herself to go and rest.  Afterwards, her mom wonders why everyone is so solemn about gifts from Philip and how both Areum and her father would take finding out about Philip covering the reverse mortgage amount…


Meanwhile, Seung Woon comes home to a meal prepared by Yoon Yi.  She informs him that the wedding date has been set for the second week of March and her resolve to go live in Mr. Chun’s house after marriage.

Seung Woon tells her to stop scheming aggressively and Yoon Yi replies that it’s easier for her this way.  She explains that it was suffocating for her to pretend to be kind and naive in front of him and asks whether he knows anything about Mr. Han’s baby as she thinks it’s actually Areum’s.  Seung Woon tells her to stop and Yoon Yi leaves after giving him another chance; she explains that she’s still willing to accept him, if he turns to her now.

At work, Areum receives another text from Philip asking for a chance to apologize for the other night.  She deletes it.

Unfortunately, Soo Ah spots her and asks why an engaged girl looks so unhappy.  She asks if there’s any secret around Mr. Han’s baby and Areum glares at her.  Soo Ah laughs before leaving to see Mr. Chun.


In his office, Mr. Chun tells Soo Ah that he decided to postpone Seung Woon’s marriage until he’s ready.  Soo Ah asks if this is due to the K Fashion Project.  In response, Mr. Chun tells Soo Ah to leave the business to Seung Woon and himself; she can focus on Seungho.


At Sunhwa’s house, Heungsu is holding his hands up in apology while Sunhwa is laying down crying that she’s going to die.  She asks Heung Min to bury her away from Heungsu and Heung Min promises to grow up and take care of his mother.


Mrs. Han interrupts this to let Sunhwa know that Philip took care of the reverse mortgage.  She explains that it was a gift, but she hopes to repay him in the future.  She also makes them promise to keep it a secret to Areum and her father.


At work, Seung Woon runs off to a business meeting.  Except, he ends up in the garage at the same time as Philip and Areum.  He overhears Areum ask Philip how much more he has to hurt her and lie to her.  Philip grabs Areum’s arm to prevent her from going back to work and Seung Woon runs in to punch Philip in the face.  Philip turns around to return the favor and Areum screams at both to stop.


Seung Woon tells Areum to go inside first and she does.  The two boys get to snarl at each other in peace.  Seung Woon growls Areum’s words about scars and lies and Philip warns Seung Woon to back off his girl.


Afterwards, Seung Woon finds Areum outside the company building and asks if she’s okay.  He yells at her to tell him what her words about scars and lies were about.  In response, Areum starts tearing up and Seung Woon tells her that she doesn’t have to tell him.  Instead, he yells that she should think about herself and not her parents or her child; he doesn’t want to see her cry anymore.  Areum sniffs and leaves.

We get a short interlude as Seungho practices dictation with his grandmother.


Then we get another short interlude with Yoojin and Cheolgu.  They discuss how Jinwoo would be a great singer and decide to team up together.  Since they don’t have a recording studio and Jinwoo probably wouldn’t want to record a song, they decide to go the secret way…

Cue the group going to a karaoke room with Jinwoo.  When Jinwoo sings, Yoojin hits the record button and Cheolgu gets the cd of their songs before they leave; this is going to be their demo-cd.


At home, Areum reflects on Seung Woon’s words that she needs to be happy for her parents to also be happy.  She tells Tiffany that she thinks that she has been too cowardly…Tiffany doesn’t need a father who would question his own parentage.

Meanwhile, Philip debriefs with his friend Jackie about the situation.  Jackie exclaims that Areum finding out about the DNA test was a huge mistake…He wonders if Philip will still be able to marry Areum and Philip responds that he has a plan.


In his studio, Seung Woon continues to brood about Areum and then decides to call his father out first.  They go for drinks and Seung Woon drops the bomb.  He tells his father that he doesn’t want to marry Yoon Yi because he loves Areum.

Mr. Chun tells Seung Woon that he will think about the situation after Areum and Philip’s marriage is officially called off.  However, Mr. Chun warns Seung Woon that he would never  accept a girl who doesn’t love him because of another guy.


At the Han residence, Areum also drops a bomb.  Over dinner, she tells her parents that she can’t marry Philip.


I don’t want to blame Areum’s mom for being an naive lady.  She’s doing what she thinks is best for the family by accepting Philip’s assistance and telling Sunhwa and Heungsu that everything’s been solved.  However, I do wish that she had some more life skills to realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch… Or it would have been nice for Areum’s mom to be perceptive enough to realize that her daughter isn’t happy with Philip.

On the other hand, I am so happy that we got some progress between Areum and Seung Woon.  It made ME feel so much better to see Seung Woon land a punch on Philip and tell Areum his feelings again – that his feelings haven’t changed and he wants Areum to think about herself alone.  Also, he finally declared his feelings to his father. YAY!

With Areum’s circumstances, the only way for their relationship to progress is for Seung Woon to go after Areum openly and persistently…She needs to feel safe with him and until now, he hasn’t provided that.  Not that anyone can blame her, choosing the relationship with Seung Woon means that she’s picking a harder path for her family and picking a fight with CEO Chun…

Additionally, Seung Woon must have trimmed his hair or something.  The styling looked much better in this episode than in the past five episodes or so…

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