Run, Jang-Mi – E16

Jang-Mi says goodbye to her child.  Trying to comfort Jang-Mi, Taeja ends up opening up to her about his own emotional scars.


Taeja eats as he walks back to the river only to see Jang-Mi fall under the water.  Shouting after her, he throws off his jacket and jumps in.  Within minutes, he finds her and pulls her out to commence CPR.  Gaining consciousness, Jang-Mi shoves him off of her.  Taeja starts yelling at her that she might want to die, but she needs to think about her mother.  Jang-Mi ignores him and pulls out the ultrasound picture, which had fallen into the pond and caused all this.


Taeja calls her crazy for jumping into the river for the picture and drags Jang-Mi to a nearby restaurant.  There, they get some warm clothes from the owner and order warm soup.  Right away, Jang-Mi orders soju.  Taeja tries to order whiskey and the restaurant owner informs him that they only have beer and soju.


Taeja grabs his shot glass for a drink, but Jang-Mi starts drinking straight from the bottle.  Taeja stops her telling her to think about the baby…Jang-Mi tells him that she has no right to be a mother; she couldn’t even protect her baby.

Putting the other night’s event together with Jang-Mi’s words, Taeja tries to comfort her that if the baby was destined to live, he would have lived no matter what she did.  Jang-Mi snaps that privileged Taeja would never know her feelings of losing a loved one.

Taeja responds that Jang-Mi is not the only one to carry emotional scars; he saw his father die in front of him in fourth grade.  Taeja even confesses that he had to deal with nightmares until recently.  Laughing, he tells Jang-Mi that normally he doesn’t tell anyone this.  Leaning in, he advises her that she should think about it this way: the baby went on first to help his mother.


After they finish eating, Taeja pays and asks for an envelope and a flower.  Taking Jang-Mi back to the river, he puts the ultrasound in the envelope and tells Jang-Mi to let the baby go; to officially say goodbye to her baby.  Jang-Mi cries and lets the envelope float in the water as Taeja watches solemnly.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mother checks on Mr. Jang to see if he doesn’t need to go grocery shopping.  Mr. Jang answers that he does need to go to the mart and they end up borrowing Joonhyuk’s car.


When Joonhyuk goes in to grab his key, Taehee comes by to ask to speak with Mr. Jang.  Joonhyuk comes out and tells his father to go with Jang-Mi’s mother, he will talk to Taehee.

Taehee honestly tells Joonhyuk that she came by to beg Mr. Jang to convince Joonhyuk to go out with her again.  She even brought Mr. Jang stuff that he might need.  Joonhyuk tries to tell Taehee that this will not work.

Taehee continues to ask if Joonhyuk can continue to do all of the things they used to do…Don’t stop all of a sudden; it’s harder for her.  Joonhyuk sighs and replies that it would be harder for Taehee if he continued to act like they were still dating.  Instead, he tells her to go out and date other guys.

Jang-Mi’s mother tries to ask about Taehee and Mr. Jang responds that he doesn’t know anything about Joonhyuk’s private life.  Jang-Mi’s mom seems miffed but accepts his answer and gets into the passenger seat.  Mr. Jang tries to get her to sit in the back but Jang-Mi’s mom refuses because people would think that he’s her driver.

At the same time, Jang-Mi and Taeja get on a bus to go back home.  On the bus, Jang-Mi asks why Taeja followed her to the countryside.

Taeja responds that she just told him that she wanted to die.  When he saw her walking off this morning, he felt nervous and followed.  Jang-Mi quietly responds that she can’t die yet and leave her mom and brother.

At the mart, Jang-Mi’s mother is having a blast shopping.


At the same time, we get some more romantic progress! Jang-Mi falls asleep and Taeja carefully leans her head against his shoulder.

In the other side of the drama land, Mincheol tears up as he texts Jang-Mi that he heard about the news… Mincheol’s mom comes in and erases the text before he can send it.  She tells him that he isn’t in a relationship where he can text Jang-Mi condolences and asks to go to the mall to buy her fur coat.  Mincheol shows some humanity as he yells at his mother that he’s human; while, he secretly wished that Jang-Mi would lose his baby, now he feels guilty.


Taeja and Jang-Mi walk home to run into Minjoo.  Seeing the car, Jang-Mi walks around the car and looks for the area where the car would have been damaged by the car accident.  The other two wonder why Jang-Mi is being so serious and she comments that she feels like she’s seen this car before, which surprises both Minjoo and Taeja as it’s not a popular model in Korea.  However, the car has already been fixed and Taeja’s doll that hangs on the mirror is gone.  She assumes that she made a mistake.

Minjoo thanks Jang-Mi for taking care of Taeja and offers to buy her a meal.  Jang-Mi declines saying that she’s only done her duty.  Taeja also jumps in to ask why Minjoo would buy Jang-Mi a meal; she’s not his mother.  Feeling tired, Jang-Mi bows and walks away with Taeja yelling at her to go straight home.

Minjoo comments that Taeja seems awfully worried about Jang-Mi and Taeja changes the topic to his car.  As they go to inspect the car, they see Taehee walking by.


Taehee cries to Taeja that she wants to die…Taeja responds without empathy that if people died because of being dumped, half of the world would have died.  He also adds that Joonhyuk never saw Taehee more than a sister.

Off in the corner, Minjoo reports the new situation to Taeja’s mother.

At Mr. Jang’s house, the big old softie agrees to keep the majority of the groceries at his place.  Jang-Mi’s mother can come buy and buy the stuff she wants from him as she needs him; he also promises to not tell Jang-Mi


Our baby Taeja searches what food is good for women after losing a child.  Afterwards, he runs out to buy seaweed and asks Jang-Mi’s mother to cook seaweed soup for him.  He lies that he had a dream about eating it and heard that Jang-Mi’s mother is a great cook.  Jang-Mi’s mother agrees to do it on the promise that he stops driving Jang-Mi crazy.

Jang=Mi walks out to glare at Taeja.  Outside the courtyard, she snaps at Taeja for butting into her personal affairs again.  Taeja just tells her that she needs to take care of her body and he will be careful that he doesn’t get caught.


At work, one of the rice cakes that they delivered for a ceremony got ruined during the transport.  Mr. Jang worries that Chef Bon is out at a training so Jang-Mi offers to go instead.  At the baby shower, she fixes the lettering.


As  they walk out, Mincheol and his mother also walk through the mall in a different part; they had come to buy her fur coat.  Jang-Mi and Taeja walk out teasing each other and Jang-Mi sees the duo first.


Still can’t tell if it’s romantic or just Taeja obsessing about Jang-Mi in a non-romantic way.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that Taeja’s caring feelings toward Jang-Mi won’t change or develop into romantic ones if the right trigger occurs.

While the unborn child arc seemed a bit forced, it does help bring these two that much closer because now both recognize each other as survivors.  Additionally, it’s a very gradual way of showing us that Taeja can take care of himself and others when he wants to.  I have been watching dramas forever, but I can’t get enough of the guy who takes care of the girl from behind >.< I saw a little bit of that in this episode as Taeja followed Jang-Mi to make sure nothing happened and took care of most of the logistics.  Yes, Jang-Mi can take care of herself.  However, it feels good to be pampered.

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