Run, Jang-Mi – E15

The truth comes out.  Mincheol’s mom was behind Jang-Mi’s two accidents and the loss of her child.  Jang-Mi emotionally wanders around trying to find her peace.  Meanwhile, Taeja finds that he cannot leave Jang-Mi alone.


Jang-Mi sobs in Taeja’s arms as Mincheol’s mom goes straight to his hospital to tell Mincheol the news; Jang-Mi lost her baby.  She explains that she borrowed Minjoo’s car to talk to Jang-Mi.  She went to see if she could convince Jang-Mi to get back together with Mincheol and on their way home, there was a car accident…


Taeja brought Jang-Mi to the cafe and explains that he told her mother that they had to work late.  Jang-Mi doesn’t thank him; she just tells him that she will make-up for the lost time tomorrow.


Simultaneously, Mincheol confesses that he feels sorry for Jang-Mi, but he feels more relieved.  Mincheol’s mom tells him that it’s okay; guys don’t understand that they have a child until the child is born.

At home, Mincheol’s mom gets what she deserves.  Her mini-me, Minjoo yells at her mom for wrecking the car and not taking it to the garage to get it fixed.  Mincheol’s mom snaps that Minjoo makes it seem like the car is more important than her and Minjoo responds that it’s Taeja’s car!


Jang-Mi goes straight into bed when she gets home.  Her mom tries to ask her what is wrong and Jang-Mi responds that she’s just tired.  Her mom continues to push and comments that Jang-Mi’s eyes are swollen; something must have happened.  Jang-Mi snaps that her mom can’t help her even if she tells her what’s wrong.

Taeja and Jang-Mi end up staying up all night…

In the morning, by the time that Jang-Mi comes to work, she finds that Taeja has already set up everything.  He explains that he just couldn’t sleep so he got bored and came in early.

When Jang-Mi goes to change into her uniform, she finds the envelope that Mincheol’s mom slipped into her pocket.  She walks back out to return the envelope.

Taeja stops her and tells her to wait as he’s not comfortable letting her leave alone.  However, Jang-Mi grabs a cab while he’s changing.


By the time that Taeja runs out, Jang-Mi’s gone.  Minjoo stops him to tell him that his car has been damaged.  He looks at the picture and sighs that it wasn’t intentional, which surprises Minjoo.  She comments that he’s changed and he agrees.


Mincheol’s mother meets up with the driver of the other car to pay him.  She had asked him to help Jang-Mi lose the child and he was the one behind the motorcycle incident and the car accident.  Mincheol’s mom complains that he should have at least warned her before crashing into her car and he responds that she won’t be under suspicion since she was in the car.

After the meeting ends, Jang-Mi comes to return the evelope.  Mincheol’s mom hides in the cafe and watches as Jang-Mi passes the other driver in the cross walk.  He turns to the side just as they are about to pass each other; Jang-Mi’s eyes turn to him, but it’s not clear if she recognized him.


In the park, Jang-Mi returns the envelope and Mincheol’s mom thinks to herself that it’s finally over.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk and Taehee enjoy a bicycle date in the park.  He also buys her ddukbokki.  The two are extremely cute together.  Mostly, the whole chemistry revolves around Taehee, who is ADORABLE.  I don’t know how Joonhyuk isn’t falling for her!

Taeja’s grandfather has lunch with Mr. Jang, who comments that Taeja’s grandfather has lost weight.  Taeja’s grandfather gives the excuse that he’s dieting. Mr. Jang responds that he should be the one dieting as his heart beats fast some times.  Taeja’s grandfather tells him to go see a doctor.


At the cafe, Chef Bon plays a game on the female assistant chef Ara Goh.  Taeja jumps in with the answer and gets yelled at.  He quickly follows Jang-Mi out, who’s taking out the trash to help her instead.


At Mr. Jang’s place, Taeja’s mom replaces Taeja’s furniture with expensive ones.  Jang-Mi’s mother, who let her in approves of her choice but comments on the choice of the bedding, which surprises Taeja’s mother that she even recognizes the furniture brand. ^~ These two would make hilarious in-laws.

When Taeja’s mom asks Jang-Mi’s mom to relay a message to Driver Jang, Jang-Mi’s mom, in her naive but blunt manner that Taeja’s mom should change the way she addresses Mr. Jang.  He’s now a business owner and it’s only polite to use the higher title.


In the afternoon, Joonhyuk drops Taehee off and gives her a bunch of bags.  Taehee gets all excited about the presents and then realizes that it’s the end of her contract period.  He apologizes that he can’t tell her in any other way…He wanted to buy her the things that she wanted as they dated, but didn’t because he didn’t want to confuse her.

Joonhyuk tells Taehee to meet a better man, who will love her as a girl.  Taehee runs in crying.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi has a nightmare and wakes up sweating.  Her mother tells her to go to an eastern medicine doctor on her day off.  Jang-Mi refuses.

In the morning, Minjoo calls Taeja bright an early.  She tells him that she’s going to pick him up for a date with his mom.  However, in the morning, when Taeja walks out, he sees Jang-Mi get into a bus and follows her in a cab.


At the same time, Mincheol and Mincheol’s mother discuss Jang-Mi.  Both seem to feel guilty  and relieved at the same time.  Mincheol wonders if he should meet Jang-Mi and his mom opposes the very idea.


Jang-Mi goes to her father’s memorial and asks her father to take care of her baby.  Taeja watches from afar and then continues to follow her.

Jang-Mi’s next stop is near a pond, where she watches the ducks.  Taeja sits a little off, but then runs off to get some food because he’s starving.

When Taeja comes back, he sees Jang-Mi walk into the pond and fall.


This drama follows the template of daily dramas much more than Love & Secret.  The pace is fast and you don’t have to wait for development as our characters face challenges almost every day that force them to grow a little more.

Mincheol took a backseat in this episode to his horrible helicopter mom.  On one hand, I want to applaud the drama for breaking the stereotype that only the extremely rich mothers go to extremes to protect their children.  In Run, Jang-Mi,we’ve already established that Taeja’s mom is conceited and controlling about Taeja.  However, Mincheol’s mom gives Taeja’s mom a good run for her money.  In fact, I think she beat Taeja’s mom, who can’t stand Joonhyuk, but hasn’t attempted to use force in separating Joonhyuk from Taehee.

On the other hand, WTF? Really, you’re going to pay someone to force Jang-Mi to lose her child? We just went into mak-jang drama territory with this episode.  I can’t believe that she would do that and still pretend to be a decent human being.  There were less evil things that she could have resorted to such as forcing Jang-Mi to give the baby up for adoption by telling Jang-Mi’s mother… She didn’t have to kill the unborn child…

Meanwhile, I’m glad that Taeja’s feelings for Jang-Mi are developing at a more reasonable pace.  You can see that in this episode he cares about her and it was triggered by Jang-Mi showing her most vulnerable side to Taeja.  It might be that he finally found someone who knows the feeling of wanting to die, which I’m sure he felt like after he lost his father.  However, there’s definitely something more between the two now.

Finally, the breakup scene was surprisingly moving.  I felt so bad for Taehee.  She’s done nothing but her best to win over Joonhyuk, and she’s bright, pretty, and sweet! When we realize that he’s breaking up with her, the earlier part of the episode where he’s doing everything that she wanted comes out in a different light.  It’s just so sad that she had no idea that the day’s date was his last gift to her… Hmph. I think I’m automatically in Team Taeja camp instead of Team Joonhyuk.

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