Love & Secret – E45

The father-daughter combination comes back to life with a vengeance!  In this episode, Mr. Han shows us how a humble father, who acknowledges his parenting mistakes can be one of the most moving scenes in a daily drama.  On the side, Seung Woon declares his intention to protect Areum and Tiffany while Philip tries to hide his collapsing relationship with Areum from her mother.


Areum explains to her parents that she doesn’t want to marry Philip because she doesn’t love him.  Mr. Han quietly listens to Areum’s reasoning and tries to understand the situation.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han freaks out on the side that Areum is being childish until Mr. Han quiets her down.


When Areum gets up to leave, Mrs. Han asks her husband to stop Areum and he turns her down.  Mr. Han notes that Areum must have her own reasons and they should wait.


Jinwoo comes in to see his parents in the living room fighting.  Mrs. Han shouts that Areum has decided not to get married and Jinwoo goes straight into Areum’s room to hear more about it.  She explains to him about the details and asks him to let her deal with the situation; she’s actually happier this way.  Jinwoo stalks out and kicks the gift car.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah brings Mr. Chun his morning green juice.  After downing it, Mr. Chun asks Soo Ah to tell Yoon Yi that the marriage is off.


Winner’s Group holds another board meeting and Philip reports that they are pursuing a partnership with a Chinese company called Huey.  The directors seem to accept this partnership as Huey is stable.

The talk moves to the higher than expected demand of the children’s clothes after the successful concert.  The directors consider opening a children’s clothing line.

After the meeting, Yoon Yi waits to ask Mr. Chun to dinner and he polite declines with the excuse that he has a prior appointment.

Secretary Jang calls Areum to Seung Woon’s room and introduces himself to Jiwoo. ^o^


When Areum goes to Seung Woon’s office, he’s changed. ^____^ He starts the meeting with the joke that she’s too ugly to keep frowning.  Afterwards, he continues to add that she should be the usual confident and annoying Areum that she used to be; he misses that Areum.  When Areum gets up, Seung Woon tells Areum that he’s told his father that he can’t marry Yoon Yi because he loves another girl.  He tells Areum that he wants to introduce her to his father and asks her not to run anymore because of the circumstances.  He explains that he will only let her go, if she doesn’t like him.

Areum responds that she can only keep running because she doesn’t want him to get hurt.  Seung Woon yells at her for being stupid; he tells her that he’s going to protect both Tiffany and her. ^______^ Finally!

Soo Ah calls Yoon Yi to ask her what’s going on as Mr. Chun has called off the wedding.


Interlude with Cheolgu and Yoon Yi.  Cheolgu has shared the demo cds with all of the different agencies; they just need to wait for the interest companies to contact them.

Meanwhile, Heungsu is eating barbecue pork slices.  He tells Sunhwa and Heung Min that he is eating meat for the last time as he plans to join a monastery.  Sunhwa shouts that this is a brilliant idea and gets up to either cut his hair or toss him out.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah tells her mother to spend the night at a sauna. When Mr. Chun arrives at home, he finds all of the lights off and his bedroom lit up with candles.  Soo Ah is in lingerie and seats Mr. Chun down for a glass of wine.  She informs Mr. Chun that her mother and Seungho won’t be in that night.  She proposes creating a sibling for Seungho.

Mr. Chun laughs that he doesn’t need any more children and she’s too old to have children.

Soo Ah starts sniffling and whines that she’s going through menopause.  Mr. Chun doesn’t understand that she’s dealing with depression.

Mr. Chun appeases her by hugging her and suggesting that they take her mother and Seungho on a weekend trip.  Interesting to note that while the two hug, both aren’t smiling; rather, both look determined.  Is this a situation of keep your friends close but your enemies closer?


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han grumps that Areum takes after her stubborn father and calls Philip out for dinner.  She has brought Tiffany to remind Philip of his daughter.

During dinner, Mrs. Han asks Philip if anything happened between him and Areum as Areum has announced that she doesn’t want to get married anymore.  Philip pretends that he doesn’t know anything and suggests that Areum is getting cold feet.

Mrs. Han agrees that Areum is still young to know the harsh realities of life.  She tells Philip that if he made mistakes in the past, he can make it up to Areum by treating her well the rest of her life.  Philip agrees and asks Mrs. Han for her support, which she happily agrees to give.  When Mrs. Han visits the lady’s room, Tiffany starts crying and Philip seems to have no idea of how to calm her down.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han called Areum out to a cafe.  Areum explains to Mr. Han about how Philip had gotten married before and is still in the middle of a divorce lawsuit.

Mr. Han asks if the remaining lawsuit is only about the marital property and Areum confirms.  However, she adds that she is afraid of Philip.  She’s afraid that Philip will hurt her again and she doesn’t think that it’s right to get married just for Tiffany or her parents…

Areum asks her father to trust her.  She doesn’t think that it’s a sin to raise a child alone and she wants to make it public that she’s Tiffany’s mother.  She explains that she feels guilty hiding Tiffany.

Listening to this all silently, Mr. Han looks lovingly upon his daughter.  He gives his approval to tell the public about her daughter, but warns her to prepare her heart for the society’s judgment.  He tells Areum that she’s no longer a child; she’s a mother and she needs to protect Tiffany.  You can tell Mr. Han is trying his best not to cry… Sigh.


Yoojin and crew tell Songcheol about their hope to make Jinwoo into a singer.  At the point where the group discusses how the problem is convincing Jinwoo’s father, Mr. Han comes in.

Mr. Han grabs a beer with Songcheol and confesses to him that he wanted to protect Areum and hide her mistakes…However, now he regrets his decision because it has unduly burdened Areum.


At home, Areum remembers Mr. Han confessing to the public that Tiffany is his daughter and his words that she needs to be strong for Tiffany.  She turns to the computer and types, “I am a single mom.”


Sigh, after the episode is over, I have two scenes that stand out in my head.  One was the lovely scene between Mr. Han and Areum.  I thought the two actors carried it out magnificently.  Areum showed just the right amount of determination with a dash of worry, so we don’t have to wonder if she’s over-confident.  Mr. Han was the perfect image of a father, accepting the hard truth that it’s time for his own daughter to clean up her own messes…That letting Areum take the responsibility is best for her.  I don’t think my words can do the scene justice as it was short, but it moved my heart.

Until that scene,  I was ecstatic to see Seung Woon declare to Areum that he intends to continue to pursue her openly and that he wants to take care of her and Tiffany.  Swoon >.<  I wanted to scream, YES, FINALLY!  This is the only way we can move on to the conflict of Soo Ah/Mr. Chun v. Seung Woon/Areum.  I thought that this would be the winning scene until the one with Mr. Han and Areum ^____^

All in all, this was a very strong episode.  It reminds me why I enjoy Love & Secret.  In the end, the main strength of this drama is that it’s a modern family drama rather than one focused on a romance.  It’s as if the romance is a vehicle to highlight two different family dynamics and I like it.

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